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Warm weather family workouts

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to stick with exercise if it isn’t just a little bit fun. Ok, a whole lot of fun. And when the weather is gorgeous, the last thing I want to do is hop on the treadmill. So I created a fun family workout that you can do with kids of any age.

Warm Weather Family Workouts
You don’t need any fancy equipment – just a jump rope, soccer ball, and hula hoop. In case you’re wondering, yes, some of these exercises are silly, but I promise you’ll work up a good sweat while giggling over who has the funniest crab walk.

Warm Weather Family Workouts
Warm up for 2-3 minutes with your favorite version of tag. Our family usually goes for “freeze tag”.

Once everyone is good and warm, set out the equipment and designate stations for each exercise. This is a circuit-style workout, so each family member will start at a different exercise and then switch, eventually visiting each station. Each exercise will be performed for one minute.

Here are the exercises:

Hula Hooping: Shift your body from side to side, doing your best to keep the hula hoop from touching the ground. Contract your abs and keep your core tight.

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Jump Rope: Keeping your elbows and knees soft, jump rope as many times in a row as you can. (Sticking your tongue out is optional.)

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Soccer Touches: You might remember this one from soccer practice. Standing directly behind a soccer ball, take your right foot and gently touch the top of the ball. While bringing the right foot down, bring the left foot up and touch the top of the ball. Repeat in a dynamic motion.

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Crab Walk: With hands and feet on the ground and stomach pointed up, walk backwards across the grass. Halfway through the exercise (or when you reach the end of the grass), reverse the motion and crab walk back to the starting position.

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Hand Walkouts: From a standing position, reach down and touch your toes (ahem, or do your best). Place your hands on the ground in front of you, and keeping your core strong, walk your hands out until you are in a plank position. Pause (or do a push-up, if you want an extra challenge) and walk your hands back towards your body, returning to a standing position. Repeat.

Warm Weather Family Workouts

Warm Weather Family Workouts

And that’s it! Work your way through this circuit, then collapse your smiling red-faces in the grass for some simple stretches. Let each family member take a turn leading their favorite stretching exercise.

Warm weather family workouts on

Leila’s favorite is the butterfly. Here are her instructions: Pretend to catch a butterfly in your hands, then take a peek and tell everyone what color your butterfly is. Put it in your pocket and gently flap your knees up and down.

Warm Weather Family Workouts

I hope you have as much fun as we did. What is your favorite way to work out as a family?

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  1. Sarah @ Fit Family Together

    Alysa, I love this family-friendly workout – kids get so lost in the multiple challenges that never becomes a chore. Us adults could certainly learn from our children to make activity interesting and varied – rather than long slogs! Butterfly was one of my children’s favorite stretches too. In addition, they’d hold their index fingers near their ears to be antennae as they did it. I love Leila’s intro!

    • Alysa Bajenaru

      Thanks Sarah, the antennae idea is too cute! I agree, if we could make exercise more fun, more of us would do it!

  2. Caroline Starr Rose

    Yesterday I ran while my boys rode their scooters. It’s our summer routine, and each year I’m excited to give them a bit more freedom trying different paths home.

    • Alysa Bajenaru

      That’s a great idea! I run with my son on his bike sometimes, but he is getting really fast!

  3. Agnes Mamerga

    My husband and son love to play basketball in the park. Therefore, my daughter and I take this opportunity to play tennis or have a long walk whilst the boys are pretty much occupied. We just love the outside space!

  4. molly

    Hi Alyssa! I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you so much.

  5. oneshabbychick

    Hi! I really enjoyed this post. What a great idea!
    One thing though… as I read it, I knew I wasn’t reading a post written by Tsh, but I was reading my email feed, and I realized there was no info in the post about who the author was. Can you please include this info in the email feed, too? Thanks!

  6. Chris

    This is great. Although I still cannot get the hula hoop down lol.. When you make it fun it is not exercise 😉

    • Alysa Bajenaru

      Hula Hooping definitely takes some practice, but however you do it, calories are sure to be burned! 🙂

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