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  1. Jamie

    For me the hard part of travel is leaving home. Sure I’m excited about what’s ahead, but leaving my pets and house with a sitter adds another layer of preparation. And the truth is I feel sad leaving them.

  2. Sheila

    Boy did you nail it. We spent three glorious months in Paris, And traveled from there to other wonderful destinations, and had many of the same mishaps. Of chourse we didn’t share most of them. Glad to hear you voice the hassle that travel can be while trying to be someplace wonderful!

  3. trina

    Amen. Another layer to my family’s travel is that regardless of how beautiful a place we’re in (Prince Edward Island this summer – AMAZING), my autistic daughter doesn’t want to be there at all. She wants to be at home, always. It makes things a struggle even when the travel logistics are technically going smoothly. But that doesn’t make the Instagram feed or Facebook photo album either.

  4. Rachel Nordgren

    Oof. I relate to this so much…my husband and I have hit many, many a snag since we started traveling around Europe nine months ago. It is truly an incredible gift to be able to travel, so I end up feeling guilty whenever I’m frustrated or exhausted by going from place to place. But the truth is that those are valid feelings, and they don’t make my gratitude any less valid, and just being able to know and name it helps me gain perspective! Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Michele Vixathep

    So true! My four young children and I are currently in France for three months. It is challenging on a daily micro level, but the opportunity to be here outweighs the challenges since we’ve chosen to embrace this culture. We’re staying in the Renaissance neighborhood of Lyon, with cobbled streets and incredible boulangeries outside our door, but I’ve also had to learn to take apart the kitchen sink of our HomeAway apartment to figure out why it wasn’t draining, and I am currently trying to trap mice that the owner claims not to have known about! These adventures are stretching but the effort is ultimately rewarding.

  6. Cindy

    Oh, so true! Love that you distinguished between visiting a place and the definition of “travel – it’s getting to a place.” Thanks for sharing what we don’t hear a lot about, the hassles – it’s nice to hear that we are not in the boat by ourselves…

  7. Melissa C.

    This is all so true! In the last year of full-time travel we’ve had way more than our share of annoyances and hassles, which I rarely bothered to share online. But mostly now we just accept that “getting there” is the downpayment for the rest of the experience and we just let things roll off our backs. It’s taken a long time and a lot of practice (aka awesome travels) to come to the solutions that minimize our frustrations and, more importantly, to get to a place of relative zen!

  8. Benjamin Ehinger

    The challenges are certainly there and you won’t see them on travel shows and youtube much. My wife and I have been full-time travelers for 3 years now and challenges are certainly there, no matter how you travel. We full-time in an RV now and have in the past, but we did AirBnB, as well, thinking it would be easier. It still had challenges.

    Travel day is always the most stressful because something could go wrong. Great post!


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