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Why I Chose the Tiny House Lifestyle

It was about three weeks and 800 miles into the bicycle tour when I realized that I wanted to build a tiny house. My cousin Dan and I had arrived in the sleepy beach town of Yachats, Oregon, on his birthday without much by way of a plan.

We ended up chatting with Steven at a local cafe after he covered a new Arcade Fire song for open mic night. After realizing we had a lot in common, Steven invited us to camp at his house and even offered a bonfire if we could bring some dry wood.

After a somewhat arduous nine mile ride uphill with a bundle of firewood strapped to my bike, we arrived at an even steeper driveway- so steep that we had to walk our bikes to the top. But when we got there, it was all worth it. Steven had converted a tool shed into a cozy tiny house, complete with a sleeping loft and kitchen. There was also an enchanting outdoor living room with a wood sculpted counter top, benches, and fire pit.

My mind was racing. When I put it all together—how much it cost to build and live there, and what that meant for Steven’s lifestyle—I was sold on tiny houses. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only tiny house where Dan and I crashed on our bicycle tour, but it left the biggest impression on me. And while my own tiny house is much, much different than Steven’s, the tiny house lifestyle in which we both participate is an experience that we share.


Photo by Ethan Waldman


Photo by David Seaver

Here’s why I chose the tiny house lifestyle:

1. Freedom from debt

Having graduated from college in 2007 and securing my first “real” job in 2008, my first impression of the working world was seeing the effects of an economic downturn on people’s lives. I saw jobs being terminated, houses being foreclosed on, and lives ruined under mountains of debt. It was around this time that I started to question whether the dream of owning a house was really just a trap.

When I first crunched the numbers, I thought I’d be able to build my tiny house on wheels for $20,000, and there are many examples of people who have done it for under $15k. While my tiny house cost over $30,000 to build, I was able to use mostly savings and did not incur any debt throughout the building process. This means that I’ll turn 30 in March, and I own my home outright.


Photo by Susan Teare

2. Freedom of choice

The tiny house lifestyle is a life experience enabler. Sure, my savings took a hit, but since I’m not stuck with an expensive mortgage or rent payment,
• I no longer work full time, and have my own technology coaching business.
• I am able to fully explore other interests in life, such as playing music and learning to kiteboard.
• I can travel to visit my family, which is scattered across the US, without having to take “vacation time.”
• I can easily close up the tiny house, drain the plumbing, and travel for an extended period of time without having to carry a monthly payment, worry about renters, etc.

Way back on my bicycle tour, I realized that housing was one of the biggest emotional and financial roadblocks that was holding me back from attempting to live my dreams. The tiny house lifestyle has set me free.

3. Freedom from choice

The tiny house movement is first cousins with the minimalism movement. I think the biggest shared idea is that since our stuff winds up owning us (due to our powerful emotional connection to it), owning less stuff means less stress / anxiety / debt / unhappiness.

You certainly don’t have to be a minimalist to live in a tiny house, but the tiny house lifestyle kind of forces you to be one. But the secret is this: it’s really easy to be a minimalist when you simply don’t have space for additional possessions. The drive to acquire more stuff just doesn’t nag at me quite so powerfully, because living tiny makes my life feel full with much less.

In a way, tiny house living also represents freedom from choice. Building a tiny house is not easy, and requires that you make a staggering number of high-stakes choices in a short period of time. Anyone who’s ever built a house can identify. As I write in my book, Tiny House Decisions, building a house is like making a huge deposit in your “choice bank”. You have to make lots of decisions during the building process, but afterwards you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Tiny House Decisions

Tiny-House-Decisions-Cover-8-15_03 no greyNow that I’m happily enjoying the tiny house lifestyle, I want to help you achieve the same! That’s exactly why I created Tiny House Decisions. It’s a resource designed to hold your hand through all the decisions you’ll have to make while building tiny, starting with “is a tiny house right for me?”, all the way through moving in!

Update: Ethan has now written a compendium to his first book—Tiny House Parking: How to Find Safe, Practical, and Affordable Land for Your Tiny House. Awesome!

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  1. SSarah

    this is definitely something my partner and I’ve talked about. I’m not sure how practical it is with kids, but it would be perfect for retiring.

    • Ethan

      There are many examples of tiny house families with kids: Many choose to build a *slightly* larger house, often with two lofts- one for parents and one for young kids. Older kids… build them their own tiny house!

      • Shawn

        That was my question, too — how to make it work with kids. And I work from home, too — like building older kids their own tiny house, I guess I could build a “tiny office.” 🙂 Either way, I’m loving the idea and I want to learn more.

        • Christina Carpenter

          We are doing a tiny house with a nice kitchen and bathroom and 2 lofts and another one for my office. I think it will work well for me to be able to work at night without waking my partner and my son. I’m also going to make a nice area for my son in my office for his school work since we are home schooling this year.

      • Kerry

        I have been very interested in the tiny house movement, but developing a tiny house for a family as been my greatest hesitation as well. Would love to find a book that explores this!

      • Heather

        I’ve been dreaming about designing my own tiny home for a couple of years now. When my daughter graduates high school is when I plan on doing it!!

    • Stacey VanDenDriessche

      My other and I have talked extensively about this. He says it is not possible to be happy. He hasn’t seen the light, like myself, about tiny living. Then again, he also hasn’t done the reading and research I have. Do me the honor of allowing me to show him the light! It would do far more than just tickle me to see him experience tiny house living.


      – Stacey

    • Jaime

      I’ve seen a post of a family who built two tiny houses. One large one w/ a kitchen/bathroom/parent’s bed and second small one for their two kids. They had a cute little porch that connected the two houses that made it feel like it was one unit. This is probably more suitable for family with older kids but it’s an idea.

    • Carole Bengtson

      My grandson has been over the top with the tiny house, living a simple lifestyle and this house he has seen on the web and it is so perfect. He and his wife live a lifestyle where you downsize to be very simply living and feels he should advance this entire notion to many.

    • Amy

      I like the concept of tiny houses. I have been thinking about it for some time. I have too much stuff and the stuff owns me and I want freedom from the stuff.

      • Teresa Duran

        I am really on board with this concept because the more you have the more time you spend on caring for it. Love the less you have the freer you are to do what you really want to do. plus the fact you have less utilities, less upkeep and less stuff!!!! My husband is not …he wants stuff and more stuff.HE IS A STUFFAHOLOLIC.

    • Amy

      I like the concept of tiny houses. I have been thinking about it for some time. I have too much stuff and the stuff owns me and I want freedom from the stuff.

    • Christina Carpenter

      We are in the process of doing it with our 8 year old. He wasn’t so thrilled about it at first but he is getting into it now that we have the shell of our tiny house. We are moving from city life to an organic farm in central Oregon so there is a lot of changes happening for him. I think it will be good for all of us but we are lucky to have so much land to move to.

      • Jenny mann

        Wow! What a culture shock for your little guy! Good luck with making such a wonderful life change!

    • Sonya

      Love this tiny house idea and would love a copy of the book.

    • Jenny mann

      What an exciting reality! NO MORE HOUSE PAYMENTS!!! I have been reading about the tiny house movement for almost a year and am planning to build a tiny home for my daughter in highschool. She will graduate from highschool and receive this as her graduation gift…. can you imagine not ever having to pay rent? We hope this will help our daughter be able to live a life worth living! Can’t wait to read your book…. of course if I don’t win a copy… I will be buying one! Have a great day!

  2. coleen

    i’ve looked into this in the past and would love to revisit the concept. one of the things i love about tiny houses is that there is just no wasted space. and it’s pretty impressive that you own your house and not-quite-30.

  3. JT

    Great article, I like the idea of a life that is not burdened by a large mortgage etc… I can see the benefits of a smaller house.

  4. Sarah M

    I’m interested!

  5. Lizzy

    I’ve found the tiny house movement very compelling and would love to chance to win your book!

  6. Judit

    Definitely something to think about!

  7. Alex

    The concept of a tiny house is so appealing to me! Would love to have a read of this!

  8. Richard

    Sounds wonderful. one of my ambitions is to never live in a house bigger than the one I live
    in now.

  9. Molly Bray

    This article came at the perfect time for me! I’m in the process of reassessing my living situation and am coming to the conclusion that renting might not be the answer for much longer… Thank you!

    • Ethan

      Molly, that’s so true. Forking over a rent check each month was one of my biggest motivators to build tiny.

  10. Sunday

    Wow! Mind bogglingly cool! Your book sounds fascinating 🙂

  11. dolores

    While I was studying architecture I totally was fascinated of Le Corbusiers hut in France. And since then there are always great examples of minimalistic living. I inherited a much to big, wrong planned house and seeing your images I dream of building a small lightweight house, which serves our needs and let our souls fly! Congratulation to your great small home!

    • Ethan

      I had never heard of Le Corbusiers Hut! What a great modern design!

  12. SuseFish

    A tiny part of me hoped that the giveaway was my very own tiny house… hee hee!

  13. Erika

    🙂 <3

  14. Rachel

    I’m becoming obsessed with these tiny houses; I’d love to read this book!

  15. James)

    After coming home last week to a couple of guys breaking into my house (sympathy points), I further see that my stuff is just another headache. Already traded in my car for something a lot more practical. Would love to find out how to do the same with my home. About to begin living life for others and myself versus collecting objects that just sit in my home.

  16. Garnet

    We can’t stay where we are for much longer so have been discussing many options. We’re both sold on the idea of tiny house living, but are still working out the practicalities. We have to move closer to medical care for my spouse, but still be able to pass housing codes and such. So very interested in how you make it work.

  17. Brittnie

    My husband and I just watched a documentary on the tiny house phenomenon. Very cool! Would love to win this book for my husband for Christmas!

  18. Rebecca in PA

    We have had many discussions about tiny houses, interesting that you have written a book. We’d love to read it!

  19. Victoria

    Tiny house geeking out! I’d be honored to get to read your book.

  20. Steph

    We’ve talked about building a tiny house…would love to read your book!

  21. Sarah T.

    I love how you called minimalism and tiny house living first cousins. As we have downsized our possessions over the years, I see the need/desire for excess living space diminish. Each move is to a subsequently smaller house. And as I let go of my stuff, I find my kids more willing to let go as well. Blessings!

  22. Jennifer

    I’m fascinated!!

  23. Aimee

    We are very interested in the tiny home lifestyle.

  24. Cynthia

    Sounds like an amazingly helpful book!!!

  25. Theresa

    Great article!

    • Joni Cole

      Very intriguing. My husband d is currently working more than he is off in a week. This could be a game changer. Thanks for sharing your story!

  26. Kym

    Would love to read this book! I’m fascinated by the tiny house lifestyle, and it’s an idea that my husband and have talked about as a possibility for our retirement. It would be a big change for us!

  27. Anne

    My family of four is contemplating moving to a 500 square foot space, perhaps this book could help us decide.

  28. Becky

    I would love to read the book!

  29. Lori

    Would love to have a copy of your book. I’m 40 now and would love to be debt free (no mortgage) by the time I’m 45! No debt + no bills = no worry and free living!!

  30. Molly Pinon

    Just watched the documentary TINY and I can’t get it out of my head, now this! I love the idea of living small and efficiently. To me living TINY means building a home that encourages finding true meaning and actually LIVING.

  31. Loretta E.

    It might be pretty tricky to pull off a tiny house with a couple kids, but this is definitely something I want to have for traveling, in-laws, or even a little backyard escape!

  32. Joe

    As a couple of other people have said, clearly not the solution with 3 kids, but once they’re grown I can totally see living in one of these.

  33. Shannon

    Thank you!

  34. Susie

    I am fascinated by this concept! I would love to read up more on tiny house living. I know that some people do it with kids, but I’m wondering if people have tiny houses and tech obsessed husbands at the same time… 🙂

  35. mari

    The tiny house lifestyle amazes me. It’s on my bucket list, and I would give my left arm to have the guts to make the change.

  36. Jocelyn

    I love the tiny house lifestyle! If I was single I would jump on it. As it is now we live in a smaller house for how many people we have and use a lot of the same ideas. Less then 1600 square feet for 7 people can feel pretty small sometimes! 😉

  37. sarah @ little bus on the prairie

    I definitely agree that living in a tiny space forces you to be a minimalist. We are in a 400 sq ft school bus with almost 4 kids and with christmas coming up, the idea of toys isn’t even crossing our minds. That aspect of it is definitely very freeing!

  38. Rheagan

    I’m curious – but I do wonder how this would work with 3 kids! It is an impressive idea.

  39. Athena Haus

    We are learning that simplifying is satisfying! A tiny house is in our future!

  40. Tracey M.

    I am fascinated with this idea and would love to read the book! Our current lifestyle is about to change dramatically. I believe I could benefit greatly from reading this book. I’ll need to feel like these changes will be more positive for us, become more frugal while decluttering and eliminating items, and I especially need to learn how to live in a much smaller space. The book will help me see how much better my life can be instead of thinking it’ll be harder. It’ll open my eyes to the benefits of living the “tiny house lifestyle.” Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. sarah @ little bus on the prairie

    I’m not interested in the giveaway, but I did want to say that living in a tiny space definitely DOES force you to be a minimalist. We’re in a schoolbus with three kids and another on the way any day now. Even with christmas coming up the thought of buying a bunch of toys hasn’t even crossed our minds. Its very freeing!

  42. Casey

    Building a tiny house is something I am determined to do! This book seems like it would be a great resource in making that dream a reality!

  43. Fawn DeMurl Carriker

    I am fascinated with the tiny house concept, even though right now my rented storage room for my “stuff” is larger than that entire house. Would love to read your book as I am always searching for the impetus to downsize. – Fawn

  44. Kate W.

    Love this idea. Just wondering how this lifestyle would work with kids…

  45. Donna@MoreThanHungry

    We’re working towards getting our big property in shape to put on the market in the spring. We plan to down-size considerably. This is such an intriguing concept!

  46. Sher

    I’m 57 now. Wish I’d adopted this lifestyle 30 years ago when we started accumulating! We’ve downsized to a 700 sq ft house, but still have a way to go. This concept makes SO much sense.

  47. Maddie K H

    Tiny houses have always intrigued me, would love to learn more about the decision process and what it’s really like!

  48. Jeni

    I’m currently researching the tiny house lifestyle and about different tiny housing options. I think this is the way to go, just need to get my resources together! Love hearing about all the tiny house experiences out there.

  49. Trena

    This is so interesting! 🙂

  50. Richard

    The Small House movement ties in beautifully with ecological living, minimalism and caring for others. If we are not over housed and house poor we can live with less that drags us away from truly living and caring for each other.

  51. Amy ODowd

    We’ve been talking about a Tiny House for a while now – as a way for my husband to have an office at home, as a romantic getaway from our kids (!), and as a way to bless artists we know who have a hard time making ends meet while practicing their craft. We’d love to explore the idea a little bit more!

  52. Dhanishta

    I perfectly understand the concept you are trying to convey. I can connect this to another unrelated but related event. When my son was a toddler I noticed that the more the number of toys he had (Thanks to doting relatives) the less he actually played. The bigger the house, the more the possessions the less you actually enjoy living!

  53. Lisa

    I LOVE tiny homes! My boyfriend is slow to come around to the lifestyle, although he is taking steps. After 8 years of being miserable working as an RN in the medical system, I finally quite my job. Now, I am creating a business that I love so I can live a life I LOVE as well! And a tiny home is in the plan. Keep rockin! Cheers!

  54. Heather

    Doable even with kids. It’s all about choices.

  55. Amy

    I love it when you can find like minded people all over the place.
    I’ve looked at tiny house living for a while, good for you.

  56. Betsy

    I’m so inspired! My family and I love the idea of living simply, and we try to employ it as often and in as many ways as we can. Thanks for the opportunity to win Ethan’s book!

  57. Sandra Miller

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and experience with those of us who are wanting to join the tiny house movement! I hope I win a copy, but I’ll certainly be purchasing one if not!

  58. Heather

    Hubster & I have been talking about doing this, still wondering if it would work for us. I’d love to read your book!

  59. Heidi Aurich

    My husband and I are nearing retirement age, and have wondered if a tiny house is for us. Our first year of marriage was spent in Japan, and we lived in a small (by American standards) apartment.Living there opened our eyes to other ways of doing things. Thanks for offering it, and for the opportunity to win our very own copy.

  60. Kyle

    Great post – thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with building a tiny home! I’ve been obsessed with this lately and it’s great to see that their are lots of good resources out there to check out when considering this option. I don’t have anything different to add to other comments above – but I did see a few posts about the question around having kids and a tiny home. My wife and I have a one year old now – I think we could pull it off with one kid, but I could see it being harder with a bigger family of two or three kids down the road. I think we could pull if off in terms of having enough sleeping options, but wonder if we would drive each other crazy in a smaller space? Like I said nothing new to what others are saying just the main challenge to think about if we one day go this route. Thanks again for the post!

  61. Jessica

    What a wonderful tool your book could be for all of us considering this type of change. We do not feel ready with the kids where they are now but are also looking towards retirement being possible earlier with less space to maintain and pay for. Wonderful!

  62. Lyn

    My husband and I really want to move into a Tiny House. We’re tryng to work out if it’ll work with two teenagers though, or if we’ll have to wait until they’ve left home. Really want to have a more minimalists lifestyle with a much better ecological footprint.

  63. Lyn

    My husband and I really want to move into a Tiny House. We’re tryng to work out if it’ll work with two teenagers though, or if we’ll have to wait until they’ve left home. Really want to have a more minimalist lifestyle with a much better ecological footprint.

  64. Kirsten

    I am so intrigued. Does one have to buy a plot of land on which to set their tiny house? What is the cost to maintain (fuel, etc.)?

  65. Rachel

    As a current college student who already realizes that I want to avoid materialism and over consumption while reducing my ecological footprint, the idea of a tiny house seems like a pretty great way to do all of those things. It would be nice to just get a bunch of land and have a tiny house in the middle of nature with a little garden. Do people with tiny houses usually rent land or just find some random place to park?

  66. Marie

    I’m interested- please enter me in your give-away.

  67. Lisa

    This is very inspiring! Ironically, I’ve often dreamed of building a tiny house, in the backyard of our current house! For guests, kids, my own studio… but it would be pretty exciting to downsize and live in a tiny house full time.

  68. Stephanie

    I would love to have a tiny house- I especially admire people who can do it with kids!

  69. Liz

    My husband and I are hoping to be in a tiny house in five years. Thank you for sharing your story!!

  70. Erin

    So intrigued by this idea! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for the chance to win!

  71. Jeni A.

    I have never wanted my worth to be based on the size of my house and the amount of stuff I own. I love tiny houses!

  72. Sarah

    One of my life goals is to live in a tiny house!

  73. Lisa Clarke

    Interesting article.

  74. Heidi

    dream of simplifying life with husband and 3 young kids….into this tiny house thinking 🙂

  75. Maria

    Between the small house concept and it’s sister, minimalism, I can picture my eccentric old age! I would love the opportunity to receive a copy of the book. Thank you.

  76. Laura Gail Claassen

    So far, I haven’t been able to convince my husband to try the tiny house movement but maybe this book will do the trick. Would love to read it and really enjoyed this post! Thanks!

  77. Elizabeth Bailey

    I love the tiny house concept! I’d love to see more stories about how family’s like Sarah’s (in the school bus) do it! Especially larger families like ours (4+ kids). 🙂

  78. Betsy Kunz

    Very interesting! Would love to read the book!

  79. Miki Baxter

    The tiny house/minimalism concept has fascinated me. I’m intrigued and want to examine it further for my family. Miki

  80. Jennifer

    I also find the Tiny House movement very appealing and would love to read your book!

  81. Rachel

    I love the idea of living simplistically and minimalistically (are those even words?) With two teens, a fiancé and two houses that will need to be combed through and combined, a ‘how-to’ guide would be perfect! I think having two tiny houses might be the way to go AND be more economical than building a conventional home. (Plus, it would increase parental privacy)

  82. Monique

    I am working towards building a tiny house within the next few years for my family! Would love to have this resource to mull over in the meantime. 🙂

  83. Paige

    Thank you for sharing your story! I also love the idea of not wasting (also read “spending on”) all of the resources/utilities that it taken to light/heat/cool/etc. A larger home. 🙂

    • Paige


  84. joanna n.

    i have 1 main concern w/ tiny houses: entertaining large groups. whenever we have my family over, it’s 15 total (3 of them being children). so when outdoor entertainment isn’t an option, then what?

  85. Courtney

    My family and I live in a beautiful strawbale home in rural Oregon! We love it…but we recently put it on the market. We moved to the States from Uganda, where we lived in a very small home. Our strawbale home is too much. Too much to care for, and too much money out of our paycheck each month. We are pretty much stuck, and we miss traveling. I’m not sure if a tiny house could work for our family of 6 (4 children 8 and under), but I’m actively looking for all options for our family!

  86. Nikol

    I am seriously interested in the Tiny Home lifestyle. My kids will be moving out soon and it will just be me and my dogs. I am clawing my way out of debt and one there have no intention of ever returning. I have one more move yet to make (from Minneapolis to Seattle) and hope to downsize enough to live in a tiny house! I would love your guide to help me decide if it will be right for me.

  87. Lizze

    I really want to learn more about this. My husband, 3 kids and I are about to move into a 5th wheel trailer for a while and we are hoping to transition to a little cabin when we are ready to settle down.

  88. Mia White

    Kudos! I am a huge fan of the small house movement, grateful to see it continue to gain steam. It is responsible on so many levels! Thanks for sharing your home with us, I would love to read more!

  89. Kate

    Not sure how practical this is for a large family, but I love the idea of a small house that’s cozy and full of life.

  90. JoAnn Molitor-Schuh

    My Son has Autism and is a musician. I really appreciate the tiny house options… It would be so wonderful for him to have is own space in this world. Tiny houses grant that, his energy could be better used for making music. It is an art to live so free…

    • Truelove

      Dovetails nicely with our efforts to leave the grid as well.

  91. Anita

    My husband and I have lived for almost a year in a 27′ RV on land owned by my mom. We have eliminated almost all our debt, and have plans to build a tiny house!

  92. Jason

    Less is more, jump in with both feet!

  93. becca

    How awesome! I’m totally fascinated with tiny houses and tiny house life. 🙂

  94. Lisa Monique Kent

    I’ve been a fan of tiny houses ever since my sisters and I converted my parents’ old outhouse into a cat/dog/horse club. It wasn’t just a clubhouse, it was our second home, and a way for all of us to learn how to get along in a small space. As our children get older and move onto college, the call of small is reaching out to me again, and I am actively letting possessions go, something every day. I want to be ready to move into our new home with only the little we need to transform it.

    Lisa Monique Kent, author of Peace Cottage

  95. MichelleS

    My husband and I often have discussions about tiny houses. The discussion usually goes something like this:
    Me: I would love to live in a tiny house.
    Husband: No, no, no, no!
    And then he walks away! I guess you can’t really call that exchange a “discussion”! Haha!

    • Kim

      I keep thinking about this post and it continues to crack me up! Thanks for the chuckles today!

  96. Cheryl

    Sounds really interesting! I loved the Tiny House documentary that my husband and I watched on Netflix. We had a lot of questions about how practical a tiny house could be for us, but the idea of building our own house, just for us, and on our budget, was very intriguing.

  97. Amy

    I have just started simplifying my life and a tiny house is my ultimate goal. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  98. Caitlin

    Last night, I was scrolling through house listings. I’m in the same age bracket as you and feel uncomfortable with the thought of debt.

    House after house came through my feed with the price tag inching higher and higher. I finally found THE ONE. The only problem was that I’d need to win the lottery to buy it without debt until grandchildren. Not quite the legacy I want to leave. 😛

    Contentment is beautiful and I am learning that tiny house envy (or mansion greed) robs me from enjoying the townhouse I call home now. I don’t need a house stuffed to the gills to be content. It comes from within.

  99. Jamie R.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Looking at tiny houses helps me minimize my belongings.

    • melanie

      I will be building my tiny home in 5 years, your book would oh so helpful!!

  100. Andrew

    I just moved into a smaller house with my 3 kids. I had to get rid of a lot of possessions – turns out they were possessing me. What a freeing feeling! Now I’d like to go even smaller.

  101. Esther

    I would love to win a copy! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but I need to learn more about it before taking the plunge.

  102. Becky

    We keep talking about this but haven’t made a single move to make this happen. Maybe your book will push us off our fence!

  103. Serena

    Tiny house living (and less stuff) is very appealing and something I’ve thought a lot about.

  104. Diane

    Definitely appealing! Maybe not realistic for this stage of my life, but I’d love to explore this option!

  105. Cindy

    When we got married, my husband shared his copy of “Rolling Homes”- custom tiny houses/shepherds wagons, and I thought it was really funny. Years later, I am finding it so interesting to see a movement growing around Tiny Homes, and becoming increasingly interested!

  106. Lois

    I am very interested in your story. I recently bought a fixer upper house that was less than building a tiny house but after living happily in a studio apartment (300 sq ft) for three years my desire had been to go smaller not larger. Unfortunately, zoning and availability of land prevented me from doing so. Yet, each day I gaze out into the yard where a wooden building sits. It has electricity, windows and everything needed to convert this into my own tiny home. I long to be out there and am considering finishing the restoration on the house then moving on to the structure in the yard. I could then rent out the house and make enough to cover all my needs without ever working again.

  107. Shawn

    Oh how this calls to me…

  108. Aimee P

    I’ve been obsessed with the Tiny House movement for years. I’d love to learn more about the details, since I’m already sold on the concept.

  109. Lindsay

    I’m so intrigued by tiny houses. We have a large house and love the space it affords to have friends/families over to socialize – but at times, it seems like too much. Tiny homes and minimalistic living are so appealing!

  110. Rod

    “Tiny houses” are such a good example of the way in which less really means more. This winter I will be fine-tuning the plans for a modest escape, using light straw clay for walls, rammed earth for floor, living roof for roof. Thank you for the example you have set, and for your continuing work to create awareness in this movement towards a sustainable future for all of us. We are all one.

  111. Natural Organic Girl

    This is such a great site, I’m gonna share it with our readers.

  112. Tom Pinit

    Ethan, do you guys own a plot of land to park your tiny house on, or are you on a friend or family member’s? This is one sticking point we are working through about building tiny. Thanks!

  113. Rachel Snyder

    I wouldn’t say my husband and I are obsessed with tiny houses, but we’re obsessed with what they represent. Having two kids, we can’t figure out how a tiny house would work for us now, but we’re already plotting our retirement with a tiny house in mind!

  114. Cindy

    Pick me! Pick me!

  115. Kim S

    The older I get the more I take on this thinking and in turn my children. My 17 year old fully intends on building a tiny house after college/Americorps/blogging etc.

  116. Erlinda

    I find the tiny house lifestyle so intriguing. I imagine what we could do without the financial and psychic costs of a traditional home.

  117. Danielle

    Thanks so much for sharing Ethan Waldman’s work with us! My significant other and I have been dreaming of small homes for 2 years. We’ve worked through a lot of the work to do something like this, but Ethan’s guide could really help ensure we’re asking all the right and important questions. I <3 the tiny home movement. 🙂

  118. Linda

    I am just now beginning to see the pitfalls of having a big home. Would love to read more about tiny house living.

  119. Tina

    My husband and I have been considering this. We would love to have this book.

  120. Melissa

    I left Calgary in 2009 and moved back to BC where I more into a beautiful Yurt on a giant acreage in the middle of the forest on Galiano Island. My partner, who I had left behind, followed me here and we have grown from a family of two, to a family of 4. Our current goals are to build a tiny home that happily olds us all. There is nothing holding us in one spot other than the knowledge that children need structure and some sort of roots. We want to provide a mobile home so we can continue our life of exploration and live comfortably and debt free. I would loveto be able to give my children the world and I feel fairly certain a tiny home is our first step in the right direction.

  121. Amanda

    I so needed this article. I have a friend who has been an inspiration in the minimalism realm and first introduced me to the tiny house phenomenon. I would love to win!

  122. L. Galey

    This would be a fantastic solution to our downsizing and retirement! We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country and could easily find property to build on if we had more information about this. I am at a point in life where I feel that stuff just ties you down. Most of the “stuff” I have accumulated is exactly that: my stuff. My kids aren’t interested in most of it so why hang on to it? Love this whole concept! Thanks for sharing!

  123. Erin

    I love the idea of less stuff = more time = happiness!

  124. Vicki

    My partner and I downsized and got rid of most of stuff about 4 years ago. Then we moved to Australia and live rurally. Each and every day sitting on our back porch we talk about the possibilities for a small house for us and our daughter when we move on next year. I have spent a great deal of time contemplating how this will look and gather ideas and resources along the way. I love the freedom and the concept and have no doubt this is where we are heading,

  125. Jennifer C.

    I’d love a copy of Tiny House Decisions! Awesome giveaway!

  126. Karla

    I’d love to read your book! 🙂

  127. Belinda

    I am definitely one of those people who feel trapped by possessions. The problem is my possessions are not really worth much, but growing up with so little, I felt that before I throw something out, I have to find a use for it or someone who can use it. I therefore still have most of my children’s things (they are now in their forties) as I do not have the heart to throw them out and they tell me they don’t have room for them either.

    So my goal is to sell, give away, or throw out almost everything and keep only items I NEED! Down size to a much smaller house, can’t keep things if there is now room!

    I am a firm believer that we spend 30 years of our adult lives collecting things that we simply HAD to have and then the next thirty getting rid of them.

  128. Lauren Bays

    I have been intrigued by the tiny house lifestyle and would love to read more about it!

  129. Vicki

    I would LOVE and totally appreciate a copy of your book. My sister wants a tiny house and I am seriously considering it. Thank you for sharing your story!

  130. Megan

    I would love to learn more about the tiny house lifestyle with young children…thanks for the post!

  131. Sabrina

    Would love to read this… this is my dream. We used to live in a 1,200 sf flat, and everything had its place. I now think that you will “fill” whatever space you have. My next house will be much, much smaller for that reason! We are almost done raising our children, so we are looking forward to our next phase of life!

  132. Sara

    we are in the planning stages of creating a multi-family small (400 sq ft) community with some dear friends. I would go smaller but that is the minimum legal size in the area we are interested in. We have drawn up shared spaces (dog wash, garden, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and considering a sauna down the proverbial road) we will share tools, driveway and other building and maintenance costs. This allows us to work less, pursue dreams and have luxuries we wouldn’t be able to afford on our own.

  133. Sara

    My fiance and I have been discussing and researching tiny houses. We both own our own businesses (Tea & Yoga) and want to live mindfully, simply and with what we need. My dad’s family owns a piece of land that would be perfect for a tiny house, we just need the time and money to make this life happen 🙂

  134. Lisa

    LOVE tiny houses! I would probably never get my husband on board, but I love the idea and love customizing a space – not to mention living minimally.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. Karen

    I love seeing how people make tiny homes work…what they see as the essentials and what they can do without. It helps me look at my traditional house, and my “essentials” with a new perspective.

  136. Amber

    The more information I read about Tiny Houses, the more of a great idea I think they are!

  137. Sue

    i’m interested in converting a shed into a guest house!

  138. Amy

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I would love to have a chance to read this book as I pursue my own tiny house experience.

  139. Kelly

    I have long been fascinated with tiny houses! In the next 5 to 7 years we are looking to retire. I have no interest in living in this area with it’s extremely high Texas. I would love to have your information! My dream would be to live in a tiny house on a large property and continue to grow my own food. We live in a house it’s a little under 2000 square feet. We raised seven kids here. Now it’s just too much!

  140. Kimberly L

    I really would love to do this! However, getting my husband on board while we have 2 little kids is another matter entirely. Maybe this book will help bring him over to the tiny house movement!

  141. Kelly

    I have long been fascinated with tiny houses! In the next 5 to 7 years we are looking to retire. I have no interest in living in this area with it’s extremely high Texas. I would love to have your information! My dream would be to live in a tiny house on a large property and continue to grow my own food. We live in a house it’s a little under 2000 square feet. We raised seven kids here. In a way, it was a tiny house with nine people in it. Now it’s just too much!

  142. Rebekah W

    I’m so intrigued by tiny homes. I could sit and look at pictures all day. I don’t know that it will ever be an option for us, with 4 kids and all. The house we live in now is not very big and I feel like we are busting out of it.

  143. Katy

    I would love to read this 🙂

  144. Becky C

    Can’t wait to read this! Tiny house is definitely a possibility for my future.

  145. Lisa

    I l8ve the idea of a tiny house but I love the idea of the tiny house lifrstyle even more.

  146. teresa

    I really want my own tiny house in my backyard. A place my kids and husband are not allowed!

  147. Krista M

    Seriously considering it

  148. Tiffany F

    Currently we travel the country in an RV (fam of 4 + dog). We love the simplicity! One of our travel goals is to find an area we enjoy enough to buy some inexpensive land and build a tiny house! What intrigues me most about your post, is being able to close up the house and travel for periods of time. That’s what we look forward to!

  149. Jayleen considine

    My husband would love this it would be the perfect way to get a rural lifestyle

  150. Meghan

    After watching Tiny: A Story of Living Small, I realized how much I want out of this broken system of big houses and tons of possessions. My husband and I are sold on the idea of living small and have been obsessed with making plans to make our tiny house dreams a reality. I think this book would be an amazing help in our planning process. Thanks for the great info!!

  151. Karin

    Your book looks very interesting. My husband and I have just been coming to the conclusion that we need to go smaller on our next house. I think we are more on the minimalist side right now but could definitely see us moving towards the tiny house lifestyle.

  152. Sonia

    I would love your book:) I have been reading blogs about tiny homes for a year now. It is going to be a huge leap for my and my family but I feel more ready than ever:) We have decluttered our lives immensely!
    Thanks Ethan for your generosity!

  153. RLR

    Oh, this sounds fascinating! My husband and I sometimes daydream about becoming full-time RVers and homeschooling our kiddos on the road. I like the tiny house concept even more! I don’t think it’ll be a reality for us any time soon, but I’d love to read more about it.

  154. Mary B

    Love the tiny house!

  155. Kyle Hamilton

    I am so intrigued by this! I have been reading about tiny houses for months now and wondering as a single, adventurous, 29 year old, if this might just be the right goal for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience!

  156. Solducky

    That is awesome! I would so love a tiny house.

  157. nicki

    My time daydreaming is often spent designing a tiny house 🙂 Thank you for your post!

  158. Michelle

    When my children were younger I dreamed of remodeling a school bus for us to live in. I doodled designs in my journal but my husband (the builder) wanted to build a home for us. It’s a beautiful home that we owe dearly for and it constantly screams for attention like a hungry baby. Reading about tiny homes has me dreaming again. 🙂

  159. Katherine

    I have a bit of an obsession with tiny houses, although I’m also intimidated by them. With 3 going on 4 kids, I don’t know if now is a good time for one, but there is potential for the future.

  160. Sarah H

    Love this article and mentality! My cousin just built a tiny house in Texas and has opened my eyes to the movement. Watched the documentary Tiny on netflix that covers much of what you discussed here and was very interesting. Very captivated by the idea of living freely without debt!

  161. Julie

    I love the tiny house concept! You can have everything you need right within reach and reduce the temptation to accumulate clutter and stash things away that you “might” need later! I have seen so many great ideas for designs that are both functional and very attractive. Definitely something I am considering in the future!

  162. Patti Warner

    I’m very interested . . . In this age of over consumption, tiny house is most practical.

  163. Kristi

    My husband just this morning sent me a link to another tiny house. We want to homestead and a tiny house or 2 (we have kids) would be wonderful. Congratulations on owning your own home debt-free!

  164. Chloe

    This is something that has always appealed to me and my husband – a super tiny house and a minimalist life. But we also want the house to be on a good chunk of land with a lot of outbuildings. Would love to learn more about it!

  165. chad

    In the process of getting my house ready to sell and using the equity to build a debt free house for a lot of the same reasons. I have a 40000 budget including the lot. What was the major factor in you exceeding your initial budget?

  166. Jolene

    This really intrigues me! I would love to read the book!

  167. Shawn

    I’m intrigued by the idea of a tiny house – on wheels. How often have you had occasion to move your house and did it cause any structural concerns? Are you set up on a slab the majority of the time? How do you accomplish electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling in your home? What has been the biggest challenge in adopting this lifestyle? Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking idea; obviously not new to others, but it is to me!

  168. Amanda Hoskins

    I LOVE some of the ideas shared about how to live in a tiny house with children! We have 5 children, and although others think that we need more space, I am constantly feeling overwhelmed by the thought of more space! More space means more stuff, more work, more time, more money, more, more, more…. And with 5 children, the last thing we have is more of anything! We need less… So that we have more to invest in our relationships with one another and in experiencing life.

  169. Annalee

    My family and I talk about tiny house living a lot. We’d love to win a copy of your book. Yay!!! Pick me.

  170. Melissa

    I want a tiny house!

  171. Steven

    My wife has been interested in minimalism and tiny houses for a long time, which had sparked my interest. I’d love to win this book!

  172. Darcy

    I’d be very interested, please enter me in your drawing. Thank you!

  173. Sarah C.

    I think this would be so freeing! I feel like a slave to my house.

  174. Shelley R.

    Have been following the tiny house and love them. I believe less is more and my husband and I have seriously thought about converting to one now that we are retired.

  175. Laura

    I have been becoming very enamored with tiny houses of late! We are approaching retirement age and I would love to buy some land and live simply! Thanks for taking the time to share this information with us all!

  176. Kim B

    The part here that fascinates me is the building it yourself part. I wonder if I understand my lifestyle preferences (and my family’s) to really build a small space. But, of course, custom built makes the most sense for this lifestyle. I’m interested in learning more, but not sure if I’m ready for that plunge.

  177. Adrienne

    I love the idea of having a tiny house…life would be much simpler I believe. Not sure how I might make it work for my small family but I am interested in reading the book and learning more!

  178. Suzanne

    So glad I took a few minutes to read this post today. I am definitely interested in learning more. And I completely agree with “owning less stuff means less stress / anxiety / debt / unhappiness.” Thanks for the chance to win one of your books!

  179. Traci

    I looked into tiny houses years ago when I first heard about Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. Always wanted to do it!

  180. steve

    We keep going back and forth on moving into a (much) smaller house. The idea of no mortgage is enticing, Just don;t think we could go this small with two boys and a dog!

  181. jessica

    Every time I get stuck on buying a house that will consume more effort paying off than I wish to expend, I watch the tiny house on netflix. Its a start in breaking the mentality that a larger house mean more happiness.

  182. Nina

    so fascinating. I had a friend who wanted to build a house of hay (not like the little pigs but big bales) and I find that fascinating too. after having an older home and selling it, I say “no home ever again” but then I see something like this and think maybe because the truth is…I like having my own place, I like being able to have a pet, or paint as I want but I hate the huge overhead of a house. I often look with envy at trailers as I drive past RV sellers thinking that would be perfect!

  183. Melyssa Stone

    I’m a home school single mama and gentle parenting advocate… Our family dream is to experience life in a variety of settings and a Tiny House would help make that possible! We’d love to read your book!!

  184. Amanda stein

    i love to hear how people come about embracing minimalism and the tiny house lifestyle. Your story is great and we are currently writing our own!!

  185. Katie May

    I would so love to win a copy of this book to give to my brother in law. He has dreams of having his own minimalist tiny house!

  186. kurt

    I am thinking of moving with work and considering tiny houses so I can budget better. I would love to read the book

  187. Karelin

    I love the idea of tiny houses. With teenagers still at home, this may be more plausible as a retirement home.

  188. Anna

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince my husband to downsize, especially with two children, but this book could help!

  189. Melodie

    This is so inspirational! I would love to read more about your experiences!

  190. Corey

    My fiance and I are in the process of looking for a house. Or honestly in the process of arguing over house or tiny house. Thank you for the chance to win your book!

  191. Acadia

    This is so very much fun! I was wondering if you knew of blogs/stories/resources about people living the tiny house lifestyle with children? Thanks!

  192. Ginger

    A tiny house is literally my dream.

  193. Suzanna

    I have dreams of owning a tiny house someday…

  194. Michelle Emerson

    A tiny home is very appealing after my youngest graduates…I have my countdown going already!

  195. Clint

    Ethan, you are so right when you said that, “The tiny house movement is first cousins with the minimalism movement.”. My wife and I have been researching both the tiny house and minimalist movements for the past year, and are beginning to put a plan together. We will be selling or donating much of our “stuff” in an effort to begin the process of living a gentler life… gentler on us and the environment. It will be a process, changing our mindset, but we’re looking forward to the adventure of scaling down from 2,000 sq. ft., too many possessions, and the toll that it takes on us to maintain everything.

  196. Michelle McNeal

    I definitely want a tiny house for the freedom, but I have yet to sell my husband on the idea. He’s all for the big “man garage” and game room. He did say maybe for a vacation home though!

  197. sam

    I love the idea of a tiny house. I would love to win this book and gift it to my son, I can see him embracing this lifestyle.

  198. Karen

    How timely! My husband and I have been looking at house designs to downsize from 2700 to 1200 sq ft. We have 2 littles 5 and 2 plus a 15 year old exchange student. We have made next summer our goal.

  199. Debbie

    I’ve been researching this idea/way of living for a few months and I’m so hoping that my small family can figure out how to make it work for us!! So excited to read your guide!!

  200. Terry

    Looks like a great retirement idea.

  201. Sherry

    I would love to win a copy! Already live in a small house, but tinies are really appealing. Congratulations on yours.

  202. Stephanie

    I want less!!

  203. Pam

    We have a cottage “shell” on our property that we would love to utilize like this!

  204. Lisa

    I would love a copy of this book. Your lifestyle is interesting and refreshing. My husband and I are in our early 40’s and our youngest is graduating high school next month. Now would be the perfect time to start planning the next phase of your life and beginning with eliminating clutter and a $2000 a month California rent payment. How awesome would that be ?!!! Thank you in advance.

  205. Rebecca

    Sign me up. We are currently renting a house and it is costing us over $600 including utilities. I would love more info on a tiny house. Just wanting one without lofts for sleeping in since I can be rather clumsy. Plus this would be a great way for my husband to not have so many books lol.

  206. Liz H

    Love Love Love this idea. We’re a family of 4 and looking for ways to simplify. Our house is one of our biggest headaches and I’ve been trying to get my husband to consider something like this for awhile. He likes the idea of a motorhome but I really dig the house on a trailer! Sharing this one with him NOW!! 😀

  207. Chris

    I’d love a copy of the book! I have been into the tiny house movement for a long time. My wife and I have two kids together, and as the get older (they are now 3 and 1), we plan to continue downsizing our house size.

  208. Carmen Van Deursen

    I’m very much looking in to building a tiny house but I don’t know how to go about it. I hope to win so that I can be pointed in the right direction. Thank you!

  209. Jess Arnold

    I just KNOW that the Tiny House life is for me. I can’t wait until I can start that adventure.

  210. Katie

    I love the community that comes along with tiny houses! I have been talking about building one for years. I need a kick in the seat to get the ball rolling.

  211. Allena Pilkinton

    Going through much change as I write this.. Divorce & moving to new locale.. Trying to do it frugally & keep it inspiring as well. Love the idea that you took initiative to write a book addressing all the questions about tiny house living! Would love read it & win it! Thank you!

  212. Toni

    A truly tiny (under 500 sq ft) house is probably not realistic for my family, but a small one (under 1000 sq ft) certainly is. 🙂

  213. Jessica

    I’ve driven my boyfriend crazy with the idea of tiny living. I was able to tour the inside of a tiny house a month back at the Common Ground Fair in Maine. I’ve not stayed in a tiny house yet, but I have it on my list. I’m currently saving so that I too can go mortgage free and build my own. I have tons of friends and family who can help me through the design and build process. My boyfriend isn’t completely on board because he has questions: like how do you live in a tiny house with a dog or with a kid? I don’t see any issues, but I’m the eternal optimist. Love what you’re doing and thanks for sharing your lifestyle choice.

  214. lynn cook

    since watching the show tiny house nation my daughter and i keep talking about building one of our own, that is our dream home

  215. Georgia Monroe

    Such a cool idea!!!! Would love to read the book!

  216. Kristi

    Two of my fave things: tiny houses and books! Thanks for sharing your experience (and book)

  217. Cindy

    I’m intrigued by the tiny house lifestyle but know it would be a difficult sell to my husband, at least while we still have kids at home. But possibly as empty nesters and perfect for my sister and brother-in-law. I would love to win a copy to learn more for myself and to introduce the idea to my sister.

  218. Sue

    I’m about to retire & thought I may never own my own home but this has made me believe it is possible!

  219. Sandra

    Wonderful, ideal, your thought of a simple life style and daring to live it that way, is awesome, So glad you have not gotten swept up with the world ideal how we should live our lives. How wonderful for you to want to share with the rest of us how to do it. Thank you. I would truly love to know how to do this correctly.
    God Bless

  220. Caitlin E

    Intriguing. I’m very interested in a tiny home lifestyle, specifically how it can be integrated into a family lifestyle!

  221. Sara S.

    We are definitely interested in the tiny house movement! We will probably have to modify it with the amount of kids we have and will be adding but I have always lived in less than 800 sq. feet and really enjoy having to clean less and to raise my kids to learn to share space and work things out. Would love to read this book.

  222. Marisa

    I have thought quite a bit about this. Does yout quide address different climates?

  223. Lisa M.

    We have moved into a small cottage that we raised up and added a basement to so that we would have room for guests, since we moved away from family and friends. House is about 1,000 square feet, including the addition. Still renovating and my husband is doing everything from building a custom shower to the kitchen cabinets. Would love to win this book to learn how to deal with storage issues and living with less. We still have to pair down many of our belongings. Need help. 🙂

  224. Beth DeRoos

    This comment of yours Ethan Waldman stood out to me ‘Building a tiny house is not easy, and requires that you make a staggering number of high-stakes choices in a short period of time.’

    Since 2007 I had been renting a 500 sq ft place which was foreclosed on and I had 2 months to move. Found a place shy 400 sq ft which has a tiny house feel, and it was been a wake up call in many ways.

    First off, before I moved I had been downsizing for a good year and assumed I had gotten rid of most of the stuff I neither needed, wanted or used. Only to unpack when moved and then spend most of one week repacking stuff to sell or take to the thrift store.

    It really takes a HARD look, to put oneself in a 200 sq ft or less tiny house, where one take a HARD look at what space we will have for clothes (I have few clothes) or bathroom stuff which I have little of. Or kitchen items. I have way to MUCH kitchen stuff, and am slowly selling/giving away the ice cream maker, extra baking dishes, cookie sheets.

    Food. When I moved I had boxes and boxes of canned goods, some home canned. Rather than shop for groceries I am using up what I have and tending a good size winter vegetable garden. Notice that in most tiny homes on wheels you do not see three months worth of food stored?

  225. Shelly

    I basically live out of my car and a moldy/mildewy rental right now – I’d love to build a tiny home… What a great upgrade!

  226. Faith Raider

    I am so in love with the idea of small-space living. I have five kids and while we love in a smaller space looking at the tiny house movement always reminds me that there our space could be so much smaller (and more minimalist). Thanks for the reminder! Love the points you made about freedom.

  227. Amy

    I would love to take a look at your book! My family is currently debating our housing goals and we are really looking at downsizing and simplifying. 🙂

  228. Melissa

    My husband and I really want to do this. The logistics of where to put it is our biggest obstacle.

  229. Lily R

    Would love to read this book!

  230. Sarah R

    I love how one moment can really turn out to be a turning point like that. I have thought and read a bit about these small houses, but I would probably have to experience one in person before I could really commit to the idea. Even if I never had a tiny house, I plan on using some of the genius space saving ideas.

  231. Kara

    I’m hoping to build a tiny home after a stent in the Peace Corps. This article really nails down how I feel about tiny homes and why I really desire to build one myself!

  232. Amy Keating

    Reading Dee Williams’ The Big Tiny started my dedication to building a tiny home. Reading your article has encouraged me after that initial burst of enthusiasm was shot down by various concerns. Thank you so much for contributing to the world’s need for pursuing simplicity 🙂

  233. Shannon

    Definitely interested.

  234. Kristen

    I would love to have a copy of this book to read! While we’re not looking at building a tiny house, my family is planning on moving on to a sailboat and traveling in the next five years. Not too different a lifestyle from the tiny house one!

  235. carey

    I am way obsessed with Tiny Houses right now!

  236. Maggie

    My biggest question is where you can put your tiny house. Surely you have to pay for land usage?

  237. cynthia

    Looks like a wonderful resource! My husband and I have been talking about this for a few months and your book looks like it has a lot to add to the discussion — thank you.

  238. Crystal

    Thank you for this generous giveaway! Also something we are considering, can’t wait to see this book. Mrs airman petty at Gmail dot com.

  239. Keke

    I am very interested in building a tiny house. I would simply devour your book!

  240. Delores

    How do you do the sewer and stuff? I have a special needs son and this is a possibility for him and we might be able to build it in the back yard. I love the minimal effect on the environment the little homes have. Love it!,,

  241. Aaron

    I have been thinking about doing the same thing, I love the concept and already have a place in mind to build it, although the one I plan to build will not be a mobile one.

  242. Sarah

    Would love to read your book! Thanks for sharing!

  243. Kristen Williams

    Cool! 🙂

  244. Malinda

    My husband & I watched the Tiny documentary on Netflix last month, and though we had heard of the tiny house movement before… For some reason it really hit a chord with us. Maybe because we’ve been evaluating “when is enough truly enough” and what that means for our family, jobs, lifestyle. Would love to read more about the whole process and what it means for you after the fact! Great post!!

  245. Shannon

    I think it’s a great idea but hard for anyone with a physical disability, an elderly person or anyone with an injury or serious illness. How is one supposed to get up in the loft when one can’t climb a ladder much less stairs. Without the loft then most of the house is taken over by a bed. It would be great toerge the tiny house concept with the idea of Universal design…,. Where you build a house you can age in.

  246. Rachel

    Great article! Definitely inspires me to learn more about building my own.

  247. Victoria

    I would love to read you book I live in a fairly small home and would love some ideas to make my home more functional.

  248. Candy

    Since retirement from work the appeal of retiring a lifetime of clutter has growing appeal. Anxious to read your tomes for another perspective.

  249. Cait H.

    So intrigued by this idea, ever since I watched the documentary Tiny. Love learning about different lifestyles, and minimalistic tendencies just have something about them!

  250. mongupp

    I wish i could stop paying rent…is a tiny house possible with 4 kids?!

  251. Aimee

    We have been researching tiny homes for a few years now and hope to build our own by 2020. I’m sure your book would be a great resource as we go through the myriad of decisions… such as where to put it! We’ve been all over the world and can’t settle on a place we’d like to settle 🙂

  252. Eva Algermissen

    I have been attracted to this idea for a while…a bit more thought would have to go into it with three kids BUT all I need it a big plot of land 🙂

  253. melissa

    This is sooo the business. Love it, can’t wait to learn more!

  254. vicki

    we are so taken with the tiny house movement!! we’re working on our family plan for shifting to a simpler way of life and this book would be so wonderful to guide us along the way 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  255. Ruth H

    I’d be interested in learning more about tiny houses, now that I have an empty nest. I can see how it would be very practical for people in my situation, even possibly enabling a quicker path to retirement, but I don’t know how to reconcile the idea of living more simply with the fact that I would want my children and their families to visit me. Perhaps, two tiny houses with he second only being “activated” when visitors arrive.

  256. Martha

    I remember sleeping in a tiny house years ago and staring up at the stars. Would love to be there again!

  257. Lisa

    I am in the process of downsizing, going room by room getting ready to sell everything so that I can make the decision to go for a tiny house. Currently my home in 960 square feet and ideally I would love to have 400-500 max. This contest is exciting!

  258. Corinne

    It’s fascinating and I find minimalism addicting…tiny house is the night Dr logical step for right? 🙂

  259. Darrin Snyder

    I am totally sold on building myself a tiny home. My biggest decision is what length trailer to buy. Well, after that I have to find a place to park it. : )

  260. Michelle C

    We are definitely intrigued by the tiny house concept if/when we ever turn in our nomadic hats and settle down. I can’t help but think of the friends and neighbors we made as Peace Corps Volunteers in Jamaica where a typical home is the equivalent size of a “tiny house.”

  261. Jeni

    I am getting obsessed with this tiny house thing. Would love to live in one! Would like a plan that includes a bedroom sleeping area for kids, i seem to only find plans for 1 private sleeping area.

  262. Della K

    Well this is what my husband and I talk about all the time, with retirement just around the corner we want small a couple of rooms so we can enjoy our time together and not so far apart in other rooms. I love your idea’s, diffenitly interested .

  263. Barbara

    I can see retirement on the horizon, and I’ve been looking critically at the “stuff” I have. I really want to pare down to the minimum so that I can fully appreciate every aspect of my life and my home. The biggest customization I might need to make in my tiny home is to plan a “loom room” (or at least a loom corner) so I can continue to do my weaving.

  264. Linda Kish

    I love the idea of tiny house living.

  265. Deb

    Have been enchanted with these Tiny Houses since I first saw them. It is my goal to retire in one, and I’ve already started evaluating and editing what I own…

  266. Stefanni

    About to retire and want to simplify–hope a tiny house is in my future!

  267. Julie

    i would be interested in learning more about your journey.

  268. Elaine

    Looking forward to the book! We are starting our build in the spring.

  269. Jessica A.

    I love the idea of a tiny house, but I’m not sure it is right for me.

  270. Lindsey

    This idea of building a tiny house has been showing up on my radar so much the past few months. I think someone’s trying to tell me something! 🙂 Thanks for the insight.

  271. Carolyn S Cecil

    My folks have spent several years as snowbirds living full-time in a 32 ft. Avion. Several years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to also purchase an Avion. We are now retired. I welcome living simply and unencumbered by many of the “extras” that I use to find necessary.

    Look forward to reading your book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  272. Samantha

    My husband and I have talked about how cool it would be to have a tiny house. We’ve been doing our research!

  273. Jennifer Spinner

    Two and a half years ago, our world went pear shaped. Now with financial and physical constraints we need to downsize, but first, we need to determine how tiny is right for us?
    As we are just at the beginning of our Tiny House journey, this book is perfect for us 🙂

  274. Tiffany

    My husband and I are planning to convert our garage into a living space and move into it so we can rent out our main house. This book would be perfect!

  275. Carrie

    I would love this!!!!

  276. yvonne

    I would love to learn more about smaller living as I get older. I like the simplicity of it all.

  277. Lesa M

    i already live small, in 800 sq ft, with my husband and daughter. The tinier thing intrigues me.

  278. Cherie Unsworth

    Now that I am single and my daughter lives on her own, I have been contemplating building a tiny home. The only problem I will have is that I can’t have a lift bedroom, with Stage 4 cancer I can’t take the risk of falling and breaking a bone, but I haven’t seen any without a lift bed.

  279. Zane

    I would love to share this with my brother who is building a tiny house! Thanks!

  280. Sarah Gallant

    I would like to receive a copy of this, I hope I win!

  281. Megan C

    I love everything about this blog post! I have been intrigued by and looking into building a tiny house- but having two kids I wasn’t sure how plausible it would be… Now you have renewed my interest and got me wanting to do more research! And- good for you! So exciting to be your own boss, and live life on your terms! 🙂

  282. Jill

    I love this idea! Adam and I have talked about it and the ting house fantasy plays out in my mind at least once a week. I think what I need the most is the “Freedom From.” It is far richer to /experience/ all the things than to /have/ all the things!

  283. Tam_Fen

    Wonderful, well-written, article! Have been in love with tiny houses for awhile, but beginning to like the “on wheels” version too!

    Would love to win the book to read more about your adventure!


  284. Samantha F.

    I would love to figure out how to make a tiny house work for us – both my husband and I work from home and have a baby girl.

  285. Jan Vroegindewey

    Looks like Less Square Footage = More Disposable Income! Brilliant!

  286. lisa

    I’m in love with tiny houses.

  287. Mindy S.

    My 14 year old daughter is in the process of planning and gathering her materials for her own tiny house and I would like her to understand a deeper meaning to her future’s choice to live tiny.

  288. logsplitter

    I admire you for making this brave move. It is something that intrigues me…who knows, maybe your book will push me closer! Thanks for the offer.

  289. Rachel Komlo

    My fiance and I often talk about living like this. I think the decisions aspect is what intimidates me the most. I think I might just end up giving him a list of what I absolutely feel I need and let him have fun with the rest.

  290. Ashley E.

    I know this sounds cliche, but building a tiny home IS MY DREAM! It has been for years and I’m slowly working my way towards it. I get fun of all the time at work cause I’m always reading books about sheds or composting toilets. I’m planning the design of my tiny home like most girls plan their wedding! I love hearing stories of why people became interested in tiny homes. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Ashley E.

      get made fun of at work* Oops! =)

  291. Natalie houck

    I have been thinking about building one and have just begun my research.

  292. kristen

    His is Def something my hubs and I have discussed. We wonder how to make it work for our family with a dog 2 year old and baby on the way… would love to see how a similar family made it work for them

  293. Susan S.

    I am so ready for a tiny house! My husband and I are both retired. We have a huge accumulation of ‘stuff’ from two marriages and two families. Our kids are all grown and have left for their own life adventures. We want to bless our kids with freedom from dealing with this “stuff” when we are gone. Plus, the happiest we have ever been was when we were sleeping in a tent! Please enter me in the drawing, and thanks for putting this choice within our reach!

  294. Keisha

    I am interested in tiny houses for multiple reasons!

  295. Bonnie

    I just watched a documentary and read a book about this! I would love to live in a tiny house and live the tiny house lifestyle!

  296. Sarah

    I am thinking of downsizing to a small house with our five kids and then moving tiny when some of them move out. 🙂

  297. Arni Buchholz

    As a minimalist married to a pack rack (I say so loving him and happily married!) — we have four children aged 5 to 11, we live in a 1100 sq foot house and I think we could go smaller. He, naturally, thinks larger. I love the freeing aspect of living without “stuff”. Do I have sentimental items? Of course. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean no sentimentality — it just means one keeps the things that are really important and not amassing a huge inventory of items for someone else to sort through when I’m gone. Live large by living small! Thanks for the meaningful article!

  298. Janice Plado Dalager

    So curious and so freeing – mostly because I believe I’m a minimalist at heart and would really like to see that manifest in my physical space. Wondering about specifics on how the “Tiny House Mindset” can translate to families…

  299. Hannah

    I like many others that have commented am very interested in a tiny house, but unsure of how to make it work with kids. We currently have our 2100 square feet house on the market with plans to down size. Taking the jump all the way to tiny house with 3 kids seems impossible, but one I would love to explore further!

  300. Amanda

    Definitely interested!

  301. shelleymay

    Love this idea. I work from home and am a crafter as well. The idea of a tiny home for a studio is right up my alley!

  302. Sara

    We are very interested in this. Perhaps not a tiny house per se, but a far smaller than average home for our family of 4, and make up the difference with more….disposable income, time to spend together, space around us, etc. I firmly believe in lesser possessions and obligations opening up more space for better things. So excited to get to read this book!

  303. Shannon

    Love the idea of a little village of tiny houses :). I have a six month old, and something about having her has made me start getting rid of things left and right. I hope to someday be able to have the family in a much smaller space. It just seems appealing right now.

    What you’ve done shows great decision making and perseverance.

  304. Daniela

    I wonder about this with kids, too. And how do you have people over? And where do you park it? But land? Rent?

  305. Anu

    I would love to have this. Being married to a Mongolian and having lived in a ger (traditional Mongolian felt tent) myself, my husband and I both know and love the freedom and easy of living in a small home. We have toyed around with the idea of importing a ger and just buying some land, but the American in my longs for more defined and familiar spaces. A tiny home would be the perfect complement to that, and totally doable with kids (I mean my husband grew up with about 10 people in a home under 300 sqft so just four of us would be nothing)!

  306. Heather

    I am fascinated by tiny houses….cannot wait to read more about it and if it could be right for my family.

  307. Candy Bertrand

    I have been dreaming & researching about a tiny house for a few years now. We just purchased property and I am looking forward to adding a tiny house to it.

  308. Stacey

    I want a tiny house! Please sign me up. Thanks!

  309. Natalie

    Awesome! Where does your tiny house live? Do laws on where it can be parked vary greatly state by state?

  310. Rainy

    I’ve been researching tiny houses for awhile. I would love to win this giveaway!

  311. Anne Marie

    So intrigued by this idea, in the world of excess we live in. How do people make this happen with kids though? Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  312. Donna

    I love this idea!!

  313. Victoria

    FYI I’m getting your book whether I win it or not.
    HUGE fan of your life.
    Congratulations on makin’ your life worth livin’
    -A young mother (who is still figuring out her sh*t)

  314. Jeff Spinner

    Enjoyed reading your article. My wife and I are looking to downsize our house due to monetary and health issues. It’s been great seeing these sorts of things to help achieve our goals.

  315. Cara S.

    This is an idea that has gone from daydream to maybe someday to a plan for retirement to maybe sooner than that. I’d love the resource to begin making practical steps toward our own tiny house dreams.

  316. Laura

    Owning a tiny house is definitely a dream of mine. If only I could convince the rest of the family to be on board! Would love to read your book!

  317. Valli

    The last few years have caused me to reevaluate what is important in life and my perspective. We short changed ourselves in the past nut life is far from over. What an idea whose time has come. A gift, as well, for our child. I would love to explore this deeper.

  318. Sarah R

    i am thrilled to have stumbled across this! My soon-to-be family of 4 is moving from our 2100sq ft house to a 700sq ft house… And while not officially a “tiny house”, I am excited for the adventure!

  319. RaineyDaye

    We are hoping to someday soon move into a 5th wheel and travel full-time. While not QUITE tiny house size, I am SO looking forward to downsizing and simplifying even more. Would love to read your book!!

  320. Jen

    Definitely intrigued by tiny homes…

  321. Christine C

    I’m in a toss up between building a tiny home, an earth ship or a home made from reclaimed shipping containers. I am still weighing out all of the benefits of each style of home. But I do love the idea of owning your home without a 20 to 30 year debt! That would be the amazing part for me because I want to travel the world! Also I do have 1 toddler right now so not sure how he fits into the equation.

  322. Amber

    i have 3 kids, but would still LOVE to make the tiny house/minimalist lifestyle a reality for us 🙂

  323. Jo Goddard

    This would suit me down to the ground, talking of which, where does one put it?

  324. Tracy

    We are sold on owning less and enjoying life with the financial freedom afforded by the tiny house lifestyle. The challenge is it’s winter for 7-8 months of the year here…any ideas on how to make it work for a homeschool family with 2 young children?

  325. mary

    I have thought a lot about building a tiny house. Me and my husband are looking into it as we are moving back to the states after living abroad for the last 7 years. Right now we are living in a tiny apartment and I am loving learning how to efficiently utilize a smaller space.

  326. LCM

    Your house is very inspiring! I’m sure the book will be inspiring as well. I am constantly purging and have totally changed my outlook on consumerism and having a house full of stuff. Next step is to sell our house that’s too big for us and downsize to a small, maybe even tiny, house.

  327. T

    What a compelling idea!

  328. Dave R.

    Currently prepping for a tiny home on wheels build. Plans are constantly bring revised and changed leading up to build day. Any resource to help is always greatly appreciated. To all those interested and currently building good luck!

  329. Danielle

    I would love to be able to go the tiny house route! Can’t wait to learn more.

  330. Kristi

    Love your article,thank you for your inspiration.

  331. Laura

    Would love to read this book! Looks like an interesting read 🙂

  332. Mary

    My husband and I embrace the minimalist ethos and are exploring all our options for retirement. We are very interested in your book. thanks for the chance to win it!

  333. Joanna

    I love it, thank you!

  334. Angela

    I have always been fascinated by tiny houses. As others have said, I think it is something that would work better for me at a different life stage (empty nest/retirement). i think it could be a challenge to reduce with children.

    I like the idea of putting it on wheels, although I still like the idea of a location to call home.

  335. Alyson

    I’m more and more drawn to a project like this. We still own a huge house, we have tenants in there paying the mortgage, but since leaving home 18 months ago with just backpacks to our name we’re realising that less certainly is more. We’re currently in a tiny 1 bedroom flat in London ( with our 2 children). If we are ever forced by finances to return to Australia, which is quite likely, this is the path I’d love to take.

  336. Melanie

    This might be just what I need for the rest of my blessed life!

  337. Kelly

    sounds like freedom!

  338. Tina H.

    I just found your website and the first I read was this article and the idea of tiny houses highly interested me right away! sounds interesting and I will think about it – even though we own a “usual” big house. But when I look at my parents’ and my husbands’ parents’ house, I see a huge problem with big houses: too much room for too much things! and this problem gets bigger when the kids are moving out – it´s terrible, my former room there is completely full, without an inhabitant!!! I don´t want to have this one day, so I´ll try to learn from your ideas! Thank you very much!

  339. Jill

    The book sounds like the next steps after this article – excited to find out more!

  340. Lydia

    You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing a bit about your experience!

  341. Griselle

    My husband and I would love to own a tiny house, well a modified version of one. We have a 3 yr old and 2 small bedrooms would fit our needs.

  342. Karen B

    Always love the concept but putting into practice is another thing. We have a large young family but we enjoy living off the fruits of our labor. I could see putting into practice in the future but see the benefit of helping so many now. Thanks for this and blessings to you.

  343. Sara

    I love the idea of tiny houses! The older I get the more overwhelmed I feel by the space we don’t use in our house that just fills up and the amount of debt that is almost a requirement of living now. I want my kids to learn there’s more to life than working all the time to pay bills and cleaning the house : )

  344. Corey

    I’m planning on living in a tiny house someday, although, I’d prefer one that is permanent and not on wheels. I’m keeping my eye out for a bit of land in the country and living contently with my dogs. And a nice lady friend if I can find one who would enjoy this lifestyle as well!! 🙂

  345. Tina

    “freedom from choice”
    I like that phrase.

  346. Angela

    I’ve been dreaming of doing something like this. Land in Westchester ny is expensive enough as it is. But a tiny house could really work for my husband and I. He is a combat veteran with a traumatic brain injury. His organization and memory has taking the bardest blows. The less stuff the the less he has to worry about.

  347. Lauren Brown

    I love the Tiny House movement! I hope my husband and I can join it sometime soon!

  348. chris

    So intrigued by the possibilities… always wanted to live on the waterfront… sans debt… a tiny house may be the answer!

  349. Trudy

    As an empty nester nearing retirement age a tiny house makes perfect sense to me.

  350. Cherie

    We’ve been in the process of downsizing and reducing the number of possessions we own for several years now. Tiny house living looks like the next wonderful step.

  351. Erica

    I would love to win a tiny home. it is just me and my daughter and we could live anywhere we wanted. I think it would teach her about the quality of life and not quantity. I love the thought of having our own home and not have to worry about renting and staying with others. It would eliminate a lot of stress. I love looking at tiny homes and dreaming of owning one. one day I guess. Thanks for the article and opportunity.

  352. Irma

    I certainly would love to be a minimalist, have a simple lifestyle and owning less stuff and have less clutter. I think my family would enjoy living in a tiny house.

  353. Bonnie

    Love this! I used to think bigger is Better. No! I’m purging so much stuff in my too big house. I would love a tiny little space

  354. Beth Anne

    My dream house is tiny. I would love to have this book!!

  355. Mariana Walters

    My husband I talk about how nice our minimalistic lifestyle would be in w tiny home with our 3 children. It would naturally force the kids to be outside and more connected with each other. The simpleness of living I tip of eachother brings great joy.

  356. Ellie Graham

    I designed my tiny home when I was eight years old and after forty years of dreaming of it, the plan is still pretty much the same. I am finally at the point in my life where the lifestyle seems like a good fit for me. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring me.

  357. Marcia

    Could this be a good choice for older people too? About to retire after entire life overseas, so no house to retire to. All the pictures seem to include climbing ladders, which my husband and I can do now but should we expect to continue to? The whole idea fascinates me.

  358. Kelly

    I love this idea! I often feel overwhelmed with “stuff” and long for a location independent lifestyle. Going little seems to be a way to bring that one step closer. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  359. Rebecca Orr

    This is something that my fiancé and I have discussed at length on many occasions. We have two (almost 3) concerns: kids. But I am still interested in the entire concept. I would love to read your book and learn more!

  360. Kelly Connolly

    I have been avoiding this article for fear of where it will take my family and I. I’m not sure my family of 5 can fit in this tiny of a house, but I’m pretty sure we can and will do this. HMMMM… Wheels are turning.

  361. Mary

    I would love to read your book, I have been contemplating a tiny house for a while now….

  362. Carrie

    As I’ve aged I realize that the most important thing is freedom. The borrower is slave to the lender, and this past Summer I became debt free. I’m very interested in the tiny house lifestyle. I want to own my precious few things, not have things own me!

  363. kelly

    I would so enjoy a copy! This is my dream

  364. Lynn D

    i hope I win too. Looking at downsizing so this would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  365. Rochelle E

    I love the idea of tiny house living–my husband and I actually live in what I’m calling a “Tiny House” mansion–it’s a 840 sq ft 1950’s style home, and I think the Tiny House mentality includes simply living smaller, more eco friendly, and filling our lives with things we truly love in our little home verses the upkeep and financial burden of a large home. There are family benefits as well!—you can only get so far away from you family members in a small home, which encourages closeness and compromise 🙂

  366. Shannon

    I will say, that I am complete intrigued by the tiny house concept. I’m not sure if its for me, but the appeal of having less stuff / less stress / no debt / no mortgage certainly is.

  367. Beverly

    We would love to do this! We are already looking at land to purchase in WA. We have two young boys, and I’d love for them to experience this!

  368. Melissa

    Looks like a great read thanks!

  369. Jeri

    While we may not live in a tiny house we do live in a very small house (660 sq ft). We are still new to this and would love to learn how to maximize the advantages and minimize the limitations.

  370. abigail

    I’d love to receive a copy of this book! thank you.

  371. Karen

    I am SO interested in this! We will be putting our house on the market again in the spring and want desperately to downsize….I mean really downsize!

  372. Jennifer

    We’re considering the idea of a major down-sizing in the next year (although not a tiny house, yet!). This would allow my husband to chase a career dream and offer more of the kind of life we want for our kids. This book would be an interesting read, for sure.

  373. Angela Talbott

    I get a sense of Wander-lust when considering tiny-house movement. Love the article and the what if’s of being creative and actually making a space be completely usable in all formats. Not much wasted!
    Thank you…

  374. Amber

    My hubby and I are fascinated by the tiny house movement. I would love to read your book!

  375. Kristin Cannelora

    I would love to live in a tiny house! My family of 5 have been discussing school bus living as well.

  376. Gabby gergler

    Tiny house is a dream of mine and my boyfriends (and corgis) once we are out of our massive student loan debt the plan is to build one to keep it debt free. Thank you for putting your experimence with this experiment out there for us!

  377. Jana

    Along with the points you mentioned, I can see psychological benefits of intentionally living tiny and structuring your living space to perfectly meet your needs. Besides maximizing the efficiency and comfort of daily life, being immersed in an environment uniquely suited to you produces a congruence between the self and the physical environment — a “perfect fit”. This harmony would seem to have positive results for one’s self-concept and mental well-being (e.g., feeling that how you live reflects who you want to be as a person; creating an authentic and cohesive sense of self by prioritizing your values in your daily life). There is so much research on the power of our surroundings to impact our mental states, and I think that living smaller and more efficiently — and the intentionality behind that choice — has great potential for positive psychological impact.

  378. Maddie

    Love the design! I can wait to start building my own!

  379. Jennifer

    This is a beautiful format for a house, thanks for the inspiration!

  380. Chanda

    This sounds so cool! I really want to learn & build this home! I could totally live like this!

  381. Scott Cumbie

    I am in the planning stages of my tiny house and could really use this book. It would be a great asset.

  382. Thea

    I am in the process of planning now, it would be very timely to read a book to help with the decision making, now, before I make any mistakes!

  383. Bill Rowley

    This would be perfect for me and my wife. I would love to have this. We both love the out doors and this would be a perfect home.

  384. Suzanna

    I can’t wait to live in my own tiny house. I currently live with my mom and my 2 kids in her 2k+ SF house and I can’t hear or see my kids unless they are in the same room. There’s too much space and I feel weighed down by my house full of stuff stored in the garage. It’s going to take overcoming some mental and emotional baggage to get rid of the physical baggage in all those boxes. I had a taste of that freedom from all the stuff a few years ago and it was awesome.

  385. Lynne R.

    I am in the process of finding some waterfront property so that I can put a tiny house on it. I am looking into one of the tiny house workshops for next year. I will need all the help I can get, as I am a single retired woman with a big dream, that I will be making come true on my own. I love all your articles and pictures. Hope I win. Good luck me!!

  386. Caleb H.

    Looking to build a tiny house soon. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  387. Wendy

    Love the idea of this! Once we went from a 1200 sf house for a family of 5 to a 4000 sf house as a family of 6. Everyone was so excited for us…and I was, too…until I had to start keeping the place clean! Three bathrooms can be the best of times and the worst of times! 😉 While our house is smaller than that huge place, it’s still big enough that we hold on to TOO MUCH STUFF. Would love to see your ideas!

  388. Ann

    Discovered tiny’s a year ago and have changed my life around in order to build my tiny for retirement. Gave myself 2 yrs. I will have saved enough for my trailer and shell by next summer when I plan to build. Still so many questions but I’ve been investing in books and videos. At 55, I’m building myself (with help, of course). Want the satisfacation of doing it myself. Lots of reasons to want one & live minimally, mine are debt free retirement and freedom. Good Luck to any of you who jump on board the tiny house movement.

  389. Kaitlin Jenkins

    My husband and I have been discussing tiny house living a lot lately- I would love to win a copy of this book!

  390. James

    This is awesome. I am in the planning stages in building my own tiny house. I love how creative having a tiny house forces you to become. Can’t wait to hear and see more from you.

  391. Vickie Jones

    Congratulations on your Tiny house.

  392. Donna

    A tiny house is the answer for freedom…..

  393. Diane T.

    Your article is a great teaser to your book! Thank you for sharing!

  394. Margaret Newman

    It is not oh I want to, it’s going to be. I have already started searching for my house plans and know how I will twick them to fit my needs. I have changed careers so I can work less and live more. My decision is made

  395. Aidan O'Connor

    I am completely obsessed with the idea of a tiny home on top of a beautiful mountain somewhere. I’ve always planned on moving to Ireland as soon as legally possible (i’m only 17), but a tiny house in oregon or washington is much more realistic and inexpensive. I love music and art, and the idea of no debt, a beautiful cozy home, and the freedom and resources to explore my creativity through my passions is such an amazing idea. All while on top of a scenic mountain. Your book would be a wonderful addition to my plans for making this a reality!

  396. Cynthia

    My husband and I are in that decision making phase of downsizing. Tiny house small house its all a lot to think about, but as we do we know that we are definitely headed in that direction. We live in an 883 sq ft house right now. Down from a 1700 sq ft house. This is a great home but we want more by wanting less. Small is in the horizon we just need to get the answers and make the decisions. Any and all information is the key.

  397. Andrea S.

    My boyfriend and I are planning on building a tiny house, and our goal finish date is September 19th, 2015, our 2 year anniversary of moving to the Tahoe area, away from the stress of the city. In my mind, the tiny house is the next logical step. Our biggest concern right now is where to park it, but I am trying to be open minded and have faith that we will find the right place; that if we jump, something will catch us. We are just beginning to organize a meet-up group up here to hopefully start a movement in the community that can help us work together to solve this issue…

    Thanks so much for posting all of this valuable information!

  398. Ron Ayers

    As I get nearer to retirement age, I am seriously considering a Tiny House. I would definitely want one either with no loft or good steps with a handrail to the loft. I have seen a couple that I think might work so maybe someday I will make the leap to the TH movement. I envision myself moving to a different part of the country every few months. I think I would like to have the ability to live off grid also. Just my two cents worth!

  399. Jazmin

    Loved the post. My family is two years out till we build our tiny home!

  400. Antoinette P

    I need your book. My husband & I have tons of questions about going tiny & how to make it work. My health has taken an unfortunate turn over the past 6 years & I haven’t been able to work since then. Your book would be a gift for us to help us make a good decision on whether to go tiny or not. Thank you in advance.

  401. Debbie

    I am really intrigued by this lifestyle. In the last year, I’ve downsized from a 4-bedroom house, to a 2-bedroom condo and now I’m getting ready to move into a 1-bedroom apartment. I have a little bit of money in savings and would love to read up on how to make this the next step.

  402. Eileen

    I have made some life-changing decisions towards living tiny: Sold 90% or more of my belongings, received a job transfer and moved in with family to sock away $$$ to start building next summer or fall. I would love a copy of your book to help guide me through the myriad decisions still ahead.

  403. Becky

    Great article, love your story! My husband and I are considering doing a tiny house… Love the cost, no wasted space and some are pretty cool!

  404. Matt

    I’m on my final year in high school and I can’t wait to start my future. I’ve deciding to choose the less conventional path and build myself a tinyhome. I’ve chosen this because I’m legitimately fed-up with the way that people around me live their lives. All they do is work so they can pay their mortgage and taxes, and buy things they don’t need. The tiny house movement is the future.
    Within the next couple of weeks I’m going to buy myself a small trailer and start the build! I plan on creating an open-source resource for people, especially youth, to be able to embark on a similar path. Your book would help me out so much mahalo.

  405. Vanessa

    Building my own sanctuary in a tiny home is my dream!
    The freedom, expansion of possibilities, and intimacy of such a small yet plentiful space is exhilarating. I’m slightly worried about all the decisions to be made ( especially because I have NO experience with building a house) but hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

    I believe in our tiny house movement! Let’s take the tiny house world by storm!

  406. Teleia Pastore

    I don’t know why, but your livingroom seems much larger than on other models. I can’t figure out why (unless it is bigger)…

  407. Robin

    My husband and I are only a few years away from retirement. We’ve been talking about moving away from the big city, buying a parcel of land somewhere in the mountains and building a tiny house. I’d love to read your book – sounds like you’ve got some great advice!

  408. S K Agee

    I am a survivalist, wannabe homesteader living off grid. I research tiny house plans constantly. I stay focused on eliminating and downgrading my belongings. I have the land..just can’t make up my mind the size shape etc….for my home. Where to begin? At this stage of my life I want peace & harmony not baggage. It’s time to simplify and start living.

  409. Regina

    In the process of remodeling an old Spartan trailer for a tiny house. Overwhelmed with the process of downsizing all my “stuff” but with every box that goes to others, the better I feel. Donating to others as most is very usable and functional, nice to know someone else can benefit from my excess.

  410. Amy

    I am slowly gathering supplies and info for my very own tiny abode. I can’t wait till my dream finally becomes a reality.
    I am so encouraged by your experience and thankful that you are sharing your journey.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  411. Robin

    My husband and I have always loved the idea of a tiny house but have never been brave enough to try it yet.

  412. Shea

    This has been a great reminder not to make decisions in my future based on what seems “easy” or “expected,” or make decisions out of fear. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a tiny house, but I’m very curious. As an almost-college-graduate (30 days here we goooo!), I appreciate this article and this reminder that the lifestyle and values I idealize are possible to see through.


  413. Anna

    Very intriguing. Would be amazing to live this way!!

  414. Mindy

    I love the tiny house movement. Although a true tiny house would not work for my situation (seven children!), I am hoping to downsize significantly and put all the same ideas into practice in a “slightly larger than tiny” home.

    • Sheila

      We’ve joked about building one for each child (we have six) and only needing a tiny one ourselves. 🙂 As it is, using some ideas have made it possible to fit us comfortably into a three-bedroom house.

  415. Annette H.

    I want a tiny house so I can have a big life.

  416. Kim

    I believe a tiny house will one day be in my future. Not sure what to do about the kids, my husband and the dog, though. :0)

  417. Heather

    As a single momma with a son, this is practical for us. To be completely debt free would be a dream come true!

  418. Amy

    I’m intrigued!

  419. albaeliz irizarry

    You book would be helpful. I cant get the tthought out of my head of having my own tiny house. At the moment im 25 and rent a small house. However it’s still about 700 sq ft and find it rather large and uncomfortable. I really want to build my tiny house but so lost on where to begin.

  420. Melissa H

    I have been intrigued by the tiny house movement for a while. I’d love to read your book.

  421. Alex

    Hi, my name is Alex and I am in graduate school studying to become a public school math teacher. I currently enjoy living minimally in my 250 sq. foot apartment in downtown Denver, and I have been living fairly small my entire life – I grew up in a 1050 sq. ft. home in a family of 6. The simplicity and freedom of simple living is very emancipating. However, I am not satisfied with my current style of living. With a background in finance and math I am very cognizant of the financial implications of continuing to pour money into my landlord’s pocket via rent. Furthermore, I do not feel comfortable assuming market risk with respect to purchasing my own albatross… I mean home. Therefore, one reason I am a drawn to living in a tiny home on wheels because I would have no rent payment or market risk; I would be the sole owner and would be able to move my home to any locale of my choosing. An additional reason I am attracted to having my own tiny house is the minimization of my ecological footprint. Minimization of my water and electric use through solar panels is highly attractive to me. Thus, I plan to be living in my own tiny home within 24 months. This is an ambitious plan considering I will be very busy with graduate studies and my first year of teaching (often the most time-intensive in one’s career). Therefore, I will need to carefully plan each step of my building process in order to minimize wasted time. Consequently, your book would be a great resource as I am planning out my own process. Thank you.

  422. Jenn

    Someday I’ll own a tiny house!

  423. Leslie Jones

    My boyfriend and have been talking about building a Tiny House a lot recently. We even visited a business that builds pre-fabricated ones and have been debating about doing a pre-fab or starting from scratch. I love how creative a tiny home allows you to be with space, storage, and decor. We are anxious to get to a point where our savings will allow us to really start planning!

  424. Jennifer Fraunfelder

    Oh goodness. Tiny Houses are something that my husband and I have talked about for a while now. I wish that we could pack up and move today in to a tiny house. We have 2 kids, ages 9 and 11 and I so wish we could minimize everything in our lives and just move forward and take the leap. But where does one start? How does one do it? He is disabled and I work from home and we are a home schooling family. So looking for more info. Congratulations on taking the leap in to your tiny house.

  425. Mark

    After completing a 6 week road trip with my family if 4 (3 & 1 yo kids) and living out of our car and pop up camper I realized we could simplify so much. Also our large mortgage payment (debt free otherwise) is quite the downer when it comes to wanting to explore. I was dreading coming back to all the “stuff” in our home and am now looking to purge in a big way. Would love to get a copy of your book. Thanks for sharing your story!

  426. Crayl

    I have had a fascination with, and drive to find out more about tiny houses, thank you for sharing your story.

  427. Laurel

    Fascinating concept for one whose nest once held six children, and is newly empty!

  428. chris

    I’ve been dead set on selling my condo and living a simpler life that includes living in a tiny home. A tiny home would be perfect for me because I suffered a traumatic head injury so organizing or even knowing where to start to clean my 1400 sq. Ft. Condo has been an ordeal. I don’t have a lot of belongings that will go with me, my kids will be getting their inheritances early. My dream/goal is to purchase an acre or two of land, put 2 tiny homes on it. One for my aging mother and one for me. My mother will be able to mainta her independence and yet I’ll be close enough to help her. I plan to grow a huge garden, and be as off the grid as I can get. I’m almost out of debt except for my home. With the economy going down hill, to be debt free til the day I die is important to me.

  429. Christy

    Interesting concept. Seems like it might be a challenge to entertain, but I like the idea!

  430. John watts

    Tiny houses are showing us what is truly important and how to be free from the housing based debt insanity! Love to win the book!

  431. Nicole Pond

    I love this article. Thank you for working so hard to help others achieve their dreams!

  432. Wendy Harris

    I would love to live in a tiny home! Especially one as cool as the one yall have!

  433. Danielle

    I so want to retire to a little house on a beautiful piece of land.

  434. kris tamburrini

    I’ve been sold on the tiny house lifestyle for quite a while. Now it’s time to convince my family 🙂

  435. Fiona Delaney

    A tiny house lifestle is my favorite daydream…

  436. Shannon

    I love this post. Hope I win a guide.

  437. Sonya

    I would love to win this book!

  438. Amy Zampella

    Thank you for sharing your story. I watched the tiny house documentary on Netflix and have been intrigued ever since. Amazing to be free!

  439. Ashley C.

    This way of living would be a huge lifestyle change but maybe a needed one!

  440. Melba

    Definitely my next house will be small. Lived in a school bus, with 2 children, one born in the bus. The outdoors is part of the living. We live in Austin Tx where the climate is suitable for outdoor living. My next house will be a dog trot.

  441. Joanne L.

    I’ve been considering more affordable ways to own my own place in a location where it’s deep winter six months of the year. There’s lots of options out there: cob houses, earthships, and of course all the various forms of tiny houses, including seacans. It’s not the easiest decision to make! I look forward to reading this book :).

  442. Paige

    My husband and I are in the planning stages of our tiny house. I have been reading asany resources as I can. I read your other e-book “Before you Build”. I would love the chance to win this one!!

  443. Sara H

    we’ve been talking about building a tiny home! would love to win your book!

  444. Amanda B.

    Thank you for hosting!

  445. Cat

    Thanks for this this post. I’m letting this idea percolate as I think about how I want to live in the future. I’d love to read your book!

  446. Lyssa Zimmerman

    This is such a fun idea. I have 4 kids, so there would definitely be some adjusting. Would love to know more!

  447. Marcy

    Great way to retire. Less worries.

  448. Marcy

    Great way to retire. No worries!

  449. Betsy

    I have a cousin who lives this lifestyle and I’ve always been intrigued by his freedom. I would love to read your book of encouragement. Thank you for sharing.

  450. Jody

    This is my dream * Some day*! I would love to receive a copy of your book so that I can be even better informed when I make this dream a reality.

  451. Julissa

    This is something that I am most interested in. I would love to live in a tiny house.

  452. Laurel

    This is a really awesome idea. I just wonder how it would translate with a family of 4….

  453. Hannah

    This is awesome!! I would love to try something like this in the near future! My boyfriend and I were just talking about building one. It makes no sense to get a tiny apartment and throw away all that rent money. Getting a tiny but inexpensive home might cost a few grand but it would be a great investment. I hope I win a copy!!

  454. Mae

    I love tiny houses and would love to learn more.

  455. Mack

    Ive been interested in Tiny houses for a while now, its so cool to find someone who has been through it already

  456. CJ

    A tiny house is my dream!

  457. Judy

    I am going to be going tiny in the future with kids your book would be helpful


  458. Erin

    I’m intrigued!

  459. Michael

    My wife and I have been talking about doing this for several years. Now that the kids arrange grown, we are working on getting everything started. This book would be a great help.

  460. Tamara A

    How interesting… I use to want to build a small house …small, but well thought out plan with nooks and good use of space. I have 4 kids and like the idea of living with less. Now tiny, wow. I read some of the comments about families in tiny houses. It looks like it’s possible when you do the extra lofts, extra tiny houses for older kids.

  461. Erin

    owning and living in a tiny house is definitely something I’m interested in for the near future! I love the simplicity and freedom it allows people… would love a copy of the book!

  462. Cassey

    I LOVE the tiny house movement. Dreaming of living in a super tiny house in the future, but with young children it’s not in the cards for now. But we did just move and went from a 2-story, 5 bedroom + full basement house to an 1100 sq ft 2 bedroom and I love it even more than I expected to. Living smaller is so much better.

  463. Dan Schwartzman

    Somewhat arduous? That ride was strenuous!!! Great article!

  464. Tami Nrnninger

    I ;have been thinking a lot about the benefits of giving up “stuff” and feeling free of the constraints of conforming to expectations of society. Living simply, so others can simply live is a great way motto!

  465. Jenni DeWitt

    While living with my young son in a hospital room for 3 months, we learned how little stuff you actually need to live. I have been systematically downsizing our possessions ever since. I feel like I spent my 20’s collecting and my 30’s purging. I can definitely relate to your post, thank you!

  466. Rebecca

    I’ve been thinking about this fo ra long time, collecting designs of tiny houses, and big a fan of tiny houses before there was a “tiny house movement”. I’m completely on my own now and free to live wherever I want. A house with no mortgage would free me from the obligations of a traditional job so I could really life the life I want. Your book would help me to start focusing on the actual steps I need to get started.

  467. Joy

    My family of four have been toying with this idea for a couple of years. We need to just figure out the details. This guide might help with this!! Thanks!!

  468. Sheila

    Not for me, but I’d love this book for my son! We’ve also incorporated some of the “tiny house” ideas (not from here–I hadn’t seen this before) in making space for three of my children sharing one room and dividing another room into two rooms for two of my other children.

  469. J Beedle

    I am dreaming of my own tiny house. I hope to stay collecting items this upcoming spring!

  470. Ale

    I love the idea of being debt free and being able to pursue the things in life that you really love. Learning to live minimalistic means opening up doors to live the life you have always wanted. I will be looking into the tiny house for sure.

  471. Joan Quilico

    I love all of the tiny houses that are posted. I look for those that are totally off the grid and would have the sleeping area on the main floor. I am hoping to do one in Panama.
    I would love to read your book.

  472. Darla

    Am very interested in the Tiny house for my husband & I to retire into… “would sure change over the river and through the snow to Grandmother’s..” 🙂

  473. Toni Marie

    I love the idea of living in small spaces! I’d love to live in a small house in Southern California where a large % of homes are LARGE and pricey. Count me in!

  474. Katie K

    I would love this book. I have been drawn to tiny houses for the past 6 years, and I’m seriously starting the planning phases of building my own! I’ll be checking out your website for sure

  475. Teresa

    I love the idea of tiny houses…have had many discussions with a close friend who would like to build them. Would love to have a copy of the book to learn more about the questions and then pass it on to her as she explores that option. Thanks so much for sharing this info!

  476. Sarah

    I am new to this movement. I think I entered it theough the back door, however, but growing my family instead of shrinking my house. I’d love to read your book.

  477. DEB

    Too much work … and not enough play in my life. Health problems and badly needed change has lead me to discover TINY HOUSES. I am planning to make the move within the next year … and the more I read and watch documentaries, the more questions I have. This book will be of great help. Am looking forward to a great read! Thank you for this opportunity! STAY CALM … TINY ON!

  478. Jennifer

    This is something I have been thinking about for a number of years. I know it is something my family could do, but I wonder, as we (hopefully!) continues to grow, If it is something we would enjoy. Somehow, it also seems more and more necessary to the values I want to instill in my children.

  479. tosha

    I love this so much! Thanks for the great example and the great giveaway!

  480. Grace T.

    Great post, I agree with you 100%. It’s been a dream of mine to build a tiny house ever since a good friend introduced me to the movement. I’m a 19 year old writer with a love for travel and nature and simplicity, so I’m quite certain it would be the coolest experience! Thank you for sharing your heart and being willing to go against what is considered the norm in this society! I’m inspired by you. 🙂

  481. Deborah

    I just turned 60 and am looking for a way to live comfortably and still have some money to travel. I would love to have a copy of your book!

  482. Carmen N

    I don’t think we’ll go that tiny, but our goal is to build in the next few years a much smaller house than we have now.

  483. Shana

    I am seriously considering a tiny house as a retirement option. I’d love to learn more!

  484. Angela

    I love tiny houses!

  485. Kelsey

    Great read, thanks!

  486. Charlene

    I would love to read your book!

  487. crystal

    I’d love to read the book

  488. Molly

    This would be great to read and share!

  489. Megan

    Tiny house living is something I’ve been thinking about seriously for about a year. I rented a tiny house this summer to give it a try – I’m sold! Now it’s a matter of deciding where, how, when…

  490. Elizabeth Russell

    Love this article.

  491. tammy d.

    This is my dream once the kids are older and move on. 🙂

  492. Kasey Jaynes

    Such a beautiful home!

  493. Marcella

    My husband and I just sold our first home, and as is common, it was not the investment we had hoped for. I’m looking forward to a tiny lifestyle!

  494. Colleen

    Would love to win this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  495. Hadassah

    Interesting read! Thanks

  496. Liz Pearson

    Very interesting article! I stumbled across a Tiny House website a few months ago and already want to be in a TH by the time I retire. I love living on my own and believe this would be a very economical way to live simply and also to reduce my footprint on the earth. Really like the fact that this idea is getting more exposure…

  497. Angela

    I’m working on a minimalist wardrobe now.
    A Tiny House would be perfect for it.

  498. Tara

    I spent three years living in an Airstream trailer and it changed the way I see things, forever!

  499. Emily Byl

    As I grow older, traveling and experiencing culture is becoming much more important to me than fulfilling the American dream (i.e., establishing permanent roots, getting a full time job and a mortgage). My husband and I are considering some major life changes, such as moving from Michigan to Alaska, and I’d love your book to aid our thought process. Little by little I have been embracing the minimalist lifestyle, and I think it’s the right choice for us!

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