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  1. kate

    this was so helpful to read, as a parent of pre teens. you seem like such a wonderful mom, who works hard to get and stay connected with her kids and I really admire your acceptance of them

  2. Jessica

    One thing I share with my kids regularly as we’ve headed into the pre-teens/early teens is that:
    -if they are sometimes asking me for more than I am able to give them, and
    -if I am saying yes a little more than I feel comfortable, and
    -if we are all a little frustrated from time to time,
    then we are probably getting it right.

  3. ting

    thanks for the tips! I can be so awkward connecting since I came from a family that was so dysfunctional but still love but hardly connected; and I wanted to change that for my kids even if it meant coming out of my inner shell.

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