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What’s Making Me Happy

I’m currently still on sabbatical (not working at all this month), but like I did a few weeks ago, I thought I’d share a bit of what I’m currently enjoying right now.

I know the summer season is a mixed bag for us — I’m in the Pacific Northwest right now, which means I love this season, but back home in Texas, and by this time I’m usually hankering for fall weather (still four months away). 

Regardless, it’s good to remember in the here-and-now what’s making life lovely. Here’s a shorter version of my current summer good list:

  • Wildflowers
  • Gilmore Girls binges with my teen daughter after her brothers have gone to bed
  • Light cardigan weather in the mornings and evenings
  • Walking by an outdoor concert, getting to enjoy spontaneous live music
  • Iced coffee
  • Finding that book I’ve been after tucked away in the used bookstore
  • Grilled meat and veggies, a simple and perfect summer dinner al fresco
  • Flavored sparkling water
  • Easy morning and evening yoga
  • When it’s finally my turn for the library book, and I’d forgotten I put it on hold
  • Summer desserts: ice cream, strawberry cake, popsicles
  • Gardens with pockets of lavender
  • The din of neighborhood kids playing outside at dusk
  • The last few minutes of reading in bed before my eyelids can no longer stay open
  • Watching Chuck reruns with Kyle
  • Our dog, Ginny, curled up next to me and snoring without a care in the world

Your turn: what’s on your summer good list at the moment?

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  1. Dee Nowak

    Ah, sounds like such a great summer, and so many of my own favorites are on this list as well!

    I love iced coffee, and when I need something lighter (with less caffeine) I like to mix up some Nescafe with a ton of skim milk and ice.

  2. Susan Hemann

    collecting plant materials for dyeing

  3. Lindsey

    What a great list! My list includes:
    1. being pounced by kittens each morning
    2. brisk, refreshing morning weather
    3. using every opportunity possible to swim + play outside
    4. making + eating popsicles
    5. watching our kiddos’ bravery as they “dive” underwater
    6. all the giggles + all the growing

  4. Joy

    Iced coffee
    Meeting friends at our local coffee shop
    Getting to spend 3 weeks back home with childhood friends
    Welcoming our 2nd miracle baby into our arms
    Having my husband home for 4 weeks!!
    Having my Mom help with our kids

  5. Lynn Pugh

    So many good things! Chuck and lavender and flavored sparkling water and grilled meat and veggies…just a few of my favorite things, too.

  6. Diana

    I would love your strawberry cake recipe! (Provided you’re baking it, of course!) My daughter’s been begging me for some, but the last one we tried was way too sweet. (also, can’t wait until I can share Gilmore Girls with my daughter, who turned four yesterday – few years to go yet!)

  7. Emilia

    Your summer list is so interesting. Will love to know about your experience. And, What about winter list?

  8. Viky B Fisher

    Gilmore Girls with my girls and Chuck with my husband have both been the stuff of happy memory-making in my family. Enjoy your summer!

  9. Rachel Nordgren

    Box fans, talking with neighbors while we’re watering our gardens, tank tops, coconut candles, Great British Bake Off marathons, neighborhood poker nights, and coral-colored sunrises.

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