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Permission to Slow Down

When you think of the holiday season, you instantly think of a crazy time of year, right? I feel like holiday and crazy are basically synonymous these days.

Parties and baking and decorating and school plays and shopping and wrapping and hosting and I’m getting tired just thinking about it all.

If we’re not careful, this season will pass us by in a blur. In the blink of an eye, it will be January 1st.

With so much to do, how do we slow down and enjoy the best parts of the holiday season?

First, I guess we should figure out what the most important parts of this season are for each of us. When you think of the holidays, what do you value the most? Time with family? Drinking tea in front of a cozy fireplace? Baking your favorite treats?

What makes your heart swell with holiday spirit? Do more of that…and less of everything else.


Some of you might need permission to start crossing things off your list, especially things you have always done and feel like you have to keep doing out of a sense of tradition or obligation.

So here it is. I’m giving you permission.

  • You are allowed to slow down and enjoy the season.
  • You are not required to attend every party and function.
  • You are allowed to buy cookies for the bake sale instead of making them from scratch.
  • You are not required to make that fancy wreath from Pinterest.
  • You are allowed to sit in front of the fire and relax before the dishes are done.
  • You are not required to volunteer for everything.

You are allowed to enjoy the best parts of the holidays. In fact, I insist.


And here’s a bonus to the slowing down process, when we are crazy busy, the world seems very small and frantic. It all revolves around our overloaded schedule.

But when we slow down, suddenly we are able to look up and see the faces around us. We are more in tune with those who might need an invitation to dinner or a bag of groceries or even just a hug.

When we free up time in our schedule, we free up space in our hearts to love outside of our own little bubble.

So this year, I give you permission to slow down, cross things off your list, and get into the true spirit of the holiday season.

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  1. Mounota

    For me holiday season grounds me a decent amount of stress. I tired the entire month before Christmas shopping around and scouring the Internet for the perfect presents for my family, my roommates, and my best friends at home. Happy Holidays to you all and thank you and hug for you.
    Time for slow down 🙂

  2. Anna

    You’re right, Christmas and crazy are synonymous! For me it’s always been a flurry of cleaning and cooking and feeling guilty for not doing enough, not being enough.
    This year I’ve started a new tradition. My birthday is two weeks before Christmas. As of this year, my combined birthday and Christmas gift to myself is to outsource the crazy. I’ve booked house cleaning and window cleaning services for the day before my birthday. While hired people do most of my chores, I’ll be free to tidy the yard and get it ready for entertaining (Australian Christmas).
    This way, my birthday will be free for relaxing and I then have the birthday-Christmas gap free to bake and cook in leisure (I do actually enjoy that part when I’m not rushed!).
    Cheers to new traditions 🙂

    • Alysa Bajenaru

      What a wonderful tradition! I love it.

  3. Andrea Ewer

    “When we free up time in our schedule, we free up space in our hearts to love outside of our own little bubble.” Thank you for this most important reason to slow down this season…to “look up”. It is constantly my goal, yet not always achieved. It is in the act of loving others that my heart swells the most. Thanks for the reminder:)

  4. carenician

    Thank you for this most vital reason to block this season…to “look up”. it’s perpetually my goal, nevertheless not perpetually achieved. it’s within the act of enamored others that my heart swells the foremost.

  5. Livin3

    Alysa, I feel like you’ve taken my thoughts and put them on paper. This is exactly what I told myself that I’ll do, to enjoy the “present”. I too always rush and try to build the future, but never living in the present. I need this reminders…

  6. Organic Beauty Expert

    The same with me. I need to enjoy the present and switch off a lot more and this doesn’t apply only to the holiday season, but throughout the year. These reminders are great

  7. Authority Nutra

    I love this post! I realize that it’s not anywhere near Christmas but slowing down really does resonate with me. Sometimes we go through life and just do the same thing every day and don’t actually take the time to enjoy life. The best time to enjoy life isn’t 6 months down the road. It’s now!

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