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The rhythm of the season

Our summer days are filled with swimming at the neighborhood pool, kayaking on the lake, riding bikes, camping, and late nights of neighborhood flashlight tag. We’re light on housekeeping and work, and heavy on play.

Our summers are epic. And by the end of August, I’m the good kind of exhausted from living well.

When evenings become crisp and night falls quickly, I join the rhythm of fall. Waking up while it’s still dark, pulling on slippers and boiling water for the first of many hot cups of coffee.

My kids go off to school and I work long hours to make up for my lack during the warm months. I weave in trips to the classroom, household chores, and after school activities.

I go into a hibernation of sorts, right along with the garden outside my window. We plan fewer activities away from the house and enjoy the warmth and coziness inside.

I work hard through the holidays and get caught back up on my exercise routine. Social events and travel fall to the wayside.

Once winter hits, I hang pictures on walls and organize my pantry. We play in the snow and then look forward to warmer days.

When the days last longer and we see signs of spring, I plan my garden and finish up indoor projects because I know once summer starts, much will be pushed to the wayside to enjoy what only summer brings.

By allowing myself to embrace the rhythm of the current season, I’ve found that my expectations of each day and the months ahead are more likely to be met.

As a person that likes to accomplish much, it has allowed me to be okay with the seasons where I exercise, work, organize, play or travel less than I would like.

Most importantly, all these needs don’t need to be met now. There will be a season ahead to fulfill them.

Tell me, how do you embrace each season?

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  1. Jody

    Embracing each season. I truly believe that is the way to go. Live in the here and now of each season and don’t spend time wishing or waiting for something to come. This post resonates with me and I do many of the same things that you do. Summer in Minnesota is so short that you have to enjoy every moment.

    There are seasons and rthymes to every part of life. A time for…..
    Embrace and enjoy what ever it is you value and don’t allow others to tell you that what you are doing is wrong just because it isn’t what they are doing.

  2. Maggie

    Seasonal living is so much a part of my life I started a blog about it! I am so much more my authentic self when I go with where the seasons tell me to go. Right now I’m all about coziness and comfort food and getting ready to tuck in for the winter. Lovely post!

  3. Rebecca

    Reading this I had such an ah ha moment! A year ago we moved to Nicaragua, where there are variations in the weather, but nothing that involves great variation in temperature. I have felt ‘out of sync’, always a little haggard, not knowing whether I should be working, or playing with my kids, or heading to the beach! I think the lack of physical seasons has made it hard to maintain internal and familial seasons. Knowledge is power! Time to make some fake seasons in my house; maybe we can cut out fall leaves and hang them up, and paper snowflakes closer to Christmas!

  4. Rachel

    This is what is currently missing from my life. We all need the flexibility to live our daily lives in cycles similar to nature. When we fail to acknowledge the greater world around us, our soul can feel something missing.
    Because I live in Florida, the cycles are reversed. We hide from the heat in the summer months and spend winter outside. Simply being aware of how your cycle works will make it much easier to relax and enjoy each season. Stop stressing that I’m working too much or relaxing too much and relax knowing that the next season will come in time. Thank you for the simple reminder to listen to what our heart is telling us to do!

  5. katie

    It’s so funny that you posted this. Maybe it’s getting set that has made me dread winter? Maybe it is worse here in Chicago than NYC where I grew up? But the end of warmth and light has gotten so hard to tolerate.

    So last week I decided to make a list of ways to enjoy this season. I started to think about how to enjoy this increasingly difficult time. And it really helped to lift my spirits. I love knitring and hot teas. I hate being cold – so I need to make sure I’ve got the wardrobe to not be. I’m trying to think about how I’ll eat too. I love roasted vegetables and roasts. I miss warm days and cold salads. But thinking about how to enjoy this season may really help me through this winter.

  6. Zella

    When I first moved to Minnesota I dreaded the fall into winter. Now, after 26 years here, I truly enjoy the seasons. I live for the first hint of warmth in the air and the faint haze of green on the trees each Spring. I appreciate the lack of clothing summer brings (no bundling up to go out to the mailbox, just across the street) and the backyard get togethers with neighbors. The reds, oranges, and yellows of Autumn will always be my favorite colors. Then there is the sigh of relief as Winter descends and I can hibernate by the fire with my needle crafts and coffee.

  7. Laura

    I love this. Love it! I live in Mozambique and we have very little change of seasons, and yet the shift is there. Enough that being aware of this mindset will help me take advantage of it. Thank you!

  8. Lee @ Modern Granola

    I like this a lot. It’s such great idea to approach life with flexibility, allowing yourself to ebb and flow with the seasons. Great post.

  9. Kate

    Yes! I’ve been working hard this fall to embrace rather than dread the short daylight hours, the cold, and the rain (we live in the Seattle & our summer was glorious this year). Loved reading about how your weeks and months flow. I love the coziness of the indoors too…lighting candles, pulling on blankets and slippers…but I still have to have time outdoors too–makes the indoors that much more pleasant to return to!

  10. The Offense Of Joy

    I love how you say this. It’s only recently been a epiphany for me that my working out goes in seasons, too. I wish I had had this perspective years ago because I could have cooperated with it, rather than felt so guilty! I guess that is one gift given in aging. : ) Love what you said.

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