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I‘ve been a bit restless since the holidays. Don’t get me wrong—my lights are out when I hit our snowflake flannel sheets, and hard, and I’m a bit eager to start this new year with gusto. But there’s still something stirring in me a bit, and I’m honestly not quite sure what it’s all about.

Part of it is because we’re entering a season that’s naturally difficult for me—I’m not a fan of the non-Christmas side of winter, and here in central Oregon, we’ve got a long way to go till spring (there often isn’t a spring at all, snowing through May and plowing straight in to warm summer). And yes, this can affect my emotional well-being… but I feel like my restlessness has to do with something else.

I’m a planner by nature; I love to make goals and see them met, and though I’m not naturally competitive, I do like proving to myself that I can set my mind to something and call it Done (read X number of books this year; learn how to cook X—whatever). It means I can Get Stuff Done. But it also means it’s sometimes hard for me to live in the present.

There’s a place in life for dreaming, and dreaming big. But while we dream, there’s an equally valid spot at the table for learning to be present, to fully relish and savor each day as it comes. To do more than just survive the day-to-day, and to not live in a waiting room for the next season, checking off calendar boxes till the next big event.

To bravely wonder if we can act out our dreams, even while we embrace the present.

I love what my friend Jennie says about dreaming in her new book: “We are called to dream but we’re afraid to. But because we are called, when we don’t act on it we become restless—restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.”

I think there’s a formula here somewhere. That there’s deep, soul-satisfying value in savoring the present, but it needs coupling with the courage to dream, and to act on that dream.

Embracing the here and now + dreaming big = true, satisfying rest.

The dreaming part comes easy for me, admittedly. It’s the embracing of the present that’s a challenge, and so that’s the part of this equation where I’m challenged to channel my efforts these days.

For me, right now, being at rest means being at peace with where I am, right now, with all the good and not-so-good parts. This simplifies my soul, and it breathes in life renewed.


Jennie is giving five Art of Simple readers a copy of her new book, Restless.


To win a copy, simply leave a comment on this post! I’d love to hear what’s easier for you—dreaming big or embracing life in the here and now.

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This giveaway will end Friday, and we’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

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  1. Amy Soto

    I find it easier to dream than to hold myself present….being in the moment is hard for me as I am a total planner.

  2. Kim

    I have felt this tension my whole life and have been on a receiving journey, to embrace the gift of the present.

  3. Sara Kiiru

    Oh my goodness. I got chills when I read the words you quoted from Jennie’s book because they capture exactly why I’ve tried to avoid thinking much about my calling. As I’ve assessed the past year, I faced my tendency to live only in the “now” and have vowed that this year I will finally be courageous enough to move where God is calling me. So this book could not be more timely! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  4. Kayla

    I hate to admit it but it’s so much easier for me to dream big than it is to be present. Since I gave birth to my son ten months ago, I am trying my absolute hardest to embrace the here and now…so important!!!

  5. Catherine

    Definitely find it easier to dream. As an expat I never know when/where/how quickly we might have to move and I am always worrying ahead about that. Living in the here and now is something I really need to work on and that word ‘restless’ just hit me with force. That is exactly how I feel.

  6. Anel

    I’m definately a dreamer. Oh, my..

  7. Fátima Teixeira

    I think that it is easier to dream but it is living the present that I become more fulfill!

  8. Chris

    Dreaming is definitely easier for me 🙂

  9. Hannah Ballou

    I often forget to be in the here and now while dreaming big. Wanderlust.

  10. sherah

    I’ve had a book in my head for two years now about guilt and restoration. I know I am called to write it. I know what I have experienced in life has given me a special view of the world I am called to bring forth. I’ve taken steps to get it out and I am working on it slowly, but in between I am definitely restless. When I’m not working on it, I dream about it and form it in my mind. I’m really excited to learn more about Restless, seems like a great book for this time in my life.

  11. Valerie

    I can get submerged In the every day and need reminders to come up for air to see if I’m on course. Thankful for my big dreamer husband!

  12. Angela

    Beautiful words, very true this time of year. Instead of doing big goals this year I’m working on monthly challenges, forcing me to be present. This month is de-cluttering the house.

  13. Kelly

    Oh, dreaming is way easier for me. Always working to be in the present!

  14. Marianne Campbell

    This looks like a good one. Hope I get to read it soon!

  15. Maggie

    Oh the winter is difficult. The fact that we’re physically stuck inside, makes us feel all the more stuck mentally. But the new year is starting and it’s nice for me to be able to focus on cleaning out closets and taking care of things inside my home.

  16. Allie Thomas

    Thank you for this post. As I read a bit before my toddler wakes up, I’m so aware that living in the present is tough for me. My to do list and wish-I-could-do list is miles long, and enjoying sweet silly daily moments with my little one is difficult.

  17. Judy

    I feel like I can get stuck doing both and that I can avoid doing both. For example, due to painful events, I can avoid living in the present moment due to the grief and then because I’m hurting, I’m afraid to dream. I like the formula you shared… embrace + dream = rest Thanks for your encouragement this morning.

  18. Rachel

    Right now in this moment neither is easier. I am in a place that there is a restlessness inside of me and an anticipation that change is coming but I’m not sure what that looks like yet. I can try to dream about what this change might be but then I get overwhelmed at the possibilities so I try and live in the ‘here and now’ but the thoughts that what I currently know as ‘here and now’ won’t be my reality for long creep in.

  19. Sara

    This hit home for me. I’m always looking toward the next “big thing”! Thank you for the reminder to embrace the present. There is a balance between dreaming big and staying present. I want to enjoy the details in my current life season. Thank you!

  20. Tammy

    Dreaming big is harder for me than embracing the present. Not that I’ve mastered the latter either, though!

  21. C. Casey

    Wow. This is so me. A planner from birth, trying to live more in the here and now.

  22. Lindsay

    I’m definitely a dreamer … I try really hard to be mindful of living in the now though it doesn’t come as easily!

  23. Newsurfiegirl

    I often feel like I am just surviving. I don’t know whether that is because I dream too much and can’t seem to get my dream to match my reality, or whether I just need to accept the reality and live with it. You really have struck a deep thinking note with this post. Thank you!

  24. Jennifer

    I have always been a planner and a longer-for-tomorrow. Right now is especially hard since our family hopes to be in Africa this year helping start a medical clinic for orphans and refugees. While all that entails swirls around my brain, I don’t want to miss these precious days with my kids while they are young (9, 7, 6, and 3) and the time we still have state-side with friends and family.

  25. Tristi

    I think I’m better at embracing the here and now because I have to. Dreaming is fine. I just never really set any plans in place to achieve them.

  26. Rachael

    These ideas bring light to some of what I’ve felt. I decided not to make year-wise goals, just not in a good place in life for those right now. But its left me feeling a bit restless, and I think as I embrace the each-day, I must learn to be okay thinking also about how to improve and dream. I’m figuring out how it looks in my life right now.

  27. Heather k M

    I find it easier to dream! This book sounds so good!

  28. Jessica

    I completely get your restless feeling. I get that way too after the holidays and before the next adventure. Somehow I can’t just let myself fully fall into a fallow time without feeling a bit twitchy!

  29. Lisa B

    I completely understand your restless feeling. I’ve been feeling the same thing ever since I turned the calender over to 2014. I find it easier to dream big and not live in the here and now, although my dreaming often takes a negative turn into anxious worry about the future, which prevents me from living fully in the present.

  30. Jennie

    Restless or stuck what I feel, I have dreams!

  31. Rachel Cook

    I’m an in the moment girl! But I want to dream BIG and live huge for the Lord! Jennie Allen’s book Anything kicked my tail in a good way. Can’t wait to read Restless!

  32. Nancy

    I’m a planner/dreamer…hard to stay I the present. Looking forward to reading the book!

  33. Lisa

    Dreamer. But so demanded in the here and now.
    When you’re lost, trying to find your way out of the woods, do yo stay on a path that’s sure, or trust your inner compass to take you on steps of faith in a direction unforeseen?

  34. Stacey K

    I’m a dreamer. In my current phase of life I have four little ones four and under. Time and energy are precious, and so I often make the necessary choice to live out the daily reality of one big dream and give up the possibilities, at least for a time, of other big dreams. It can lead to restlessness, for certain!

  35. Joelyn

    Oh there is so much here I can relate to…the time of year, season of life as a SAHM, all combine to give me a restless feeling sometimes for more….but the Audrey Assad song says it well “I’m restless til I rest in You, Oh God.” I’d love to read more in this book.

  36. Karne

    It is far easier for me to dream than to be present-unfortunately.

  37. Jackie

    I’m pretty good at appreciating & enjoying NOW, I need to learn to dream big!

  38. Amanda

    It’s easy for me to dream big! Being present is challenging for me and I’m thankful every time I realize how engaged I am in the moment. Simple wins, right?

  39. Bridgette Hepburn-Smith

    It’s been my goal for a while to “be” in the present. Sounds easy, but it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried to do. Being a single working mom of two, I am the queen of multitasking and sadly, missing the joy of living in the moment much of the time.

  40. Sarah M

    I love dreaming big, but I try as much as I can to implement my baby steps into the here and now….sometimes other people’s here and now gets in the way 😉
    Sarah M

  41. Sarah M

    I love dreaming big, but I try as much as I can to implement my baby steps into the here and now….sometimes other people’s here and now gets in the way 😉
    Sarah M

  42. Deanna

    Embracing and loving the here and now is harder. . . Dreaming big is fun. 🙂

  43. Christina

    I’m definitely finding the dreaming big part to be easier but scary as well. Embracing the here and now is hard…especially when some of your dreams have been crushed. But, I believe that part of embracing the here and now is to be able to dream again and to dream big while learning to be grateful for the moments we’re given in the here and now because its all a part of our story.

  44. Deb

    I am dreaming of summer, here in NW MT, that is what we like to do………

  45. chelsea

    definitely the here and now.. dreaming comes naturally to me… like the air i breathe. finding purpose in the here and now and figuring out how the here and now IS a part of the big dream (somehow?) is what keeps me up at night. i can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

  46. Erin Thiele

    Wow. This is exactly what I’m feeling. And maybe because I have a 10 month old and a three year old, but I don’t feel like I’ve given myself permission to dream again. I’m too busy and tired. I’ve misplaced my dream maybe. But there’s always a stirring that there is more. However I want to enjoy the here and now because it passes so quickly. But I’m open to embracing what life is giving me now – I can only focus on a few things at a time. Ha ha ha!

  47. Cathy

    I guess dreaming is easier but I don’t think my dreams are very big these days

  48. Gretchen N.

    I think living in the present is easier, it doesn’t “require” as much. It’s doable. I can often see progress, but dreaming is harder. It can sometimes seem impossible.

  49. Tanya

    I love to dream; however, I quickly talk myself back into reality. Reality tends to snuff those dreams!

  50. Kim

    I find the dreaming big is fun , but find it hard to do when I am a mom if five young children and a ful-time working mom , I find my self focusing in the here and now instead , would live to be Able to dream big and plan things out more but just seems to consume more time by doing that !

  51. Emily

    I’m a dreamer. Always with plans!

  52. l

    I have a harder time being in the present. I get dragged down by the mundane and have a hard time seeing the “big picture”.

  53. Valerie

    Dreaming big is easier because I am a planner. I have more trouble staying focused on the here and now.

  54. Liana

    Being the mother of 4 small children, I sometimes have a hard time seeing past next 24 hours. Dreaming big just isn’t on my radar these days. But I would like to take the time to set some long-term goals for myself and I think this book might point me in the right direction.

  55. Cathy

    I wouldn’t call myself a dreamer, but I am a planner and because of that, it’s hard for me to leave in the present. I live in my plans way too often.

  56. Danielle

    It’s easier for me to live in the moment. I need to take the time to dream!

  57. Kjersten

    Dreeeeeaaam, dream dream, dream (sing along!) I do dream of big, great things. But then the challenge for me is to slow down and be in the moment because being present is just as important.

  58. Stacy

    Your words are timely Tsh. Thank you for being brave to share them. I’ve been thinking lately about purpose, dreaming big, things left undone and the realities of the here and now with two small little ones. For me, its easier to just stay in the here and now because the demands are very tangible. But, I’m wanting to move out more into the dreams that seem to add a different trust factor for me. This book peaks my interest. =)

  59. Allie

    Hi Tsh,

    I think that I’m much more in the present. I’m good at making small goals (workout 4 times a week, eat vegetable every meal). I love checking them off my calendar or to do list each day. However, I’m not so great about the dreaming part :). I could use some help with the big-picture stuff.



  60. Kyra

    I want to win!

  61. Casey

    Dreaming big is normally easier than embracing life in the here and now! I’m an attorney and I literally PLAN for a living – it’s hard to bring that down to the day to day routine level sometimes.

  62. Wendi S

    Sounds like a great book…I love the quote!

  63. Tashia D

    The book sounds really interesting. I would love to win a copy!

  64. sandra v

    Definitely I’m a dreamer – but I find the day to day execution of those dreams hard sometimes. Great post!

  65. Jenp

    I’ve always had a problem connecting the two. I have lots of big dreams, but no idea what to do to bring them about. I think this book would be an eye-opener!

  66. Jaymi

    I think both are hard for me. I often just “check out” from the present when it is tedious or hard. And life has so many unexpected twists & turns that I’m often discouraged about dreaming.

  67. Carrie

    Oh my goodness, dreaming is so much easier than acting to make things happen!

  68. Betsy

    It is so much more difficult for me to embrace where I am in life right now. I’m currently dreaming of where I’ll be in the future, and I know I need to learn to appreciate what I have right now.

  69. JANE H

    dreaming seems irresponsible as a parent, esp. to little ones whose every need seems to be an emergency!

  70. eileen

    Life is VERY hard for me right now. So for me… sometimes dreaming of the future, setting goals, etc. keeps my mind off of my difficult circumstances.

  71. Summer

    Dreaming big is much easier than accepting – and enjoying – whatever the present is. I have to really force myself to push pause on working toward my dreams in order to enjoy today.

  72. Jessi L

    Dreaming is definitely easier for me because it doesn’t require the same effort and work that executing in the here & now does. : )

  73. Kristi V.

    Unfortunately, it’s much easier for me to dream. I’m having a hard time being content with the here and now. I can definitely relate.

  74. Sharon

    Sounds like a great book. I’m not sure which is easier for me- embracing right now or planning. I love planning ahead, but find it hard to find space in the every-day-ness of life to really do the planning/dreaming that I want to…and then the execution.

  75. laura

    I agree with Carrie, it’s easier for me to dream than to plan well! I always start efficiently but can get stuck in the following through bit of achieving goals.

  76. alisonwonderland

    Like you, I’m a planner by nature. I’m working on being more mindful of the present moment.

  77. Rachel

    Ah, yes! This totally resonates. My word for the year is “THIS.” I am choosing to spend the year leaning into the here and now because when I spend too much time in dreamland I get frustrated for all of the things standing in between THIS and THAT. So, yes, we have plans and goals and hopes, but I am focusing on the little ones and the not-perfect house and the things I CAN do now with what I have, and sowing the seeds of the dreams into the present tense.

  78. Michelle

    I tend to live in the present because life experiences have made it very difficult to thing “big” for the future. Although there are times I feel hopeful, there is usually some glaring reality that pulls me back. I tend to get easily bothered by friends who are always looking toward the next thing….not because it isn’t a great thought in theory, but they tend to be focused on the wrong things like “keeping up with the upward mobile” world.

  79. JennaMarie

    I’ve always believed that God places things in your path to keep you moving forward in this journey of life. Well this morning – this post is it for me. I’m feeling like there is more that I could be doing in life to lead a more fulfilling life in the here and NOW! The dreaming part comes easily for me but the day to day stuff of finding more joy in the present does not. Maybe this book will give me the push to do exactly that…

  80. K

    I am better at being in the moment. I have a hard time letting myself dream because I don’t feel adequate to fulfill those dreams and I tend to lose myself in covetousness.

  81. LisaP

    I’ve always been a small steps person, so it’s easier for me to have faith that the every-day is adding up to something bigger than to set big goals.

  82. Kate

    I’m also feeling restless these days, and I guess it is because I’m filled with all kinds of new creativity and gusto! It’s just trying to rope it in and aim for some kind of productivity –in the moment 🙂 I would love a copy of Restless!

  83. Amy

    Tsh, you have perfectly articulated what I’ve been feeling lately. Sometimes, I have difficulty figuring out why I feel the way that I do. Thank you for your insight and encouragement.

  84. Dinavia

    This post calls to me. It is the topic of what has been the continuous loop running in my head, interrupting my day dreams, and causing restless sleep.

  85. Alisa

    I think I am better at being in the moment although the though of dreaming big is very appealing to me!

  86. Amber

    I just finished Jennie’s Anything book from a Good Morning Girls Bible Study & it was wonderful!

  87. Leah

    OH I would LOVE to read this book!!!! Reaching that limbo stage where 2 out of 3 kids are in school and new-and-old dreams are stirring, just not sure how to walk it all out yet. The LORD will reveal it in His good time, but restless some days? Yes :).

  88. Kari

    Dreaming (and planning) come so naturally to me, and I love to relish those thoughts. But I’m also living in the present, which I find more challenging because I don’t always like what is happening at the moment. I’m choosing to embrace the moments I’m currently in before they’re gone and can’t come back. Thanks for the good reminder and for the chance to win the book!

  89. marcia

    I find it much easier to live in the present and very hard to dream big. Both have good and bad points. I have been in missions for 30 some years and I don’t get homesick and make where I am home and am content. But it means I have neglected family and friends especially those who are harder to pursue but have needed my love more. It’s hard to me to dream because I have had to let go of many dreams. But God has a bigger dream for me and I need to find more joy in the possibilities.

  90. Adrienne

    I am definitely a dreamer trying to learn how to live more in the present.

  91. Michelle

    I definitely find it harder to embrace the here and now. Dreaming is much easier for me!

  92. Jill Foley

    It’s easier for me to embrace life in the here and now. I find it hard to dream….partly because I know my dreams are likely not God’s plan for my life and my present situation is. So I try to find contentment and embrace the present.

  93. Leigh Adams

    I love to dream. It’s a new thing for me. Finally stepping into believing that God designed us to dream. It’s the here and now, day-to-day, details that weigh me down. I love your posts on how to take intentional steps today to make tomorrow a reality. Keep dreamin’!

  94. Jenn Krivanek

    To do lists rule my life and I would like to get a bit away from that! Looks like a wonderful read.

  95. SuzyQ

    Right now I am in the middle of de-cluttering my house so I can have my married children and their families come for a week-end and be able to sleep over. My dream is to actually have this happen.

  96. Sharon O

    When I hear the word ‘restless’ it has many layers of ‘thought’… both good and bad.
    Would be a great book to go through this ‘new year’.
    Hey I am from Oregon too. Yamhill County. No better place to live.

  97. Kim H

    I love dreaming but also find it difficult to embrace the present!

  98. Laura

    I’m a dreamer, always planning up new trips and thinking of new projects to do. Follow-through is harder for me, although I usually knuckle through because I was taught to finish what I start! I feel restless a LOT — never satisfied. I think that’s partly my personality and partly something God puts inside all of us {this earth will never be good enough for us}.

  99. Alle

    I find myself running back and forth between the two. Having two little ones forces me into moment-by-moment living. On the other hand, I’ve recently discovered and settled into my passions/gifts/purpose convergence and that is giving way to some pretty big dreams. Intentionality and balance is where I need to live now.

  100. Jocelyn

    Definitely a here and now kinda gal…but would like to cultivate the dreamer part of me more!

  101. leslie

    Wow, these words really hit home with me today and in this season in particular. I can totally relate to that instinct to plan and be prepared and try to better myself, my family, x,y and z. I also do not see myself as a competative person with others, but as I age, I do identify ways that I compete with myself. It is a stretch for me to live in the moment and my restless ways lead to lots of dreaming. I think finding a balance to your equation would be an awesome practice! This book looks fantastic.

  102. Hilarie

    Making future plans/goals is easier for me than enjoying the present. It seems easier to look toward “the next fun/big thing”.

  103. Joyce

    I have been thinking of the future FREQUENTLY lately as the age of retirement nears (I’m really only 27 and 3/4 aren’t I??? haha) so I have to stop and make my self stay present, to enjoy the moments. The more I do it, the easier it becomes. With all the kiddos off to college, only home during breaks, I feel an urgency to be present, in the “now”. Good luck. I live in Syracuse, NY so I understand the “not Christmas side of winter” too. Love your blog.

  104. oneshabbychick

    I’m not much of a planner, although I try, at least on a small scale… much more comfortable in the moment. But I want to work on that…. This looks like an inspiring read! Thanks for the opportunity.

  105. Hadley

    I am trying to find a balance, because I need both in my life this year!

  106. melissa

    I just told my husband yesterday i was restless! Great post. You’ve hit the “nail on the head” for me! Win it or not… I want to read the book.

  107. Cami

    I feel I live in the present, but not well. I need to plan better so I can be more organized, but then live in the present but not feel guilty that I didn’t plan well for the present. In other words, have peace with the way things turned out…everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Give myself realistic goals for the year.

  108. Michelle

    I’m married to a dreamer and a planner…I want him to take time to smell the roses so dreaming big is not my thing…I feel I could enjoy the present more if we could do that together.. THAT is my dream!

  109. Teresa

    I am definitely a planner who needs to be in the here and now more often.

  110. Anna Schulte

    This was exactly what I needed to read today. I feel that same underlying sense of longing for something this year. I don’t know if it’s just one thing, or a variety of hopes, but I want to figure it out. Thank you for sharing your heart. It made a difference for me.

  111. Ashley Brooks

    I’m definitely in the category of “big dreamer,” but along with that comes a tendency to daydream for the future and neglect the present. I have to remind myself almost daily that if I don’t take baby steps toward my goals every day, I’ll never achieve them. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out ever since I first heard of it a few months ago, and I can’t wait to start reading!

  112. Ramie

    I’m totally in the here and now…..I can dream, but not dream big picture dreams……one day or week at a time is my “way”!

  113. Gail

    I am over 50 so I find it harder to dream these days – the harsh realities of life often seem to squash whatever dreams I’ve had. Sometimes dreaming seems impossible…..

  114. Steph

    Being restless is how I have always been. I would love to change that. This sounds like a fantastic book.

  115. Beth Werner Lee

    Since becoming a mother I have been living in the present much more than dreaming big but before that I was more of a dreamer. Isn’t that odd? Never realized until you asked. Now I am starting to dream and it’s because we only have a year and a half at our present location…a year of grace.

  116. Amy

    For me it has nothing to do with seasons. That is where I live my life. Have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Yeah, that’s me. Big ideas, big plans – love to make plans – but not a lot of accomplishing. Actually I’m usually too intimidated to even start. The thought of trying to accomplish whatever it is can overwhelm me before I ever begin. Our imaginations are a strong force. I believe God made them that way for a reason – otherwise how could we even begin to approach an understanding of him. But I know God wants us engaged in the present, in the now, and soak it in. Getting to that balance is the art of life, I think.

  117. Marla Taviano

    No-brainer answer for me. Dreaming is waaaaay easier. I was super-envious of your word for the year–RISK–when I knew God was asking me to do something different. I fought him on the word but then gave in. Sigh. So thankful that, in his mercy, he’s giving me peace and joy in letting go. xoxoxo

  118. Julie

    living in the moment is easier for me.

  119. Bianca

    I’m definitely an in-the-present-moment person – but of course who doesn’t enjoy day dreaming?!? I think my live-in-the-present view comes from realizing that we aren’t promised tomorrow, so I shouldn’t get too caught up in what it will hold for me. I choose to savor each moment I have each day, so I’m never at a place of failing to enjoy the GIFT of the present 🙂

  120. Jan

    I think I may be the biggest dreamer ever with the most boring and mundane life. I definitely need to read Jennie’s book!

  121. Catherine

    I wish I could live life better in the here and now! I tend to be a planner and dream big (not that I always reach those dreams).

  122. PKJ

    Dreams I have no problem with, it’s figuring out how to fit them into my life that’s hard. That is what makes me restless.

  123. Jennifer

    Ooo, I could use this book in this season of life!

  124. Amy

    I have one more thought about that . . . I also think that sense of longing, of waiting for something else, is our longing for heaven. As a christian I know my citizenship in not of this place, yet this is where I am. Stuck between the now and the not yet. We hear Aslan calling, “Further up and further in!” We just can’t see him yet. So sometimes, but not always, I think that restlessness is there as a reminder.

  125. Lindsay

    I’m a planner for sure but love to live in the moment. Right now, I’m restless and perhaps just a little lost. Jennie’s words, as do yours, resonate well with me!

  126. Elizabeth

    Always a dreamer…..over the past few years I became a grandmother and totally live in the present when I am fortunate enough to be with them. Maybe my age? Maybe because I regret how fast those precious years went by with my own kids and dreamer ways then.

  127. Michele

    I’m a big dreamer and I dream big! Love the art so simple, by the way! Michele

  128. Izzy

    I became ill 6 month ago. Suddenly I got a light heart attack at work out of nothing. Since then nothing in my entire life is the same. Because I am not able to work at the moment and not knowing what the future is going to hold for me- it became both very difficult – embrazing my day to day life and making the best of my moments now and the daydreaming. Sometimes my dreams get so big. I want to travel. To be my own boss and open my own store. I want to write a book, buy a house…But because I am unsure what I am allowed to dream of and what my body and heart will let me do in future I am so scared to not have the right of daydreaming and not being able to change anything today. I often feel like I have lost my ability to embrace anything…That is what makes me restless

  129. Laura M

    Tsh, you nailed it this morning with this post.
    I was actually in tears yesterday over whatever this stirring is inside me. I just turned 40 a couple weeks ago and there’s this tug of war going on inside of me. And it comes in spells. But I always push it down..but then you know what always comes back harder and stronger. So I pray and wait. But no for sure answers yet. It is about meaning & purpose. This I do know and can no longer ignore. It’s action time & that’s the scary part.

  130. Kristina Morris

    Easier for me to dream big, but then get discouraged when nothing is done about it!

  131. alison

    I mostly just take life as it comes; with all these little ones I’m not quite sure how to dream

  132. Krista Green

    I think its easy for me to do both, dream big and live in the present. Sometimes I do get stuck thinking about th future, but I just pull out a book or start a little project, and everything evens out again.

  133. Ingeborg

    I love the fact that you live in Bend, Oregon! I was a foreign exchange student to Redmond in 2004/2005, and went back to visit this fall! <3 Central Oregon <3

    As for dreaming big vs being here and now, I am definitely more like you. I am a big planner always checking the calendar and counting down to the next big things I dream about. The days pass by and I wonder were they went, what did I do, which of my good friends did I talk to, what moments did we share? I almost find it easier to plan and remember the special moments, than being present when they actually happen. At least I never seem to realize they are special moments until afterwards..

    Embracing the here and now is not really a new year's resolution for me, more a thought that has been with me for a while now (probably ignited by the media focus on mindfulness etc) and after I started taking meditation classes (there you see the planner in me, I have to know more about how to meditate before I can try it..) I do feel that I am heading somewhere positive. My everyday thoughts and impressions from work seems to be "archived" better so I have more mind strength to focus on new thoughts and impressions 🙂

    Greetings from the rainy and snowless Oslo, Norway 🙂

    (Take a wild guess if the absence of snow is messing up my winter plans, haha)

  134. Jamie

    I think I’ve been restless my whole life. My sole goal for 2014 is to find a way to funnel the fragmented goals/thoughts/ideas into something whole. Something almost tangible, where I can take a step and see the goal realized. Maybe it’s only one thing, but it will be something.

  135. CynthiaJo

    I too am restless. Haven’t known what word to put to it for the last year, but that’s me.

  136. Jen

    I am definitely a dreamer!

  137. Robin

    Dream of the present moment and all will be well. Early years of life I dreamed and dreamed big. Life hit hard, so now even a breath of savoring the moment is a dream come true.
    Winter is nature no matter where you are, a pause created to regroup and renew our energies. A gift, so don’t look it in the face and wish it away. Settle your mind with the details but look at the white and grey canvas as a open journey to your year.

    Would love to read this book. Her thoughts, her ideas on bettering our minds to embrace the present.

  138. jen w.

    Dreaming big is the way to go for me but the present is vital for living day to day!

  139. han

    I’m very much a goal-setter, and 2014’s main goal is to be present, to savour the moments, and to slow down time. HOW to do this in a concrete way is what I am currently pondering…

  140. Missy Robinson

    I get so lost in making it through my day to days, that I often forget to dream…that’s my challenge.

  141. Staceh

    Great post and timely! I get bogged down with the day to day, definitely restless to find purpose and inspiration in the bigger picture and dreams!

  142. Leigh Anne

    I need some new reading material. I would love to read it.

  143. Sarah

    This was such an encouraging post – I am definitely more of a dreamer/planner, but this past year I have been really challenged to savor the present. My husband has been without a job, is applying for PhD programs to start this fall, and we are living in someone else’s house, so I have no idea how long we will be here or what the next season of life will look like. Drives a planner like me crazy. But this time has been truly precious as I have learned that I tend to feel like life is leading to some sort of “big thing,” but that for today, the big thing God has given me is now, and the place is here.

  144. Jo-Anne Orlesky

    I have problems embracing the here and now… working on it.

  145. Cindy

    I’ve always been a big dreamer, and have slowly gotten a bit better about living in the present. But I’m also at a stage where I have a chance to put my dreams into action, which scares me to death. It’s so much easier to dream the “what ifs” than it is to take the risks and the actions make them a part of your present life.

  146. Joy

    I enjoy reading your blog, and have gained more wisdom. I apprecate your gift to help others with your insight, practile pdfs, and blog. Thankou. I am very interested in reading Restless s well as “Notes from a Blue Bike”. I wish you well on your book tour.

  147. Rachel@Efficient Momma

    I tend to embrace the here and now….I’m too much of a realist when it comes to dreaming big. Which is good and bad…

  148. Michele

    Dreaming big but I am working on being in the present.

  149. rebecca

    I love to dream and dream huge! I work hard to bring bits of the dream into my everyday life.

  150. Danae

    It’s much easier for me to live in the here and now, but I often feel an undefined restlessness when thinking about the future.

  151. Denita

    Dreaming big is far easier for me.

  152. Tiffani

    Tens to get stuck in the here and now.

  153. Joy

    Interesting. I thought everyone had a hard time living in the present. That just goes to show you how my blinders keep me ever pointing towards my dreams. God is always teaching me to slow down and enjoy this moment, to play, to relish what is here and now. Perhaps this might be my year.

  154. Mara

    I am a dreamer. I dream of the day I will be cancer free. The gift of this journey has invited me into a place of wanting to embrace each moment with my 5 and 3 year old sons and each and ever moment i have with them while also looking by faith into my unknown tomorrows. I am restless in search of minute to minute joyful peace!

  155. Amy

    Much easier for me to dream big!

  156. Nissa

    I am definitely a “dreamer” but then I find that doing so, without being present, also makes me extremely anxious. I’d love to find the balance in checking off the pieces that lead to a goal without forgetting to stay in the here-and-now of the journey.

  157. Danielle

    I think I’m pretty good about embracing the here and now. I’m enjoying homeschooling my kids (most days). But I also have some big dreams I’m chipping away at. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the big picture in the daily grind, however.

  158. Sandi

    I think dreaming is the harder one for me. I’ve had so many disappointments these past few years that I think I tend to guard my heart by not thinking too much about the “what if …..?” or the “one day we’ll….”. This past year I did find joy in the present by keeping a gratitude journal, it really helped to see things each day to be thankful for. And I made it to over 1,ooo!
    I’d love to read the book, it sounds intriguing.

  159. Becca

    Restless is the word that describes the last year of my life SO well. I’m a dreamer, always waiting for the next big thing to happen. Hoping this new year will involved more enjoyment of the now. My baby boy deserves that, I think!

  160. Susan

    I relate so strongly to the restlessness you describe! I am definitely a dreamer and planner who is striving to keep myself dedicated to the here and now.

  161. Ivy

    Living in the here and now comes more naturally to me but then sometimes get “stuck” and forget to dream about new adventures or possibilities.

  162. Christine

    I can’t wait to read this! I’m usually a dreamer type, but I’m workin on better embracing the here and now.

  163. michelle

    I vacillate between the two. I go through seasons of dreaming. And then I will completely flip and be all about the here and now. I have no idea what this says about me as a person. 😉

  164. Jamie

    This hit home with me. I am a big dreamer and i’ve been far too eager to escape the present. When you have anxiety, sometimes this is the norm. and for me, it is. I am fully embracing each and every day now. It’s calmed my anxiety and given me more peace yet, it completely stretches my comfort zone.

  165. Deb

    I am better at dreaming big .

  166. Natalie

    I find it harder to dream big – in fact, I’m trying to figure out what my dream is and how to implement it in my life.

  167. Valerie L.

    I could really use this book right now. I hope I win. =)

  168. kelly

    i love jennie allen’s insights (i am part of the way through ‘anything’) and her words about dreams struck a chord with me. i am afraid that i am good at neither dreaming nor staying in the present; i am in a kind of limbo that is wholly unproductive and dare i say, damaging. i feel like there will be a long climb back but i am so hoping to reach out of this place.

  169. Erika

    I have more trouble acting on the dreams. My dreams are there, but living in thr present is less challenging and scary than trying out a new idea so then I get stuck.

  170. Denise White

    I’m definitely restless right now! I have lots of dreams, goals and plans but no means to execute them right now. That seems like the story of my life. Smile. Until then I’ll keep putting one foot in front of another!

  171. Sandra

    I think that this book would really speak to where I am in my life today. I would love to win a copy!

  172. Libby

    I’m always dreaming big, long-term, far, far away. My boyfriend is constantly reminding me to sit down, think about the here and now. Appreciate it. I want to say “we balance each other” but really, the truth is that we drive each other crazy in these ways. 😛

  173. Wendi

    As I get older I’ve learned to appreciate living in the present. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream but certainly I must not allow myself to miss the gift of now in the process. I used to get caught in the dream. Because I’m a realist, if I dreamed it then I had to make it happen. I usually did but with lots of stress and many, many missed opportunities with my family. Now my family is grown and those opportunities are gone. I’m much more intention to live in the moment with my grandchildren and understand that much of God’s purpose simply comes to me – I don’t have to go and hunt it down or dream it up.

  174. Theresa

    Living in the present…. now that’s a dream is like to conquer! Something I’ve promised myself to work on this year.
    I would ❤️ a copy of your book!

  175. Meg

    Definitely embracing the here and now…It’s so easy for me to just stay put and cling to what I know, to what’s familiar, to the things that won’t disappoint or let me down. I LOVE to dream big. That’s easy. But to actually carry out those dreams is terrifying and downright scary. It’s easier for me to stay in my tight-knit cocoon of comfort, and more difficult for me to take that leap of faith and make those dreams a reality. I am RESTLESS. I want more.

  176. Marci

    I would love to read this book. Winning it would be awesome!

  177. Norma

    Lately it’s been so much easier for me to dream big than embrace the here and now. I can definitely relate to feeling ‘restless’!

  178. jessicaisbaking

    It is much easier for me to dream, as opposed to live in the now – I am always working on that!

  179. lindsay

    In the middle. Definitely a planner, but also hanging on to the here and now.

  180. Stephanie S

    Embracing the “here and now” is soooooo much easier than dreaming for me. I fear big dreams because I fear disappointment and failure more.

  181. Casey

    What a great post. I long to do more than just survive the day-to-day and move towards the greater purpose and plan that God has for me and my family – something that God has been stirring in my heart lately. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  182. Alison

    Definitely a dreamer!

  183. MiChal

    Dreaming big is oh-so-much easier, and I tend to be more successful with it. (My latest big dream is to win The Amazing Race, even if I *am* 53)

  184. Amanda

    I am definitely a dreamer, always have been! This topic has come up for me quite a few times in the past week! I suppose it may be time to get my head out of the clouds!

  185. Audrey

    I really relate to this post. I’m a BIG dreamer but have a hard time always being present. And I’m often restless. I’d LOVE to read this book…… I actually keep thinking that should be my mission this year… make more of those dreams become reality.

  186. Cynthia

    I am always looking for the next “big” or “better” thing. I am a planner by nature, but I have trouble following through with some of my big dreams or I guess I’m afraid to follow through for the fear of the potential consequences that may come.

  187. Sarah Jo

    Thank you for this post. I’m right there with you. Dreaming…I can do that…balancing it with the reality of today and what actions I need to take…not so much. Feeling restless and looking forward to reading the book!

  188. Sara Harris

    For me, I am focusing on embracing the here and now. I read a quote recently that I am reminding myself of: Do the best you can in THIS moment. It was from an article about training for a marathon, but I repeat it to myself when in the throes of the day. Being a teacher, mom of three, wife, leading in our church children’s ministry, I wear a lot of hats. Remembering to focus on the here and now and softening the lens on everything else that needs to be done is calming.

  189. Kaitlyn

    It’s easier for me to be present in the here and now than the dream big…that scares me. But it also thrills me.

  190. Robin

    being present is hard and messy – so much easier to dream!

  191. Michelle

    It is easier for me to dream big. I, too, have been Restless-wanting to carry out big dreams and getting “side-lined” by life. I would love to be more present in the here and now, AND learn how to practically work on dreams coming true!

  192. Kaitlin Jenkins

    They say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one 🙂

  193. Leigh Anne

    I have rediscovered that embracing the everyday with scheduled dreaming/planning written on my planner pages actually creates more time for dreaming–something that is very hard to remember when dealing with three children who are old enough to create their own schedules and plans to a greater or lesser degree. Carving out and specifically scheduling time to dream and plan has been instrumental in helping me face our family’s busy schedule with a peaceful heart–and carrying a notepad or using my phone’s voice recorder is a great way to catch those brainstorms that appear in the middle of a soccer game or a dance team carpool!

  194. Rebecca

    I am much too goal oriented, I am really working on being in the present moment.

  195. Rebecca

    I have been dreaming of warmer temperatures, tropical places and sipping drinks with an umbrella. Guess that might have something to do with being in subzero temps for a few days.

  196. Abigail

    Dreaming is easy. Acting on that dream to realize it, to birth it into the world is so terrifying sometimes. So HARD.

  197. Kate

    It is definitely being present to the here and now with my family. I work outside the home as a teacher. Some days are difficult being with kids all day to come home and take care of my family. I need to be more present to my own children, the acts of cooking them a meal, cleaning my house….I just need to be more present.

  198. Colleen

    Dreaming is the easy part. It’s the embracing her and now that I find challenging.

  199. Kathleen

    It is definitely easier to dream about what is coming next. Especially since with kids, I feel I have to be planning ahead at all times (to make things easier).

  200. Jen TL

    I find this interesting. I too and a dreamer and planner and I get that anxious and restless when I don’t act on those ‘dreams and plans’. I love this line: “restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.” It puts it all into perspective and it makes sense.

    When I start getting to the restless phase we start to make changes. This time it’s another move, a new job for me, and going back to school for my husband. It is also time to purge and simplify again. We try to keep that in the forefront of our decisions but always seem to drift off course and have to correct. But that is life.

    Thank you for this article and for making me feel like I am not the only restless one out there!

  201. Lady Dorothy

    Definitely harder to dream big. Big dreams often feel like I’m not satisfied of who I am (or who God made me). I know that’s not true, but how I feel. That’s changing this year!

  202. Jenn

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! I’m currently in a phase of life where I am “doing the next thing” and not really dreaming and thinking beyond today.

  203. Mia

    Definitely a big dreamer here!

  204. Janelle

    Our family of 10 has felt God calling us to “something” but we haven’t know where to start. Would love to get some inspiration from Restless!

  205. Myriam Johnson

    By all means I am a dreamer at heart then get discouraged and convinced myself that dreaming is all I can do because they are going to come true for XYZ reasons.

  206. Laura

    In my professional life I’m definitely a planner in the here and now, but personally I’ve got so many BIG dreams!

  207. Jessica

    I really don’t know these days… I find myself having to plan or remind myself to dream. I get very into the day to day and lose site of the bigger things… But on the other hand sometimes I have such big dreams that finding the first steps to start them today is daunting. I have learned over the past year to be content as I go through the different seasons of life – that God is preparing me in each one, just a little bit, for what’s next.

  208. Amy

    Living in the moment or dreaming big?… Life at home with four young children really forces you to live in the moment and I find that I have begun to dream small, not big at all. But have I forgotten my big dreams? Not at all.

  209. tiffany

    Thanks for this post! Just what I needed to hear for the new year. I am always dreaming and planning but the present tends to get over looked to get there.

  210. erin

    I am in a weird limbo. I have dreams and while I like to plan, I am in a season in my life where I don’t spend a lot of time focusing there because it ends up going completely awry. Yet being totally present can be tough too. So I am mostly present but with an urgency to make my dreams happen too. Does that even make sense?

  211. Stefanie

    Dreaming Big is easier for me. I have a hard time being present.

  212. Julie Cannon

    Great post Tsh! Being from Klamath Falls I can very much relate to that post Christmas/snow until summer kind of weather…it can be straight crazy :). As for me, good at living in the present…especially when I can shrug off the dreams I know have been placed on my heart. I have loved both of Jeni’s books…this tension is real and it’s so great to see a group of women coming together and not settling for not moving forward. Thanks of all you do! I’m so excited for your book to release soon! Chad has had a great time working you and I’m pulling for my fellow Oregonian to do big things!

  213. Lynne B

    I think I’d have to claim being more of a dreamer because my planning never seems to fit into the time I have but with the children still young I wish I could embrace more of the here and now.

  214. Vera

    I am completely a dreamer and one of my goals this year is to focus on the present.

  215. Michele

    Might we be a person who does not dream very big, but also fails to live in the moment?! That’d be me. I still get some feeling of restlessness though….like I’m not enough. Maybe this book would help me sort through it.

  216. Mary

    I am for sure an in the moment person, but I think goals are important, so its a discipline I work on.

  217. Katie Hubbard

    You’ve put your finger on the pulse of my issue. I’m a celebrater, and now that the celebration is “over” a weird feeling takes over. It’s a combination of motivation and sadness. I never know which feeling to entertain! I want to savor the moments I have right now and not wish for what’s next.

  218. Dee

    Dreaming big is definitely easier. As for the post-Christmas season, one of the reasons I love New Orleans is that we have no post-holiday slump. As the Twelfth Day of Christmas hits, the Carnival season begins! By the time Mardi Gras rolls around, we enter Festival Season. It’s one long Happiness Project here!

  219. rebecca

    I am a big dreamer and am hoping to learn this year how to make some of my dreams a reality.

  220. Susan

    What’s easier for me is embracing the present moment because it’s my one opportunity to experience God with me. He is in my future to be sure, but I can’t experience Him there yet, I can only experience Him now, here, today, moment by moment. And it is good and pleasing…peaceful.

  221. Patti Cunningham

    Love to dream, but the present takes so much work that dreaming is left to chance sometimes. This sounds like a book I would love to read…and present to my bookclub.

  222. Alison L

    Dreaming is hard for me. As I have had four children over the past 12 years I find myself a bit lost and have forgotten what I am passionate about. Just now taking a look at things and trying to start to dream.

  223. Crayl

    It is easier for me to live in the now…but at a cost. We are so busy surviving that I forget how to dream big and move forward. Dangerous cycle.

  224. Sarah H.

    Well said about the non-Christmas side of winter. Now that the decorations are packed up and all the anticipatory talk for the holiday has concluded, it’s hard not to just want the next few months to slip by and get to what feels like the next good part.

    Dreaming big is way more exciting to me than being in the here and now. At least it often seems that way. However, I am sometimes startled when realizing my dreams are really being fulfilled in the little things of the here and now… and that big trip or activity (or even season) doesn’t always measure up to the joy of a perfect moment in an ordinary day.

  225. Brenda T.

    Oh, I’m so much better at dreaming big. I’m learning to be more in the “here and now.”

  226. Melissa

    Both…My dreams are of being a SAHM. My reality is not that. So being present and appreciating what is occurring when it is so far different from the dreams is certainly my challenge for now!

  227. Kristi Goldsberry

    I think for me the embracing is the easier part. Dreaming scares me because it requires more faith. This book sounds very interesting!

  228. Amanda

    This book looks amazing! I like to live in the here and now (with healthy doses of dreaming thrown in 🙂 )

  229. Kirsten

    This is the year I sop dreaming and start doing. I found a rubber bracelet in Dec. that said exactly that and, since that was where my head was starting to wander, I took it as a sign. This year (my New Year starts Dec. 5th-my birthday) is the year I get back to writing (I just started my blog), I take more photographs (I signed up for a 52 week course), I resume yoga and running after many years of not (I just joined a huge fitness centre with a good and safe kids program and registered for a half-marathon in June). I’m kind of an all or nothing type of person so I figured I should just jump both feet in. From past experience I know that all of these things will bring me more energy and more personal satisfaction. I KNOW THIS. It’s funny how we so often know what is good for us but somehow get distracted from actually acting on it. This is the year I become more fully engaged in my life. Finally.

  230. Meghan Dailey-Faulhaber

    I think I rather vacillate between being able to dream big and love the here and now. I have always been a dreamer, though, admittedly, I don’t often act on my dreams. I tend to be fairly content with my life as-is, but often seek to make incremental change.

  231. Patti

    I had my daughter when I was 19. Now that I’m nearly 40, I’m realizing that being a young single mother caused me to be both a planner and a here & now realist, but it was more of survival mode. My daughter is now a healthy successful 20 year old woman and I’m just now starting to explore the concept of dreaming big. I’m sad my baby is grown but excited for the future!

  232. Gloria

    Reading through all the comments reminds me yet again of how different we all are and yet how much we are the same. We all have different gifts and I was amazed to see all the comments from those who have been given the natural tendency to live in and enjoy the “here and now!” I have always been a planner and a goal-setter, but I’ve found in my many years of living that that take on life can lead you down the path that I like to call the “When we…, Then we’ll…” s.
    When we…, then we can…
    When we finish…, then we will…
    When we pay off…,then we might…
    When we have…, then we could…
    When we get…,then we’ll be…
    It can be endless!! Don’t always put off the joy until everything is perfect or until you ‘re “set” or until “things settle down.” As I remind myself – not nearly often enough ——-
    Be intentional TODAY about enjoying and being thankful in the everyday.

  233. Sunny

    Yes, I totally relate to dreaming and planning while missing out on being present in the moment. I found this especially difficult for the first six months of 2013. I’ve actually chosen “intentionality” as my “word” for 2014 in an attempt to inspire myself to live intentionally and in the moment in all aspects of my life.

  234. Stasi

    I’m a dreamer with the bad habit of spending all my time making plans and never actually doing anything 🙂

    • Sarah

      Yes! Guilty of the same. 🙂 Hoping to change that….

  235. Tracy

    I am always stuck in the here and now – on the mundane stuff of life, work, kids, laundry and a dirty bath tub. I want to dream more – to let my mind go. Thanks for the chance to win a book that sounds great!

  236. Katie May

    I find it harder and harder to dream big the fuller my current life gets. I have, however, always had a knack for embracing life in the here and now, seeing everyday life as a form of worship, meant to be lived fully and for God.

  237. Hannah

    “Embracing the here and now + dreaming big = true, satisfying rest.”

    I love this!

  238. Terry C

    I think for me it’s embracing the here and now because I have to. I try to dream big but I always seem to pull myself back to reality and tell myself this is what you have to do, the responsible thing. I want to dream big and for it to become reality.

  239. Sarah

    I’m definitely a dreamer. I’m having a hard time embracing where I am right now. “Restless” is the only word that has described my attitude lately. I would love to read this book!

  240. Kathy

    I dream of the time when my book is finished. After all, it’s been two years since I first started this “novel.” It’s a slow process of writing one chapter a week, roughly a page a day. There’s a need for me to pick up the pace, put the rubber to the road and take some heavy duty time in the physical aspect of writing, editing and developing the plot. I can identify with your restless longings. The book should be a great escape for me as well.

  241. Mary Beth

    I seem to have lost all control over my life – I wonder whether I am dreaming or living in the moment. Restless would probably help.

  242. Michelle

    I would really like to read this! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  243. Michelle

    I am such a dreamer and it comes so easy to me. A lot of times the day to day issues become too much for me so I’d rather sit back and dream of better things. And hoping that someday those dreams will come true.

  244. Amy

    Dreaming BIG is usually easier for me right now, but at this moment in time, God is not revealing my life after about March. The changes coming are that monumental that I can hope and have faith, but cannot plan whatsoever! So, I am committing to live better in the here and now so that I don’t look back on this waiting period with regrets.

  245. Kristin thomas

    I could definitely use this book. I, too, dream and plan for the future quite easily, but living in the present with all of its good, bad and ugly is hard for me to do. I often find myself “just trying to make it through” and I miss out on all the beauty before me.

  246. Stephanie

    I’m a dreamer by nature and I love to dream big. What an encouraging article to live in the present in blissful and purposeful contentment. This challenged me to live more intentionally in each moment while cherishing each blessing that comes my way and walking (as joyful as possible) through hardship with endurance.

  247. Sarah Bragg

    I love the idea of this book. I am a dreamer but lately feel like I’m in quicksand in the present.

  248. Jenny

    I’m a dreamer too! I love to plan for things more than I actually like doing them.

  249. Sarah

    I need help with both at times. Good at one and not the other, visa-versa.

    Though right now, I am just chilling out.

  250. Katie T.

    I am definitely a big picture/dreamer type and it is really hard for me to pay attention to the details of everyday life. Would love to win this!

  251. Jessica P.

    Sounds like a great book, I’m looking for a change in careers right now, trying to find a good balance between a dream job and a practical job is not easy!

  252. Julie Regan

    I definitely have dreams which keep me enthused to continue working brought my day to day work life. I need to encourage my partner to live one of my dreams of travel as he is caught up in the day to day way too much and this holds me back. I am constantly restless as a result of this as we have to work together.

  253. laura

    For me the dreaming big is harder.

  254. Rachelle

    I remember having big dreams…having a special needs daughter often keeps me so focused on the now that Dreaming seems like a luxury

  255. Becky

    Dreaming is definitely easier, but by not embracing the here and now, you are missing out on life and not appreciating every moment.

  256. Susan NC Price

    Dreaming while accepting the now define creative tension for me. Concentrating on achieving what needs to get done in the now while not losing that vision for the future …

  257. Carmen

    I think it’s easier for me to dream big – but I’m not always good at following throug.

  258. Grace (My Spare Oom)

    I’ve felt the same way! Restless, stuck, and feeling like everyone else is excited and motivated for the new year but me. Dreaming big is definitely easier for me – I love imagining the possibilities rather than concentrating on what needs to be done NOW.

  259. Jen Ellis

    I find it more difficult to stay present. After the holidays and an early January birthday I always ready to move away from this time of year.

  260. KimW

    I am learning, finally, to be in the moment and deal with what is in front of me, although a little dreaming once in a whole is good for the soul!

  261. Andrea Miller

    Spot on for me right now. The conflict between dreaming and planning for the future and balancing living in the now is a constant challenge for me. I am always working and planning for the next great event in my life. I am finding it difficult this month as my husband is deployed overseas and I just want the next six months to be OVER! But, it is important that I be present HERE and NOW for my kids (and for myself). Thank you for you post!

    Here is a quote from Pooh that I saw in a post this morning.

    Pooh and Piglet are walking in the forest. “What day is it?” asked Pooh
    “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
    “My favorite day,” said Pooh

    So, are you Pooh or Scarlet O’Hara? (Think…..”After all…..tomorrow is another day.”)

    I think I’d like to cultivate some sort of balance between the two.

  262. Michelle Picinich

    Would love to read this!! Considering it for my Bible study as we’re looking for our next book.

  263. Jen D

    Dreaming big is hardest for me! I don’t want to fail!

  264. Jessica

    I’m constantly reminding myself to live in the present. I am definitely a big dreamer and planner. Ihe saying “this too shall pass” helps me take in the present when I become anxious for the future.

  265. Cerissa

    As I learn to spend more time in the present my to do list grows. But life with little children goes by too fast to not stop and cherish some moments.

  266. Lindsey

    I think living in the here and now is easier, but it makes me grumpy sometimes. I need a better balance!

  267. Angelica

    I used to dream big, but I have become afraid to dream big and execute.

  268. Jennyroo

    Never has there been a better time for me to read this book. I have typically been stuck in the ‘here and now’ – slogging it out in the trenches, parenting three young boys and working full time, just living day to day because I haven’t felt like I had the luxury of dreaming. But a recent turn of events (my husband left unexpectedly just before Xmas) has me thinking more and more about how to dream big, and create a new reality for the boys and I. Thank you for sharing this book, it looks lovely.

  269. Sandy

    I get so busy trying to get through the days that I don’t dream for the future…

  270. Brandi Smith

    I tend to be too much in the present, wrapped up in cooking and cleaning and feeding hungry boys. My husband noticed this and wrote me a sweet note that challenged me to dream big again, like I did before kids:) Recently God has given me big dreams that I can’t wait to get started on!

  271. Sharon Suzanne

    I prefer to dream,always planning things in the future. But having to be a full time caregiver has yanked me into the “Now” big time! I find myself afraid to dream because I get so frustrated at not being able to act on my dreams.

  272. Chelsea

    For me, it’s easier to dream big. It’s hard for me to embrace the here and now…

  273. Seth

    For me, embracing life in the here and now – I think that has to do with routines and checklists, it’s easy to get caught up in getting lists done and moving on to the next “to-do”

  274. Caitlin

    Sounds like a very inspirational book. I feel a bit restless because I’ve been dreaming of who I want to be ever since I left my teaching career over two and half years ago. I feel ready now, but not used to acting on the “dreaming” part of life. Usually stuck in the everyday things, so I need that push to “act”. Thanks for the chance, Tsh.

  275. Bethany

    Wow, do I understand being restless! Finally got to the part of my life where my passion is taking over:-)

  276. Emily

    I am a dreamer and a planner, so that comes easily to me! Embracing the now is hard, especially when I feel restless for what is coming next!

  277. Shannon M

    Oh, how I want to live more “in the moment!” With 5 young children, I find myself all to often wishing for the next thing… the day a child can tie her shoes, the time they can do their schoolwork independently, or that blessed day I can finally go to the grocery store alone! I don’t want to miss the precious moments TODAY.

  278. Heather

    I definitely straddle the two. 🙂

  279. Stacy

    This sounds like a book I need to read!

  280. Kristen

    Would love to read this book. I’m a dreamer and always trying to push on to the next big thing (often to the detriment of the last big thing ie what’s happening now). Interestingly, my “word” for 2014 (even though I agree that the practice is a bit cheesy!) is Patience. Trying to enjoy now, allow life to unfold as it should, and not rush whatever is next.

  281. Heather

    I wish I could choose “embracing the here and now”, but sadly this is still something I’m working toward. My dreams get me through at this point…

  282. Beth

    As long as I have funds and a clear view I prefer to embrace life and get things done. (Easier said than done for me this month.) It does take me a long time to start because I will live with things that I am displeased with until I know how I want it to be different.

  283. Lawana

    It’s so much easier to dream big! It seem perfect there, and I want perfect- not just to take life step by step with all its imperfections.

  284. Marci Villanueva

    Dreaming big is the easy part, its the acting on it that is the hard part for me! I am definitely not a here and now kind of person. I need to take more time to “stop and smell the roses”.

  285. Traci

    I am a full-on artistic Pisces DREAMER. This book sounds fantastic. I’d love to win a copy!

  286. cathyann

    I have more problems with dreaming big!

  287. Deborah

    I am a future thinker and planner. So staying in the present is hard for me. Thanks for this opportunity. Can’t wait to read her book.

  288. Katie @imperfect people

    Oh I would love to read this book! This is totally something I have been feeling here lately. The tension between big dreams and reality. I am also not a planner by nature but hoping to get much better about that in the new year!

  289. Scott

    I feel that restlessness and have difficulty tapping into the dream.

  290. Leslie

    I would say it’s easier to dream than be in the here and now. Some days its an escape and keeps the drive going.

  291. Sara

    Dreams can be the catalyst to creating a beautiful time in the future or the rock that blocks our ability to sit still and enjoy life. I ask myself many times each day “what can I do right now.” This creates space for enjoying the present, working toward a dream or simply daydreaming.

  292. Feda

    I’m more of a dreamer…and sometimes need gentle reminders to actually be in the present, and plan in order for the dreams to become reality!

  293. Beth

    Dreaming is way easier. It doesn’t require any action…

  294. LiisaR

    This sounds amazing! Very timely for me and I’d love to get my hands on a copy. 🙂

  295. Heidi

    Dreaming is always easier. I have a hundred dreams floating in my head right now. And I’m on the computer while my kids are playing in the next room. Yeah, “here and now” is not quite as easy. I’m a restless dreamer. I’d love this book.

  296. Alyson

    Another dreamer here! Always planning and scheming the next adventure, and it is SO HARD to be content and present in the here and now. I saved your blog for last today because I so identify with the word “Restless” and I knew your post would hit home. I heard about this book earlier today and read some reviews on Amazon – would love a chance to read it!

  297. kathy w

    I am a here and now type of person but I am getting really antsy
    about planning for the future.

  298. Tammy

    Hmmm, breathing in the life of today with all its pain and grace is soooo much harder for me than waiting to exhale in what seems to be the perfect paper list of tomorrow’s dreams. Choosing to breathe right now in this moment.

  299. Laura

    Dreaming. I make a lot of plans, but it’s harder to follow through!

  300. Tricia

    Oh dreaming big is so much easier for me. I love dreaming big, beautiful, amazing dreams and dreaming about the day when those dreams are my present.

  301. MC

    I am much better at dreaming and planning. The being present is really hard especially in the winter months. Your post summed up my feelings beautifully. Thanks for making the book available.

  302. Alison

    I embrace the here and now.

  303. Jen


    I can’t find where to email you privately so I have to leave a comment on here.

    Why do you live in Bend if you don’t like it? I don’t know if you realize this, but as someone who lives in Bend (and loves it here and thinks the 300 days of sunshine are absolutely amazing) it is insulting to read how often you complain about Bend. It’s my understanding that you and your husband work from home and homeschool your children. I would think with that set up, you could live anywhere in the US, if not the world, so why do you choose to live somewhere you don’t love? I know you are moving overseas with your family temporarily, but while you are here in our beautiful city (with mild, enviable weather) could you please quit complaining about it?

  304. Jacqui

    I have resolved to read more books this year, so I’d love to win a copy. It may even help me with that restlessness within!

  305. Katy

    I think dreaming and planning go hand in hand. Keeping perspective with a clearly and dreamy framework so you can keep your face turned in the direction of your dream and you step out your plans in that direction.

  306. Greg

    I am a planner, by nature, not much of a dreamer. I used to dream when I was young. Then, I grew up and lost or suppressed the ability to dream. Now, I have become burned out planning the success of others for too many years. At this point, I am too cynical to start dreaming again. So, I just take on each day and plow through it, putting one foot in front of the next like a climber at high altitude, trying to reach a summit hidden in the clouds.

  307. Angie

    I am always restless, but rarely brave. I’m realizing that I can’t be brave enough…but God can!

  308. Jen A

    My sense of restlessness comes when I can’t seem to bring the dreaming and the being together. Usually I have more trouble with the dreaming because I overanalyze and decide it is a no-go before I even get started. Ack! Love the post and would love the book! Thanks!

  309. Patty

    Since my husband died a year ago, I have been working on living one moment, one day at a time….unable (or afraid) to dream about the future. Restless is an accurate word for my life at present. Daring to dream. Just a little bit. I used to be a big dreamer who found joy in the journey. Maybe 2014 will bring more dreams.

  310. karla

    When “here” isn’t the place you want to be; dreaming is about the only thing that fills your heart with hope.
    It’s hard to embrace the present when I dream up the ideal lifestyle. However it helps to be grateful… A thankful prayer goes a long way. For now, I’m still restless

  311. Christy W

    Seems like I’ve had trouble with both lately. I’m really working to embrace the here and now.

  312. Tina@GottaRunNow

    Embracing life in the here and now is easier for me than dreaming, but I think that dreaming is a good thing!

  313. Meredith

    I love how you are able to put some of my own sentiments into words! I understand the Restless feeling… especially when the here and now has that ‘boomerang’ syndrome to the days- I do one thing, then another, and then turn around and have to do the same things again. It is easier to dream of ‘one day’ during those moments. I realize however, that these moments are those special everyday ones that I end up looking back and savoring how simple and special they were!

  314. Melodie

    I always thought I was good at embracing the here and now, but this has been a challenging season (two little ones) and I often find myself just trying to get through the day. Thank you for the reminder to save energy for dreaming AND savor the moment!

  315. Sherri Pengjad

    So much easier to dream all day and miss out on my days…

  316. Beth Rudolf

    I’m a planner by nature. With two littles I often have no choice but to be in the present moment. As such, I have limited time to dream other than to wish someone else would clean up the house

  317. Amy S

    I am taking it day by day, working on the here and now, trying to soak up as much of my little ones as I can in this season of my life, but I look forward to future seasons that God can use me for big things!

  318. Kirsten

    I constantly dream and plan of new projects and things i want, or need to do, but can sometimes find the day to day living too tiring to do anything about them.

  319. Jodi

    Ooooooh would be a great win! I am always looking ahead (though often I am not quite sure what for). My next big thing is “spring” because the windchill is -45 degrees below zero here. Wish I could hibernate like a bear!!!

  320. Rachel

    Would love to win the book! I think I’m generally better at living in the here & now. Trying so hard to treasure each day.

  321. Jennifer

    I do both, however, I need to dream with more focus. I tend to wish maybe more than dream and consider my dreams. I do love when I’m present with a moment-rafts delicious!

  322. karie

    I live in the here and now. I do have a dream in the back of my mind just don’t. Know how yo make it happen.

  323. Suzanne

    I think living in the here and now is easier for me.

  324. Kristi J

    I have been feeling restless as well and this post really resonated with me. I am a dreamer and love to spend time dreaming about future projects and have difficulty remaining present to the here and now.

  325. Maureen

    I dream, I plan but what I wish for is “stick-to-it-tiveness”

  326. Tanya

    I have always dreamed but lately I came to understand I have enough here and now and am trying to experience that.

  327. Victoria

    I find it easier to dream! This book sounds so good!

  328. Kim

    I think I’m more of a dreamer. Always looking ahead to what is coming next or that next big plan or idea. Have to remind myself to enjoy today!

  329. Rebekah

    I’ve come through a very refreshing holiday season of rest and enjoying my family. I feel renewed to enjoy life’s moment. In fact I was just setting my mind to that today as tomorrow my normal routine really kicks back into high gear. My normal tendency is to get weighed down by all that needs to be done and in doing so miss the moment. I find being present difficult but not because I’m a dreamer…at least I haven’t thought of it that way before. I get bogged down in the details and get overwelmed by all that needs to be done…ya know, a Martha!

  330. Lisa

    I’m dreaming big but bringing that focus to the present day by taking action steps each day toward my dreams AND I’m making sure that I set my intentions each morning and journal my gratitudes each evening. These two activities keep me in the present day. Would love to win a copy of the book!

  331. Susan

    I find both difficult. Living in the present means not living in the past which holds memories that keep me safe in the present. Living in the future, dreaming about the future leaves me wondering if my dream comes true, when will the other shoe drop. Occasionally, I find peace in the present, or so I think, until someone asks me if I have been taking my meds because I seem too happy. I cannot be giddy about anything without scrutiny. When I question myself, I revert to thinking about the past. It is a cycle that I long to break.

  332. Kate

    This is timely. I actually started crying yesterday when my husband asked me if I had any dreams for my life. Not really. It’s hard for me to dream. Or maybe I’m afraid of dreaming. Ashamed of dreaming. It’s like wishing for something that I don’t have which seems wrong. I want to dream well…

  333. Hillary

    Dreaming big and going for it are two different things for me. I feel like I’m always trying to improve on the present, and sometimes forget that the present is perfect in just the way it needs to be.

  334. Diane

    I’m feeling restless as well… not quite sure why. Usually, embracing life in the here & now is easier for me, but right now that’s not quite working. My life is in transition, so I need to find my way and settle in again.

  335. Deanne H.

    I am such a dreamer. I dream but forget it takes planning to make those dreams a reality. I am working on being more of a planner to make those dreams of mine come true.

  336. Chelsea Dudley

    I think I am better at embracing the hear and now. My problem is not having anxiety about the future.

  337. Roberta

    Both. I am in the here and now, definitely have big plans and dreams, but merging them is a challenge. This book looks very interesting, thanks.

  338. Michelle

    I used to be a dreamer, and then life got hard, to the point it was difficult to breathe. While I am learning to live in the present, I am restless, for I long to dream again.

  339. Heather

    I’m such a dreamer! My goal this year is to rediscover and learn to live in the moment and soak each one in.

  340. Carol Sue

    Being at rest for me is learning the lessons of being content in whatever circumstances my life is in.
    Now that is a creative challenge all in itself.!
    And, oh my goodness are there ever circumstances. A disabled hubby, my mother with cancer, my daughter a single mom of 4 whom I adore. With those circumstances and more, learning to be content with myself becomes a creative challenge.

    Thanks for the insight into that. See what reading can bring, insight for me tonight. Thanks again.

  341. Tehila

    I have learned over the years to live more in the present, but there is still a big dreamer in me yet…

  342. Chrysta

    I have dreams for myself to do other things besides laundry, cooking, and cleaning. I am a musician and serve on our church music team. I gave up a full-time church music director position to move for my husband’s job. I’d like to think I do pretty well living in the present – trusting God with my future, but every now and then (sooner than I’d like to admit) I get anxious that life may be passing me by and I need to just pursue a new career avenue or anything! My thoughts all sounds jumbled, I know, but this is what I’ve been wrestling with in my mind.
    I guess the word “restless” kind of sums it up?

  343. LeeAnn G Taylor

    I feel restless at times because I know God has placed a dream in me, something bigger, but it seems unclear. Trying to trust that God lights just enough of the path!

  344. Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

    I find it easier to live and embrace the present. I have a hard time dreaming big because I don’t know how to go about achieving the dreams. So I figure if I don’t set them I can’t fail. I just seem to take each day as it comes. I’ve always been like that. Back in high school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do so I got a job and just went to work every day and that was that. No big dreams to accomplish because I didn’t have any. Yet, I love my life and where it’s taken me. I think I’m afraid to take risks. I’ve always been a steady, reliable type of person. So there you have it. *smile*
    Have a lovely day.

  345. Lindsay@littlehousebigworld

    Without a doubt the dreaming is easier. The hard thing is that the dream always feels so far away or at least I do my part in keeping it at arm’s length. That’s something God is leading me to..trusting in faith.

  346. Sharon

    I’m a dreamer by nature … I have always found it hard to embrace the present. I have discovered the benefits of doing so however, so it is something I’m working on.

  347. Lindsey

    I’m a dreamer.

  348. Bruce

    Love the formula! My way of saying this is that we must always be stretching to achieve what we were built to do while being content and joyful with where we are.


  349. Tamar

    I definitely find it easier to dream and very very VERY hard to hunker down and do something to make those dreams come true. Fulfilling dreams is hard work and requires sacrifice!

  350. Lori

    It is much easier to dream than to live in the present. Our minds have ways of taking us places we may never get to go. Living in the present only makes reality slap us straight in the face, which sometimes is not good.

  351. Kelly O.

    I get bogged down in the day-to-day issues of life and sometimes I forget to dream!

  352. Marian

    I’m a dreamer and a planner big time. A constant source of conflict with my husband. The doing and the here and now are hard for me, especially when the dreaming and the planning makes me feel overwhelmed by all the things I should and want and need to do!

  353. Susan Smith

    I am a dreamer and a planner…from way back 🙂

  354. Denise Hershberger

    it is easier for me to dream. I need to work on enjoying present life more!

  355. Amber

    I am a planner but I tend to live in the here and now.
    I have been finding myself a bit restless lately, too so I will be adding this to the top of my reading list.

  356. Julie S.

    I am for sure a dreamer, but my execution is poor. Sometimes, the things I dream don’t seem as important as my job as wife and mom. However, I want to cultivate that and live my best life possible!

  357. Liz D.

    love dreaming and coupling that with every day life.

  358. Brenda

    Tough question to answer for me. Currently, I am a SAHM of two little ones. Prior to being a parent, I had a career – which for some reason, made it easier to dream big. So often I am caught up in the day-to-day that dreaming (let alone dreaming big) just doesn’t happen. But I wouldn’t say that living in the present is any easier. Yes, I must live in the present to get through the day, but if I am “getting through the day” does that mean that I am truly soaking it all in, living in the present? Hmmm . . . much to think about. Sounds like an interesting read!

  359. Heidi

    INTJ dreamer, though I always thought it was my enjoyment of the here and now that makes me chronically late. Both?

  360. Amy

    This is the second blog that I’ve seen promoting this book. Would love to read it! I’ve always been a planner, but seem to have become more of a dreamer with each new year of motherhood. Maybe it’s because plans are always changing with motherhood and sometimes it seems all I can do is dream.

  361. Katherine

    The here and now is easier because dreaming big opens a whole new world of scary and exciting things. It’s good to stretch into that though.

  362. Christine A

    Dreaming Big is easy…..acting on it is not!!! I try to live in the now but am always worried about what I am not planning ahead for.

  363. Amanda Snow

    It’s always easier for me to dream — about what I want and what I want my family to be, rather than simply being content with my now. It’s a constant work-in-progress for me.

  364. Karen

    Always thinking about the future. So dream big!!

  365. Tara

    Thanks for the reminder to dream! I have two dreams that I really want to consider taking steps to make the impossible tangible, lol! Either dream has the potential to improve my neighborhood… and how awesome would that be?!?
    So, thank you for your reminder… I’m going to begin again. Dream, Plan, Action!

  366. Andrea

    Perfect for this time of year. And perfect for where I am at this point in my life. I am anticipating many changes in the coming year–trying to make some dreams reality.

  367. Mikkin

    I totally relate to your second half of winter restlessness. I immediately start hoping to find something—vacation, anything.

  368. Sara DeMaster Smith

    I’m in the midst of seeking my dreams, with more than a little trepidation about where they might lead…

  369. Maryellen

    I am definitely better at embracing the here and now!

  370. Carrie

    This post spoke to my heart when I read it yesterday. You put to words what was brewing in my heart that I could not express.

    Living in the here and now is definitely harder for me than dreaming.

  371. Lindsey

    I like to dream of a day when I will cook dinner without a screaming child stuck to my leg.

  372. Cheryl

    The timing of this is perfect. I am actually not sleeping well because of restlessness. It is 4am where I am. I can really use this book.

  373. Myriam

    Dreaming big. Yes. But life quickly tells me to snap out of it and return to reality.

  374. Keijo

    Sitting here, way earlier in the morning than I should be, wondering if my second bout of strep in a month has hit, it’s hard to completely embrace the here and now. But there are things in my now that I like (a bunch of young kids) and also a longing for the not-yet (potty training). I find that I can’t really sign onto any camp. I love having things to look forward to on my calendar (what’s that next big event again?) and feel like I need them. And I like where I live TODAY and am amazingly challenged and blessed in the here and now.

  375. Mary

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  376. Marcia

    I don’t feel like I dream enough. So caught up in the “what I am forgetting to do” here and now! Feeling very restless myself. Interested in checking out the book!

  377. Jill

    I feel like I’m always looking ahead to what the next big thing might be. Definitely more of a dreamer!!

  378. Krista

    Dreaming. I get so caught up in the future. Wish I were better at being present in the here and now.

  379. Shelley

    Dreaming big – about traveling, earning more, doing more, adventuring more, serving more, accomplishing more is easy peasy for me. It’s the doing and savoring that I have trouble with. Looks like a great read for this sometimes restless soul!

  380. Heather

    It’s much easier for me to dream. One of the things I’m working on is being more present and available in the now.

  381. Rachel

    Sound like alot of us dreamer/planners out there. Some of you in the present people, write about how it looks and how you do it and what the repercussions are, please!! I have been on a goal/plan method of operation since childhood and I too, NEED TO BE HERE; NOW!!
    Still, I notice a trend lately to “live in the week” so to speak. I am not present now, but I do not have big dreams further than next month. I seem to live in duty, and without passion sometimes. Do NOT come there with me people! Not a good thing.

  382. Joanne Viola

    I tend to be in the here & now probably because I am so afraid of missing something. I think I need to embrace dreaming a little bit more. I love Jennie’s writings & would love to read this book as well. Thanks for the chance!

  383. Diana

    Dreaming is so much easier than doing for me! I have tons of trouble being in the moment and it bothers me immensely since I have three little ones and don’t want to look back with regrets.

  384. Krisha

    I love the new year and all that it can mean, and strive to live fully in the present while dreaming in the future. Still working on finding the balance between the two. My true goal in life is to find contentment …. Now and in the future.

  385. loraena

    I just started reading this too. I have high hopes for it!

  386. Annie

    I’d love to win this book. This is right where my heart is right now.

  387. Liz

    I am very much a dreamer when it comes to all aspects of my life. It’s plays so different in my head and when things don’t turn out the way I thought they would I get very discourage and give up.

    I think I find myself too busy doing “things” and not getting to the actual core issue. If that makes any sense.

  388. Krista

    I have been so focused on my day to day life, that I don’t think I have any dreams anymore. Definitely stuck in a rut!

  389. Amy

    I am so much better at dreaming big, especially this time of year when outside is dark and dreary and it feels like all I can do is sit on the couch and dream. It’s this time of year I always KNOW I’m going to become a master gardener once warm weather hits (hasn’t happened yet) and make big plans for the entire year. Sitting in the now is much harder for me; I’m always thinking about the next thing.

  390. Lois

    Definitely a dreamer…I’ve always been guilty of daydreaming. I find it hard to follow through and act on those dreams.

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