Do You Still Read Blogs?

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’m gonna dust off my blogging keyboard around here and start hitting publish on my own words again. But you know what else I’ve been doing more of lately?

Reading blogs. Remember doing that? Yeah… I’ve been doing more blog reading and less social media scrolling. And it’s been genuinely fun.

Something about the rhetoric and divisiveness of conversations via social media has pulled me back from the rabbit hole suckage of places like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, and has drawn me closer to the old-fashioned art of reading longer form essays. It’s been a balm to my mind.

(Not to rabbit trail, but if you’re curious, I still subscribe to blogs like it’s 2009, using the free version of Feedly. It works like a charm.)

Because yes, even though people don’t blog as much as they used to, there are blogs out there that still publish regularly. I’m gonna be an outlier and say: not only do I not think blogging is a dying art, I think it’s actually making a comeback. Slowly and quietly, I see more people out on the internet picking back up the practice.

I think we long for more connection, slower (but deeper) thinking, and more soulful art. Social media is too rapid-fire, too limiting for this (Instagram excepting for the art bit). Reading a blog feels like visiting in someone’s living room over coffee or dinner. Scrolling a social media feed feels like walking through a crowded open-air marketplace with vendors shouting their wares.

Both have their place. But at some point, it’s good for us to slow down and sit awhile while we listen to each other. It feels like blog-reading is the digital equivalent of that these days, in an ever-noisier internet. (That, and books, of course. Always books.)

I’d love to know… Are you still into reading blogs?

And in particular — are you still into reading this blog?

As we make AoS more reader-focused over the coming months, we’d like to learn about you. It’s been ages since we’ve done a reader (and listener) survey — and we want to hear who you are, why you come here, what would make this space even better for you.

I plan to write more here again, yes, as well as make space for other writers, and as well as continue to publish the podcast. And in all this, I want to prioritize cultivating a community spirit, a likeminded place where we can interact about the things that matter to us.

(Sure, that’ll happen over on social media. But let’s make that happen here, too, where we don’t have to depend on ever-changing algorithms and powerful owners who see their users as data instead of customers.)

It would mean so much to us if you’d take some time to tell us your thoughts about AoS. It’s anonymous, it’s short, and it’s genuinely helpful for us.

We’ll take answers from you throughout October, and take to heart what you tell us. And we may even share some of our findings soon after, if you’re curious!

And up front: thank you. Thank you for continuing to read here over the years, or thank you for sticking around if you’re new. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Kindly take the survey, but before you do, leave a quick comment below telling me two things: 1. Do you still read blogs? And if so, 2. What’s a current favorite?

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  1. Lauren

    I do still read blogs. I’ve never stopped, although many of my favourite bloggers have stopped or don’t post nearly as often as they used to. I also use free Feedly, and I have been a bit puzzled by the newer trend for email letters (I guess people feel it’s a more reliable way to guarantee they are reaching people?). I must admit that it makes me sad that so many people have turned to podcasting rather than blogging. I’d rather read a well written essay or blog post than listen to a podcast any day. I guess I just don’t fit in with the current trends. Soule Mama (of is one of my favourite bloggers who has pressed on with regular blogging over the years.

  2. Stefanie Semple

    Yes I still read blogs and yes I read yours and I totally agree.

  3. Claire

    I still read blogs most days although I binge. I also use free feedly after the demise of google reader.
    I read this blog usually as a binge.
    I read Ask A Manager more or less daily. I binge Modern Mrs Darcy (her links posts are my favourite). I also like Captain Awkward.
    Sadly I think social media has depleted my attention span and I struggle with very long posts that don’t have a sectioned structure.

  4. Sophie Davies

    I still read blogs! It’s where I spend most of my time on the internet. I have noticed fewer comments being left, and more connection being made in Instagram DMs. I like how blog posts stick around, they’re not temporary like Instagram photos or Tweets are.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      I agree with 100% of this, Sophie!

  5. Nelia Fahloun

    Yes, I still read blogs, and still with Feedly too! There are work-related blogs in my field (translation), my work specializations (legal), and other general blogs on freelancing. And there are my other, more personal subscriptions, like AoS, centered around my interests in lifestyle, culture, cooking, etc.

  6. Marcy

    I still read blogs, and I too use Feedly so I don’t miss any of my friends that only post occasionally. Facebook was great 10 years ago. Now it’s too big, and not really used as a place to connect, so much as vent. I too have been using it less and less.

  7. Jennifer

    Yes! And I use feedly- love it!
    Just this week my daughter asked about writing a blog. 🙂
    Others I read: modern Mrs Darcy, Emily freeman, view from my studio, teachpianotoday

  8. Destiny

    I still read blogs and subscribe with Feedly too!
    My favorites change depending on life season.

  9. Marie

    I still love blogs. They saved my life when my son was born and 11 years later they are still a part of my day. Favorites are Mimi Smartypants, Big ‘Mama, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and Angry Chicken.

  10. Alyson

    Yes, I’m still reading blogs! And I love them. I’ve always struggled to pick up a book in 5-10 minute pockets of time but can read 2-3 blogs in those moments . Like a responder above, I’m still following pretty much those that I found when I first started although many of them rarely post as they’ve moved into books and podcasts.

  11. Jenny Krueger

    I still read blogs, and I miss the days when all of my favorites posted regularly! I am not on any social media (My mind is much more peaceful without it.), so I am a bit sad that some bloggers’ content has moved over to Instagram. I also find the switch to email letters interesting. I am subscribed to a few of those. However, I much prefer having all of it organized in Feedly. Modern Mrs. Darcy is a long time favorite. She still posts very regularly and yet the content feels fresh.

    • Alicia

      I’m also not on Instagram and try to minimize my facebook time, so it’s been sad to see the transition to “micro blogging” on social media.

      I use bloglovin and also enjoy how it keeps my unread blog posts organized.

      I enjoy Carrots for Michaelmas.

  12. Laurin Beardsley

    Yes. I don’t do podcasts. Currently love Ginny Sheller – Small Things, M.E. Bond, and Hooked on Houses.

  13. Rebecca

    Yup, still reading. The simple dollar, modern Mrs Darcy, amalah, etc and by email newsletter to quite a few more. I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into podcasts because that’s where the content I want is but I really prefer reading.

  14. Kris

    I still read books though the number in my reader that regularly produce posts has dropped. I really enjoy mater mea. It’s a blog for and about black motherhood. As a white woman, it’s helpful to read about motherhood from different perspectives than my own and finding diverse voices has been a recent priority of mine.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Love that suggestion! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks, Kris.

  15. Penny

    Yes. I am not on social media. I stay up to date on frugal girl, simple homeschool and the bloggers over there, also encouragement for today.

  16. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I still read blogs every day and never really stopped! I agree – they’re more fulfilling than social media. I also still post regularly on my own blog and never stopped that either. I use social media to drive traffic to my blog…not as my primary source of communication.

  17. Kerri Boller

    I read blogs daily – probably more now than ever. My favorites are Raptitiude, Mark Manson, AoS, Becoming Minimalist, and Introvert Dear. I love Break the Twitch, but they are moving towards other formats, and I’m finding it hard to enjoy. I’m not a fan of Podcasts simply because I prefer reading. Also,I’m naturally drawn to the slowness of a book or blog article. Glad to see you back!

  18. Bethany Turner

    Yep, I still read blogs, I log into Feedly every morning. Some of my favorites are Modern Mrs. Darcy, Gretchen Rubin, and industry blogs.

  19. Paige H

    I never stopped reading blogs. And I still like to read through my favorites with my morning coffee. I read this blog, a couple of running blogs, and a few of the homeschooling blogs that are left! I find it easier to fit in reading a post than to listen to podcasts, though I like both.

  20. Deborah Nam-Krane

    So happy to read this. I still read blogs and dropped most social media (I occasionally scroll through Instagram–NatGeo has a gorgeous feed). I read through Bloglovin. I appreciate reading through blog readers in general because it’s a great way to avoid all the ads that jump out at you everywhere on the internet now. I read an eclectic collection: AoS, Art of Nonconformity, The Bullet Journalist, Food First, Media Nation, Mystery Writing is Murder, Your Rainforest Mind, SKrashen, and Gifted Homeschooler Forum. That’s pretty much it for people who publish even semi-regularly. Like a lot of other commenters, I’ve been disappointed when a favorite blogger drops off, or tries to get me to join their social media community. Not the same at all. I would love to find others to read more regularly; I’ll have to check out this Modern Mrs Darcy so many have mentioned.

  21. Annaleah

    Like so many of the other commenters here, I’ve never stopped reading blogs, though there is far less to read daily than there was five years ago. I follow blogs using bloglovin’. Modern Mrs. Darcy, Soulemama, The Minimalist Mom, and this one are a few of my favorites.

  22. Lydia

    I read this on Feedly ala 2009 as well. I like to wake up reading my favorite blogs. Most are about simple living or homeschooling. Kara Anderson is probably the writer I get most excited about when she puts up a new post. She’s hilarious and makes this homeschool thing seem totally doable.

  23. Sheila

    I do still read blogs. Mu current favorite is Get Rich Slowly.

  24. Kim

    I read blog posts daily through Feedly. I prefer reading to watching a video or listening to a podcast. Some of my favorites are The Vivienne Files, Andrea Decker, Miss Minimalist, Frugalwoods, Picky Pinchers, and Maria Killam. And yours of course!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      I don’t know of any of these, so thanks for mentioning them!

  25. Christi

    I still read and enjoy blogs very much!

  26. Sarah M

    Yes, I still read blogs. Emily P Freeman’s blog, and Penelope Trunk’s homeschooling blog (two *vastly* different writers!) are some of my favorites. Along with Renee Tougas.

  27. Christine

    1. Yes, I still read blogs. I much prefer them over podcasts. I can read a blog on a break from work at my desk, or relaxing in bed. Podcasts are time consuming and I feel like the content rambles sometimes.

    2. I read Memories on Clover Lane, Gretchen Rubin, Modern Mrs. Darcy, Andrea Dekker, The Lazy Genius collective, Lisa Notes, ME Bond, Born and Read in Chicago, Kath Eats, I Heart Organizing, Emily Freeman. Some of these do not post regularly but I am thrilled when they do. I rarely listen to a podcast.

    Love your site and blog!

  28. Amy

    I took the survey but forgot, I also read Seth Godin’s blog, but only because it pops in my inbox every morning and they are always really short and to the point posts. Not quite the same readership as AoS, but I think a lot of the basic, basic concepts underlying are in the same spirit. Do good, quality work with a simpler mindset.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      He’s one of my daily reads!

  29. Trisha Fullmer

    I am still a very avid blog reader. I love learning from other people’s experiences.
    And I want to be a better blogger myself!

  30. Kelli

    Yes, I still love to read blogs!

  31. Chrissy

    LOVE blogs! Like you, I’m dusting off my keyboard. I’m tired of sponsored content and watered down snippets. I love reading everyday observations about life. I really like Design Mom (so smart, even if we don’t always agree!). I also like Sycamore 320, Cup of Jo, Making it Lovely, Everyday Reading, SouleMama, Ali Edwards…I’m sure I’m forgetting some others. Still use Feedly every day, too!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      You and I have similar reading tastes — I subscribe to most of these!

  32. Seana Turner

    Yes, I definitely still read (and write) blogs! I have a Bloglovin’ feed that i look at every morning. It is fun to poke around and see what people are talking about, and I love the connection that comes with commenting on each other’s posts. I have made some good friends this way:)

  33. Abigail

    I totally read blogs, including yours, I find it is a lovely way to learn something, have a pseudo visit with a like minded person and just because I find it way more interesting than all the instant social media….and YES, I read your blog, so keep bringing it…please. and thankyou.

    • P.S.-still Abigail

      I need to add that I use bloglovin and have too many favorites to pick from…it is always interesting to see what people are doing and thinking and it is a valuable resource for information.

  34. Tracy

    Yes, I read blogs. I still read this one and am excited that Tsh will be contributing again. My favorites are The Frugalwoods, Cal Newport, and Modern Mrs. Darcy.

    • Tracy

      More favorites: Little Earthling Blog and Introvert, Dear.

  35. Beth

    Yes! I follow blogs on Bloglovin’ and I MUCH prefer them to Facebook and Instagram. #internetgrandma

    One of my perennial favorites is Everyday Reading. I go for the book recommendations and stay for the family friendly recipes and inspiration about parenting.

  36. Tanya Ward

    I still read blogs using Feedly…I’m old school!

  37. Lindsey Billingsley

    Yes! I read blogs almost every day through feedly.

  38. angharad

    i did the survey (but my work situation isn’t covered – i am retired so don’t work at all!). i used to blog for years myself so i got to know the blogs of a lot of people who read mine but i seem to have drifted away from the blogosphere. however i flounced off facebook over the data issues and have stayed off which is wonderful! i find it hard to actually find blogs i want to read now – i used to use google reader and now use feedly but it somehow doesn’t grab them for me – might be just how i use it! love your blog.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Thanks for the reminder to include retirement as a work option on the survey! Appreciate it, Angharad.

  39. Julia

    Yes, I still love to read blogs, although I don’t get to read that many anymore, since most are doing podcasts now. I don’t really frequent this blog as much anymore; I’m just not getting the inspiration that I used to tbh. I love to read (and listen to her podcast Straight & Curly as well) and the Cullt of Pedagogy, since I am a teacher (although I subscribe to that podcast as well… see the trend here? Tsh, I think you would really enjoy the Cult of Pedagogy as well, since you’ve added teacher to your many job descriptions now. Episode 103 about TQE’s blew me away recently! I also follow Simple Bites, thanks to you, and own both cookbooks. BTW, I would love an interveiw with Aimee on the Simple podcast 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Fun idea to chat with Aimee! It’s been years since she was on the podcast.

  40. Amanda Waters

    1. I do still read blogs! (And subscribe via Feedly as well).

    2. A couple of current favorites include The Kitchn and Book Riot.

  41. Donna

    I read about 70 blogs and really enjoy them. No negativity! I read them on feedly and l love it.

  42. Michelle Mudgway

    I still read blogs and use Feedly. Well written blog posts are timeless and I’ll follow bloggers who no longer post regularly but have great archives. As well as AoS I read Foxs Lane, Introvert Dear, Sarah Bessey and, at the moment, lots and lots of blogs on personal finance.

  43. Lisa Zahn

    Yes! I still read blogs and agree with so much of what you say about the slower pace and the blogging community. I discovered Feedly just a few years ago, so I didn’t even get started on that until after 2009! I read your blog, Nesting With Grace, Beauty That Moves, Cup of Jo, Design Mom, Modern Mrs. Darcy, Clover Lane, Introvert, Dear, Zen Habits, and a few others religiously. I enjoy what you all have to say!

  44. Lisa Qualls

    I still read blogs on Feedly and have been sad to see so many I love fall away. I also still write my blog (since 2006), but now have a podcast and a book contract, so I generally post once a week plus a post about the week’s podcast episode. My favorites are AoS, Marion Roach, and Leslie Leyland Fields. Thanks for coming back to blogging; I always enjoy hearing from you!

  45. Kris

    I still read blogs, but not as much as I used to and I’m very random about which I read.

  46. Kristen

    Yes! I still read blogs and also occasionally write on my blog. I subscribe via Bloglovin so I’m not reliant on social media to tell me when a new post is up. I think having a blog app to help keep track of websites and posts is really helpful. Otherwise it’s easy to forget about a blog voice you might really like but not think to check often.

  47. Joy in Alabama

    I DO read blogs and am sad that they seem to be disappearing. I think about them more deeply than the Instagram posts that people are moving to now. I just skim those without even thinking because it feels like information overload. I love Anne Bogel’s blog, I read a decorating blog or two, a homeschool blog when she publishes anymore, this one, and a couponing-type blog.

  48. Dana

    Yes I read blogs, especially yours! Ive really enjoyed all the different perspectives of the guests posts you’ve published recently. They are a breath of fresh air after Facebook overload (I severely restrict my time on FB now, it’s sanity saving). I use Feedly and usually check for new posts every other day or so. I like the daily devotional from (in)courage and Modern Mrs. Darcy is another favorite.

  49. TM

    I still read blogs. The one that I read every single post for on the day it comes out is Modern Mrs. Darcy. I also read AoS, Cup of Jo, Young House Love, and HR Capitalist (for work) occasionally to semi-consistently. For me, I get hooked most when it is one person’s voice/thoughts that I like and want to hear from consistently. I struggle more with blogs with multiple contributors since it is harder for me to learn who I like and identify when they are posting (often in emails notices the author isn’t listed). I just quit Instagram. Too many fluff posts from too many bloggers. I don’t need to hear from my favorite bloggers every day. One blog a week is plenty plus the podcasts.

  50. Jennifer

    I do read blogs. Some favs are a beautiful mess, neinei dialogs and Ann Bogel.

  51. Rika | Live Small - Be More

    I actually prefer blogs to social media. As you say, it’s the narrative that attracts me and the personal stories that come through. I also get a lot of new ideas from blogs, especially for DIY projects. I’m a blogger myself and I try to stay away from social media overload (although I like Instagram) because I want to tell a story and not show how (un)perfect my life is.

  52. jana

    Yes! I’ve followed many for decades! One I’ve read from pre-wedding (back when it was called “online journaling) to having adult children! And you aren’t the first person I’ve heard say that the pendulum on blogs in moving back to more personal and interesting content. I really hope so… so many of my fav’s have gone away and I’d love to find new ones!

  53. Amber

    Yes! Love blogs! I’m reviving my own little blog, and I still read them. Yours is one of my favorites so I’m very happy to see you coming back. I love your pod, but sometimes I just want to see the words instead of listen to them if that makes any sense at all.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      It makes sense. 🙂

  54. Essie

    I still read blogs using Feedly!
    I limited my FaceBook timeline, stopped using twitter, limit use of IG.

    Too much stressful news!! Oh and I started reading more Medium articles.

  55. Mel

    Like so many others I still read blogs, on Feedly. I don’t have any social media accounts and have been disappointed when many of my favourite bloggers have dropped away, preferring to post on Instagram and Facebook. I would think reading blogs is the majority of my internet usage. I like to read thoughtful posts on relevant issues, not trivial updates and nasty comments which seem to be the norm for most social media.

  56. July

    I don’t read blogs regularly. I tend only to read a blog about a specific topic that I’ve googled : /

  57. Natalie

    I do still read blogs! I use Bloglovin to keep track and up to date on all my favorites. Two of my favorites are The Lazy Genius Blog and Chatting at the Sky by Emily P. Freeman. Emily wrote a lovely post this week about Shannen Martin’s new book and I enjoyed sitting down with my coffee and reading the whole post, something I miss when I’m just watching IG Stories.

  58. Michelle Tercha

    I read blogs and still love them. I read this one, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zeilske, and some crafty ones. I check some others like Modern Miss Darcy and Becoming Minimilist, too. Thanks for keeping your blog going. Michelle t

  59. Lacey Meyers

    I do still read blogs and I still regularly blog! I 100% agree with your analogy about blogs being like visiting in someone’s living room vs social media being a crowded public space. That’s why I continue to favor blogging… I’m an introvert who would rather have you over to my home than to meet out and about. 😉 Anyway, I’ve always loved your blog and also Design for Mankind and Under the Sycamore. I do really appreciate podcasts though too, since my ears are more free than my eyes are (I have a very active toddler + 3 older boys). But yes, I love blogs still and am thankful you’re back at it!

  60. Sarah

    I still enjoy blogs, but don’t read many regularly. I stay at home with young kids, and spend a lot of time doing household tasks with one earbud in (Thanks for that tip!) listening to a podcast or audiobook. If I read a blog post, it’s usually because my attention is drawn to it by a post on Instagram/instagram stories. This was one of the first blogs I started reading, and it quickly became a favorite. I enjoy your perspective, and as your posts became less frequent I directed more of my attention to the podcast, which I really enjoy!

  61. Kristi Clark

    I do read blogs! Yours is one of the first I subscribed to and that I’ve stayed with longest. I actually am starting my own blog soon and am struggling with knowing how to navigate Instagram (I deleted Facebook but I loved the community and beauty on IG, but now I’m starting to wonder if I want to get sucked into “playing the game” in order to find followers and promote my blog). I see the benefits of being able to connect quickly and promote things I love on IG, but I love your analogy of being in a street market…as an HSP and an introvert, I already feel overwhelmed by it and I hate feeling like I’m trying to shout for attention or posting things just to stay on top of the algorithm. I love the old school feel of a blog and the quality of the work. Anyway, thanks for letting us be a part of this space here!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Same to everything you said here, Kristi! Best wishes starting your blog. xoxo

  62. Becky

    Yes. But admittedly less. Goodness trends Change so fast. I find blogs are more random research based. Whole30 experiment lead to discovering blogs with those kind of recipes. My regular reads are young house love and soulemama. I’m not much of a commentator.

  63. trina

    Blogs are the best – there’s actually substance in a blog that you don’t get from a photo with a caption like in social media. I don’t comment much, but I’ve read here for forever. I tend to read blogs by topic – I used to read homeschool blogs until I stopped homeschooling, and now I read quilting blogs. Love those because of all the ideas and tutorials.

  64. Lorna

    In the last year I have had some changes and so I am new to blogs, I am certainly enjoying sharing that time with bloggers that i am getting to know…Tsh I believe you were one of my firsts, then I had to get the books you wrote. I savour the time when I get to read your blogs and enjoy your podcasts. I love the exchange of thoughts and ideas that are shared and that I can reflect on. Thanks so much.

  65. Kate

    Yes, I read blogs usually on feedly. I love yours, Coffee + Crumbs, Emily Henderson, One Little Mama and Desiring God, Joe Gardener and You Bet Your Garden are a few. I have tons in my feedly that haven’t been updated in ages and it makes me so sad. I listen to podcasts too, especially because my kids are 3 & 6 so my reading time is reduced, but frequently find myself skimming show notes to solidify information into my mind. I love seeing what everyone else is reading still, and look forward to finding some new material!

  66. MelissaJoy

    Life and too many social media options have steered me away from reading blogs regularly. I have yours, Story Warren and A Holy Experience in my subscriptions but I rarely have time to peruse them. I like the option for once a week in my inbox but that also seems overwhelming at this point. I’m hoping blogs will still be around when I’ve the time. I’m a minimal instagram user, infrequent news reader and I listen to a handful of podcasts. I used to be a regular commenter on MMD which was fun. Someday again!

  67. Dragana

    I am literally reading this as a treat, with breakfast in bed. I love blogs and write for one myself, but I get caught up and don’t get to read them nearly as often as before. Currently, my favorite is Cupcakes and Cashmere and Garance Dore’s blog, but I love to catch posts here and there about topics close to my heart (self-care, relationships, pop culture). I also like newsletters, although sometimes I can’t find the balance between enjoying a newsletter and inbox-zero anxiety 🙂

  68. Robin

    Yes, I’m a big blog reader! I listen to podcasts too but find I can only listen to a handful each week where I can keep up with lots more blogs. Love whoorl, cup of jo, lag liv, amalah, and a bunch of language/poetry blogs.

  69. Jillian

    Yee, I still read blogs & on Feedly, which is how I read this post. I’ve been reading. (In)courage for a long time & still enjoy it.

  70. Dee

    I do read blogs. Not as much as I used to, but that’s mainly because a lot of the blogs I used to follow closed or rarely posted any longer. Some transitioned to podcasting so I followed. I am busier now so I don’t have as much time to read (one of the reasons why podcasting fits – I can do it while I am doing something else like driving or laundry). But I’m a wordie at heart so yes, I do still enjoy blogs. They say video is where it’s at, but I don’t have the patience to watch many videos.

    • Dee

      Also…and I hope Tsh or someone on her team sees this: For the question about where I get AOS blog posts. You didn’t have my option, which was GoodReads of all places! I subscribe to Tsh there and her posts come to my email every Saturday. I click through to GoodReads and often click through to the actual blog from there.

      One other thing: I wish work status offered an other. I chose I work full time outside of the home, but would’ve loved to ALSO include that I run a small business from home as well.

      • Tsh Oxenreider

        That’s so fun that you read my posts via Goodreads! I forget that it’s synced there. 🙂 And you’re not the first person to make that comment re: the work question, so we’ve updated it to include ‘other.’ Thanks for that!

  71. Becky

    Yes, I still read blogs—for all the reasons you mentioned: more thoughtful discourse, fewer sound bites, less rapid fire. I read this one, sometimes, and a few related to my profession. My current favorite is seanofthesouth. Please keep writing.

  72. Crystal

    I read your blog and occasionally a blog post linked through an intriguing picture on Instagram. I don’t want to have another app to open on my phone because then I spend too much time on my phone which is my only way to read internet based content. I don’t have a computer and don’t need one at this stage in life. (Stay at home mom to 3 littles and counting). I love your 5 quick things email because they make it so quick and easy to find content that interests me without all the noise that comes with so many other bloggers’ emails. I would probably read other blogs more if they used a similar format to remind me to read them, but the super cluttered weekly/ every 2 days emails stressed me out so I unsubscribed to most, even my other favorites. I want to read their content and hear about good products they recommend, but I don’t want to have to keep looking at my phone. I do love listening to podcasts because I can do so without feeling like my hand and eyes are glued to my phone. I love it when a podcast has companion resources on a blog hat help to digest the material further.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Thanks for your feedback re: 5 Quick Things, Crystal! That’s exactly why it’s the format it is: because I was also weary from All The Emails from everyone I wanted to keep up with, so I figured others might feel the same. 🙂

  73. Stacey

    Yes! I love blogs for the deep dives into people’s lives, practical tips, interesting anecdotes…etc. Social media fits into the crevices of my day, but blogs feel more like self care. And no favorite here. I love too wide a variety of topics to choose just one.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      “Blogs feel more like self care” — Ooh, I love this, Stacey!

  74. Rea

    I still read blogs. Not frequently, but they are all sitting there in my Feedly waiting for me to get caught up. I’ve been debating picking back up on my own again, but wondering if it is worth it. It doesn’t really matter though, half the time my words are just a way of getting my thoughts out in long form and maybe spreading them a tiny bit further than my Facebook feed.

    Favorite blogs: Becoming Minimalist; Beth Woolsey (Five Kids is a Lot of Kids); and group blogs like SheLoves and The Mudroom.

  75. Melanie

    Yes I do read blogs! Although I find it’s been harder to find good ones. I read yours, and have been for almost 8 years! I like hands free mama, dinner a love story, and shutterbean to name a few.

  76. Kelsey

    We need some more comments representing the Nays…. so, no. I no longer read blogs regular, and it’s rare to read an entire blog post. I’ll skim through random personal stories and too many photos on my way to read a recipe I linked to from Pinterest. Or, I follow a lot of people on Instagram and may link to their blog if it looks interesting.

  77. Tracy

    Like others who have commented, I still read blogs and have never stopped, even though some of my favorite bloggers no longer seem to post. I have noticed my attention span shortening over the years. I am actively trying to reverse that trend. With that in mind, I never joined Instagram and limit my FB exposure. I have found that many of our local events are only posted on FB. Frustrating to say the least. Blogs I enjoy are Modern Mrs. Darcy, The Publication Coach, and Cassie Stephens, plus a couple of Alaska-centric blogs Twice in a Lifetime and Heather Lende. I live in Alaska, so I really enjoy reading others take on life in this amazing place.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      I’ve also noticed my attention span shortening over the years, which is NOT okay by me (Haley and I even podcasted about this earlier this year). And yes, I also feel like I miss local events and group updates by not being on FB, which is a bummer to me… but the trade-off of sanity, less noise, and better relationships makes it worth it to me. 🙂

  78. Beth

    I’m a huge fan of Feedly and read the Modern Mrs Darcy.

  79. Gay Barnes

    I prefer to read blogs. I just can’t get into watching videos or listening to podcasts. I’m a reader. It actually really irritates me when I can read the transcript of something that I was interested in. My favorite blog is Smitten Kitchen.

    • Melissa L.

      Smitten Kitchen has totally improved my cooking skills, and I don’t even like cooking.

  80. Greg

    Yes I do read blogs. Besides your, I read Modern Mrs Darcy, Smitten Kitchen, Joy the Baker, My Name is Yeh, The Lazy Genius, Emily P Freeman, The Mission, and Farnham Street. I tend to listen to a lot of podcast, which I put in your Instagram survey.

  81. Laura

    I still read (and LOVE) blogs, organized through Feedly, though I have become more selective over time and life stages on which ones I keep on my list. I have, over time, ditched the blogs that seem unauthentic, that pitch products to me constantly, or that no longer fit in with my current life. I absolutely love podcasts too, for those times I am driving, doing laundry, shopping, etc. But I like being more intentional with blogs and setting aside time to read, like when I drink my coffee, etc. I read a thought recently about how your blog content is YOURS on YOUR space/website vs “microblogging” on a place like Instagram where you are dependent upon that space existing, which I thought was an interesting observation. Other blogs that I follow regularly are: Under the Sycamore, Chris Loves Julia, and (always and forever) Smitten Kitchen.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Yep, that is 100% accurate! (About you owning your content on digital real estate you own vs. ‘renting’ it out on social media.)

  82. Jenny Young

    I am new to your blog but I do follow you through feedly. I follow a lot of blogs through feedly & I love using it. I have made the sweetest connections through blogs though I don’t write one I do love reading them.

  83. Amy

    I feel like blogging changed, and that is part of why I stopped reading. My life has been a bit chaotic with moves lately so that has limited my reading as well.
    When blogs started feeling like commercials with all of the sponsored content that is when I started to lose interest. I understand the need to find sources of compensation, but there has to be a better way.
    I have started writing more on my blog recently, but that has more to do with my family moving back to Texas and bringing our expat adventures to an end (for now). My kids are also older so I have more time.
    Thank you for this thoughtful discussion, something you are always good for. I am so looking forward to meeting you at the Nest Fest!

  84. Helen

    I love reading blogs. I have a few that I frequent often, some I frequent occasionally and I try to document my own life on my blog.

  85. Michelle

    I definitely still read blogs, just not as often as I’d like. I use feedly to organize them. I’m a big fan of Enjoying the small things. She is wonderful.

  86. Kaylie Hodges

    Yes! I never miss a post, but I live Shannan Martin and I just realized that i forgot to put her on the survey!

  87. Kim Chambers

    Yes I still read blogs. Although, because I have become a victim of surfing social media like facebook, I find that my mind is racing and I skim the content rather than read. I am trying to slow that down and I think the answer is to ration my time on facebook, which I don’t find satisfying anyway.

  88. Melanie

    Yes, I still read blogs. I use Feedly so that I can see at a glance if there is a new post on a particular blog. I spend more time reading blogs than I do on social media.

  89. K

    Absolutely! I love reading blogs & read many. I enjoy the depth that can be expressed in a blog versus the surface of an IG post. But with that being said, I love the way IG can support a blog – promote, draw in readers, give insight into the life of the blogger, etc.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Yes, I love how IG can support a blog + podcast as well! That’s how I like to use it: as a support, not as a replacement.

  90. KellyM

    Yes, I still read blogs. Most mornings I like to sit and drink my coffee (or two) and catch up on the blogs I like. I use Feedly and it works great for me.

  91. Mandi

    Yes, definitely still a blog-reader! I enjoy anything written by Shannan Martin, be it on her blog,, or Facebook page.

  92. Libby

    Yes, I still read blogs, although because many of my favorites now send out email newsletters, I tend to rely on those instead of a feed reader. Favorites include this one, Carrots for Michaelmas, Robin McKinley’s blog (which she posts to less than when she used to, but is still great reading when she does), and American Indians in Children’s Literature.

  93. Erin

    1. I still read blogs. Or, I have begun, I should say, and it was part of a result of taking a huge step back from social media like Facebook and reorganizing my activities to reflect my priorities, and spend time on the creative side of myself. Your post here really spoke to my experience of social media and blogs.

    2. This blog has been one I read regularly since I discovered it on the back of a book (Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie). Another one has been

    PS – your note about how long each post will take to read gives me freedom to dive in or save it for later. That’s a nice touch!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      I’m glad that’s helpful, Erin!

  94. Linda Walker

    I do still read blogs (including this one, of course!). I tend to gravitate towards topics related to cats, travel, minimalism, and finance. Some of my favorites are: Cole and Marmalade, Mousebreath, Marg’s Animals, The Art of Simplicity, and Apartment Therapy.

  95. Jo-Ann

    I do read blogs. I use Bloglovin. My current favourite is That’s Not My Age.

  96. Margaret

    I do! I use Feedly and have about 50 on the roll. A lot are friends and missionaries posting personal updates, but a few of the big ones I enjoy are Design Mom, Humans of New York, and This Little Miggy Stayed Home.

  97. Karen

    I still read a ton of blogs via Feedly. But, I rarely go to the blogs themselves since I have Feedly and I hate all the ads and pop ups. So, if a blog doesn’t send their entire full post over to Feedly it’s got be VERY compelling for me to click out of Feedly and go to the blog and rarely it is.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      I get this, really and truly — I get frustrated, too, when a blog is covered in ads. I feel the need to point out, though, that ads are what keep many of us able to do what we do, because it’s not free to keep these digital lights on. This is why some bloggers choose to truncate their feed, because they need their lovely readers to click over to their site in order to maintain it.

      Thanks for your $.02!

  98. Courtney

    I do still read blogs and use Feedly as well! I have quite a few bloggers I follow and I’m definitely not in the norm as I’m not on Facebook or Instagram anymore. I listen to a few podcasts but prefer to read long form blogs- sometimes I feel so out of touch but have preferred to do without such fast paced media.

    I really enjoy your blog and also look forward to anything Coffee and Crumbs puts out.

  99. Nina Badzin

    I still read blogs and write on my blog (not as often as I used to). I use Bloglovin to keep track and look at Bloglovin about three times a week. Following blogs is just part of what I do. I follow you via Bloglovin by the way. That’s how I saw this post and probably wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

  100. Andrea Miller

    I think you are onto something! I have noticed recently that people are dusting off their blogs and posting again and in turn I have been going back to them to read their posts. I think we are ready to fall back in love with blogs!

    Side note – I do read your blog regularly!

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Woohoo! Thanks, Andrea.

  101. Mary Kate

    Yes to blogs, yes to feedly! I love cup of jo, reading my tea leaves, because i’m addicted … generally anything with a lifestyle/parenting hybrid written by thoughtful people. Suggestions for more welcome! I’m also a writer so I read a lot of writing blogs as well but I imagine those are only interesting to other writers.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Those are two of my faves as well!

  102. Abbi

    Yes! I still read blogs– using Blog Lovin’. My favorite is Joy the Baker.

  103. Jeanette Nyberg

    As a blogger, it’s really nice to see so many people commenting that they still read blogs. But also as a blogger, I don’t, and never have followed that many blogs! I prefer to write my own and listen to podcasts. LOVE podcasts. I’ve just copied and pasted a bunch of blog recs from comments here to go check out, and I’m so excited- it feels like I just checked a bunch of new library books out! I also agree that blogging is making a comeback- old school blogging! Career blogging is great and good, but there’s nothing like whipping open the laptop and just writing your little heart out without regard to all the things we’ve been taught we need to pay attention to as bloggers. Looking forward to helping bring blogging back by reading some new blogs!

  104. Rebecca Jackson

    1. Yes! 2. Dinner a Love Story

  105. Kim A.

    Yes to blogs!! I am loving (memory keeping) , velvet ashes and

  106. Denise S.

    Yes, I love reading blogs! Your blog is one of my favorites. But I also love Becoming Minimalist, A Life In Progress and Unfancy

  107. Susan

    I do still read blogs. My favorites: The Frugal Girl, Yarn Harlot, Jones Design Company, Soulemama, Beauty That Moves, Designmom and C. Jane Kendrick.

  108. Renee

    I still love blogs! I enjoy following people on Instagram, but I feel like following on all the social media gets too redundant. It saddens me when bloggers stop blogging as much or at all.

  109. Chantel Klassen

    I still enjoy blogging and reading blogs. I feel like there are less people blogging consistently these days and I appreciate those who do!

  110. Hilarie

    Yes, I still read blogs. The first comment on this post (Lauren’s) could have been written by me – exactly what I wanted to say.

    I really hate that the new trend is podcasts. I bet it’s because I’m a visual person – I can’t focus on auditory input well and consider it “noise”. So I literally never listen to them, sadly. I wish more people still blogged regularly!

    My favorite blogs right now are probably all Disney-related, since I just moved back to Florida and bought an annual pass there. 🙂

  111. Rosamund

    Yes! I subscribe to numerous blogs via my RSS reader and never stopped reading them. I would welcome the return of blogs as I have missed the sharing of stories and experiences so often conveyed through them. I try to read about women’s work, environmental issues, faith, arts and travel.

    Additionally, I would like to point out that I’m deaf and the massive shift among bloggers to podcasting has meant I (and others) have been excluded more and more from “online” conversations. I’ve appealed directly to podcasters to please (PLEASE!) provide transcripts and while they’ve said they would try, the large majority end up not doing so. Granted, I understand there are issues with time and expense to provide transcripts, but it isn’t entirely infeasible. Emily Freeman is able to provide complete transcripts easily, for instance. Plus, Google has transcription and there are other apps that do it as well.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Yep, I get this! I think of my hearing-impaired readers frequently, and I do hope to start publishing our podcast transcripts soon. Just so you know, it’s not free…. In fact, it’s pretty expensive. Emily can do so because she’s a solo podcaster, so she can script out her entire episode before recording it. When it’s a show like mine, with two or more people in conversation, it gets considerably pricier.

      Thanks for the reminder to prioritize this, though, Rosamund — I appreciate you!

  112. Sheila

    I completed the survey, and yes, I still read blogs, and this is one of my favorites! Another favorite is Taking Route (about ex-pat life), and another off the top of my head is “A Baker’s Dozen and Apollo 14” (by the mother of 14 children). I also read quite a few blogs published by friends of mine, because they’re friends of mine and I’m interested in what they write, the most important being “This is Cyprus” (, written by my best friend.

  113. Susan Lawson

    Wow! Excited and happy to see so many people respond that they do still read and blog themselves. I agree with many comments that it’s been sad and disappointing to have so many favorites stop posting regularly. I still have the old school “blog roll” on my blog and keep my favorites there so I won’t forget to check back occasionally in case they start posting again. I hope to check out some of those listed in the comments. I will go and do the survey now. Thanks for starting a little momentum towards the blog world again!

  114. Amanda

    I still read blogs, though the ones I read have changed over the years. Unlike most of the comments here, I don’t use Feedly or another reader. I have a bookmarks folder called “Daily Blogs” and I literally just click through them every day to see if there’s anything new. It’s a nice way to take a quick break at work. The blogs I am currently reading are Frugalwoods, Mr. Money Mustache, The Small Things Blog, A Beautiful Mess, and McMansion Hell. This year I started listening to podcasts while driving to and from work, but I don’t like listening to them at work because I can’t pay as much attention to them.

  115. Sara

    I still read blogs! I read via Feedly. The email newsletters usually go to Promotions/Spam so then I have to search for them or they just get lost all together. I like Coffee & Crumbs and

  116. Regina S.

    Absolutely. There is such beauty in a well-written piece, longer than 120 characters.

  117. Elizabeth

    Yes! I still love reading blogs and am so relieved to hear others too. I am not on any social media so have been disappointed in the last couple of years of how so much has moved to Facebook and Instagram. I love yours, Modern Mrs. Darcy and Lazy Genius. Lately I have been looking for a blog to support a low technology family life.

  118. Tessa

    I still read blogs! But not daily, or even weekly. About once a month, I set aside a morning for blog reading, launch feedly, and wade through all the blog posts I’ve missed in a month’s time. It’s usually over 100 posts! (This month’s blog-read is today.)

  119. Martina

    Hi Tsh, I really miss your voice like back in – I don’t know, 2010 or so? When you lived overseas? You have excellent contributors on here and I understand you are far too busy to shoulder it all alone, but, to be honest, I don’t come as often as before because it’s not YOUR blog any more.
    I wouldn’t mind just one post per month as long as it would be your very own.
    I still love reading blogs. It suits my general slower approach to the internet. I thought it’s a dying feature, but your post here gives me hope…

  120. Torrie

    I’m still a huge blog reader and have been for many, many years—I don’t think I’ll ever give it up as long as there are wonderful blogs to read and follow! My current obsession is the Fox’s Lane blog, just because the photography is so gorgeous and it’s one of the few blogs that truly feels like stepping into someone else’s life, rather than just a blog with more curated content.


    I read, but not daily like I used to. now it’s more of an every other (or less) Sunday afternoon during laundry activity. So i have unsubscribed to the ones that were mostly time filler for my life in the past, & only kept the ones that mean something to me, can contribute to this chapter of my life, & make me feel good. Thanks for keeping yours going!!

  122. Kate Laymon

    I still read blogs, though in a different way. I used to use Feedly, but when people started pushing for email subscriptions, I changed over and rely primarily on blog posts that are sent either directly through email or in a newsletter, like the way you do with 5 quick things. Most of my favorites do more podcasting than writing these days, including you, Emily Freeman, and Lazy Genius. Most blog posts I read now are in the link ups that people send and end up being other people’s blogs that I’m not as familiar with, but I like hearing from new voices. I’m all for bringing blogs back and I’m even willing to pick up Feedly again if more people start posting more regularly.

  123. Louise

    I still read blogs, though far fewer than I did five years ago! Modern Mrs Darcy, Cup of Jo and Boundless are the ones I check every day. A lot of others I followed are now in podcast or longer Instagram post form.

  124. Laura

    I still read blogs – for the same reasons you do. Social media helps me keep in touch with people that I don’t see day-to-day and I do like that aspect of it. But I’m only on Facebook a few times a week. My current favorite blog is Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. I get a lot from his ideas and the way he looks at life. I hope blogs never go out of fashion – please keep writing 🙂

  125. Jill

    I still binge on blogs occasionally. I love podcasts and listen every morning while walking my dog and sometimes during my commute because I need a break from the news. My interests have changed over time; I did a purge of blogs this summer and have started to add back a few. Since I made the decision to take a break from Facebook recently, I’m feeling better about many people.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      “I’m feeling better about many people.” <-- Yes, that's a great way to put it!

  126. Michelle Jorgenson

    I’ve been feeling the same pull. Way back when, I spent entirely too much time reading blogs and sort of swore them off. Social media is just too, too much stimulation/overwhelm/comparison trap for me, so I like the idea of getting back into reading blogs–though hopefully with a bit more self-awareness and ability to pull away than in years prior.

    Your comparison between living rooms vs. open air markets is very apt. I miss the coziness of visiting “friends” at their blogs.

  127. Donna

    I still read blogs and I use Feedly, too. I love having my own personal curated list of good reads. I don’t participate in any form of social media anymore preferring the connection of blogs where I feel like a reader and a friend rather than a follower. One of my favorite blogs, Nicole Gullota and her blog Wild Words, where I found you!

  128. Linda Hoye

    Yes, yes, and yes. I still read blogs, still write one (posting mostly daily),and still use Feedly. No reason to quit any of these things that I can think of!

  129. Clarrisa Lee

    Hi Tsh! I just discovered your website– through Ruth Soukup’s book, and I love it. Everything you are here speaks to my soul! I’ll be reading yours for sure from now on. I’m a new blogger myself, but I have been reading other blogs for ages, here are a few of my faves.
    – NieNie Diaries
    – A Beautiful Mess
    – The Middle Finger Project (clearly hilarious, a little off color, but worth it)
    I know there are others, probably too many to list here, but you’re just went to the top of my list. Thanks for being inspiring!

  130. Anne Potters

    Only Patrick Rhones, a bit of Courtney Carver. Only blogs without flashy advertisements. I know you have to live, but for exame yours is too much. Can’t scroll, too distracting and annoying. The safari ad block doesn’t work. I buy books or other stuff from authors whose blogs I follow. But can’t take the pop ups, and moving ads.

    • Tsh Oxenreider

      Hi Anne! I would love to be ad-free. When people join the community, that brings us one step closer to making this possible — after all, we can’t do what we do for free, even though 99% of what we create for everyone is free to enjoy. Thanks!

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