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Progress unseen

There are those feelings. The ones that make you sigh deep and press your eyelids tightly shut, to maybe shut out the knowing that you’ve come up zeros again.

And goodness gracious, how much you’ve tried. Tried to put legs on that vision that’s vague and veiled. Tried to put features on it, to add color to it, to put words to it, to create it.

You’ve tried to make hope become. That house. That job. That title. That bank account. That child. That.

But instead, nothing.

Instead, all you have is what you have, ragged and insufficient, it seems. Zeros, nearly.

How could this be right? It doesn’t seem that when there’s hope and vision and, yes, even need, that it should take so dang long.

You glance up hesitantly, and see your dusty road stretching endlessly ahead, barren of even a road sign.


That’s all now.

That’s all you can do.

Wait. There, on that barren road, with what you have, ragged and insufficient as it seems.

And all the beautiful people will go whizzing by on their fancy fast-moving rides, the wind billowing their hair, the sunset on their horizon.

And you must wait.

May I just say something, friend?

Be willing there, for the wait. Hold that pause. Hold it.

Lay the vision there. The hope and the dream? Lay them there. The ragged and insufficient, too.

For in your willingness to wait, you are relieved of being the master, becoming a simple steward instead–a merciful exchange if ever there was one.

And there, covered by the brooding pause, the vision ripens and matures, becoming intricate, whole, and complete.

And in that expectant moment, when grace meets your open hands, you’ll see the vision in full light, all this time having been nurtured by progress unseen.

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    • carmella

      Your words are beautiful, Sarah!

    • carmella

      Good words, Sarah!

  1. Erica

    I have woken up every. single. morning. and gone to bed every. night. for 4 years with these words running through my mind. This is exactly where I am at in life. Thank-you for articulating what I am going through. I am learning to lay down the vision God has given me and us as a family and to LET IT GO… I hope He brings you what your heart desires.

  2. Lisa

    This truly speaks to my soul! I dropped by through Kyla Roma’s podcast roundup and landed on this – couldn’t have been a better time for me to read this….Thank you for writing and putting this out there 🙂 I am sitting here with open hands waiting for grace and love to meet me….

  3. Elizabeth

    This post met me right where I am.
    I am going to print this,
    and leave it on the doorstep of a friend
    who needs to hear these words today.

    • carmella

      What a beautiful and kind thing for a friend to do

  4. Lauren @ Abiding Marriage

    Loved this. Especially, “For in your willingness to wait, you are relieved of being the master, becoming a simple steward instead–a merciful exchange if ever there was one.” So often I forget that I have been relieved of being the master. He is the Master! What relief! What tight grip I hold on things I can’t control!

    • carmella

      We do try to hold on tight, don’t we?

  5. Diane McElwain

    Wow, hard hard things! Yes, I am there in the waiting. Somethings feel like the forever wait. Maybe there are done and should be forgotten.

  6. Sharon Holbrook at

    How I could have used this realization when I was on the grips of infertility! Now I have other “waits,” which are always do DOING. Not doing something to take away the “wait”, because I am not the master, but to occupy the mind, which likes to worry if it waits undistracted.

  7. julie

    What a beautiful and timely post. I am sincerely grateful for it.

  8. jill britz

    yes, a simple steward. truly a merciful exchange.
    i’m glad not to be in a waiting place alone.

  9. Virginia

    I read this aloud to my husband & we laughed & cried from hearing our lives described. It’s been a long wait. Thanks for words of hope.

  10. Ronda

    Beautifully said.

  11. Susan

    Thank you Carmella. I needed this message at this moment (and surprisingly did not see it yesterday). Hmm. Providential timing I presume.

  12. Melissa

    Thank you…

  13. Jo

    Very well written. Your use of language and ability to paint such a vivid real picture is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Liesl

    I’m trying to be content while waiting,but it is so darned hard! I know I used to be better at it but our society has gotten into such a “now” state of mind. We need it now, or yesterday. I will have to keep practicing at being comfortable in the uncomfortable state of waiting.

  15. Heidi

    Oh my! This hit me hard tonight. It’s exactly where I am. Thank you for it!

    • Carmella

      Hugs to you as you wait

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