Packing List for Women

I loved living out of one backpack during our year on the road, and it’s affected my wardrobe choices back home. I got rid of over half my clothes when we returned from our travels, and I’ve never been happier with my closet.

When I go on a long trip, I pack the same way I would for a week, and just bring stuff to do laundry. The trickier thing with a super-long trip, however, is seasons. How to pack for both winter and summer?

The answer is layers. Quality, capsule wardrobe-ish layers. When I travel for a week or longer, these are examples of what I like to bring. I can easily do this for a year. Or longer. And it all fits in a carry-on.


• 2 v-neck short-sleeved tees (example)
• 1 crew-neck or boat-neck long-sleeved tee, preferably striped (example)
• 3 tank tops, 2 for wearing + 1 for sleeping (example)
• 1 cardigan (example >> these are my favorites; they hold up really well)
• 1 button-down shirt (example >> these don’t wrinkle!)
• 1 zip-up vest (example >> also my favorite; I wear it all the time in Oregon)
• 1 sweater, but only if I know it’ll be cold (example)


• 1 pair skinny jeans, dark-rinse (example)
• 1 pair convertible travel pants, black (example >> I so want these!)
• 1 travel-weight skirt (example >> MUST have pockets!)
• 1 pair lightweight everyday shorts (example)
• 1 pair super-thin shorts, for swimming, sleeping, exercise (example)

Other Things

• 2 pair ankle-length socks (example)
• 2 bras (example >> these look perfect for travel! I’ve ordered one…)
• 5 pairs underwear (example >> the absolute BEST for travel)
• 1 cami, for layering/smoothing and warmth (example)
• 1 pair yoga capris, for exercise and sleeping (example)
• 1 tankini (example >> fantastic company)
• 1 thin infinity scarf (example)
• 1 crushable hat (example)
• 1 thin waterproof jacket (example)


• Sandals (example, or these, which are more comfortable for longer walking)
• Pull-on sneakers (example)
• Ballet flats (example >> these are good alternatives to overpriced Tieks)
• Super-small, thin flip-flops (example >> for beaches, showers, etc.)

These are just clothes, obviously. Coming soon: my must-have toiletries, gadgets, jewelry, work stuff, and clothing lists for men and children.

Yep—I could live with just this for a year! Happily.


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