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  1. Seana Turner

    I’m so glad that you separated the “sitting still” aspect. You can be mindful while moving. Freeing yourself from the pressure to be multi-tasking (e.g. listening to a podcast or planning dinner) while doing a routine/manual task like laundry is a great way to begin. I’m working on this, and on getting my mind off of the treadmill. To be honest, it isn’t easy. But it is very refreshing and restorative, and I think leads to more creativity in the long run.

  2. Kelly Mahan

    Omg, it’s like you wrote this post right out of my mind. You’ve just said everything I’ve always wanted to, so thanks for that!

  3. Zara Borja

    Such an inspirational article to read! Mindfulness can help you in stress reduction, specially when you are facing problems with your career, life etc.

  4. Rika

    Thank you for this summary. It reminds me a lot of the fact that just because I can’t meditate first thing in the morning, I can still live mindfully.


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