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  1. Marissa

    Awesome post! I really appreciate the step by step walk through of how you overcame those “little” hurdles that add up to feel like a bigger obstacle to meeting your goal. I want to apply this method to my workout and other parts of my daily routine that need tweaking. Thanks!!

  2. Karen

    I “scheduled” days off from exercise and that helped me mentally SO much!!!!

    • Crystal Ellefsen

      I definitely have the opposite problem! 🙂

  3. Nikki (NY Nomads)

    I’m so impressed, I’ve never been able to get into the habit of a gym lifestyle. Good for you!!
    Living sustainably on $100/week in NYC

  4. Jamie

    I love this! I’m also an HSP and have come to the same conclusion about so many things – including the uncomfortable workout clothes and NOT trying to multitask by listening to podcasts/webinars/audio books, etc. Music only. The idea of a playlist with cues for different parts of the workout – brilliant!

  5. Aimee

    Love your suggestions! I have been on a similar mental journey and recently joined the Y. I don’t think giving yourself permission to go to the gym and not workout is silly. I think it’s genius!! Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration.

  6. Karrie

    Would love the link to the sports bra!

  7. Shannon

    Good post, friend. I look forward to your help getting motivated once baby comes and I tackle the workout hurdles once again!

  8. Christine

    I could relate to this so much! (I suspect I’m an HSP, too.) It’s taken me so long to understand that what works for other people doesn’t have to work for me (just like you mentioned), and there’s nothing “wrong” with doing things a different way. Cheers! 🙂

    • Crystal Ellefsen

      Thanks for the feedback. So helpful to know I’m not the only crazy one. 🙂

  9. Lori

    Some great suggestions here– thanks!

  10. chlo

    What a great post – I love how informative you’ve been and I also love how you included bullet points of what was bugging you during your working out and how you tackled that. I think it’s really important to slowly build a habit up because otherwise, you end up falling off track. You have to develop a love for it first.

    Have a great week 🙂

    • Crystal Ellefsen

      Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know it was helpful! I wasn’t totally sure if all the details would resonate with anyone. 🙂

  11. Chamila

    Hi there.
    That post was like reading all about me. I have been in the same situation as you as also joined in a gym twice a week. It feels not great workout compared to what everyone mentions (That is 30 mins minimum every day or train for a min.of 45mins if we wish to lose weight). I feel it’s so less what I am doing but now this email of yours made me realise that it’s still so much better than not doing anything!

  12. Animeyt

    I really enjoyed reading your post!

  13. Alicia @ Energy for Moms

    Crystal, I love love love the way you figured out what was important to you, and made changes to hone in on what mattered to you! I went to the gym for a year and loved it, but what worked for me was going to a certain class with the same people and learning all about exercise and nutrition. Once the group split up and everyone moved on, I used what I had learned to create my own home gym on a budget. To stick to something I think we need to do just what you did and dial in on what matters to us and what our unique obstacles are, and to also reassess when a season changes or when some factors out of our control that were important to us change. I miss the gym, and your story inspires me to consider whether I might have another season soon where I could try going back, so thanks!!

  14. Jennifer

    Thank you. Seriously. Your identification of each hurdle and the solution is so overwhelmingly powerful for me!

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