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Freefall to Fly

If it were possible to feel an emotion when I went through depression several years ago, that emotion would have been surprised. I never pegged myself as someone prone to depression, and besides, I always thought depression meant crying, walking around feeling sad all the time, and triggered by something traumatic or heartbreaking.

But since my typical depressive state was feeling…. nothing, I wasn’t surprised, because “surprise” is a feeling, isn’t it? And so I went through about two years, off and on, feeling nothing more than something, waiting for something or someone to pull me out of my cloud and make to my usual self.

It’s now been about three years since I was in the thick throes of depression, though I remember the odd, in between-like state as though it were yesterday, and I’m fully aware that those who’ve been depressed before have a higher chance of becoming depressed againβ€”meaning, it’s fully part of my life in some way. And because those dealing with depression are dear to my heart, I love reading words from someone who “gets” what it feels like. If she packages it in a beautiful book that’s perfect for giving to those who need a dose of encouragement? Even better.

Rebekah Lyons’ first book, Freefall to Fly, isn’t only about depression, but it’s a very real part of her story. And because this book is about her story, her words are a gift of comfort to those who’ve had that freefall feeling, not knowing what’s up.


Rebekah tells her tale of moving from the suburban south to the heart of New York City, and what it feels like to be yanked out of everything normal and comfortable and into constant newness and culture shock.

It forced her to answer big questions about her life, like Why was I put on earth?, How do I turn suffering into something beautiful and useful?, and Is this really the way God intended life to be? And in finding answers to her questions, she found healing.

The book is about finding meaning by taking risks, whatever those risks may look like for you.

The end of the book provides space and open-ended questions for the reader to think through her own life as well, making Rebekah’s personal story an application for anybody. Why are you on earth?



Rebekah is giving TEN Simple Mom readers a copy of Freefall to Fly: A Breathtaking Journey Toward a Life of Meaning. To enter, simply leave any comment on this post! (If you’re reading this via email, hop over to the site to leave a comment there.)

Something Fun

art-print-popIf you buy Rebekah’s book, you can enter your information here (scroll down), and you’ll receive three additional gifts: an original chalk art print by artist Dana Tanamachi, a TOMS $5 gift card, and a Freefall to Fly digital soundtrack. Pretty cool!

This giveaway is now closed. Check back on Saturday, May 18 – we’ll announce the winners then.

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  1. Wendy

    I’d love to win a copy of this book!

  2. Rebecca

    This sounds like it could be life altering. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Kate

    I’d love to win a copy! The book sounds great. I’ve definitely added joy and meaning to my life in the past few years by stepping waaaay out of my comfort zone and taking some social and physical risks.

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with the blog Hyperbole and a Half, but Allie (the author/illustrator) just posted a great blog post on what her depression was like. For someone who hasn’t gone through it, it was a great explanation.

    • Tsh

      Yes! I read it. It’s very accurate.

  4. Laurie

    Knowing all too well the “nothing-ness” feeling of depression, the waiting for the “shoe-to-fall”…I would love to read this book.

  5. Marie

    If I don’t win, I’ll buy it!

  6. Kristen

    I’d love to win and read!

  7. Margaret Petry

    I would love to win! I’ve heard about this book and it sounds great.

  8. Kristen

    I know that risk and reward go hand and hand but I have difficulty being vulnerable to take the risk. I would love to read this book to help me address some of the life situations I’m going through right now.

  9. Amy

    Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Andee Z

    I so appreciate how more and more people are open about their depression. Anyone who has/has gone through it knows…it sucks. I can’t wait to read this book and have even suggested that we get a small women’s group at church to go through it this summer.

  11. sam

    This book sounds like it would be a wonderful read. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Christina

    Sounds like something I need to read!

  13. young c

    Sounds really interesting…thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Marian Maxson

    I’m stoked to read this book!

  15. Elizabeth

    I think this is a book I need to read!

  16. Jess

    Wow! Would love, love, love a copy of this book. πŸ™‚

  17. Angela

    Sounds like a great book! I’d love it!

  18. Leigh Sabey

    I’d love to read this book, thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Sarah m

    Would so love to read this.
    Sarah M

  20. Meagan S

    This sounds like a very helpful book! I would really enjoy having a copy.

  21. monica

    I’ve just moved, and can relate. Really in need of hope and godly direction. Thanks so much. I believe it was God that I found this blog today.

  22. MaryBeth L.

    I’d love to read this.

  23. Mary

    Sounds like a great book! I love when people share their stories and benefit others.

  24. Janette

    Looks like a good read!

  25. Cori

    This sounds so good!

  26. Jessica H

    This book sounds excellent! I’d love to win a copy.

  27. Devi

    Sounds like a great book to read – we’ve got some upcoming changes in our lives, and this sounds like a timely resource :).

  28. Erin

    As one who is abundantly familiar with culture shock and turning myself off to those emotions, I will definitely read this book one way or another! Thank you!

  29. Erin

    I love the cover artwork! And such a beautiful video too. I would love to read this book, it sounds like just what I need to hear more of right now.

  30. Erin T

    This would be a great read! Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Emily

    I would love to win this book!

  32. Mel

    thanks for the give away!:)

  33. Jessica C.

    Would love to reaf this book! We moved across the country recently and I have been sruggling with these kinds of feelings while I adjust to a new place and make new friends.

  34. Roseanne Sabol

    I’d love to read this book. It’s a scary thought that a person could be “surprised” by depression. We must stay ever in touch, to the best of our ability, with our interior life.

  35. Rachel

    I’d love to win! Looks like a good one!

  36. Tehila

    This sounds fantastic! I suffered alot from postnatal depression after each of our children were born, and would really benefit from hearing how Rebekah overcame her struggles in this area.

    Thanks for the generosity and opportunity to win a copy of this book!

  37. Nadya

    I am currently reading ‘The Woman who Thought too Much’, and I feel this would be a great addition to the current read.
    If I don’t win the book, I will most definitely buy it though. Thanks for the recommendation…

  38. Shayla

    Sounds really good!

  39. Jennifer P

    Every decade of my life this theme of “what am I here for” rises up in a slightly different way. The “nothingness” is a surprise and is even harder because there is no reasonable excuse to blame the feelings on. The video trailer convinced me to read the book. Buy or win, I believe I will.

  40. Catherine

    I’d love to win too. What a beautiful family!

  41. Tami Dymock

    This sounds like a great read. I would love to win it.

  42. maureen

    I’d love to win.

  43. Beverly Williams

    I would love to win this book. It sounds like some of the things I am going through currently. Thanks

  44. Helen

    I’d love to read this book.

  45. Lara

    Just moved myself and I would love to read this!

  46. Lydia

    I have really been wanting to read this book and would love to win a copy!!!

  47. Melodie B

    Soumds great! Thanks for introducing so many good books.

  48. Tina

    Tsh, where do I start? I’ve been thinking of you, sharing simply about depression, and just knowing someone out there has an inking , is a life-saver.
    My daughter is experiencing something like you have experienced, my mom has been hospitalized, and I’m hoping I don’t crash and burn in this valley. Thanks for writing! xo

  49. Dani

    Looks like a great read!

  50. Tricia

    I would love a chance to win as it sounds like a book that would be a real encouragement – so needed!! Thanks!

  51. cindy

    this book sounds like it is a custom fit for me. I am ‘not’ a risk-taker and lately I have been carrying around this weight like lead in my stomach; seeking my true purpose, feeling like I’m losing time. I know I have to step outside my comfort zone but I don’t know how to do so.

  52. Victoria

    I’d love to win a copy too!

  53. Katie

    It is encouraging to just KNOW that somewhere someone went through something so similar to myself, but wrote a book about it! I, too, moved from a sleepy southern town to the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC then promptly started a family, left my career with grand plans of awesome motherhood, but, suffered ppd and then developed chronic daily migraines. Depression was inevitable. I would love to read her story, and plan on buying the book in any event. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  54. Ashley

    Thank you rebekah for being willing to open your heart to share your story. I have not read the book yet, but even just reading the teaser here I could feel my emotions welling up. This past year has been a journey for me to start learning about depression and it’s effects on me and being willing to accept that this journey is okay. Thank you again, I cannot wait to read it. πŸ™‚

  55. Ashley P.

    I would love the chance to win this book. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  56. Kerstin

    God turned my life upside down in ways I never imagined possible. I’d love to read the book.

  57. Nickolina

    If I won this book I’d be loaning it out to all the young moms of young kids in the throes of this.

  58. Victoria

    “because we all need a freefall to teach us how to fly” such beautiful words.

  59. Ángel

    It must be a nice story to read. A lot of questions to be answered seem to wait between its pages…

  60. Jan Johnson

    I could really use this book right now!

  61. Kris

    I appreciate this review/giveaway. I’m eager to read this book!!

  62. Aimee

    Sounds fabulous! Love to hear the hearts of other women and how they deal with real-life struggles. I could use a good dose of hope about now!

  63. keely

    I keep seeing this one pop up on my Kindle as a recommendation. I would love to win a copy!

  64. michelle

    This sounds like a fabulous book; I’d love to win a copy!

  65. Becky

    I would love to read this book. Depressing is an odd beast. You are right, it isn’t laying in bed crying all day long. For me it was about numbness and apathy, with the occassional bouts of sadness.

  66. Jamie L

    Having dealt with depression off and on since I was 13 (I’m now 31), as well as being a military brat and wife, this book sounds like something I need to add to my library. My most recent depressive episode was a result of moving from small-town North Dakota to Germany, where we live currently. Shortly after arriving, I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with our third child. Our household goods weren’t delivered until 3 months after we arrived here, while my husband was back in the States for 4 months of training. Despite knowing I’m predisposed to depression and having experienced it before, I am still reluctant to seek help when I need it. So I could totally use an uplifting story to refer back to during times of difficulty. πŸ™‚

  67. Liz

    I can’t wait to read this book — and would LOVE to win it! Thank YOU for sharing a bit of your walk through depression. It’s always reassuring to hear your own thoughts and fears coming out of someone else’s mouth πŸ™‚

  68. Lisa N.

    How brave of her o share her journey with others in a book. I would love to read it!

  69. Anna

    This sounds amazing…I would adore a copy! Gonna buy if I don’t win one πŸ™‚

  70. Cheri

    My daughter’s brave journey living with anxiety has helped me to finally face my own battle. Getting help alone seems like it’s own free fall, but it’s also leading me tow find my own true self. Thanks, Tsh! You always seem to post what I need to see/hear πŸ™‚

  71. Elizabeth

    I would live to read this book!

  72. han

    Looking forward to reading this!

  73. Leslie

    This book has intrigued me! I’d love to win a copy and share with my grown children who are on the verge of a huge move to be part of a church plant! Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Karen

    Would love to win this!

  75. Anne

    I was doing a lot of head nods and just in that 2 minute book trailer, I felt like Rebekah was able to point a voice to the thoughts of so many women. Very excited to read this book!

  76. Kim

    This sounds like an amazing book! I look forward to reading it!

  77. Tammy

    This sounds like a great resource. I’d love to win a copy of the book.

  78. Kathryn

    Looking forward to reading it!

  79. Christi

    Tsh you always make our reality… Though sometimes mundane and always hard… A beautiful thing. Thanks for your sharing and the opportunity to win!!

  80. Kristi

    I never would have described that feeling of “nothingness” as depression. You’ve given me something to think about. I’d love to win this book! Thanks!

  81. Pammie

    I’d love to read this book – thank you for the opportunity to win !

  82. Aimee

    Would love to give this to a girlfriend who is struggling with depression right now. Looks like a wonderful read.

  83. Renee' H

    Thank you for posting about this book! I would love to win a copy of it!

  84. neely

    I would love to win the book!

  85. Virginia

    Even if I don’t win, ill read this book! Just started chemo, questioning a lot of things about what is really important to me

  86. Marcella

    Wow, I’d love to win and maybe share with other ladies as well.
    It has such a lovely cover!

  87. Stefani

    This sounds like such a thought-provoking and life changing book!

  88. Wendy B.

    After clawing my way back from depression 10 years ago, I fight every day to make sure I never get back to that place. This sounds like a book that will encourage and inspire me. Now that I have three little ones looking to me for an example, it’s even more important to care for myself, so I can care for them. Thanks for talking about such a private, life-altering issue.

  89. julie g

    I’d love a copy!

  90. Lindsey L.

    I would love to win a copy of this! My husband has gone through depression (before we met) and I would love to read this book to better understand it, and help him when he has those days.

  91. Allison B.

    Wow, could I use a copy of this!!

  92. Jennifer

    I need to read this book! I tend to thrive on change—moving, newness, the unknown but my current stage in life is at home with 2 little ones and the most change I see is clean diapers, errands, etc…I know its all very important but lately I’ve really been struggling to figure out what I’m created to do. This sounds like a good place to start!

  93. Nora G.

    What a great give-away! I keep seeing this book pop up all over the internet… I can’t wait to read it!

  94. jean

    Oh, your description of depression is right on. I would love to read this book and see how taking risks bring healing to that dark place.

  95. ar

    I’m a first time commenter and recent reader, but the ‘feeling nothing’ idea strikes true. Thanks.

  96. Laura

    What perfect timing to get this email in my inbox… the summary of this really book speaks to me. This why I love reading, because of the opportunity to share in other’s stories and worlds that might provide a spark or at least comfort in our own.

  97. Jen

    Thank you for the review! I am about to take a leap of faith and would love to read this book.

  98. Kamisha Sullivan

    I am currently compiling my summer reading list and this will have to have to be added to the list.

  99. Alison

    This books sounds great!! I’d love to win a copy πŸ™‚

  100. Heather

    I would love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for the oppurtunity!

  101. Cynthia I

    This is intriguing. I am a mother of 5 and consider myself “fine”. But the definition of depression as feeling nothing has me wondering. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  102. Liliana

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  103. Leslie

    I’ve been struggling with depression for over a year now – I too feel that surprise once I realized – ME? Depressed? I’ve always been the optimist, the happy, joyful woman. Not the last year…I’d love to read Rebekah’s story.

  104. Leigh

    Oh I’d love to win and read this book. As someone who has struggled with depression for years I love to read others journeys and how god impacts their lives.

  105. Rana

    I’ve been looking for something like this to read. For the past couple of years my sister and I have both been surprised by depression. It’s also been eye opening just with the conversations we have had about out mother and not realizing as a child that this is what she was going through. I would really like to read Rebekah’s story.

  106. Victoria Branch

    What an interesting book – I want to read this!

  107. Heather

    This sounds like a wonderful book! Would love to win a copy!

    • Christy Cooper

      As someone who has struggled with my faith through anxiety and depression (and am still working through it) I would love to win a copy of this book!

  108. Christine

    I’ve struggled with depression myself and would love to sit at her feet and hear her wisdom.

  109. Debbi

    Would love to read this! Sounds like a great book!

  110. Erica

    Looks like a wonderful and inspiring read – thanks for the chance – and for letting me know the book is out there!

  111. Elizabeth

    I went through several months of depression after I had my second daughter. It was one of the most difficult times in my life and the thought of going through that again if we have another child is very scary. I’m adding this book to my wish list.

  112. Mauri

    I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I went into a bout of depression earlier this year and sometimes it is really hard to know how to take care of yourself there.

  113. J McAuley

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  114. Julie H

    This sounds like a book I need to read, now! Hope to win one of the copies. Fingers crossed!

  115. Erica

    (I tried to leave a comment but the website blinked on me – not sure if the comment will ever surface, I apologize for two comments if it does!!!!)

    Thank you for the chance and for letting us know the book is out there – it looks like a wonderful, inspiring read!

  116. Nancy P

    I never considered myself to be depressed but I certainly feel flat and numb. I would to read this story and will let our local library know to put it on their radar. This could be one of those life-changing books for many women. Thank you!

  117. Theresa

    This sounds like a very informative book that I think a lot of my clients would enjoy, as well as I. Thank you. (Natural Living Massage & Wellness)

  118. Kim

    I’d love to win a copy of this book…if not, I’m definitely buying it πŸ™‚ This is exactly what I’ve been feeling over the past 2 years of my life and would love to read someone else’s story to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the chance to win!

  119. Kathe H

    Funny thing, I am currently in the throws of the horrible grip of depression. I know i have suffered with it all my life, but was good at ignoring it because I watched my mother suffer from it as a kid; she slept alot. And I said to myself that will not happen to me and why can’t she get over it. Now I know why she couldn’t just get over it. The “d” really manifested itself with me after the birth my daughter, she is 2. However, I covered it up for months, she was almost 1 when I surrendered ( not on my own accord), I had a break down. I didn’t have the bad thoughts or wanted to bring to myself or anyone, I was just empty and had the nothing feeling. I ashamed to say I can be a very apathetic person. I was treated for post partum. Not with drugs, was not going in that direction. I was good feeling great, then almost to the date of the year anniversary of my pp diagnosis, I was getting the nothing feeling and I worked hard at ignoring it. I didn’t understand what was going on, I chalked it up to seasonal adjustment. Long story short, I made an appt to see my primary doctor because I was tried of being tired (wasn’t sleeping, it had been months). I was convinced I had a sleep disorder. So the day of appoinment came. And there it was that word again she used…DEPRESSION! She said I’m suffering from depression. And there you have it I suffer from depression. It sucks, I don’t want to, but its my reality. So I am treating it naturally, and without antidpressants. I’m feeling good and sleeping soooooooooo much better. I look forward to reading your book…I know I am not alone!

  120. christina

    Sounds like a book many of us need to read. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. HeatherB

    This sounds like the perfect book for me to read and share. Know that ” no feeling” feeling all too well.

  122. Sara

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win this book.

  123. Teresa

    This book looks interesting. I think everyone knows the feeling of trying to find meaning and purpose in chaos. Thanks for the give-away.

  124. Valerie

    Sounds like a book that would be perfect to read given where I am in my life right now. Thanks for the chance.

  125. Dana

    I have dealt with depression all my life, and grew up with a mother who is bi-polar. I often find myself stuck and feeling hopeless. I would love to read this book and get some insight into how others deal with the same feeling. I hope I can win this book!

  126. Sarah

    As a woman who struggles with depression, I would love to read this book!

  127. Stacy

    I would love to read this.

  128. Michele

    This feels like me right now. I vacillate between wanting to take a long walk off a short pier and feeling excitement for what could be. I’m stuck & unfulfilled. Don’t even know where to turn to next. Maybe the book would help me. Or maybe it would be another thing I “can’t” do. Thanks for the opportunity.

  129. Lauren

    I would love to win this book. I’m on the tail-end of a major depressive episode that lasted for most of a year. Thank the Lord He has brough me out through wonderful doctors and counselors! It’s so great to hear from others who have experienced the same thing, as depression is one of the loneliest places to be.

  130. Kelli

    Sounds like an amazing book, and one that would be very helpful at this point in my life. Thanks for making your readers aware of great resources such as these!

  131. Nina

    Sounds like a great book, I’m particularly intrigued by the questions at the end. I always enjoy introspection.

  132. Colleen M.

    Sound like a fantastic book. Thanks for offering it!

  133. Peggy Nagy

    Wow would a pertinent book for so many women. I look forward to reading it.

  134. Leann

    I would love to win. I’m going through some situational depression and it’s just continually on-going. I think reading something like this might help. Besides, the cover is beautiful! πŸ™‚

  135. Lisa

    It sounds wonderful!

  136. Connie Tacazon

    This book sounds very interesting.

  137. Hollie

    Going through the ups and downs and surprise at the realization that another depressive episode has decened on me can be tough. It’s definitely a journey I’ll be walking for the unforseeable future but I believe God is using it as a tool to make me into the woman he created me to be.

    Thanks for sharing your story Tsh. I’d love to read Rebekahs as well.

  138. Michelle

    After having lived through about five years of the after-effects of a horribly traumatizing experience, I have found myself in a state of fight or flight most of the time. I would really enjoy reading this book as I feel connected to this story.

  139. Melanie

    Depression/melancholy/”is this all there is” has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. Not enough to debilitate me but just enough to steal away living life to it’s fullest. Always thought I could beat it on my own but never could figure out how until now. I’m now 58 and have recently lost my husband. Through the horrendous pain and associated depression I’ve accepted that God has a plan and every day I bring myself to Him for comfort.

    I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for putting yourself out there for others to learn from.

  140. Kirsten Fox

    I would love to win this book! I also went through a dark/numb time a few years ago. Like I was in a raging river, but couldn’t tell if I was drowning or not.

  141. mary

    would love to win a copy!

  142. Lynne McClure

    Thanks for this opportunity. I agree, once you recover from depression, the possibility of its return is something that can keep you on your guard.

    Love your blog.

    Thanks again!

  143. Shari Kawashima

    Wow, her life description hit home for me – I lived my whole life in Lexington, ky. until 3.5 years ago when my husband and I moved to Tokyo, Japan. I am a counselor by education and have been experiencing depression for the past few months. Her description of not knowing the feeling is so true – my husband asks what I need and I cannot tell him because I do not know. And man, moving from the south to a big city – there is nothing like it. Add to that a language barrier and no car and two small children – well, let’s just say, if I am not chosen to win the book I want to buy it because I know it will impact me and meet me in my life stage right now. Thank you for the opportunity!

  144. Alyssa

    I keep hearing about this book and would love to read it!

  145. Christine C

    What a great book. Sounds like something I could use right now. Life sure is beautiful, but sure isn’t easy.

  146. Pam Craig

    Having recently been diagnosed with depression – I am just trying to find out as much as possible – ways to heal, how to move on and still be the mom God called me to be. Thank you for the book – I can’t wait to read it!!

  147. Katie

    I would like to win a copy!

  148. Julia

    Sounds lovely!

  149. Charlotte

    I went from super-crazed full time working mother to dizzyingly enthusiastic and productive SAHM, to suddenly isolated and depressed these past few months…
    I am looking for a chance to reinvent myself, and reading this book seems to be in that path!

  150. Sonia

    Her story is close to heart. Even the move to NYC impacts me already. For it was in NYC that I both hit my bottom and began my healing. It has been 4 years for me. I would love to read her story.

  151. MK

    Id love to win this book – depression is very prevalent in my family. I’m in the midst of trying to take some risks myself, and this book might help make that final push for me.

  152. Rachel

    I would love to win this book! My mom has dealt with depression and I would love to read this.

  153. jill

    This books sounds life altering, I would love to read it!

  154. Joanne Viola

    I would love to read this book. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  155. Todd

    Depression is rotten for everybody while it’s going on.

  156. Steph J

    After my first period of depression, when I was feeling better again, I promised myself that if I ever got to feeling depressed again I would remind myself that it’s not real–the desperation or the “nothing”–they are not who I am. Then when I found myself slipping back again, I couldn’t believe any of that, again. That’s really what the depression is all about for me–being completely unable to see the light. I would love to see it transformed into meaning and purpose. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  157. Suzie Evans

    I would love to read this. Love the cover art too.

  158. Dawn

    I would love to read more of her story – anyone who is open and honest about some of the things that are sometimes kept in secret is someone I’d like to read more of …

  159. Patty

    Would love to hear her story!

  160. Rieke

    How strong she is to write this book! Can’t wait to read it!

  161. Ruth Rouchard

    I’d love a copy! Thanks for the chance and giveaway. Love your blog friend.

  162. Cynthia

    Sounds like a great book!

  163. Andrea

    This sounds like a great read! I’ve struggled with depression in the past , too–and even though it feels far away, I know that it could come back.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. katie

    I’d be super interested in reading this book!

  165. Melanie

    This sounds like a book I’d like to read, and I enjoyed the video.

  166. Aubrey

    This book sounds great! Depression is one of the most empty things–it’s not full of crying for me at all, just like you Tsh. It’s just empty, and everything is hard. It’s a completely uncreative state. I don’t know why people think depressed people are super creative and moody, like it’s a trendy thing, because depression hinders my work and creative ability more than fatigue and physical illness can.

  167. Jennifer Ott

    As someone who has struggled with depression, I fear the cliff that I remember. I would love the chance to read this book!

  168. Megan Mattinson

    Oh, this would be such a blessing.

  169. marilyn

    sounds like a fabulous book and interesting read.

  170. Hillary

    I am intrigued about this book and would love to win a copy!

  171. Heather

    Just added this book to my “to read” list, but I’d love to win it!! I asked a lot of these questions when my youngest was around 18 months. I was overwhelmed so I reached out to a professional psychiatrist. Have had an amazing year with her, had another baby, and am now anticipating another round of self-questioning as my new baby gets older.

  172. Katie

    Yesterday I had a heart wrenching talk with my little sister who is 27 and totally feeling the effects of what this book talks about. She is lonely and feels as thought she has accomplished nothing (even though is a physical therapist, and beautiful women, a sister, a friend, daughter, and aunt). She is depressed, a feeling she doesn’t know how to deal with because she has NEVER been a sad person in her whole life. I would love to give her this book. Maybe it would bring some hope into her life, renew her strength to fly.

  173. Diana

    I think everyone could benefit from reading this book, whether you’ve had depression or not, you certainly are exposed to someone battling this each and every day.

  174. Pamela

    This book is exactly what I need to read right now. I was diagnosed with depression in February of this year, and I am pregnant with our third child. I am doing much better, having sought out counselling and cognitive-behaviour therapy. It is a journey for sure.

  175. Terry C

    Wow, this kinda sounds like something I’ve been going through. Would love to read this and gain some insight. Thanks πŸ™‚

  176. Kelly

    I would love to win this – something I’ve definitely struggled with depression and those feelings of nothingness – this book sounds amazing.

  177. cynthia

    Sounds like a great book – I did the opposite move…from NYC to the suburban south

  178. Laura

    I could really us this book right about now!

  179. Tina

    I am looking at being uprooted from a lovely suburban life with my five kids to LA for my husband to try a new job. I want to be supportive but honestly, I am very scared of the unknown and of having to build a new life again. We have started over several times but the kids were always small, now they are 8,10,12,14 and 16. I would love to read this book and be encouraged in my walk.

  180. Bianca

    Would love to read this book. Is it available to buy as well?

  181. Heather Myhr

    This sounds like a good book.

  182. Maryn

    Sounds like an interesting read, maybe it’s my lucky day?

  183. Cortney

    I dealt with PPD after my second was born. Eight years later, we’ll finally welcome our third child into the family. And I’m scared of dealing with PPD again. This book seems like it could help me to FEEL and ENGAGE.

  184. Teresa Coy

    If I don’t win this giveaway, I will be purchasing this book. Thank you for the chance!

  185. Kristin Thomas

    I would really love to have this book! While I have never experienced symptoms of depression, my husband has and what the author felt seems to be how my husband felt. I would love to understand more and would LOVE for him to read the book too! Thanks for this chance!!

  186. deborah

    Sounds like an inspiring read!

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    I would love to have a copy of this. It sounds like just what I need to read. Thanks for the chance!

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    Please enter me–thank you for the drawing!

  189. Sharon Yost

    I would like to read this book! Those thoughts and feelings can happen at any stage of life.

  190. Laura

    Amazing how the universe so often hands you what you need. Not only have I, along with my mother and sister, struggled with depression, but my teenage daughter is journeying through her own devastating experience. My career is at a crossroads and my life has somewhat stalled. I think I need a free fall – if only I could figure out what it would look like!

  191. Sarah

    I would love to win a copy of this book. Depression doesn’t have to control our lives. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  192. Tamrah T

    It sounds like a wonderful book! Depression isn’t a place anyone chooses, but I love that she was able to share her journey through it to a brighter place. Yes please, enter me into the book giveaway.

  193. Tricia Paoluccio

    I would love to read this book. I had a period of depression over a heartbreak that I thought would never end. Now it has passed. And I feel compelled to volunteer at a suicide hotline or something because I just have such compassion for people who are going through that. I hope to read your book, even if I dont win a copy. Thanks for sharing your story.

  194. Suzanne

    Sounds like a great book – I’d love a copy.

  195. Julie Coryell

    I’d love to win a copy of this! Sound incredible!

  196. Julie

    Would like to read this book!

  197. Debbie

    Tsh, It is welcoming to hear others stories of depression. For me, it helps to remind me that other people have gone through it or manage to live with it and still have a great life. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “nothing”. For me, it was long periods of nothing interspersed with soul sucking sadness then nothing again. Thankfully, with a lot of help, I am much better. I would love to read Rebekah’s book. Her story, from your description, is a mirror image of mine. I moved from a large metro area in the Rockies to the South. A culture shock but in many different ways. I also had an “empty nest” for the first time in 23 years. I would feel truly blessed to read her account and how she dealt with it. You have to continue to work on yourself or you will stagnate; and it sounds like this book will help do that. I hope to win!

  198. Darcy Griffin

    I’ve wondered if I’ve been struggling with this too, most days I just feel numb and don’t get beyond a small list of to do’s! But I’m tired too, that doesn’t help. πŸ™‚ I’d love to read this moms story.

  199. Jennifer R

    I would also love to read this book. It’s always good to find those pick-me-up books.

  200. Darlene

    Would love to win and read. Sounds like something alot of people go through.

  201. Sheri Grissen

    This sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for making us aware of all these great writers!

  202. Kristine Adams

    I would love a copy of this book. I myself have had bouts of depression over the years and wondered WHY? In fact this morning I woke up feeling all out of sorts and need to be deliberate today in doing tasks that make me feel productive and give myself a break if I don’t accomplish something so I don’t spiral into another freefall. God bless Rebekah for this book!

  203. Heidi @ Mt Hope

    The book looks wonderful. I’d love to read it. As you probably know, I went through my own bout of depression a few years ago, as well. And I’ve been struggling with taking risks and doing big things, but I’m doing something big (for me) this summer and we’ll see how it goes. I’m praying God will give me wings on the way down. πŸ™‚

  204. Jan

    One way or another, I look forward to reading this book! πŸ™‚

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    sounds really good!

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    It’s book sounds fabulous, I’d love to win a copy

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    I’d love to read this book, and then pass it on to those I love who’ve struggled with depression.

  208. Jessica Saunders

    depression has touched our family this past few years, it’s devastating to live with some days.

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    I got choked up watching this video. thank you for sharing. wether i win or not, i’ve added this book to my list and bumped it to the top.

  217. Carla

    I look forward to diving into this book!

  218. Jennifer

    The opposite of depression is vitality. Rebekah’s book, hopefully, will be yet one more step towards our society understanding depression’s true nature.

  219. Denise

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    I could really use this book.

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    This book looks like something I need!!

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    I would love to win a copy!

  223. Ilo Richardson

    This book seems very interesting. I, too, always though that depression was all about crying and sadness. But I realized that just because you don’t have the obvious symptoms that one can still suffer from depression. And sadly, I still have phases of depression. Thankfully it is nothing that requires medication.

  224. elayna

    So interesting how things have a way of “showing” up just when you need them. After the birth of my child I thought it was just PPD but then digging deeper I realized it was so much more then that, it was my depression resurfacing but even more. Only recently armed with a clearer diagnosis am I climbing the hill to recovery again. – of course I would love this book to be apart of this climb.

  225. Shelley

    Love any book that tackles the hugeness of “What is my purpose on earth?” A question that haunts me regularly. Would LOVE to win and read this book!

  226. Britany

    Please enter me in the book giveaway!

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    Sounds like a good read. Thanks for the suggestion.

  228. davis ann

    sounds wonderful!

  229. Carmen Woitas

    Thank you for this post, I never knew a lack of emotion was asign of depression. When I had my last baby I just layed there and was surprised by lack of reaction…I. mean I successfully had a vbac, but I didn’t seem to be happy or sad or anything. On the video I tell the dr and my mom,’ I must just be in shock.’

    Thank you again for sharing.

  230. Jbug

    This sounds like a good book. I’d love to win a copy. I’m new to this blog and am really enjoying the posts!

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  237. Elizabeth

    I think this would be helpful in understanding my journey. I was diagnosed with pmdd when my youngest was six months old. It’s been four years and while things are much better, any insight would be appreciated.
    Thank you for sharing!

  238. Katherine Willis Pershey

    I haven’t heard of this, but your book recommendations are always spot-on. Very interested to read it.

  239. trish

    Depression is something I have delt with in the past and something I struggle to identify and and face head on when I see it coming. I am always grateful to those who are willing to write about it. Reading about other people’s struggles always seems to help. If I don’t win one I will be buying one! Thanks and God bless! Trish

  240. Steph@livingbrilliant

    Thank you for this…definitely on my “to-read” list. I have also suffered from depression, and since starting to speak openly about it have been amazed to know how many women share my story.

  241. Joy

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    Wow, so timely and well-said. The book sounds great.

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    I would love to win a copy of this book. I have been through depression and I know how difficult it is.

  245. Kate

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  246. Keri

    This book sounds lovely. I especially love the accomanying artwork. I really appreciate both of you stepping out to share your experience with depression. I think there is a great stigma surrounding depression. Most people don’t exactly understand what it means, or that it is something they are facing. I would love to read this book to help articulate the realities of depression and relate to those struggling with it as well.

  247. bianca

    Sounds like a great read!!!

  248. rchelle christiansen

    It is hard for us to see we are not alone in our depression, though we know others suffer it’s so hard to see past our own depression to embrace the help we could recieve. This sounds like a wonderful powerful book, thanks for the chance to win.

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    I have a friend who NEEDS this book. She is in the midst of it. I would love to give her this book and read it for myself to help understand better where she is at.

  254. Tammy

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    Really looking forward to reading this.

  256. April J


  257. Elizabeth B.

    I am sitting outside a functional medicine doctor’s office, waiting for my first “holistic” doctors appointment ever. Western docs haven’t been able to help me. One if my symptoms is depression. I’ve never read a book about someone’s journey through depression. I am thinking it could be very helpful. So I shall enter this drawing! Thanks.

  258. Alisa

    Sounds like a good book!

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    Would love to win a copy! I’ve seen it shared around the net for the past few weeks and it seems perfect timing for me to read it…

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  262. Dana

    Very interested in her journey.

  263. Julie Gaunky

    Life is all about changes, and they just don’t seem to stop coming! Right now, they are all wonderful changes…love wins! I haven’t always been that lucky, so I am fully enjoying the changes in my life now.

  264. Abby Aberle

    This book sounds like it would be so helpful to me!

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    I have been in a deep depression for about two weeks. Going to the Dr. today to get some help. I would love to read this book. Someone just a couple weeks ago recommended it and it’s on my list to purchase. Once I can finally get off the couch.

  273. Laura

    Wonder if this is the kind of depression I have been going through lately?!…

  274. stacey h

    I think it must take remarkable courage to be able to come out of these kinds of experiences and write about them for the benefit of others. I would love to win a copy, thanks so much!

  275. Rachel C.

    Would love to read this!

  276. Jessica K

    I am so anxious to read this book! The issues she addresses have been on my heart for ages.

  277. kristen

    id love to win a copy. as having gone thru this myself and just recently another family is in the midst of it right now, feel that this would be a huge help and blessing. thanks for the opp!

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    I’d love to win a copy! Those questions about life and meaning are some that I ask myself often. I’d really like to read her story!

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    I heard Rebekah share last summer and she is truly a beautiful, tender hearted soul. Her book is on my “To Read” list, so winning one would be wonderful!

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  288. Anna

    Would loveto win. Her story sound a little like mine. Depressed for the past year and a half and daily climbing out of it with Gods help.

  289. catharine

    Having been there myself, I love to read words from those who understand.
    Adding this to my summer reading list!

  290. Debbie C

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  291. Jen D

    I have two people in my life who are struggling with depression. Maybe this book would help me understand where they are coming from better.

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    Feeling nothing can be worse than feeling anything no matter what is it. Sounds like a good read. Thanks for being willing to share.

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    Sounds like a great read. I’d love to win it! But I’ve put it on my wishlist, just in case!!

  298. Jen

    I completely identify with the “freefall” description, though I never thought of it quite that way! I am finally coming out of the fog after struggling with depression for more than a year. Depression is sneaky…it takes you down little by little, until you’re so buried, you can’t remember what “normal” felt like. My saving grace was my family, and a conversation with my a friend who encouraged me to seek out counseling. I am learning what it takes to keep me well…and I finally get what people mean when they say you have to take care of yourself in order to be a better mom. Hope, grace and love are blessings that I no longer take for granted!

  299. Nikki

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    I’ve just recently started to soar again myself – long long road from ocd pp…
    I would love to read this book.

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    So grateful for your description of depression. I wish everyone understood it better. I’d love to win a copy of Rebekah’s book. Thanks!

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    Coming up one the one year anniversary of my divorce, I really feel this could be a timely read for me πŸ™‚

  312. Ashley H.

    Yes please.

  313. Heather k. M

    Would love to read this book!

  314. Wendy KJ

    Exactly what I need right now. I am now ending my fourth marriage due to infidelity and dishonesty…on his part. Husbands seem to be my challenge in life. I have little self-worth and need to pick myself up. I have two teenage children still home with me. I need to be strong for them…and for me.

  315. Anne

    The state of “nothing” is something that millions of us experience at some stage in our lives. It is comforting to know that while the feelings are uncomfortable, talking about it doesn’t have to be and can help heal through those difficult times.

  316. Juanita

    Thank you for this offer, and also for posting the video.

  317. Des

    Oh this sounds wonderful!

  318. Karina Allen

    I NEED this book!!!! I do struggle with depression. It has gotten better but every now & then it rears its head & catches me off guard. Right now, I am in a season of needing encouragement & for The Lord to be my anchor of hope.

  319. Rae @ Motherhood Handmade

    This books sounds incredible. Thanks to both of you for offering the giveaway!

  320. Jaime

    The books sounds great. I have suffered with depression through out my life and it’s always encouraging to hear other’s experiences and what has gotten them and continues to get them through those times.

  321. Mandy Moore

    Pick me πŸ™‚ Looks like a great book to read!

  322. Barbara

    I think this book would be an encouragement!

  323. Ann

    There is a history of clinical depression in my family, and I’ve struggled with it personally. It’s a difficult thing to live with – for both the person who is suffering with it and for those who love him/her. The book sounds like a great read.

  324. Lisagrace Alsbury

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  325. Melissa

    As a mom who has also suffered from depression, I would love to hear the insight Rebekah has to offer!

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    having just started coming out of my deep depression fog, I would love to win a copy of this book.

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    Thanks for introducing me to another great book.

  329. Vanessa

    Maybe. I’m still stuck on my path to no where. I know what nothing feels like. I know what wanting to do something so badly feels like, and then self-destructing again and again, wondering what I’m supposed to learn or become from this. It’s interesting how just a few clicks away, there is someone who may understand the nothingness of “how long will I have to endure this”… God speed. I hope I remember to read your book and find some respite from…nothing.

  330. Julie

    Thanks, Tsh! Anything that helps us trust God more is a good thing.

  331. Sheri Zee

    I know these feelings all too well. Definitely putting this book on my TBR list!

  332. Michele

    I’m torn – I read the preview on Amazon and part of me really wants to read this story fully and the other part is afraid of the effect it will have on me. Like some of the other women above, I am experiencing depression (and anxiety disorder). Its comforting to know others have not only experienced that emptiness but pulled through it.

    I embraced minimalism in September last year – the lifestyle change is helping me to work through it. Tsh’s blog and book have been tremendous help along the way. Thank you both for the inspiration you give.

  333. brooke wagen

    i would love to read this. finding meaning in risk and joy in loss is near and dear to my heart and family.

  334. Cathy G

    Yes please, I’d really like a copy, had immediately added to my ‘to read’ list and then saw this giveaway. Looks great and v relevant for me at the moment.

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    Heidi πŸ™‚

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    Count me in! Read an interview on Christianity Today and was looking forward to hearing more about the book. Thanks for the review.

  342. Jenny

    Very true! Taking chances is the way to really feel life! Thats why i skydive!

  343. Minal

    Depression means “deep reason” – wud love to read this book. Feel will be able to relate to Rebekah, me too have recently moved from Mumbai, India to Antwerp, Belgium and my lifestyle has changed drastically….keeping fingers crossed for the free copy.


  344. Rebekah Lyon

    Would love to win this book to share with many, many women. She states in a podcast that 1-in-4 women are on antidepressants or clinically depressed. Wow! Praying for God to use her words mightily. Thank you, Tsh, for offering this opportunity. So generous πŸ™‚

  345. Jennifer

    This looks like a wonderful book to read over and over…I have fought depression all of my life and would find solace in Rebekah’s beautiful words!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

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    I have this book on my library wait list, but it would be so much nicer to have my own copy :-). And thanks, Tsh, for the honesty to share a bit of your story.

  350. Sandy

    As I read about your book, a friend of mine came to mind. She is struggling to get to a better place. I would love to win this for her. Thank you for writing the book.

  351. ejfalke

    As a fellow depression sufferer, I would love to read this book. Thank you!

  352. Iowa Expat

    I would love to read this book. The past few years have been hard ones, with depression part of the story. It’s encouraging to hear the stories of others who have surfaced.

  353. Aimee

    Would love to check it out!

  354. Erika

    This looks like an excellent read that will hit home to so many readers.

  355. Anne

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I just finished reading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl a few weeks ago. Have you ever read it? I think that reading stories of people finding their purpose and their meaning in life inspires others to do the same.

  356. Renee

    Sounds like I need to read this book. Stat.

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    It sounds like exactly the book I need right now, and I’d love to read it, whether I win a copy or buy one. πŸ™‚

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    Sounds really good and excellent for a book club too!

  359. Starla R.

    Whether I win or not I am going to find a way to read this book. This article has hit home in so many ways for me. I’m trying to find my purpose and meaning of being here on earth. I am really scared, excited and thankful at finding out what this journey will hold.

  360. Sarah @ LeftBrainBuddha

    This sounds so familiar to me, having been caught by surprise by depression as well. I would love to read this book ~ I am in a similar state of questioning and spiritual journey. Thanks for the information about the book!

  361. kathy w

    I have suffered from depression for years and would love to read this book.

  362. Catherine Casey

    I’d love a copy of this book. I’m having a really bad day!

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    That looks great. I love the quote on the art, very inspiring

  366. Rebecca

    I have been wanting to travel but, do not want to with a small child who is now 4 but, maybe this might give me the inspiration or kick in the pants I need to just do it.

  367. Krista

    Sounds like a great book. It’s going on my “to read this summer” list. Love to win one!

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  369. Caitlin

    Sounds like an interesting book. Having struggled with depression myself I am always interested in hearing about the experiences of others. Thanks for the opportunity.

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    sounds like a gem of a read…and an encouraging one too, from one mom to another. πŸ™‚

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    I would really like to win a copy of this book. Thanks for the chance!

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    As someone who has been through depression this sounds like an amazing read!

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    Sounds like a wonderful thought provoking book.

  376. Anna Hoffman

    Would love to give this a read. It’s true…you ARE more prone to depression once you’ve had it. I’ve revisited that nothing feeling more than I like to admit…

  377. Erica R

    Sounds like an inspiring book.

  378. Jennifer

    I’d love to read that. It sounds like a great book!

  379. Cher

    Thanks, Rebekah, for sharing 10 copies of “Freefall to Fly”. That’s most generous!

  380. Jessica H

    Depression kinda sucks. Motherhood and my 30’s much harder than I expected.
    Can’t wait to read this book πŸ™‚

  381. Sally P

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! Count me in πŸ™‚

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  383. Rika

    I love your site. I just found this site yesterday when I feel like the most unorganized person in the world if it is about daily plan. So I found you and printed some ideas from here ( Thanks so much. They’re just perfectly all I need for this time. I’m on my way to be more organized, hopefully.

    And then today I’m back to your site, and landed in your home page, and read about this giveaway.

    It seems like coincidence that yesterday I printed some ideas from yours because I want to be more organized, today I read about depressin book, and some people say unorganized is one of depression signs…

    I hope I’ll be the lucky one to win your book..

    Thanks again

  384. KimW

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