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Finding spiritual whitespace

Don’t know if you’ve noticed around the Internet lately, but bloggers are clamoring for a bit of quiet. Everywhere I turn, I read that another blogging friend is taking a break from the loud cacophony of the competing voices on social media, vying for two seconds of our attention.

I love this. I take a lengthy break every summer, and it’s nice to have some good company.

Lately I’ve been rereading my friend Bonnie’s words in her new (releases today!) book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace. I don’t think this book’s birth to the world could have come at a better time. I’m ravenously inhaling all the whitespace I can find. There’s something about this time of year that just calls for it, don’t you think?

Whitespace, put simply, is a graphic design term describing areas intentionally left blank. To complete the whole look, whitespace acts as a sort of art in itself; without it, we couldn’t see as well what remains.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace is a book about leaving things blank in your life so that you can better see what remains. It’s about Bonnie’s story with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, overcoming her obstacles, and finding rest through God-intimate whitespace.

With words mimicking poetry, Bonnie explores the many places we can find spiritual whitespace: in nature, in friendships, in beauty and mystery, at the table. In quiet. In spite of the clutter and chaos.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace, by Bonnie Gray

I’m thrilled that Bonnie’s giving five Art of Simple readers a copy of Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest, because I can’t think of a better book to kickstart a slow summer.

To enter to win, simply leave any comment on this post. (If you’re reading this via email, click over to the post to comment.)

This giveaway will end on Friday, June 5, and we’ll announce the winners soon after. I hope you win!

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  1. Paula

    Sounds like exactly what I need. If I don’t win a copy, I’ll buy it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Nani

      Sounds like a book I want to read. Winning it would be great!

    • Rosemarie

      My Dad was the King of Whitespace. His life had balance. It was prayful,restful. He had daily walks. Plenty of time for family and friends. He was one who came from the Greatest generation. He was an Art teacher. We lost him on Good Friday, how fitting. He went to one computer class and that was it… too time consuming those computers. Dad was 95 years young , but he would get me to google and send the emails.
      R Moher

    • Lucille

      Would love the chance to read this book. Tomorrow I celebrate my 56th birthday. Three years ago I also was diagnosed with PTSD, and always have journal my thoughts. Look forward in reading this book.

    • Jan

      So desperately need this!!!

    • Sara

      Would love to learn how to quiet myself!!!

    • Carrie

      I would love have a copy,would be perfect timing.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Suzanne

    Dear Tsh,

    As you wrote: this book couldn’t have come at a better time. For me and for the world around me and the wider world. I hope I win a copy and if not may it go to someone who wants it as much as i do!

    have a great day,


  3. Suse Fish

    Ooh, ooh, ooh – I’ve just last night made the huge (for me) decision to abandon Facebook and Pinterest for this very reason. There – now I’ve said it publicly, I really have to stick to it ;o)

  4. joanna

    Sounds like a great book. Hope you email winners BC I also gave up Facebook. As a photographer I know a lot about white space and this book sounds very interesting.

  5. joanna

    Sounds like a great read!! Hoping to win.

  6. DFP

    I would love to read this– just read Notes from a Blue Bike and this sounds like a great book to follow it.

  7. Rebecca in PA

    Sounds marvelous! Just what the season calls for!

  8. Kelly

    Sounds like a great book!

  9. Andrea Johnson

    Sounds great – pick me!

  10. Katherine

    I have been trying to give myself more space and only partially succeeding. I would love to read this!

  11. Megan

    I would love this!

  12. Jackie

    Yes, I have noticed the desire for some space and time and of course I have felt this as well. We are so accustomed to being “social” that it is difficult to pull ourselves away. This sounds like a must read book!

  13. Suzanne F

    We live in a 24×7 world and we feel we miss something if not checking our phones, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, etc. No wonder so many of us are tired and irritable. We need to step back and reclaim the simple pleasures, This book sounds like a fabulous read! I would love to win a copy! Thank you!

  14. Rachel E.

    Sounds like a timely book that I’d love to read!

  15. Liz D

    Looks like an excellent book!

  16. Jennifer S

    Would love to read this one! I will be new to homeschooling this fall so would love to learn now how to find my whitespace.

  17. Abbey

    This book is blowing up my Feedly today! I so want to read it! I have a really hard time finding white space and also accepting it when it’s already there.

  18. Betsy

    Sounds like a great book!

  19. Sharon

    In the midst of our own season of rest right now! Each time I’m delivered to the doorstep of rest, I realize how much I still have to learn. Look forward to reading the book.

  20. jessica

    Looks like my kind of book!!

  21. Miriam

    Yes, that sounds like a wonderful but with lots of good inspiration.

  22. HeatherP

    Sounds lovely and inspiring

  23. Nicole

    I am taking some time off between jobs this summer- the first time ever since I became a nurse almost twenty years ago. This sounds like the perfect book to dive into.

  24. Margo S

    Fortunately I’ve never joined Facebook. But Pinterest is another story. It’s fun but can steal so much time from you. This book sounds lovely.

  25. Amy

    This sounds like just what I need right now!!

  26. Angie S

    Whitespace…I think I have plenty of it to start with, and then it somehow fills up. I need to learn how to keep it and rest in it, instead of letting little things fill it up and then being exhausted. Thank you for this giveaway!

  27. Ginny

    Just the cover seems like a breath of fresh air!

  28. Brittany

    This sounds perfect for what I’m needing right now!

  29. Mindy Hilton

    I need this in my life! With 5 young kids, crazy schedules, and barely time to sleep, let alone think, I’ve been trying to figure this out for years with no success.

  30. Jennifer Pazdur

    Would love to get a copy of this book and work some whitespace into my own life!

  31. Lori

    Sounds like the perfect book for me!! Would love to have this one.

  32. Anna

    What a beautiful book to kick off a slower season! Blessings!

  33. Mama Rachael

    I keep thinking about going back to my blog, but I don’t. I have lots of ideas, but nothing that is ‘calling my name’. I think its just a season I’m in, and since I blog for enjoyment and enlightenment, not income, its no biggy that I’m not feeling it.

    Does sound like an interesting book to read. I am finding myself doing more reading of books as I’m not blogging so much. 😛

  34. Lorna

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I love the whole idea of spiritual whitespace.

  35. Marla Taviano

    You’re speaking my language.

  36. Kathleen

    Sounds like the perfect summer read!

  37. Lauren

    I’m looking for some Spiritual Whitespace in my life right now. Can’t wait to read this book!

  38. Heather Stover

    My white space this summer is fewer or no extra curricular activities for the kiddos! It just wears me out! Where can I have more???? Need this read;)

  39. Stephanie

    Summer and silence are calling me!

  40. teri h

    This book is on my wish list!

  41. Heather M

    This book sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read it!

  42. Mary Beth

    Look wonderful!

  43. Caroline

    The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about how I want to create more space in my life over the summer- this book sounds like an awesome read.

  44. Kat

    I’d love to read this

  45. Bethany

    Sounds like a good Art of Simple Book Club book!

  46. Heidi Knepper

    At a time in life when i feel that i have NO whitespace, the reminder this book brings is very welcome.

  47. Ellen Bitler

    I’ve always defined it as needing “margin” but I like “white space” better! Hope to win a book and learn more!

  48. Christine C

    Who would have thought of another perfect topic out there, that hasn’t been over exposed???? Super idea!!!

  49. Jamie

    I have started eliminating thing that don’t add value in my life. The first for me to go was TV. I’d love to read this book for some more ideas…,

  50. Susan

    I love the ideas behind this book! I’d love to have the chance to get to read it.

  51. Brenda T.

    I would love this! This is so where I am right now in my life.

  52. Lori B

    Things happen for a reason – your timing is perfect! I can’t wait to read this book!

  53. shonda

    Sounds like a great book! Cool giveaway.

  54. Merridith

    I’ve been thinking along these lines a lot lately…what does it look like to add white space to our days and weeks…looking forward to brainstorming some ideas with others.

  55. Margaret Petry

    In my busy time of life with 3 little kids, I would love to read this!

  56. stephanie l

    sounds like a great summer read!

  57. Michelle Marquez

    “God-intimate whitespace” sounds like just the rest I need.

  58. Miriam

    Sounds like a fascinating read!

  59. Camille

    Would love to delve deeper into this subject and find ways to apply the concept to parenting!

  60. Sarah M

    What a great book for a summer read!

  61. Kelly

    I would love this for my mom!

  62. Jill Foley

    Would love to read it…I’m all about slowing down, both our home and our lives.

  63. Judy

    Love it! We’ve been pursuing more whitespace in our lives, but I feel like some more encouragement and direction would be so helpful.

  64. Caitlin Mallery

    quiet, in spite of chaos, sounds too good to be true. if you recommend the book I am certain of its value.

  65. Megan M.

    Wow! This would be perfectly perfect for me right now. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!!

  66. Amanda

    I’m so excited to read this book!

  67. Stephen

    Man I need some spiritual whitespace in my life. Big time. Looking forward to reading it!

  68. Katie

    love the idea of spiritual “white space”

  69. Kelley J Leigh

    Sounds lovely. I’d enjoy having a copy to read!

  70. Erin B.

    This sounds great! I’m sure I’d get a lot out of it.

  71. Jada Schiessl

    I have my hand raised!

  72. Sandy

    I have a friend who is the main caretaker for her diabetic father, with her sisters going over in the evenings to relieve her. He has so very many health issue that someone needs to spend practically 24/7 with him, and the call in the night always is to her when there is a problem. I would love to be able to give this book to her to help her find white space in her hectic schedule to just rest in God.

  73. Erin

    I’ve added this to my reading list – as a young mom, whitespace is hard to find but can be made – I’d like to hear Bonnie’s perspective on how to do that!

  74. Andrea Enright

    I’m about to embark on a whirlwind summer. Would love this book about rest!

  75. Megan

    This looks like a really interesting, and timely read. Thanks for always adding something to my to-read list, Tsh!

  76. Maggie

    I love everything about this idea. Very excited to read it.

  77. Caroline

    Spiritual whitespace–I know I need it, and I want it. But how do I find it? Anticipating reading this book.

  78. Aimee

    What a perfect time for a book like this. I’d love a copy. Thanks, Tsh and Bonnie

  79. Jolene Underwood (@Faith_Eyes)

    I too have noticed many bloggers taking breaks. I think it’s wonderful that the value of quiet and hearing from the Lord is taken seriously. Ironically, as this is the first time in my life (at 42) that things ARE quieter, it’s also the time when I am really picking up writing with fervor. Over the last couple of decades I’ve been a single mom, foster mom, homeschooling mom, non-profit founder, mulitple ministry leader and foster mom of MANY (13 in 14 months). NOW I have 2 left at home (after caring for over 20). NOW I have faced the NEED to slow down due to showing signs of PTSD. NOW my brain is clearing up, my heart is filling up and the words are ready to burst out. Whether gaining spiritual white space leads to more or less writing, the gain in Him is the greatest of all. May it always be so.

  80. Jenny

    Wow, this seems to speak to exactly what I’m needing right now! Thanks for sharing

  81. Jennifer B.

    This sounds perfect for my time of life. I just finished my college education, I’m working part-time, and I’m finishing up my first trimester of my first pregnancy. I’m adding it to my amazon wishlist right now.

  82. Sarah Johnson

    I’m taking off for the summer and have two priorities: getting fit and getting deep! This would be a great things to guide me in my time in getting to know The Lord better!

  83. Suzanne T

    This books sounds right up my alley. Even if I don’t win it, I will buy it.

  84. Peg Schoenfelder

    What a great idea to focus on not filling every moment with distraction.

  85. Annette

    In desperate need of such a book! It’s going on list of “must reads”.

  86. Andrea

    I love the heart behind this idea…yearning for my own whitespace right now.

  87. Mercia

    Love & need this right now. Thank you for the opportunity!

  88. Itsasne

    I’m in the middle of a de-cluttering spree 🙂
    I need whitespace at the moment, in all kinds of ways!

  89. Heather

    Love this. Thank you.

  90. Connie

    I love Bonnie’s blog, her writing always brings calm to my life. I echo what someone above said, if I don’t win it I will definitely buy it.

  91. Kristy

    I’m also searching for peace, quiet, and serenity.
    This book could really help!

  92. Teresa

    Perfect timing.

  93. Kelly

    Definitely sounds like something I need to learn how to do. I am a single mom, so finding any kind of quiet time seems elusive most of the time.

  94. Amanda

    I was SO happy to read this post about this book. I don’t comment as often as I should…but I can comment on this one. Not just for the chance of being picked for the book, but also because I’ve been going through a point in my life where I need whitespace.

    One of my dear friends and I were talking a few weeks ago and I told her that my mind has about 100k thoughts every second running through it. Sometimes it is tough to simply clear it. My husband once said that I need to envision a blank sheet of paper, I replied…paper is meant to be written on and before I know it, my blank piece of paper is filled with thoughts!

    In the mornings, I sit on my deck in the quiet before my girls (ages 6 and 9) wake up…and I take my time with God. Sometimes the only prayer that I can say is “Lord, please clear my mind so that I can talk to you and hear you…”

    I look forward to reading this book!

  95. Marion Morton

    I need this book, so if I don’t win it, I am going to buy it. I need to find a way to allow whitespace back in. Its going to enlarge my life in ways I don’t even know yet.

  96. Christine

    I find white space to be essential. With two young children and a husband who prefers to be “on the go” on the weekends, I find that if I don’t somehow find at least a small bit of that quiet time, I become quite agitated.

  97. Beverly Dearstine-Russell

    This something I have spoken to students about in a probation course I facilitate. It is often that they end up in my course because of life events and not really academic challenges I encourage students to take that step back. I would love to see what offerings Bonnie has in store for me to share.

  98. Joelle

    This book sounds amazing. School ends for my kids this week and this is the perfect time to read something like this. Thanks for the opportunity to do so!

  99. Debra Southern

    Many of my friends have this book and are raving about it. I hope I win it, so I can share in their joy over this book. Thank You

  100. Valerie

    Sounds amazing! Summer is the perfect time to “open up” that space.

  101. Wendy

    My word for this year is Intentional. this would be another great book to read for ideas and tips on how to remain intentional through my walk with Christ. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  102. Suzanne

    Would love to be entered into your drawing for Finding Spiritual Whitespace. As a graphic designer, I use whitespace daily in my work, but haven’t crossed that bridge to really apply to my personal life. Sounds like a refreshing read.

  103. Lindsay

    I could definitely use some white space 🙂

  104. Debbie

    Ah couldn’t we all use this book?! Been reading rave reviews of it by other bloggers and looking forward to getting my hands on a copy! 🙂

  105. Mary Beth

    Would love to win this, I believe I desperately need it!

  106. Sarah

    This book sounds amazing! Been working in my life to create “white space” and could use some more encouragement!

  107. ticee graham

    WHITESPACE! yes please

  108. Erin

    I would love to win a copy of this book. The idea of having spiritual white space is so applicable to this season of my life — Bonnie’s book could not have come out at a better time! I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for her conversations with the Lord.

  109. Ann

    Sounds like a book I’d enjoy reading!

  110. Robin

    White space rocks! Hope I win.

  111. Brianna

    Would LOVE to read this!!

  112. Christina Y

    Perfect time of the year for some spiritual white space! Sounds like a great read!

  113. Maxine Tano

    Whitespace, what a wonderful concept. I am very eager to read this book and delighted that we are reminded to seek out whitespace.

  114. Christine R

    Sounds like a great book. Would love to read it!

  115. Carolyn

    This seems like such a respite in this busy, frantic world we live in. I’d love to read it and engage in some spiritual white space as well! Thanks for the opportunity.

  116. Sharon Holbrook

    I short on white space right now…and the result is crankiness. No good for this mama or her family.

  117. Jennifer

    Sounds like a perfect read to kick off the summer!

  118. Bonnie

    I think we all need to find more margin in our lives. I agree with you that this book is very timely.

  119. Jana

    Sounds like something we should all read. Will mention at book club.

  120. Raquel

    I love the title and the graphic design reference!

  121. Sondra

    Read her post on (in)courage about whitespace. Convicted me greatly! Such a fabulous thought!

  122. Lila

    This is exactly what our Pastor is preaching about and I would love to give him a copy of this book.

  123. Kristen

    I would love to read this book.

  124. Marlon Carabeo

    I would love to win this book!

  125. Rachel

    Can’t wait to read this book!

  126. Sarah O

    Sounds like something I need to read!

  127. Carrie

    I love this idea and I would LOVE to win a copy of the book.

  128. Nicole

    Sounds like the perfect book to read right about now!

  129. michelle t

    I’m really interested in this book. Thank you very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

  130. gg

    This sounds like the manual for something I totally lack: breathing space, thinking space……couldn’t have come at a better time. Can’t wait to read it.

  131. Mary Ann

    I’ve followed her blog, would love to read her book.

  132. Jessica

    Sounds like an awesome book, just what I need!

  133. Amanda

    I would so love some help in finding some quiet rest among the busy everyday, everything! I would love this book!

  134. Sidra

    I love the idea of spiritual whitespace!

  135. Elaine Reed

    The lovely cover and your review are an attractive invitation I’d like to accept.

  136. Leanne

    Sounds like what I need right now! PTSD is such a far-reaching issue with so many of us in such diverse areas of our lives. It’s definitely an epidemic in our society, both with those returning from the wars overseas and those fighting the battles internally at home.

  137. Liz H

    This has been the cry of my heart lately. To make some space so that we can actually see what’s left and be able to breathe and enjoy it. Looking forward to reading this one!

  138. faith hope & cherrytea

    Changing my blog from a background graphic theme to allow for whitespace was another step to freedom – for me and my readers! Always mindful ways to create that whitespace – in the writing / posting design, in writing cards / letters – whitespace is the ‘rest’ we find in music…
    love the spiritual implications! and
    appreciate the offer of Bonnie’s book – TY!

  139. Rebecca

    Wow! This sounds like a great book and as Tsh mentioned, very timely for the world and for my life.

  140. Jlynn

    This sounds exactly like what I need. If I don’t win, I will probably put it onto my “To Buy” List. (which gets longer every day).

    Thanks for the heads up.


    Ready… Set… Ordered.
    Sounds to be just what The Doctor ordered 🙂
    Thanks Tsh!

  142. Melanie

    I’d love to read this!

  143. kate l

    Such a great reminder!

  144. valerie poris

    I would love to win this book. I need it right now in my life from what I read so far!! It’s also a great gift to give to people you love.

  145. Danielle

    Looks like a great book to win!

  146. Becci C

    This is something I desperately need in my life right now! Would love to win a copy!

  147. Nikki

    Sounds just lovely!

  148. Sarah

    I’d love a chance to read it!

  149. laura W.

    sounds like a book I need to read. Thank you for sharing Tsh!

  150. Diane McElwain

    We are all clammering for rest. I hope as Bonnie wrote this book, she found some.

  151. Gina

    Yes, the whitespace is something we all need!

  152. Sue

    How my soul longs for this! What a fantastic summer read!

  153. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    This sounds like a great book. Also, how about the white space of mattes around framed paintings? It always makes a great picture better.

  154. Catherine Burke

    I so need this right now…trying to figure out how to create or even simply just notice the white space in my life…and use it well .

  155. Dee

    I need the whitespace in my life today!

  156. Elizabeth @ Coppertop Kitchen

    Could totally use this book in my life! Just started the 10 days to a simpler home from your first book, and I’m challenging myself to leave previously-filled spaces empty. It feels great!

  157. Lisa

    As a mother, small homestead farmer, and yogi whitespace is never far away… is all around us. This book sounds like a wonderful read.

  158. Jenny M

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. Gail B.

    I would love a copy of this book to enhance the simplification of my life! :o)

  160. Deanna

    Do nothing.
    This is the best, yet hardest piece of advise I have been asked ” to do.”
    I am standing still (on my knees) in the midst of dramatic chaos, without trying to add, improve, solve or fix.

  161. Lydia P

    My husband and I both greatly need some spiritual white space. Sounds like a perfect summer read.

  162. Marcia

    I need some spiritual whitespace. Will look forward to reading!

  163. Erin Messing

    This book sounds absolutely lovely.

  164. Emily B

    This sounds like something I would love to (and need to) read. I would love to be one of the winners. I think this would be a great book for the discipleship group I’m in, or for the women’s ministry at my church!

  165. Marianna

    This sounds like the exact book I need right now!!

  166. Jennifer K

    This sounds like a FABULOUS book. Would love to read it! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  167. Sarah

    This will definitely be a read and pass along continually kind of book!

  168. Shannon M

    I would love to discover some white space.

  169. Debbi

    My life seems to be one of feast and famine with adult kids living halfway around the world and halfway across the country. This means my life is full to overflowing when they bring the grand kids home for very long visits and then there are the long spaces in between with a very quiet house. I’m hoping this book will help give me ideas to have some harmony in this area of my life regardless of my life’s circumstances.

  170. Amy Lucas

    This book looks great! I’d love to read it!

  171. Megan

    I love this concept in general, but often forget to leave room for the whitespace — thanks for this reminder, I’m excited to check the book out. Perfect timing!

  172. Lisa

    It always feels ironic to hope that adding one more book (0r blog post, or video) will help me take out whatever is crowding my life…but there it is. I learn by reading, and I need someone to hold up a vision of life with less. I’d love to win this!

  173. Jani

    YES, please.

  174. Bee

    Oh yes. This is the theme of my summer. And I’d like to have a written reminder when I start teaching again next week!

  175. Melinda

    Would love to read this book!

  176. Allison

    Sounds like an amazing book – I can’t wait to read this! It’s definitely something I need now.

  177. Anita Gorton

    This book looks great!!

  178. Erin

    Another book to add to my reading list.

  179. Aimee

    Sounds like a book I wish I would have written 🙂 Would love to win a copy!

  180. Shawna

    I would love to read this book. Putting it on my list of must-reads.

  181. Tonya

    Sounds like a great book on a very relevant topic!

  182. Mary Dorsey

    Sounds refreshing, thx for the giveaway!

  183. Abby

    Would love to win this book!

  184. Meghan

    Gorgeous concept for a book…and for a way of living. Can’t wait to get my hands on this to read it!!

  185. Sarah S

    Oh my goodness, do I need this…..

  186. Mary Anne

    This book sounds like a much-needed respite from the cacophony of noises and competing to-do lists in my brain. My heart could certainly benefit from some spiritual white space. Rescue me!

  187. gretchen

    I am in the midst of getting out of my social media work. I am starving for quiet…I have 10 kids so quiet might be hard to come by 🙂

  188. Thauna

    This just made my heart sigh with a resounding YES! I need to create some whitespace in my life. Thank you for sharing!!!

  189. Cathy

    thank you for sharing the information – it looks like an interesting book

  190. Karin

    What a great way to describe that calm and quiet that I’m desperately seeking.

  191. Marilyn

    This book sounds amazing, so want to read!

  192. Leslie Wright

    What a great concept!

  193. Ashley

    Same here, if I don’t win, I’ll buy it!

  194. Rachel

    This sounds like a great book!

  195. Katie

    I’d also love to check this book out. Need whitespace in the midst of starting a new job, caring for young kids, and coping with my mother’s last days of her year long battle against brain cancer. Will get from the library if I don’t win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Jonna

    Sounds great. I would love to read this!

  197. Joni G.

    “He restores my soul.” The words from Psalm 23 are more than a promise, and I look for the evidence of restoration and whitespace. I don’t want to miss the gift.

  198. Karen

    I am looking forward to reading this book!!

  199. Andrea

    I hope I win! 🙂

  200. Bethany Turner

    Love the idea behind this book!

  201. Dorothy Young

    It sounds like a wonderful way to create some of that white space out in the back garden during the summer.

    Wishing you luck with your sales.

  202. Naomi

    I would love to read this book!

  203. Terry C

    Sounds like I need this, I need some whitespace badly right now, hope I win! 🙂

  204. Kim Zimmerman

    The end of the homeschool year/the beginning of summer is like a second New Year for me. Its when I dream of the happy creative work I hope to do in those few precious weeks and of quiet space to read and write and just be myself. Whitespace and margin–that’s my ideal summer.

  205. Cindy Freeman

    Sounds like a great book, one that I need to read. 🙂

  206. Tammy

    Sounds amazing!!!

  207. Jenny

    Figuring out life with a toddler and a newborn has me craving “whitespace”! I’d love to read her insights!

  208. Erica

    Wow! This is exactly what I am going through right now. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the give-away.

  209. Lenda

    So may of those around me refer to the many pots in the stove and everything is burning. Many I love, my husband and friends in small group and myself could use encouragement on how to find healthy rest, a healthy yes and a healthy no.

  210. Karen

    This looks like a wonderful, incredibly needed book!

  211. Dora

    Very needed. Found it at the right time.

  212. Allison

    What a lovely gift to the world.

  213. Sheree

    A book I definitely need to read!

  214. Keri L.


  215. Meredith Bazzoli

    Thank you for reminding us of seeking spiritual white space! I am putting this on my list of must reads : )

  216. Bobbi

    I would love love love to win a copy of this book, I am a homeschool mom of four, a wife of a church planter and our life is so busy! I know God is working on me to find rest more but its really hard, sounds like this book is right up my alley!

  217. Shelley

    Whitespace…time & space for peace and reflection, renewal…something we should regularly do. Can’t wait to hear her thoughts.

  218. Lin breeden

    How do I give myself permission to have white space in my life?

  219. Joanne Viola

    Am so wanting to read this! It is already on my summer “to read” list! Thanks for the opportunity!

  220. Christen

    sounds so refreshing! and i love whitespace in design…

  221. Cindy

    Sounds like a book that would bring spiritual refreshment and new perspective! We could all use that. 🙂

  222. Tracey Ktuger

    Whitespace is something that we could all use more of. Thanks for showcasing this book, and thanks for the giveaway.


  223. Christy Qualin

    Sounds like a lovely book. So glad I discovered this blog.

  224. amy N

    I would love to read this book- and I will. Mind the margins in life.

  225. Aamie

    White space sounds perfect right now to this busy mama!

  226. Jessica

    I need this. Oh, how I need this! But who doesn’t, really ?

  227. Cathy

    Sounds wonderful!

  228. Jenna

    I just discovered Bonnie this week and would absolutely love to read her book. So many good releases this summer!

  229. Kathryn

    This sounds like a great read! Thanks for the give away

  230. Amy

    Looking forward to reading this book. Its theme sounds so refreshing. And the cover is really lovely, too.

  231. Christie

    Not only would I love to read this book, but it sounds like one I would pass on to my mom to read as well!

  232. Sandy

    I need to read this book. My soul has been persistently whispering to me on this topic.

  233. Terry Madden

    I would love to read this book it sounds so healing.

  234. Deb

    My young son has asthma and this halted all the busy-ness in my life as he gets sick frequently. It has been my “Blessing through raindrops” as the song goes, as it has sidelined me and caused me to be still. I watch others scurrying around from one thing to another and it makes me kind of sad that their life seems so frantic. To me, busy-ness, sometimes, is a choice. We can let things go…for a season at least and rest. It’s ok to do that. I think society says, “you are important if you are busy!” I’d love to see what this book has to say and maybe I could pass it on to someone who needs to slow down as well.

  235. Jeanette

    I don’t partake of any social media (except read 3 blogs- just 3!) and we don’t have a tv, and I’m trying to live as simply as possible, but I still feel like I’m drowning in so many areas of my life. I desperately need some space and down time and rest… I hope this book will guide me a bit toward those ends. Thanks for highlighting it for us.

  236. Jenna E.

    Sounds like a great book! I have a 4 yr old boy, 2 yr old girl and am due with baby boy near the end of June. I need to find ways to keep peace, sleep, time with God and quiet moments in the middle of busy days. Thanks for sharing about this book!

  237. Kristin Thomas

    I could really use this right now….

  238. DinT

    This looks like a great book. Thanks for letting your readers know about it.

  239. Hannah

    Sound like a beautiful book… especially relevant today when people are trying to fill up all the remaining space in their lives with “stuff”

    Would love to win a good read

  240. Eva

    Sounds wonderful!

  241. Aubrey

    Last year when I was ridiculously overworked, I told my husband I needed “margins” around the content of my days. I’ve been learning how to preserve spaces of blankness ever since, and it’s so worth it. I would love to read and share this book.

  242. Teri

    Have been working on simplifying. This sounds like it would be a great help at doing so.

  243. Catherine

    Whitespace. Yes. Let’s leave some.

  244. Anna

    Just what I need! I’d love to have this book!

  245. Evangel

    As a homeschooling mom of 6, this sounds like a great inspirational read! It’s going on my amazon wish list.

  246. leslie

    I feel like I am constantly searching for this whitespace… reading the title felt so refreshing…

  247. cheryl

    Oh could I use this!!!

  248. jenny

    I am so in need of inner rest! i too have been thinking of taking a social media break, to try to find some quietness for my soul

  249. Alexandra

    Must Do This Soon….find peace and quiet space in my head.

  250. han

    Fingers crossed. I promise to read in a hammock!

  251. Robyn

    I’d love a copy of this book so I could find a quiet place to rest and read. We make life so busy and I’d love a good reason to stop and smell the roses.

  252. Alissa

    Love this – I need to find otherways to have “whitespace” outside my shower stall.

  253. Alyssa

    I would like to read and then pass along this book.

  254. Amber

    Sounds like the perfect book at the perfect time

  255. Kathy

    This is coming at a perfect time in my life. I look forward to reading your book. <3

  256. Vicki Villamin

    What a perfect time of year for this book! I always try to take at least 10 minutes a day to sit in silence. Very uplifting!

  257. Errica

    I truly believe I am being drawn to some white space myself- I think I’ll start right after this post.

  258. Cristina

    with these 3 beautiful blessings running around here for the summer, I am certain I need to find my whitespace!! Thanks for the chance!

  259. brianne

    A book I would devour!

  260. Erin

    I’m pretty sure the first post I EVER read on this blog was about “white space,” and it so resonated with me that I’ve been here ever since.

    I would be so blessed to read this. Thanks, Tsh.

  261. Dana Kumerow

    I would love this! I had gotten ready to launch my website and blog several weeks ago when I put it on hold because I began to wonder if my presence online would add anything needed or contribute in any way other than me wanting to be out there. I felt God leading me to slow down and think it through some more before proceeding. I am now waiting and listening.


  262. Amy

    Would love this as a summer read

  263. Heather

    As I was reading this post I glanced over at my weekly calendar on my frig and chuckled. I have Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday purposely blank just for that reason. I could fill everyone of these summer days with millions of fun activities (especially since i have four kids to entertain), but I decided to make a conscience choice to leave “spiritual white space.”
    Thanks for confirming my choice!

  264. Heather M.

    Sounds like what I need!

  265. Jennifer

    Would love it

  266. elizabeth

    What a beautiful message to live by. I’m. So in need for whitespace in my world. Trying to balance two toddlers, a new city, being a Mom, a loving wife and finding time for myself and God. I would love to win one of these books!!

  267. Jennie

    A book I need to read!

  268. Laura

    I will definitely read this book during the summer. I’m searching and longing for some white space in my life and obviously so are many others. I’ll have to share all this with my daughter, friends, coworkers – all of whom are searching for white space as well.

  269. Emly

    This book sounds wonderful! I would love to read it and find spiritual whitespace. I had a lot of it when I was younger. I miss it!

  270. Jamie R.

    ahhh… whitespace. That word evokes peace within me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  271. Carolyn

    This idea resonates with me. I picture the white margins around a piece of lined notebook paper and remember the important doodles and jots that the space allows. White space…margins…ahhhh. I hope I win a copy of the book!

  272. Dodi

    Sounds like the perfect book to start off my summer!!!!

  273. Heather Y

    Just this afternoon I was trying to map out our days of summer to see where that white space would be. To my dismay, I could see the potential for quietly edging it out of our daily rhythms. I walked away from the plan, and have yet to have another go. This book sounds like a good place to start over.

  274. Kathy

    Would love to win this! Looking for some whitespace myself! My son did a whole thesis on this topic!

  275. jill britz

    of course white space, as summer throws her hat in the ring for our scattered attention. yes, more margin, please!

  276. Jessica

    I would love to win this book!

  277. Alana

    So there right now…burned out as a mom to the point of mental, emotional, and now physical burnout with a recent diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. Will definitely be checking out this book!

  278. Susan

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  279. Ronda

    Maybe this is what I need to get a handle on my life again! Thanks for the giveaway.

  280. katharine

    “downtime” is so against my nature, but so very needful. the book sounds wonderful — thanks for the chance.

  281. Kirsten

    SOunds like a great book!

  282. Susan

    I would love to read this book!

  283. Kim

    I have just discovered the Art of Simple and you couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. THANKYOU x I too look forward to devouring this book.

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    This one sounds like a “must read” and the foreword by Jon Acuff just sweetens the deal! I’d love to win it!

  290. Meghan

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  291. Janice

    Yeah!! 🙂

  292. Marianne

    My word for 2014 is “simplify”. And as a reminder there is a sign on the shelf in my kitchen that says “Live Simply” Not so easy for this Martha….to slow down and rest. Sounds like this book may have some helpful encouragement. Thank you

  293. Beth

    Sounds like a great book.

  294. Judy

    I have slowly been discovering the white space surrounding me! Almost ready to completely disconnect from info for a while!

  295. Laurel

    Timely, indeed! Thank you for sharing and hoping to win this gem!

  296. Sharon

    It sounds like a very timely book. I would love to win a copy.

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    Oh how I need to read this book this summer! I am so looking forward to a summer spent with my Son, reading and knitting. Thanks for the opportunity to read it.

  298. Lani

    Wow. Easier said then done. Even the search for ways to find more peace can be distracting. Interesting way to look at taking very needed time out.

  299. Michelle

    I recently stumbled across your blog… what a delightful surprise! Would love to read this timely book and I plan to. Thanks Tsh and co.!


  300. Nicole

    Awakeming your soul to rest. That in itself is such a powerful sentence. Thanks for sharing this book

  301. Cara

    Would love to win this book! Would be a great read for the summer! Trying to simplify my life and this book seems to portray that sentiment.

  302. kerri

    I am in full agreement with this premise- we need to BE STILL, and LISTEN. I would love to read the book.

  303. Lorri

    Very excited about this book! I am working on my spiritual side right now and will read this book.

  304. Kim D.

    Sounds great!

  305. Paula

    Just reading the book’s description makes me take a deep breath and tell myself to slow down. And calm down. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!

  306. Carrie Roer

    It’s difficult in my life to make any sort of “family” whitespace. My husband is a teacher, so his busy season is coming to an end, but I am a children’s librarian, and so my busy season (summer reading) is just beginning. I’m sure there are some things we can do on a weekly basis, and I’m interested in what this book has to say!

  307. Melanie

    I’d love to read it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  308. Summer

    Sounds like just what I need!!

  309. Katelyn Johnson

    Sounds beautiful! So glad we are commanded by The Lord to rest in him!

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  313. Cresta Woodruff

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  314. Nancy

    Here’s to a slow paced summer with plenty of white space!

  315. Dawn Beaver

    Sounds like a great book!

  316. Karen S.

    Our Bible Class is discussing the same thing.
    Must be what I need to hear =)

  317. Lois

    You are right. I am seeing this everywhere I turn, and it is so needed. I’ve been studying the principle of Margin and Whitespace, and it is easier said than done! (A great book on this is “In Search of Balance” by Richard Swenson.) Thank you for this recommendation. We all need some “whitespace” in our personal life and our family life.

  318. April Jones

    I need this!!!

  319. Debbie B

    Just what I need to quiet the (figurative) voices in my head!

  320. Julia

    this sounds delicious! I’d love to clear some space for that! 🙂

  321. Lynn

    This sounds like just what I need right now 🙂

  322. Katie May

    I would love to win a copy, as my husband and I are actually about to take a year of rest (i.e. stepping back from work and ministry commitments so that we can actually reconnect with God, each other, and even our own souls). This would be such a great read to accompany our approaching year of rest.

  323. Sarah Stepan

    Definitely buying this- and if I happen to win then I know exactly who gets the 2nd copy. We’re in a year of very intentional simplifying and it has been life altering, for sure.

  324. Debbie Phillips

    Everyone from time to time needs a bit of spiritual whiteness or downtime to meditate and pray and set our life in a new direction if needed.

  325. leann

    I have this book on my to-read list! Can’t wait to read it.

  326. Jamie W

    Perfect timing, I was just discussing a break from social media with friends yesterday

  327. Jill

    Spiritual whitespace…it goes along well with my theme for our next school year. Our goal is to remain unhurried. Sounds like a great read.

  328. Lindsay

    Sounds like a fantastic way to start the summer!

  329. Lee

    My interest is piqued! What an interesting idea, to think of the space we need in the artistic sense as white space.

  330. Campbell

    Craving this white space right about now!

  331. Melissa B

    Sounds like an awesome book and mindset!

  332. Denita

    Sounds interesting, I’d love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  333. Jennie

    So true. We can get so wrapped up in what is going on around us that we don’t stop. Would love to add this book to my library. Yes, I have books, real ones, it’s a way to slow down.

  334. Jennie

    So true. We can get so wrapped up in what is going on around us that we don’t stop. Would love to add this book to my library. Yes, I have books, real ones, it’s a way to slow down.

  335. Bette

    The book sounds wonderful! I would so love to rest in some whitespace to listen and learn:)

  336. Liz

    What a beautiful concept! I love physical “white space” in my home, so the idea of spiritual white space seems particularly compelling. Lovely!

  337. Michele

    Sounds like a book up my alley! Thanks for the recommendation!

  338. Monica

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  339. KimW

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  345. Amy

    Thank you for bringing to attention a much needed practice, rest.

  346. Angela C

    This book sounds perfect to complement my current journey of discovering myself, spirituality, and all the joys life has to offer. I’d love a copy!

  347. Kristina

    This is so wonderful. I’ve been tending to whitespace for my children, as we homeschool, but perhaps it’s my turn now too..

  348. Kathryn g

    I’ve been caring for my dad and he passed away a month ago. I need rest more than ever right now.

  349. Jeni G

    This sounds like such a wonderful book! I would love to read it!

  350. Michelle

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  353. Emilie

    The title puts words to what my goal is for this summer 🙂

  354. terri

    Thank you for a chance to win this book. My daughter and I will both enjoy reading it. We need it.

  355. Gay Nell

    This is also my plan/goal/desire for the summer….at least beginning this summer, but I truly desire this as a way of life. Life is short!

  356. Bekah M.

    Sounds like a great read!

  357. Keijo Bollinger

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  358. Feda

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  359. Keijo Bollinger

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    I could really use some of the perspective this book is exploring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  361. Gale

    Sounds interesting

  362. Aimee Mulligan

    Very cool. Will be adding to my summer reading list 🙂

  363. Emily @randomrecycling

    I take a break in the summer and spend the summer at the beach with my family. Summer is so short in our neck of the woods. I just love having the quiet of the beach surrounding me while I watch my young children play.

  364. Holly

    I’ve done a lot of speaking on the subject of rests, relationships & Sabbaths, so I’m always interested in new books on the topic. I look forward to reading it.

  365. Stacy

    I definitely need more white space and would love to read this book for inspiration!

  366. Cynthia I

    The idea of white space in summer with a houseful of 5 kids is humorous. I feel like I am currently pulled in more directions than I know what to with and rest is rare. I’d love to see her perspective on finding that space and peace in the midst of daily life.

  367. RJ

    Looking forward to this one!

  368. Terese

    Sounds like a great read! Thanks!

  369. MiChal

    I’d love to have a copy of this book, first too read (and highlight and underline and write notes in) and then to pass along.

  370. Kristy B

    Oh, this is what I am looking for. It seems like we spent a painful year alternating between survival mode and crisis mode and I just need some space to recover, process, and heal.

  371. Pat

    This book sounds wonderful and I would love to read it! I’m also loving The Art of Simple! Thank you!

  372. Cynthia

    Thanks for sharing about this book!,

  373. Beth R

    Yes. Whitespace. I crave it. And I ‘d love a copy of the book too!

  374. Lissette

    love the title and now curious to read it!

  375. Greta

    I am a teacher … two days into summer break … I am overwhelmed with projects and need that quiet space to regroup.

  376. Jamie

    Oh I so need to be blessed with this book right now! Just the title sounds amazing!

  377. Laura

    This book sounds like it would be a great follow up to your “Blue Bike” book (which I deeply appreciated by the way). Adding to my wish list!

  378. Darla Baerg

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  379. NCJill

    Just read Blue Bike today (awesome,Tsh!) and longing for white space this summer. Bless You.

  380. Lauren F

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  381. Gwen

    This book sounds right up my alley… need some whitespace & rest, oh my!

  382. Jen

    Love it! Thanks Tsh for a perfect reminder.

  383. Abbey Harder

    How refreshing! A breathing book! A book to sit underneath a big shady tree with and get lost in! 🙂

  384. Pamela Medina

    Sounds like a great book!

  385. Jo

    Sounds like a great book, and perfect for reading when I get some nice quiet time to myself 🙂

  386. Betsy

    As a mother of six young children, I need any
    Help and encouragement I can get for creating white space in my life.

  387. Claire

    Love this idea of white space. The challenge is to live it and not let it fall to the back burner.

  388. Judy

    Trying hard to slow down, declutter and find the whitespace. I love that I’m finding kindred spirits.

    • Katelyn

      Judy, I am too. I am finding it is something I have to work hard for and fight for in our current society’s ever racing pace. Press on and let’s keep fighting for it!

  389. Leona Suderman

    This book looks very good. Id love to read it.

  390. Laurie Lee

    I am looking to add more white space to my life– physical and spiritual. I would definitely enjoy reading this book.

  391. Katelyn

    This was the first time I heard of whitespace in terms of decorating or in a spiritual sense. I have contemplated on this concept before but never had a word for it. I am intrigued and I have been craving whitespace in my life lately. What a lovely book I hope to read one day and implement in my own life.

  392. Beth D

    Sounds just like something I need to read…

  393. Debbie

    Sounds like a great topic to read about! I need more whitespace in my life, for sure!

  394. Babs C.

    I’ve actually purchased a copy of the book already. I’ve been carrying it back and forth from the office trying to read at least a couple pages at lunch most days. I adore Bonnie Gray and her writing stirs me deep in my heart leaving my entire soul sighing with relief to finally be truly “seen” completely by another through their writing honestly. Some writers reveal what’s in my heart and encourage me. Rare is the writer that can kindly expose my soul and leave me still in love with them…she’s just so gentle! I would love to win one of the 5 giveaway copies so I can in turn give-it-away to one of my friends who hasn’t purchased it but would so so so much benefit from its message! Thanks Bonnie and Tsh for partnering to host this giveaway. And thanks Tsh for being part of the wonderful group helping to promote this book. I absolutely get thrilled every time ya’ll swarm around each others’ latest feat or accomplishment and perform virtual barn-raising community acts together to love, encourage and promote each other while helping readers connect with resources that are truly wonderful! Blessings!

  395. glenna

    Sounds perfect for this season of my life!

  396. Sarah Giles

    Sounds great. I’d love to read it.

  397. Malinda

    I loved the line from Anne’s recent post: “I’m not wasting time. I’m not being lazy. I’m tending my soul.” Tsh, thank you for encouraging us to read more, and always having new titles (or lists of titles) worth checking out. Much appreciated!

  398. Anna

    I think I need this book! Thanks for telling us about it

  399. Joy


  400. Rita

    Just the title of the book sounds so freeing!

  401. Karen

    Spiritual white space … and in our hearts we make Him room … room for the One Who gives us breath and His life … and isn’t this what we were all made for … intimacy with the One Who knows and loves us MOST OF ALL ….

    Spiritual white space … purposeful communion (John 17:20-23) … the intent to “be still and know” (Psalm 46:10). And this is what all of our hearts crave at the core of us. Glory. Sounds like finding holy ground. I’m all in.

  402. Alaina

    Yep – we go back to whitespace every summer. Can’t wait and would LOVE to read this book.

  403. Meg

    Oh this book sounds like it will be so encouraging to me on my journey of simplicity and minimalism. I seek that quiet, still whitespace in this chaotic, busy world. I look forward to reading it.

  404. amy

    white space. yes. i would love a copy of this book. thanks for the contest 🙂

  405. kim boswell

    I would love to read this book! Thank you 🙂

  406. Kate O

    This book looks great! I would love to read it.

  407. Stephanie

    Would love to win a copy of this book!

  408. Jennifer Campbell

    Sounds like a great companion to Notes from a Blue Bike! 🙂

  409. Irene Garner

    This sounds wonderful. I am consciously limiting my online/ radio (No TV)/ cacophony of noise time. I am spending quiet time inside and outside. So calming and restorative to the soul.

  410. Jonalynn

    Sounds like a great idea and wonderful read

  411. Bree Brasil

    Would love to read this book. Thanks for the recommendation – and the opportunity to win it.

  412. lynuska

    thanks for heads up on a great book!

  413. Christine

    This sounds like something I need to read!

  414. Kristen Porter

    I would love to win a copy of this book!!! I have a very hard time just being and need to learn to rest and live in the moment. Blessings!!

  415. Leigh

    What a great book! Can’t wait to read it!

  416. alison

    this book sounds perfect

  417. Laura

    Sounds like my battle cry with my adult children! If the book is as wonderful as the cover you have a winner!

  418. Kelli

    This sounds like the perfect book for summer. Just rocketed to the top of the to-read list!

  419. Tori

    I would absolutely love to read this book!

  420. Nichol Hardy

    I think this book too has come at the right time for me. I’ve been working on decluttering not only my space but my life as well. I’m looking forward to a not so busy summer and I believe this book is just what I need.

  421. stephanie n

    End of school year yup I need some whitspace!

  422. Sue

    I would so love this book! Need ‘white space’ so much right now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  423. Anna

    “Be still and know that I am God.” How can we know God if we don’t know how to be still. This is what I tell my boys at quiet time. 🙂 but I need it for my self also. This book sounds like it would be right up my alley.

  424. Waleska

    Perfect timing. Would love to win a copy of this book!

  425. Julie

    I would love this book!!!

  426. Mary

    I can’t even explain how much I’d love to read this book!

  427. Norine

    I long to give this to my hubby who must fill every moment with activity – ‘productivity’. Am at end of myself . Forced to slow to a stop. Was also diagnosed with PTSD 2 years ago .. causing him some confusion. I believe this book would help!

  428. Jennifer

    I would love to read this book!

  429. Jen

    Oh yes…quiet and peace is my favorite!

  430. Sarah Westphal

    Hope to win this! Could always do with more whitespace.

  431. Lisa Coles

    I was an editor for over 30 years and was continually aware of the importance of white space. Love this analogy with spirituality. We all too often get caught up in the trappings and “stuff” that we overlook the obvious signs that God is sending every day. Be still my soul!

  432. Bronwen

    Would love to win sounds like just what I need to read this summer

  433. Heather C

    This book is going on my to-read list whether I win or not. Thanks for the recommendation!

  434. Harmony

    I would love to read this book!

  435. Heather

    Sounds fantastic – I could really use a book like this right now!

  436. Aimie

    Ooohhh… I would LOVE to win this! I need something fabulous to follow up our Blue Bike discussion group!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  437. Jenna

    I’ve heard so many good things about this book and cannot wait to read it!

  438. Natalie

    I totally need this book. I am trying hard to create whitespace on my weekly calendar, declutter my home, and slow down. I would love to read this book.

  439. Jennifer

    I am definitely craving white space – and all things that add life to LIFE! I would love to have the chance to read this book! <3

  440. Carrie

    I cannot wait to read this…. in between business, baby, preschooler, kindergartener, and everything else that is supposed to fit somewhere. Can’t wait to create some whitespace.

  441. Pam Craig

    Sounds like I am going to LOVE this book! SO need my own white space!!

  442. Christy C.

    I would love to read this book. I definitely need more spiritual whitespace in my life! I first heard of this author and book yesterday on Emily Freeman’s blog, Would love to win a copy!

  443. Carrie Bruffey

    Looking forward to reading this…even sooner if I win:))
    Just finished Notes From A Blue Bike! Love.

  444. Liz STEWART

    Love idea of white space. For me its walking the dog one cold wintry day and slowing down enough to hear the ice crack on the loch. Good luck to the five x

  445. monica

    what a great way to start the summer! thanks for the chance to win!

  446. Amberly

    This sounds like a wonderful book!

  447. Kate

    I definitely resonate with the theme of this book right now. I am frayed and exhausted with life and don’t see an end in sight soon. But it’s all good things! Trying to find space each day to rest and be renewed even when I have no idea when vacation is coming. Would love to read this.

  448. Meredith Briley

    This book sounds wonderful. Pick me!

  449. Jen

    Great timing for this book! I would love to read a copy!

  450. Jessica Hagan

    Sounds like a very valuable book!

  451. Hillarey Y

    Wow! I think it’s what I need to hear!

  452. Charla

    Just downloaded your book and would love to add this one too to my summer reading list.

  453. Sarah Farish

    I. Would. Love. This. Book. I’m fresh out of a 15-year marriage and everything /everyone is clamoring for my attention. I can’t find white space – any space really. This book sounds perfect:)

  454. Kathrine Vigdel

    Sounds like the perfect book to read on lazy summer days! It’s just the kind of book I crave to read at the moment. Love!

  455. Bianca

    Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  456. Kristy Lynn

    This is one book I would love to read this summer!

  457. Martha

    I would love a copy!

  458. Amy

    Always looking for ways to find a peaceful moment. This book sounds like a great inspiring read! Along with many who posted I concur that I will be buying a copy if I am not one of the lucky winners.

  459. Stefanie

    This book sounds amazing!

  460. Amy

    Oh, I love this! I am a poet and white space is an often-unrecognized reason why poetry gives the soul space to breathe. I would love to win this book!

  461. jody

    Thank goodness for Bill Coffee posting about this book, which in turn led me to this site. I read the intro for the book, and it sounds like it’s one I need to read…and the comments from other writers…oh WOW!

  462. Jen Potter

    Sounds so needed. Cant wait to read it.

  463. Rachel

    I would love to read this!

  464. Diana Fowler

    I would love to find gratitude for stillness or quiet moments. This book sounds like it does that! Really curious to read and would love to win! Thanks for hosting the competition xx

  465. Megan

    This would be so great!

  466. Ellen Scott

    I’m just ending my 26th year of teaching and would love to find out more about this concept. I read like crazy during the summer to learn and to relax, so this would be a great addition to my list. Thanks for offering a few for free!

  467. Katie Z.

    This book sounds great – would love to read it!

  468. Sue

    Timely, for sure! I could use a (little) LOT of white space right about now!

  469. Marsha

    Really sounds like a great book!

  470. Ursula Liao

    I so desire to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  471. Kathy Kurzendoerfer

    This sounds like something I really need. I would love to read this thank you for the chance of winning it

  472. Kristin

    I love the idea of rest that actually quiets, not just postpones. Would love to read more.

  473. Julie H

    Sounds glorious as opposed to our busy-obsessed culture which puts so much value I being super-busy.

  474. Terri Z

    Best wishes to Bonnie! And if I should win a copy of her book, please pass it on to the next name to be chosen…I have already ordered a copy for myself and one for my daughter 🙂

  475. Peggy Gray

    I would love to have this book as I’m in need of some spiritual white space myself. It’s time in my life to rest.

  476. Amber B.

    This sounds like an awesome book!!! I can’t wait to read it!!

  477. Morgan

    Sounds fabulous!!! What a perfect summer read.

  478. Ann : )

    This sounds like a book for all ages. Something we could all use a bit of.

  479. Lindsey

    intrigued. hope to read this soon!

  480. Kristin S

    This topic intrigues me simply because I am a do-er by nature. I know I NEED whitespace but it scares me a bit.

  481. Stephanie

    Important topic! I’d love to read Bonnie’s words about finding whitespace.

  482. Sarah K

    I love the idea (and the cover!) of this book. I’m tentatively awaiting the start of school for my oldest this year, knowing that with it will probably come added temptation to join the majority in filling our lives up. I’d love to read this book to help keep myself centered during this time.

  483. PamelaC

    This book sounds great….makes you say, “Ahhhhhh.” 🙂

  484. Gail E

    This book is exactly what I need right now!

  485. Lisa

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! This is just the book I’m needing now in my life.

  486. Rachel Komlo

    Having some whitespace does wonders for the heart and mind. Allowing all of the clutter of our internal selves to quiet and rest is immensely invigorating. This book looks great and like a great refreshment for the soul.

  487. Tiffany

    This book sounds like just what I need right now! 🙂

  488. Carla

    Thanks for the chance to win! This will go in the library I work at if I win the treasure (after I read it, of course!).

  489. Elaine

    what a perfectly wonderful place to be .. whitespace .. so needed this day!

  490. Kelda

    I am so excited about this book! Definitely something I need to read right now.

  491. April Emery

    I hope I’m not too late to enter! I’d love to have this book!

  492. Niki D.

    Yes, please! It makes me think of a fresh coat of paint or a brand new journal – things I love.

  493. jennie v

    Sounds like a wonderful thing to read while sitting in the rocker on the patio with a cold lemonade in my other hand.

  494. Kristy

    I would love to get this!

  495. Christine Jacobsen

    Looks like one I need to read right now!

  496. Traci W

    Sounds like a book right up my alley. Sometimes it’s nice to have permission to relax or let down for a season. Thanks.

  497. Clair Dickson

    Putting this one on my wish list!

  498. Wendy

    Whitespace – a blank sheet of paper, a brand new day, a clear glass of water with all the sand settled at the bottom. Would love to check out this book and establish a time for rest and renewal.

  499. Laura

    Wishing everyone beautiful spiritual white space this weekend!

  500. Shana

    This looks like a nice read. I always have one inspirational book on my nightstand, keeping company with at least one novel and one non-fiction book. So much for literary whitespace!

  501. Andif

    Spiritual whitespace sounds like such an interesting concept. I know I’ve been finding peace in allowing myself to find my own faith, even within the space of my own religious denomination. It took a long time to realize that my connection with God didn’t have to be exactly the same as my parents’ or the other people in my congregation.

  502. Jill Shelby

    I would love to create a little white space this summer

  503. Sheila Edeliant

    Aww, it looks like I missed the deadline, but I still wanted to comment and say this sounds like a great book. I would love to read it. Thanks for sharing!

  504. Beth

    My co-worker is going through a move, separation from her abusive mother, and the deep probing stage of PTSD therapy. THIS sounds like something she desperately needs to know how to find.

    I’m looking at moving, replacing a car, and either finding a new job or stepping up into partnership with a boss. I could so use some whitespace right now…

  505. Beth

    And then of course, I see the deadline has passed. LOL I’ll pick it up through your link, then!

  506. Stop By

    Life is full of mystery, so I believe spirituality starts where science ends!

  507. Amy

    An absolutely beautiful book cover and a really nice idea for a book. Would love to read it!

  508. Jenni Rom

    I found a small portion of whitespace in the midst the chaos of a mission trip to Honduras for the last 7 days. Amazing how clearly you can hear God speaking when you don’t understand the language during worship.

  509. faith hope & cherrytea

    would like to know if a winner was announced? I can’t find it via ‘search site’ – sorry if i’ve missed it somewhere..?
    I post book giveaways to pinterest board, so I always like to know a winner before I take down the giveaway offer -thx!

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