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  1. Kapil

    I dont think the opposite of faith is fear. Bcoz fear & safety/security are opposites actually. The opposite of faith seems to be unbelief. But God rewards the diligent seeker…That’s where faith stems slowly.

  2. Libby

    This was a very helpful read to me today. Thank you

  3. Bethany Gass

    One thing I would add is giving time for grief. Often faith crises occur at a time of loss. There are many kinds of loss -some physical- such as the loss of a person close to you, a diagnosis of a life changing disease. There is also the less tangible – loss of direction, loss of purpose, even the loss of innocence that can occur as you mature and realize this world is not a very nice place. Allowing yourself time to grieve while following the things mentioned in the article is important.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      I agree wholeheartedly. I think grief can end up being such a gift in these instances because it really does help us gain clarity if we let it. But it’s an awfully painful process to get there!

  4. Kevin

    Great article. Non judgmental, realistic and perspective on the feelings during of that faith crisis. Really enjoyed reading your ideas and tools on how to navigate the journey. Totally agree faith is not the same as certainty.

  5. jess

    This article is amazing! forwarding it to friends and writing the end quote in my journal. thanks!

  6. trina

    Your youth camp counselor gave you such a gift by being calm and listening without judgment! I’ve seen some critical conversations that did not go so well when the person in the mentor position got panicky over a “lack of faith” rather than being reassuring. It has made me resolve to be more like your leader rather than the poor examples I’ve seen.

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