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  1. Adrianne | The Shelton House

    **sighhhh* Well THAT was a lovely little mental vacation! I love in southern Alaska and often think the same thing: I live in a place people dream of visiting! Different end of the spectrum, of course 😉 Thank you for sharing your town and taking us on a vacation from our Monday.

  2. Breanne

    Oh Man!! Now I really want to come visit again- loved the beaches, the dolphin sighting, the sweet lingering sunset and of course the Bennetts’ generous hospitality.
    Love the contrast to my Eastern Canada home. =)

  3. Aubrey

    My husband and I stayed in Leucadia for our honeymoon! We absolutely loved the area. Fish 101 was the first restaurant we came to (and we returned for more during our week there!). We were very impressed with the farmers market in Encinitas as well… such sweet memories!

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