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Don’t Forget to Dream

As you think of the daily micro tasks you’ve got in front of you—drop-offs, grocery runs, email processing, and the like—don’t set aside your dreams. It’s easy to immerse myself in the day-to-day, I find, and there is real benefit to that. The little things do matter.

But there’s also something special about the stuff that keeps us dreaming. Don’t be afraid to name some of your dreams. Think of those ideas that feel insurmountably huge, and ask yourself—Why do they seem so big? What’s stopping me from getting closer to them happening? What’s the worst that could happen if I gave it a try? What’s the BEST that could happen if I gave it a try?

As I prepare for our year of worldwide travel, I’ll get in the weeds of details (what to pack, where to go, how to get there), and I’ll think—Remind me why we want to do this again? Why don’t I just stay in my yoga pants and watch Netflix in the living room next year?

But then I’ll remember our why, and I’m back to feeling brave about doing this.

So hold on to your dreams and don’t be afraid to name them, even if it’s a ho-hum set of days in front of you. Maybe choose a few tasks to do that’ll bring you just a few steps closer to them.

What’s a big dream of yours?

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  1. Jessica

    I love this post, Tsh. Reminding people to dream big and maintain an open heart are the main reasons why I blog! Only yesterday I was speaking with my husband about how hard it is to wait for our dreams to become a reality as it feels like such a long process to get there. However, I reminded myself that components of the dream have already come into fruition and day by day as we hold on to these dreams and work towards them among the busyness of the small things – we will get there. I look forward to the day when I realise, that bit by bit my dream has come together and we’re living in the ‘big picture’. Thanks to you and your family for inspiring and encouraging mine to keep dreaming.

  2. Grace

    You’re one of my “online dreamers”! “Normal” has everything to do with the people and culture you surround yourself with, doesn’t it.

    I’m loving your personal blog, by the way, and especially your recent-ish post about using the internet to build friendships and connect. Here’s my big, friendly, “don’t want anything from you” thank you for continuing to live out your dreams in a way that inspire others. Surely one of the best dreams-come-true is seeing other people go for theirs, because of your encouragement.

  3. Leanne

    This post helped me put my finger on what I’ve been feeling lately. I’m working every day, on big projects and small ones, toward the dream of establishing myself as a writer. I wake up every day filled with excitement for the day’s work, work that I don’t always get paid for- yet- but that I know is building toward my goals. I’ve just realized that I’m living in that beautiful building time, before the dream (or disappointment- though I don’t want to think that) arrives. In the meantime, whatever comes, I’m going to enjoy every moment of this intoxicating feeling!

  4. Betsy

    This is a great reminder at the start of a new week, and you’re a great example of someone who dreams big. Can’t wait to see your Blue Bicycle book, by the way!

    My dreams?
    1. To plant a church in the Middle East (finally gaining some momentum!!!)
    2. To write a book for women serving overseas.

    Mmn. You’re reminding me that I’m doing nothing right now towards dream #2…

  5. Caroline Starr Rose

    I blogged about something similar today — how Roald Dahl’s system of writing two hours a day got me through my first manuscript!

  6. Jeanne @soultravelers3

    Love this and thanks so much for including our family! 8 years ago, we decided to live the dream and took off on our open ended world tour…BEST decision we ever made.

    I am sooo excited to hear about your RTW travel plans! You go girl…making the decision to do it is the hardest part.

    We are just an ordinary family that became accidental pioneers by trusting our hearts and following a dream…all on a tiny budget of $23/day pp…to 45 countries on 5 continents…still loving it.

    NEVER stop dreaming!

  7. Tanya

    Such inspiring words!! I have yet to find out what my big dreem is. Still lookinf for what I want. I am content for now but am excited for my next journey.

  8. Alissa

    Oh so timely!
    My FB status this morning started with the mundane: “Another week begins…”
    And yet, hanging over my thoughts is this ever present dream that possibly got a push forward last week. A glimmer or opportunity on the horizen. But, I’m scared to even whisper it, as putting words to that opportunity could lead to hope… and with hope, there’s the danger of disappointment.
    Here’s to courage to say those dreams out loud and claim them as our own!

  9. Alaina

    My big dream is to take my home business and run with it so well my husband doesn’t have to work while attending seminary and I can be at home with our little one! We also want to support ourselves as missionaries in 3-4 years down the road so we can be free to travel the world!

  10. Mackenzie

    Timely post for me as well. My husband and I have big dreams and next year is the time to implement them. But it is scary and we haven’t finalized anything yet, but I am excited 🙂

  11. Simon Elstad

    Its certainly easy getting lost in the daily grind of life and forgetting our grand dreams and goals. Mine currently is going back to college and completing my degree and do that without incurring debt. I’ve wanted this for too long!
    Thanks for the soft reminder.

  12. Kate Diamond

    Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been pondering all week… and then a friend of mine sent me a link to your post. Thanks for sharing; I actually linked to you in my latest blog post.

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