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  1. AmandaG

    Great list! I’m curious what sort of tasks you have your phone do via IFTTT. I know I could use it but haven’t sat down to figure out how exactly it would best help me.

    • Nicole Bennett

      Just mostly a few social media-related things! I currently use these applets: “share new instagram photos to flickr,” “post your IG photos as native twitter photos when #twitter is in the caption,” “rain tomorrow? get a notification,” “save facebook photos you’re tagged in to ios photos.” 🙂

  2. Linda Sand

    I also had trouble remembering to do backups. I finally decided once a week was good enough for what I do. I read my hometown newspaper’s comics on line so when they get larger on Sundays that’s my prompt to do my backups. What a relief to not have to actually remember to do backups!

    • Nicole Bennett

      I love the ida of syncing your backup with something you already do regularly. That’s a great way to remember to do it consistently!

  3. Júlia B. may be a good place to access more than one cloud service from a common platform.


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