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  1. Ellen Marshall

    This is beautifully written and full of good advice. I’ve started simplifying at the beginning of a new ‘season’ of my life which is semi-retirement. The benefits of being organized and simplifying are already being felt. I look forward to more from Crystal.

  2. KK

    Thank you Crystal! I love your words “Be honest with yourself, make meaningful changes, and don’t waste energy on comparison” . I really needed this.

  3. Katherine Willis Pershey

    Such good wisdom here, Crystal! I am definitely susceptible to the temptation of comparison. It helps me to think of the people I look up to – about simple living or anything, really – as mentors. It takes the competitive edge away and allows me to see where they are and where I am without it being a value judgment.

  4. Dona

    I love this article! Thank you for sharing! My husband and I are attempting, at 62 and 67, to do a lot of changing in our lives. Diet is at the top of the list! Our number one goal for 2015 is to get healthy! Thank you for your encouragement that “change” is not a 30 day or quick fix.

  5. Michele

    Thank you for sharing. I am in one of life’s transitions. As a single mom that is soon to be an empty nester, I am in the process of learning to let go, move forward and dream.
    Your words are encouragement.

  6. Dee

    Love this. Very honest and real.

  7. aimee

    Thank you for this post……simple and yet very affective advice. 🙂

  8. Stefania

    It’s so hard for me not to get overwhelmed when I think about all that has to happen in order to reach my end goal of a simple life. Ironic that in the short term it actually complicates life.

  9. Georgia B.

    I, for one, needed this reminder. One thing I am amazed at over the past two years as I tried to simplify my life is how long it has taken and how I don’t even seem like I’m close to being “there” yet. So this is an encouragement. While I find it hard to accept that it could be another three years before I feel like I have achieved the simple life I crave, I’m at least glad to know from others also doing it or from those who have gone before that it is not an overnight thing, so I won’t be as hard on myself that I seem yet so far or like I’ve barely just begun. I don’t usually compare myself to others, but I do get caught up in comparing where I am to where I started and to where I’d like to be. When I have the right {most realistic} time-frame in mind, that comparison becomes less suffocating and more freeing. Right now I’m focusing on making progress in my physical surroundings. I tend to feel like I can’t simplify other areas when there is physical clutter around me that clouds my ability to think and streamline the other areas.

  10. Liisa R

    It is interesting how my definition of “simple” changes according to the season I’m in. A few years ago gardening seemed simple and was truly joyful and life-giving. But the last 2 years in a new desert climate have been really frustrating and not much fun. I decided that simple for this next stretch of going to law school looks more like NOT gardening and getting my produce from an area farm that delivers to my house. I can tend to get really stuck on what is simple for someone else or what was simple for me in the past but I’m learning to hold it all loosely and let go of different elements according to where my heart is. Very freeing. I think simplicity can look lots of different ways and is much more fluid than I originally thought… more of a state of mind than having to look any particular way.

  11. Jamie Morphew

    Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for these words! Just what I needed to hear.

  12. Lori

    This is so true! When I first found Tsh’s Organized Simplicity book, I followed all the steps and had fun with that part of decluttering and simplifying our home. I loved reading Simplicity Parenting and incorporating many of those ideas into our parenting. This year I have FINALLY tackled meal planning, shopping, exercise, and budgeting, and you know what? It was simple! But it wasn’t simple before because I wasn’t ready for it.

  13. Marriage Counselingalt

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  14. Karen C

    Great word! We’ve just made a major life change and i’ve been slow about thinking about goals for this year (yes into February!), mostly purposefully because i know i want everything to be ‘more normal’ now and i want to achieve this and that in our new life and location. So, as I am starting to put some things on paper this week, i really appreciate the reminders of life stage, season, emotional ability and reasonable goals. Thanks!

  15. Lorrie

    Such wonderful words. Thank you.

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