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  1. Anna

    I love this advice! So helpful for a perfectionist shopper like myself who will spend too much time and get overly stressed about Christmas shopping. I’m saving this away for next year too.

  2. Anna

    It’s great to support small, local, woman- or person-of-color-owned businesses, too. And remember that donations to non-profits people would like are always lovely, especially in times of difficulty like these. Ethical gifting is a great way to simplify your holidays.

    • Amber Black

      Anna – yes! As owners of a small business that helps fund our non-profit work, I can attest to how much simple small purchases (especially the part where they get shared with others) make a difference to the makers. Your $20 may not matter much to Target, but it means a lot to a small business.

      And now you’ve got me thinking about non-profit giving and how it can feel so much more complicated than it needs to be. hmmm…

  3. Eva @ Fantastic Handyman

    Thank you for sharing these awesome tips. I already feel overwhelmed as I’m far from done with the Christmas shopping. I needed to remind myself that I should have fun while doing it.

  4. Hannah Beth Reid

    These are great suggestions! As a mom of 4 young children, I am not in the position to stroll thru stores, so online shopping is my best friend! This year I have gone off-Amazon for many gifts, including Etsy and some friends and family who are distributors of products, therefore benefiting their family as well as the recipient of my gift.
    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips and advice! My favorite is #3 to choose a category. One year, in my teens, I made everyone I knew a pillowcase (the extent of my confident sewing abilities). It was very fun to select a fabric for each person and the making seemed easy because it was the same basic process over and over again. And one or two trips to the fabric store was very manageable. Plus, wrapping was easier because they were all the same size!

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