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Attack the Craft Stash Q & A

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Today I thought it would be fun to give you a peek into an area of my craft stash and ask for your ideas. My sewing supplies are my most abundant collection and I have some fun things that have been waiting around for use.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. Specialty fabrics

First up is the tub that sits at the foot of my bed (covered with a pretty sarong, it poses as a trunk of sorts). In it is all sorts of specialty fabrics, which to me refers to non-cotton/quilting fabrics.

This is where I pulled my PUL out from, and in it  I’ve got rayons, velvets, bathing suit material, old t-shirts, towels, sweaters and more for repurposing, felt, and leftover “fancy fabrics” from prom dresses my mom made me.

Do you have any suggestions of a fun project, pattern or idea for these?

2. Vintage lace

Years ago, when my husband’s grandma passed away, I somehow inherited a bag of beautiful vintage lace from her. I’ve used bits and pieces of it to embellish baby headbands and the like, but I still have so much.

What would you do with some of this lovely lace?

3. Elastic and Velcro

Mixed into my lace drawer is a big plastic bag full of various sizes and colors and elastics and velcro. These are convenient supplies to keep on hand for any particular project that needs them, but does seeing the bag inspire you in any way?

What does it make you think of creating?

4. Zippers galore!

I was making a lot of small zipper pouches a couple of years ago, so I stocked up on these small, colorful zippers. I think most of them are five-inch zippers but I have a few six- and seven-inchers as well.

What do you think of when you see these zippers? Any ideas other than zipper pouches?

Sometimes it’s nice just to hear a new perspective, to have a fresh set of eyes look at your stash.

If you’re staring at a stash of supplies and you can’t think quite what to do with it, ask a friend, or your Instagram followers if anyone else has any ideas (don’t forget to use #attackthestash on IG- there’s already some fun ideas popping up there!).

So does anyone have any wild (or not-so-wild) ideas for these items I’ve been storing for a while? What do you have a ton of in your sewing stash?

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  1. Heather

    For all of that lace…have you tried sewing your own panties? What you have might not be wide enough…but there are so many patterns out there! And the elastic – well I have a lot in my stash as well, but I make a ton of elastic waist skirts for my girl to play in during the spring/summer.

  2. Lindsay

    I am going to make some swim diapers soon and it appears you have everything you would need in there. I can’t wait for summer.

  3. Renee'

    I’m not sure what other crafts you are interested in, but I have used lace and zippers in my scrapbooking/mini albums before. I also like to make flowers out of lace and fabric. They make beautiful additions to photo layouts, headbands or plain t-shirts 🙂

  4. kc

    The zippers + fabric could potentially give new/different life to stuffed animals – stuffed-animal purses/backpacks/pyjama holders! You pick the orientation of the stuffed animal, figure out where you’re going to put straps (if adding straps), open up a seam, take out most of the stuffing (leaving in legs/arms/head, usually), give it a lining and zipper, and you’re done!

    Admittedly, this is basically “make a pocket pouch, but in a former stuffed animal!” but some kids get pretty excited about it. 🙂

    I’ve also seen lace layered on totes, although it might snag and also might be a pain to clean, honestly, depending on the materials.

    Hope you have fun!

  5. Annie

    I recently sewed lace onto paper notecards to make personalized stationary sets. I picked up vintage lace from my favorite thrift store on vashon island this past summer, not knowing what I was going to do with it, but for $1 I was open to the possibilities!! I also used a bit to embellish a burp cloth for my new niece:)

  6. Lindsay

    My first thought was, diapers! Haha! I am pregnant with baby five and am still diapering baby four and all of my kiddos have been in cloth, so I pretty much use most of my sewing time (which is very sporadic, every few months maybe) for making fitted diapers and wool covers. 😉 It was fun looking through your stuff! The lace is so pretty. 🙂

  7. Jessica

    I haven’t read everybody’s comment so I might be repeating myself… However, with the lace, you can do a ton of things! Add a lace border to all sorts of pillowcases; add a lace border to tablecloths! Add a lace border to girls’ and even adults’ skirts (it makes it JUST a tiny bit more dressy and you can use it for casual or for business ; ). Add a lace border to curtains (if you have them), to cloth napkins (if you have them); incorporate lace into pillow covers for you couch. I find I never have enough lace! AND I am NOT a lacy type of girl, lest you think I like Cinderella type of things. If you add just a round, it goes with almost any casual setting, making it nice without making it stuffy! Here are my 2 cents’ worth ; )

  8. Margery Hilburn

    I attacked my stash of “fancy fabrics” on Christmas break, before our homeschool started back up again. I had received a lovely bag of decorator scraps from a friend who sews professionally. I used these for two projects.

    (1) I made really fancy “piano bags” for my two girls. They use them to carry piano music and books to their weekly lessons. I used drapery fabric, silk, tapestry, fringe, and velvet ribbon, and my they are gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!

    (2) I made up about a dozen fabric gift sacks, which we will use for Christmas, birthday, etc. gift-giving. Some are huge, and some are small. Some are pillowcase types, and some have mitered corners in the bottom. We have always reused paper gift bags, but these do show their wear after a few uses and have to be tossed. The homemade fabric versions should last a lifetime! Tie the top with a ribbon, and you’re done!

  9. Sarah

    I don’t know if any of the little ones in your life are into dolls, but my girls love doll cloths. Scraps of special fabrics get used, they get beloved toys, and I get a quick satisfying project that only takes a couple of hours. Barbie clothes are tedious, but baby dolls and American girl dolls lend themselves nicely to homemade creations. If your scraps are big enough, a simple skirt for both little girl and her doll can be a super special gift!

  10. Rebekah

    Seems like most people know what to do with lace. 🙂 I have some suggestions too. You can make a table runner from burlap trimmed with lace, like this:
    You can also cover a journal with blue jeans material and add a strip of lace on top, adds a really nice touch. You can use the elastic to make quick circle skirts for your daughters. There are a lot of tutorials on pinterest for circle skirts too. I saw a lady made a spring dress for girls out of bedsheets from target! It was super cute!

  11. Jana

    Fun ideas abound! How about adding some of that pretty lace around the bottom of a cami or tank top or even a t-shirt? Perhaps add some to the hem of a favorite pair of pants that your daughter has outgrown in the length but not the waist.

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