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A surefire way to get rich quick

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The following is a guest post by Nicole of Burning Bushes

In today’s economy, say the words, ‘rich’ and ‘quick’ to someone, and they’re soon looking over your shoulder at that evil sub-prime mortgage lender who started this whole mess. But hear me out on this one — I promise this is a different ‘get rich’ scheme than the one that’s been sold to you in the past. And by the way, I don’t have anything to sell.

Truthfully, there are two time-tested, mother-approved ways for nearly everyone to get rich. And those are not QUICK methods. This blog, Simple Mom, loves both of them — frugality and saving. Spending less and saving more. These two methods certainly work and are blog-worthy topics.

But there’s another method towards wealth. Wealth of a different sort. This wealth is a mental, emotional, experiential sort of wealth. And it comes from giving generously to others.

Read on to find five ways to get wealthy FAST.

1. Be Rich TODAY.

Saving and frugality help us plan for tomorrow — for that big purchase, for retirement, for something later. But giving is about today. When you give to someone in need, you meet their needs NOW, not later. Giving makes you more aware of the current moment and more present here. It makes you think, what does my neighbor not have today? How cold is my homeless friend on this icy morning? How is the financial crisis affecting the micro-finance business I helped start in the Congo?

While it’s foolish to not save some and plan for tomorrow, I’m not guaranteed any tomorrow. But I do have TODAY. And giving to a particular need NOW wakes me up to my current realities.

2. Be Rich in FREEDOM.

When I loosen my grip on money and things in order to give to others, my things and my money loosen their grip on me. Letting go of something I think I need reveals that my need is not as deep as I thought. Letting go of some portion of my money or some thing I’m keeping as a safety net or luxury — if I can finally let it go — helps me redefine my needs. Am I dead? Am I freezing? Am I hungry? Am I bleeding? Most probably not. When we hold tightly to things, we start to fear the day of their release. And yet, ironically, it’s often our holding them so tightly that binds us up with fear in the first place.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank


If you’re like me, then the more stuff you have, the more you’re consumed with managing it all. Cleaning, sorting, organizing, and analyzing. Things have mass and the more mass we own, the more we are weighed down with it all. When we use our things and our assets to bless others, we remind ourselves that people are of primary importance and that relationships will outlast everything else.

4. Be Rich in PERSPECTIVE.

Recently, we had a great wake up call when we shared a meal with a refugee family that just moved to town. As we opened our home to this couple, they opened our eyes to the reality that we, even in the toughest of times, are extremely wealthy. On the contrary, when I only surround myself with peers who have all the toys I have and more, I begin to envy and consider myself on the very low end of the middle class. Did you know that even if you made only $1500 last year, that’s more than 80% of the people on earth?

For some help with perspective, check out this great little slideshow comparing the world to a village of 100 people.

5. Be Rich in TRUST.

When I share some of my financial or physical resources, my tightly-clenched fist reminds me that my trust for safety and security is too easily tied to money and things. Giving money and possessions to others challenges us to think more deeply about what we trust in for security and hope. When we let go of a corner of our security blanket, we’re provided an opportunity to consider our objects of trust, and ensure that we’re not banking on safety from things that can rust, break, or be stolen.

“Can a man be poor if he is free from want, if he does not covet the belongings of others, if he is rich in the possession of God? Rather he is poor who possesses much but still craves for more.”Tertullian

Photo by Roy Yap


So, what do you think about my ‘get rich’ scheme? It’s certainly not my idea, but I am slowly learning the truth that I’m blessed more when I give than when I receive. If you’re excited about the idea and eager to be rich today in freedom, relationships, perspective and trust, then here are a few ways to get started.

• Start small by giving just a little something.

• Build a relationship with someone who is in more need than you and your family.

• Commit to give regularly (even if it’s a small amount) to one church or charity.

• Expose yourself to needs in your own country and around the world through the internet or the news. Adopt a country, an orphanage or a cause as a family. Do research and make the cause your own.

• Prepare ahead for birthdays and holidays and encourage family members and friends to give to a charity in place of a gift for you.

• Do research for ways to give larger gifts to responsible organizations. Check out these resources for inspiring information and links:

How do you incorporate a spirit of giving in your family?


Nicole does not excel at generosity. In fact, she often stinks at it. When they handed out generosity in etiquette school, she must have been in the bathroom or something. But, she was blessed to live among the materially impoverished for two years in a developing country and has been working in the philanthropic/international development arena for four years. She writes as a learner, with some practical and theoretical knowledge under her belt, hoping to give herself a good kick in the piggy bank even as she types. Nicole blogs about learning lessons from God in her everyday life as a mommy, wife, and neighbor at Burning Bushes.

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  1. Emma @

    What a wonderful post! I must say that I am not too generous myself. I love giving presents to friends though, because nothing feels better than seeing people you care about, happy. I’m not a person who makes friends quickly – but it makes me appreciate the ones that I have more. I’m not quick to trust, it takes me years to build – but I’m lucky enough to have a few people that I trust in my life. So based on this I would say that I need more work in a all of the 5 ways you talk about.

    Emma @´s last blog post…Things you don’t need to know when you’re pregnant

  2. Nicole

    Thanks so much for hosting my post, Tsh. I’ll look forward to reading how the simple moms incorporate giving into their families.

    Nicole´s last blog post…5 Ways to Get Rich Quick

  3. steadymom

    This is a wonderful post on what can be a life-changing topic. My husband runs an organization called Love146, helping survivors who have been rescued from the child-sex trafficking industry in Southeast Asia.

    It has turned our lives around and put everything in proper perspective – including our goals for giving.

    To learn more –


    steadymom´s last blog post…Staycation Thought for the Day

  4. Jennifer

    This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much. My husband and I are by nature very generous people, yet we still struggle a lot with the concept that our money is not our to hold on to and we need to find our security in God.
    That being said, I just wanted to give a shout-out to some of my favorite organizations. Habitat for Humanity, Compassion International, and the Heifer Project. These organizations are so great because everyone can identify with the needs they meet.

  5. Lisa

    What a beautiful and well written post! I couldn’t agree with you more on the importance and the GIFTS we receive in the giving…will be passing this article on to many! Thank you 🙂

    • Lisa

      p.s. just wanted to add the charity World Vision– a unique part of their giving program is the gift catalog- you can give a specific thing “a goat”, “books for 1 child to go to school”, “a share of a well for a community” as gifts. It is very touching to give this to someone that cares deeply about charity because they feel so touched by the sentiment and the good that was done in their honor.

  6. Sarah Park

    Well said! Thank you for a beautiful post!

  7. SaRaH

    Thank you so much. Just what I needed.

  8. deb

    How refreshing to see such wisdom being shared . Even in the giving of our thoughts in struggle and worry as mother’s and women .. it is a move forward to clarity.

  9. Debbie

    What an excellent reminder! Wonderful post!
    I keep a photo of a child I met in Guatemala in 1992. We built her family a house. It was 6’x 12′, board walls, tin roof, dirt floor, but wonderful in comparison to where they had been living. Maria Elaina lived in such poverty yet smiled and danced w/ joy. I try to remind myself, just having indoor plumbing makes you wealthy compared to most of the world.

  10. Chele

    Awesome post. My children actually have been known to take their own money and put it in the offering plate at church. They sometimes even offer things they have to someone else that needs them. I am struggling right now financially so this post is making me think, thank you.

  11. Kika

    Beyond tithing and giving to World Vision and Samaritan’s purse, we try to bless people we know personally who are in need. It can be a struggling family member (in particular my husband’s family who live in West Africa) or a local single-mom needing groceries. I would like to continue lowering our living expenses so we have more to share.

  12. sandy

    Hi Nicole, I really appreciated your post today. Thank you Simple Mom, for hosting Nicole! Since day #1 of our marriage, my husband and I have given to Compassion International. Now are kids are a part of it. But on a day-to-day basis, reaching out and giving is way more than money. We give of our time and open our home to others and share great meals. It’s the best! And we are blessed.

    Happy Weekend!

    sandy´s last blog post…Melissa’s Coming for Dinner!

  13. sarah

    Mass weighs me down for sure. I often wonder how I’d feel if all my stuff were stolen or lost in a fire… and I’m not sure it would be a bad thing at all (ok, except for my camera, computer, and CATS – I’d really miss my cats if they got out).

  14. Erin

    WOW- thanks for giving me goosebumps and reminding me how amazing my life is and how blessed I am when I follow these steps. thanks for sharing your heart and your truths.

    Erin´s last blog post…The Bible Come to Life

  15. Marci@OvercomingBusy

    What great insight! Thanks for putting things in perspective. If we would spend less time obsessed with money and more time on blessing others, just think where we would be!

    Marci@OvercomingBusy´s last blog post…Rainy day ideas for kids

  16. Sarah W.

    I loved this post. So true! I am so fortunate to come from very generous parents and married the most generous man I’ve ever met……though generosity does not come as naturally for me, I have learned from them that giving never gets old. We have way more than we could ever need (and we live on a modest budget), so I love you addressing that even the most frugal people can give something. Even if its not money (I know times are hard), you can give time or unused toys/clothes/etc.

    Sarah W.´s last blog post…I Should At Least Do Something While I Sit On The Couch All Day

  17. Valerie

    Rather he is poor who possesses much but still craves for more.” -Tertullian
    I love that.
    This was great food for thought. I want to be rich rich rich in the ways you speak of.

  18. Leigh

    Thank you for this wonderful read! I love how it is big ideas with small, manageable steps to getting there. Even just reading the words ‘Freedom,’ ‘Trust,’ etc. opens up my spirit.
    The world can be a beautiful place if you live this way.
    We show our girls how to give by bringing a friend a meal, telling them what’s in the envelope we put into the passing plate at church, gathering coats for those who need them, etc. And they are in control of their own giving, with their ‘Spend/Save/Give’ piggy banks. When the Give portion is full, they get to choose how they will help others.

    Leigh´s last blog post…Magic Carpet Ride

  19. jamie

    thank you for your post! we aren’t attending a church right now because we haven’t found one that we adore. and i’m horrible at tithing. i believe strongly that god has wanted me to give to my sister, her hubby, and her five kids. while we live on an extremely tight income (for the first time in 20 years i’m unemployed) my sister and her family are on an even tighter income. i’ve been visiting them more often (they live an hour away) and i take them groceries and other random goodies. things they wouldn’t normally purchase. the delight on everyone’s face makes my heart sing with joy. i love blessing them richly. and i don’t even mind eating very simple meals so that they can enjoy their blessing!

  20. Brad

    Our children are young so we’re trying to model generosity to them in our everyday living… volunteering at church, tipping generously (especially on Sundays), supporting children through World Vision… This past year we participated in our church giving new shoes and a backpack to every child in an impoverished elementary school. Hopefully in the future our kids can go with us and experience giving firsthand.

    Brad´s last blog post…All Aboard the Name Train

  21. Dr Dolly

    wonderfully written, Nicole. We love to give to others, but I also find myself constantly struggling with contentment. It was a much easier concept to grasp when I was a kid. I’ve found it tougher to be satisfied with our circumstances since I’ve become a mom. I need a fresh dose of perspective once a week, if not once a day.

    Dr Dolly´s last blog post…Health Happy Round-Up: Vaccine Awareness

  22. Katie

    What a great post! Thank you for the encouragment. We are so much richer as Americans than the rest of the world yet we gripe that we don’t have enough. I am as guilty as anyone yet reminders such as these are a beautiful wake up call. I also want to metnion that helps to free women and children in slavery also which helps freed slaves earn a living. Thank you again!

  23. Megan at Simple Kids

    Oh, Nicole! Such wonderful thoughts. All of your points are so accurate – I know the one about “be rich in freedom” resounded in me. I crave freedom in all areas of my life. Thank you for the encouragement that by opening my hands, I can invite in more of that freedom I am after.

    Wonderfully written, thought-provoking points!

  24. Dominique

    I really loved today’s post. One normally equates getting rich to financially rich but there are so many ways to be “rich” besides $$ wise.

  25. FranticMommy

    LOVE IT! I like to bless people and give when I can. It’s a good feeling.

  26. Heather @ alis grave nil

    What a beautiful post, and not at all what I expected from the title. (Which isn’t bad, either, I just assumed.) Thanks for sharing!

  27. Miechelle

    I emigrated last year. It meant selling and/or disposing of EVERYTHING including my pets and what was not disposed of was shipped to the tune of R 40 000 which is a lot of money when you need all you can find desperately to settle into your new country of abode. Now, I doubt very much that I will ever get over my faithful doggy boys and I will always get teary when I think of them but as to my “stuff”, it’s amazing how a year has gone by and the things that I thought I could never live without are not even missed. I think that we view our “things” as testimony to who we are. I worked to accumulate them and so a dearth of them means I achieved nothing is the mindset. In the midst of all the trauma, I found a great little saying which went :”In order to bring in the new, you must dispose of the old”. I have embraced it and I now live it. Most of what I brought with me was clothing and imagine my delight when I discovered that America has a “tall” size clothing!!??!! Nothing fitted me properly back home so all the clothing I brought with me has been given to goodwill and I now look slender and elegant in my new togs – I never could achieve that before. Whenever I have a twang of a heartstring over some item I am wanting to give to someone who could use it more than I could, I remember both the saying and my clothing experience which was proof of the saying’s pudding so to speak.

    Miechelle´s last blog post…THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS

  28. Ariel

    What a lovely blog and a thoughtful perspective on what being rich truly means. I agree that many people exploit the concept of getting ‘rich quick’ and are focusing on the wrong steps to financial freedom. I’m committed to a journey of financial freedom, but for me that doesn’t mean being rich, it means having control over where my life leads. Thanks for this concept on giving and its importance in the equation to being rich.
    .-= Ariel´s last blog ..Review of Free Online Password Storage Tools: =-.

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