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A Peaceful Morning Ritual + 2 More Things

As long as I can remember, I have been a night owl.  There is nothing I enjoy more than the quiet of the night.  When my kids are tucked in tight, all the water glasses have been filled, and the last-minute bathroom runs have been completed, I breathe a sigh of relief.

We’ve made it through another day!

This time is for me. I can sit and stare. I can read with no interruptions. My mind starts to race with all the possibilities.  

My nighttime excitement turns into exhaustion by morning.

I want to slowly enter the day, but my kids are ready to run. As we began a new homeschool year, I discovered a few things that are currently saving my days.

Beginning the day in quiet

I began intentional quiet mornings out of desperation when my kids were young, but somehow last school year, I lost the habit. I decided to find it again.

Upon waking, I sit up in bed. If I leave my room, my children will hear me and I risk losing my quiet. I open my curtains so I can look outside. I find my journal, Bible study, and book. I stare out the window, write thoughts as they come, and read a few sentences.

Sometimes I wake up to a full hour of quiet, but often it’s only twenty minutes. Either way, my mind has been given time to wake up and realize it’s a new day.

I’ve written down things I need to remember or release, and I’ve read encouraging words. I’m ready to enter the day because of these small acts in quiet.

Beginning the day outside

Sometimes I only step outside to feel the temperature, and other times I bring my yoga mat with me as my children run around.

Two mornings a week my husband is at home. On those mornings I go for a run around my block to add some outdoor time and movement to my day.

I’ve found that when I begin my day outside, the grass and trees remind me that there is a wider world beyond our walls. This helps me to greet the day with joy.

Embracing different daily schedules

Often I think each day needs to look exactly the same. In my mind, completing the same schedule each day means I’m successful. But the last couple of weeks I’ve found this is not true.

Outside influences have forced my Mondays and Wednesdays to look dramatically different from my Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When I was confronted with this new schedule change I was filled with dread, but I now find that I adore it.

Mondays and Wednesday are our home days. This is when we can move more slowly in our homeschooling, and I know I can get more done around the house.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we have to be somewhere at one o’clock, so we have to be more timely about school. But we have space for errands or fun activities in the afternoon.

There is a purpose for each day, although not the same one. So despite a lack of my control, there is time for what is important.

What freedom this simple change of perspective has given me.

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  1. Kate

    I am a night owl too and I too have the problem of not being able to get up before my kiddos without waking them (or at least, without waking the younger, more demanding one!) so I love your idea of starting your day sitting up in bed and having some time to think before the day gets going in earnest. I am going to try this tomorrow morning! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Stacy

      So, how did it go Kate? I did not get my alone time in this morning and compared to yesterday morning, I can tell the complete difference! I have been more frustrated all day, so tomorrow, again, I will start again and sit up! It honestly is a sanity saver for me and I hope it becomes one for you.

  2. Joe Seattleton

    Yes learning to role with the punches of different schedules is what is often needed at times in order to develop a good working schedule

    • Stacy

      For sure! And to be a full time parent/homeschool teacher! 😉

  3. Clare

    We are relatively new to homeschooling so we haven’t got our routine sorted as yet. But we still spend a lot of time in the house. We absolutely love the fact that every day is different 🙂

    • Stacy

      Clare, welcome to the “club”! Routine changes each season and as our kids change and so its a flexible routine right?! 😉 I am one that appreciates routine but yet has a hard time always following it due to feelings…so I am challenging myself to follow one because I feel better and my kids do better when there is one. But that said, I do like being able to let go of routine when fun things come up or we need a change, because we CAN! Each family is different and it takes time to find what works, so may it be a great adventure for you!

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