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A million little ways

Today I get to blather on about one of my favorite all-time writers, and then give away ten copies of her new book. She also happens to be one of my favorite people, so that works out well.

Emily Freeman is truly gifted as a writer, an artist, and a friend, and her latest book, A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live needs to be on everyone’s nightstands. And this is because the “art” she explores isn’t only the oil-on-canvas sort—it’s the art that’s manifested in all of our lives.

a million little ways

A Million Little Ways argues the lofty notion that every one of us is an artist, simply because we are human beings. No matter what we do with the majority of our time—be it changing diapers, signing expense reports in a corner office, teaching a classroom, or painting a canvas, everything we do that outpours from our true self is a form of art. God is the ultimate artist, and as His creation, He embedded us with an artistic drive. We can’t help but make art, if we are awake enough to notice the art in our lives and call it such.

I think what makes Emily’s writing so great is that she says things I always think but aren’t quite sure how to weave into words. So she does it for me, and in that process, I feel better understood—both by her (and by default, other people), and also by me.

a million little ways

I love this paragraph from the book’s description:

A Million Little Ways uncovers the creative, personal imprint of God on every individual. It invites the discouraged parent, the bored Christian, the exhausted executive to look at their lives differently by approaching their critics, their jobs, and the kids around their table the same way an artist approaches the canvas–with wonder, bravery, and hope. In her gentle, compelling style, Emily Freeman encourages readers to turn down the volume on their inner critic and move into the world with the courage to be who they most deeply are. She invites regular people to see the artistic potential in words, gestures, attitudes, and relationships. Readers will discover the art in a quiet word, a hot dinner, a made bed, a grace-filled glance, and a million other ways of showing God to the world through the simple human acts of listening, waiting, creating, and showing up.

And I love the book’s trailer. I can’t watch it without tearing up a bit.


million-stack-smEmily is giving ten Simple Mom readers a copy of A Million Little Ways! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite form of artistic expression in your life. (If you’re reading this via email or reader, head to the blog to leave a comment.)

This giveaway will be open until Friday night, October 11, and then we’ll announce the winners soon after. I hope you win!

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  1. Emily

    Embroidering is my current favorite form of artistic expression! Working on a runner for my dining table currently.

    • doris russell

      Music is my favorite artistic outlet. I play the piano and enjoy being able to let my fingers take me to another place.

    • Krista

      For me, it’s encouraging others through cards I send in the mail. Playing the piano as well! 🙂

  2. Lyndsey

    Sewing, for the most part. But I’d love to get a little bit braver! This book sounds fantastic. 🙂

  3. Trish

    I’m one of those people who has never felt artistic but since I discovered photography I feel like I’m expressing that side of me more and more all the time through photos 🙂

  4. Beth

    I love sewing and using that to make thing beautiful.

  5. Erika


  6. Frances

    Photography & knitting are my favourite forms of artistic expression. I would love to dabble in painting but have no idea where or how to start.

  7. Christine Gough

    I am so excited about this book. I just received “The In Between” in the mail today and I think these two will marry well. Can’t wait to read Emily’s latest!!!! For me, photography is as important to me as breathing. Might sound dramatic, but it is how I see the world—through the lens of my camera. I feel like God speaks to me through the images I try to capture.

  8. Kaitlyn

    Music is my very favorite! And crafting… 🙂

  9. Alisa Muir

    I am a scrapbooker. I journal. I blog. I bake. I garden. I cook. I read to my kids with voices and expression. I be silly. I sing and dance (badly). I feel like I need to be being creative in some way each day.

    Just the way we live is our own little art.

  10. Carly


  11. Erika R.

    Writing and playing my guitar are the ways that I express. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  12. Kathy Ellen Davis

    Can I really only pick one?
    I’m going to pick 5.

    I love:
    Making linoleum print art
    Making cross out poetry from horoscopes
    Writing kids books
    Singing Brazilian songs
    and creating personalized birthday cards for my friends.

    Oh, and making funky flavors of homemade ice cream!

    P.S. This book looks awesome!

  13. Kelly

    Bringing the natural beauty of outside to the inside of our home and using a simple household item to make a “new” creation!

  14. Efi Maryeli

    Drawing illustrations, taking pictures, writing silly little stories for my little ones, embroidering, even my job is creative – I’m a translator, and that is an art on its own!!!!

  15. Jessica

    Poetry is my favorite form of artistic expression…although now that I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t find myself writing much anymore! Thanks for sharing this – I’d love to win, and if I don’t, I’ll buy the book! I loved the video too 🙂

  16. Liz Meyer

    I don’t consider myself very artistic, to be honest. But preparing food is my form of creative expression.

  17. Tira J

    Oh wow. I so want to read this book. My favorite form of artistic expression is photography, knitting, sewing and writing in that order. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  18. Melody

    I love the beauty of the gospel, and I think my art comes from seeing how it applies to everyday life… I enjoy explaining it with simplicity and clarity (especially to kids), and seeing them come alive with hope:-)

  19. Laura

    Writing and crafting. Lately I am learning how to sew!

  20. Sidra

    I love to knit

  21. Gayle

    During this season of my life, it’s working with our video production ministry team!

  22. Kamille@Redeeming_table

    oh I am excited to read this little gem myself. I think it would be a good read for Ben as he is going to be changing jobs by year end. Well, my current creative outlet honestly has been either writing or baking. I am in this sweet spot with the two older ones at school and the baby napping for a bit of that time. It makes for some uninterrupted writing, reading, creating in the kitchen time.

  23. Jacque Watkins

    I love singing and photography are my favorite ways to make art…and writing too. And I share your love for Miss Emily…so much.

  24. Emily

    Scrapbooking – but I don’t make time for it nearly as often as I should.

  25. Courtney

    Coaxing a smile out of my kids.

  26. Emily P.

    So many Emilys are commenting I see! It’s like we all flock to things by people with our names and we want to support a fellow-Emily!

    Anyway, my favorite form of artistic expression is writing. I’m glad to be a part of Nester’s 31 Day challenge to really bring that part out of me, even if at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is write after my job as an editor and, duh, reading all night!

  27. Linda

    Theatre … costuming, sets, sound, lights, directing! 🙂

  28. Katelyn

    Knitting is my current artistic outlet. I love the process as well as the end result.

  29. Sophia

    Currently it’s blogging.

  30. Andrea

    Photography and cook but trying to discover more

  31. Angela

    Writing and photography!

  32. Kim

    Crafting, mostly card making and scrap booking.

  33. Susan

    For me, its photography … and my favorite subjects are my husband and eight children!

  34. Vina

    I like to create with a well sharpened pencil and a blank piece of paper.

  35. Jordan

    Photography is a creative outlet that I love and feel so thankful to have. Especially thankful to have the ability now that I have two littles of my own to capture!

  36. Sarah Silvester

    I think the thing I love the most is rearranging and designing and displaying inside my home… Followed by mucking around with fabric pretending to quilt, and painting 🙂 I’d love to have this book if the comp is open worldwide! 🙂

  37. Jennifer R.

    Right now, my favorite form of artistic expression is quilting for new babies of my friends & my family. It is a form of a hug from myself to them! I’d love this book!

  38. Sheena

    I love to sew! And I am slowly learning that I love to “craft”. It is so rewarding to make something beautiful and useful.

  39. Cheri in the Lone Star State

    I love watercolor, but with 6 children rarely have time these days. I content myself with occasional journaling.

  40. Jessica

    I realise this competition may be restricted to the US, but I fancy joining the conversation anyway! I’ve dabbled in many crafts over the years, but never particularly felt artistic. My favourite craft would be sewing and I also love to express myself creatively through writing. I’d also love to become more artistic with photography – I’m pretty ameture! (The book trailer, was great by the way!)

  41. Lindsay

    Ever since becoming a mom, I have felt my children’s lives are my creative outlet, as each one of their lives is considered by me to be my magnum opus. I would love to read this book for Emily’s insight, as my life right now in an isolated, foreign place has me fairly discouraged.

  42. Susie

    Coloring with my kids is my main (and current favorite) form of artistic expression!

  43. Kristin Noel

    Knitting. It’s meditative for me rejuvenating my spirit and it blesses others. It can be a wooly hat to keep one of my babes warm or a delicate shawl to give a grieving mother a tangible hug from her lost little one. The only “downside” is that in this mothering journey the time to sit and create can be hard to come by.

  44. Linda

    Right now, it’s crochet. I also love photography for grounding me in the moment and noticing the beauty all around.

    That book trailer is amazing.

  45. Deb Harvey

    I love being creative…so I’ve dabbled in lots of areas trying to find what I love. I’ve narrowed it down to: writing, photography, and quilting (not necessarily in that order).

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to have this book.

  46. Meg

    I love photography, and love learning about it and growing more skills. I love finding the ways God speaks to me in the things I photograph…

  47. Jessica Brammer

    Just making spaces clean and simply decorated is a little artistic joy right now.

  48. Julie

    I’m learning to love the art of tending my flower gardens, and then bringing the beauty of God’s creation into my home!

  49. Katie

    Cooking honestly. My family loved that my hobby/artistic expression feeds them so well.

  50. Carole

    I think sewing is at the top of my favorite ways to be creative. This book sounds like a great kick starter – it’s been too long since I took the time to create for pleasure.

  51. Jen

    I would love this!

  52. Carrie

    Blogging and writing 🙂

  53. Terri-Ann

    Music. For me it is the language of our spirits

  54. Laura

    Music – I love singing and playing piano (and flute for church).

  55. Rachel

    These days my art looks like baby-tending and house cleaning, but I have sewing, horn playing, and water coloring on my “I need to make time for this” list.

  56. sherah

    Singing has always been my favorite artistic expression and most importantly when it’s just me singing to myself in the hallway of my house.

  57. Nichola

    I am the type of person who struggles with saying what I have in my head and heary so I have learned to write my thoughts. Now with getting custody of 2 more children I will have more to express. All my troubles, prayers, qorries everything. Someone will one day be able to read my life.

  58. Tricia

    Typically, writing is my favorite form of artistic expression. But after reading this post, I’m thinking quiet conversations (with my husband, my children, my friends) might be my new favorite. The two are so similar.

  59. Amy

    I sing. All the time. And I’m trying to make a toddler into a loving, compassionate human who will change the world.

  60. Jennifer P

    Cuddling on the couch with a kid, or two, or three all snuggled up reading a book. Pure warmth.

  61. Kristin

    My favorite artistic expression is scrapbooking, Project Life style!

  62. Emily Fleener

    I love organizing and making spaces friendly and cozy.

  63. meredith

    As a believer in Gods creation, I love the reference about Him being the ultimate creator, therefore we a have creativity in us too. I am a singer and through all forms of music I am an artist and I’m motivated to be better and to enjoy the things around a me.

  64. Kerry

    Writing is my form of artistic expression. I didn’t realize it until this last year and had been searching for some kind of creative outlet since having children. When I started writing, it didn’t stop. I always journal-ed but hadn’t explored creative writing. I have been blogging regularly for the last 6 months and just this past week started a fictional short story which has been like opening Pandora’s box. You are so write, everyone is an artist in some form, we just have to dig deep to figure out what that is.

  65. Deauna

    My favorite form is cooking. I love the enjoyment people get from eating one of my dishes.

  66. Cecilia

    I haven’t really felt creative in a long while. People say I am but I don’t have *one* that I feel I’m *really* and truly good at. I can’t help to feel jealous about people with blogs, especially photog blogs. I think having a blog is great! I just would never be able to do it. Anyways, I would love to read this book. To Tsh: thank you for your blog. I did tear up watching the trailer as well.

  67. jamie

    i don’t consider myself an artist when it comes to painting, writing, crafting, etc. my form of artistic expression is taking care of my home and family. it is my favorite passion.

  68. Dean

    Right now it would be making things for seasonal decorations.

  69. Ilo R.

    Dabbling in photography and scrapbooking is my creative outlet.

  70. Robin from Frugal Family Times

    My favorite form of artistic expression these days is making up silly songs about ridiculous things and making my kids dissolve into puddles of laughter.

  71. Crystal

    For me, it’s writing – always has been. And putting glitter on things, but since I haven’t quite figured out how to glitter my blog posts, that’s one I save to do with the kiddo. (because nothing is braver than combining glitter & toddlers).

  72. Vicki I.

    Photography is my favorite form of artistic expression. Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. Trisha

    Sewing, cooking and crafting are ways I express my inner artist but I would love to have more courage and take an art class or two!

  74. steph weibring

    I love to make stationery. I sell a little, but every time a new baby is born (to a friend or family member) it’s my chance to welcome them to the world with their own stationery. Simple pleasure and heart warmer. Would LOVE this book.

  75. Noel

    When I can make time for it, I love to draw. It’s really hard to find time though.

  76. Rachel

    Sounds like a good read!

    • Rachel

      My favorite form of art? Photography, definitely.

  77. Heid M

    My greatest artistic expression is through running

  78. Southern Gal

    Sewing and photography fill that space in my life right now. Thanks for the chance!

  79. Theresa

    I used to love calligraphy a kid, but had completely forgotten until reading about this book! Looking forward to diving into it!

  80. Lori

    Music…specifically piano. I was a piano performance major in college. Life has a way of forcing us away from our form of expression…and I am once again trying to breathe new life into my playing.

  81. Beth

    Cooking, writing, poaching DIY projects from the internet.

  82. Sherry

    I am teaching myself to knit and am learning to make jewelry. A Million Little Ways sounds like a great book to read.

  83. sally

    Definitely cooking for me! Thanks for sharing –

  84. KarenP

    I love to take pictures. I often take pictures of my kids sporting events and teammates and give them copies – they love them – and a lot of the moms love them because the forget their cameas often! Never really thought of that as art! Can’t wait to read this book.

  85. ariana

    My favorite form of artistic expression is bringing the natural world into my home. Stick collections, rocks that my kids find on walks, fall leaves on display…

    Would love to receive a copy of this book!

  86. Amber

    I love making crafts with my kids. We are currently constructing fairy houses outside 🙂

  87. Stacy

    I love to cook and bake and preserve foods! I love Emily’s posts because they are so gentle and encouraging.

  88. Lauren H

    Currently, my favorite form of artistic expression is building wood furniture and other diy decor. I don’t know what it is but I love using power tools to create something useful…

  89. Peggy Mazzone

    This book sounds very inspirational … I enjoy knitting, especially for gift giving!

  90. Amanda

    For the past year it has been opening myself up to new ideas left and right. Reading a book I would never read before, becoming interested in blogs, and sharing them with my friends and family so I can open their eyes as well.

    This month I’m focused on change. This could have something to do with my baby boy being due in 5 weeks! A good change, healthy body, healthy mind. This book seems like the perfect next step in that direction.

  91. Tricia Paoluccio

    I have been able to incorporate more art in my day to day life by doing art with and alongside my kids….we do collages, draw and make cards together…doing art projects together is our main source of play living in a NYC apt! I am also a baker and find that to be artisitically fulfilling…alongside my work in the theatre (I’m an actor). I feel fortunate I make my living as an artist, but have found the secret to joy in this profession to be that my identity is not wrapped up in being an “actor” or an “artist”…but that (like this book seems to be about!) artistic expression is the expression or reflection of God…and you can always be artisitically employed or active…even when you don’t have a job or an art project on the table. Being an artist really is reflecting the creativity and joy and inspiration that God gives us.

  92. Mary Preston

    I do love to sew, knit, embroider & crochet.

  93. Anne

    Singing to my children is my favorite artistic expression!

  94. Maryellen

    Writing….I am in the beginning stages of writing my memoir. Would love to read this book and pass it on to my daughter with three very creative girls!

  95. Anna

    I can’t wait to read this book! I paint and make jewelry.

  96. Stephanie

    Cooking and knitting when I have time…

  97. Dee

    Writing, absolutely!

  98. Jori

    I scrapbook the pictures that my husband takes of our family and the places that we travel.

  99. Rebecca in PA

    I have recently started art journaling, which is scary, but fun.

  100. beth lehman

    i just finished listening to the podcast yesterday… this book sounds so interesting…. after watching “artists” in my dad’s family for years, i am finally coming to see artistic ‘bends’ of my own. i hesitate to say artist, but i find my creative self coming alive when i sew or take pictures… the composing and editing specifically. i love the concept that we were made to create if we were made in god’s image.

  101. Laura

    Anything crafty is my go to means of artistic expression! Sewing, knitting, paper craft etc. thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Kelly M.

    My favorite is coming up with a craft or home project and carrying it out.

  103. Chrysta

    Improvisational worship! I usually have one song in mind as a starting point, then, as the spirit leads, I transition from song to song as I sing and play piano. It is an incredibly cathartic form of artistic expression for me. I feel myself melt away as the spirit flows through me. It is always confirmed by the connection and unification of the other ladies present as we become one in mind and spirit.

  104. Amanda

    Paper crafting and sewing!

  105. Elizabeth Minor

    Cooking for my family! This book sounds great!

  106. Amy

    Singing! And I’m still dreaming of getting a mandolin for Christmas. 🙂

  107. Anne-Marie

    There are days when I feel more like a destroyer than an artist. The days I discipline the children for having fought with their hands instead of using their words to express their emotions, the days I lose my patience because the person in front of me just decided that they will turn at this intersection, and there is heaps of oncoming traffic, the days I make glaring mistakes at work. There are just days when I feel that there isn’t a creative bone in my body.
    But then, I have the realization that every artist must destroy before their masterpiece is complete. The sculptor, the painter, the writer , and ourselves. In our moments of destruction we prepare for construction. Our discipline of our children, out of love and concern, brings out the best in them and us, not immediately, but eventually. Our lack of patience sometimes shows us that we have no control over the world around us and helps us to let go. Those days when we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies to share our inner light with the world, we are healing ourselves so that we can emerge, like butterflies, from our cocoon.
    We are artists everyday in every way, because we are like our father, the Grand Artist, the Creator. We destroy and build up. Mostly ourselves. I believe everything else is residual.
    In that way. I am not only the artist but the art. A work in progress ever changing, observing and destroying and rebuilding.

  108. Melody Ann

    No time for sewing anymore 🙁 but I’m enjoying my new camera and capturing nature…love, love, love! Thanks for the giveaway.

  109. kimmie

    I cross-stitch. The projects mostly go to my mom and my sister.

  110. tacy

    Sewing, writing, card-making….!

  111. Victoria

    Knitting. I am not a fancy knitter . I stick to plain and simple projects like dishcloths, scarves, and fingerless gloves. But there is just something so relaxing about it.

  112. Alaina

    I don’t make time to express art. I see it in others. I would like to but I’m afraid it usually gets shoved to the back burner. I enjoy photographs and web design but I don’t have a fancy camera and train myself web stuff.

  113. Traci B.

    I’ve never considered myself a very crafty person. I’ve dabbled in lots of artistic expressions, but very few of them have actually “stuck” with me. I guess my current dabbling is baking. I love making cupcakes and cookies….the only problem is that I love eating them too! 😉

  114. Catherine

    I love to cook! While it’s something that I do “have to do” for my family, I’ve recently realized what an expression of creativity it has become for me. I love having the structure of using local produce (mostly!) and using that as my base…I only started to cook when I began to feed my oldest (almost 4 years ago) and it’s been a little gift to realize how much I love it!

  115. Becky

    I love to knit, sew and scrapbook but right now my main form of artistry is taking care of my family through cooking and cleaning. It takes a lot for me to have the right attitude and see it as a ministry, but when I do, I know that I’m doing what God has for me in this season of life.

  116. Chelsea

    Despite being something of a creative person, my favorite form of artistic expression is definitely gift-giving. I spend a TON of time really thinking about the perfect gift for someone (Christmas is a year-round effort!). I just love the light in someone’s eyes when they open something I’ve chosen for them and know they love it, even if they’ve never thought to ask for it. That kind of joy is irreplaceable.

  117. Aimee G

    My favorite form of artistic expression is cooking. I love making food delicious, nutritious and beautiful.

  118. kate@stillroomtogrow

    currently i feel artistic making school seem not like school. we are in our first year of home-school and I love finding ways to make learning fun.

  119. Tracey

    I would say writing – though I’d like the courage to try a few other ways of expressing my artistic side!!

  120. Jamie

    I love to scrap(book), but haven’t had much time lately, as I’m a SAHM to a busy, curious, and darling 17 month old little boy. I make do by filling several collage picture frames with all aspects of our crazy wonderful life.

  121. Abby

    As a first time mom to a 4 week old, my favorite art is getting to know my son – all the little nuances that make him a unique little guy! Book sounds great!

  122. Leah

    I enjoy music and beautifully lit photography.

  123. Sheila

    I’m a new dabbler in visual arts 🙂 I got Artistic Pursuits for home school but I’m doing the assignments alongside my daughter and loving it!

  124. Linda

    I love cooking-finding new ways to serve nourishing foods.

  125. Lydia W.

    I consider creating and raising my children as my most creative outlet. One has special needs, and one has health challenges. To be present with them, despite what seem like endless therapy and doctors appointments, and to create a space in our day for fun and spontaneity–those are my creative tasks.

  126. Claire

    Baking de-stresses and energises me. I love creating something new and beautiful from such simple things. I also love writing, as it helps me not only be creative, but also sort out my thoughts, feelings and hopes into a more tangible form. Creativity allows me to explore my identity in a deeper way, and helps me to discover the “million little ways” I have been made in the image of the Creator. It helps me to connect with myself, those around me, and God Himself. I have been looking forward to the release of this book, and hope to get my hands on it soon! 🙂

  127. Shelsy

    My favorite form of artistic expression is making things. I love sewing, knitting, crochet, and I’m learning to quilt. I love learning new techniques. I have to always have some kind of project going or I feel lost.

  128. Hannah T

    Photography when I get the chance

  129. Sara

    After reflecting several things came to mind… Children – they are a thing of wonder & beauty. And on one hand they are Gods & their own little selves I’d like to think that they are the art you get from more then just two sets of genes 😉

    I happen to think a steel stud corridor was prior to drywalling is art. But I am a building inspector. I love to crochet 🙂

  130. Little Jeanie

    My current fav form of artistic expression is making home made birthday cards for family. They are not great masterpieces – just hastily cut and pasted pieces of magazines, newspapers, captions and photos etc. They have become mini time capsules as I try to make them relevant to what is happening in that person’s life at the time. I try to include their fav hobby or an ongoing joke or recent conversation we have had. I get a real buzz from the challenge of pulling it all together and especially getting the “Hallmark” style greeting just right.

  131. Michele

    I was so encouraged when I read this blog post, feeling like some part of my artistic self stopped when I was 8 years old, then having successive traumas for the next 20 years. Then I became so discouraged and started crying in reading others’ posts. I do not know what part of me is artistic or creative. Would the book help? Or am I helpless? When I have a break from my children, I like to take walks, listen to audiobooks, and absorb nature for how beautiful it is. I enjoy listening to my kids, but I find myself distracted a lot so I don’t that’s very artistically expressive! I love when my house is organized (& I know that’s me doing it!). That’s as far as I could get. I think I need that book! Kudos to Emily for writing it!

  132. Kay Mack

    Words and color sustain me, so I write, art journal, paper craft, knit and sew as expressions of my inner creative urges. I also love to read inspirational books by others, who communicate clearly and who give their readers, through their precise use of language, the gift of sharing emotions and spiritual yearnings.

  133. Christine

    Photography and creating the start of child centered projects.

  134. Laura

    Cooking! I love to make something out of nothing, and it’s almost immediate gratification, like painting a room.

  135. Margie

    Blogging is my little release. I don’t blog for the public but for the grandparents and myself. My little corner of the blogosphere is filled with photos of my boys, my home and our day to day life

  136. Rachel

    Dance! But also baking and watercolor and sewing and design……. I love to create… Something from nothing moves me deeply. I’m currently reading this, but would love a copy to give to a friend. I believe everyone must read this book!

  137. Candace

    Watching my boy dancing to Christmas music.

  138. Christina Y.

    My favorite form of artistic expression is dance. I have danced all my life and am now teaching Ballet and Hip Hop. The biggest blessing in doing so is that I get to be our oldest daughter’s ballet teacher. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected with her! This book sounds great!

  139. Angela

    As a burnt out mama who desperately needs to reconnect with herself, this book might be just the sort of inspirAtion I need to find joy and grace in my days again.

  140. Elizabeth

    Putting my kids to bed had become a form if art. We lay together singing softly and I rub their backs in rhythm with the song

  141. Beth B.

    At age 43, I’ve started taking violin lessons again. It would be SO much easier to not subject myself to that inner voice that whispers “not good enough”. But, I have to know…I have to know if I can play this instrument “well enough” to be a part of the circle of musicians who already surround me. I have a kind but exacting teacher. And I have a job to do. It’d probably be better for my family if I cleaned or cooked instead of practicing. But-while they’re at work and school (one at parochial; one at public), I’m going to try. I may or may not be able to pull this off….but I need to try. At the very least, I’m modeling to my girls that it’s never too late to try to follow a passion. If I fail, I will get to model my response to that too. To me, being artistic is being open…in the scary places as well as the comfortable ones. That’s why it’s possible to be an artist in an accounting office as well as a concert hall. But it takes courage! And now I stop reading and go start practicing…my lesson is today at 1:30! 🙂

  142. Christi

    Lately children- like babies …come along and help me give color to life. Unexpected, beautiful messy, color. This family will be my masterpiece offering.

  143. Natalie W

    I feel most creative when I am in the kitchen preparing yummy food for my family. As a kid, we always ate food from a box or a takeout window, so it never ceases to amaze me what I can whip up in my own home!!

    I bought my daughter Emily’s teen version of Grace for the Good Girl and love her writing. I am excited to read A Million Different Ways! 🙂

  144. Lindsey S.

    Right now, I do a lot of functional crafting-baby gifts, party decor, etc. But, I’d really like to be more brave in the future. Maybe painting!

  145. Angi Pratt

    I love hand lettering right now! And just general crafting? Does that count? 🙂 so excited about this book!

  146. Michelle Zang

    Because most of my time is spent in the kitchen preparing three meals a day for my family, my artistic expression is in the food I prepare and how I serve it to my family. Whether it’s simply putting their oatmeal in a pretty glass bowl with a little dollop of strawberry jam in the center, arranging fruit slices in a starburst pattern or slicing chicken breast at an angle on top of a salad & adding lots of color & texture with chopped carrots, tomatoes & homemade croutons. I serve it with love & appreciation for the beauty (& yumminess) in what God has provided us.

  147. Janice S.

    Music is/has/always will be my favorite creative outlet. When it comes to using my hands, though, taking something old and worn out and making it new is an amazing feeling! But then I also like to use my words and write – how do you pick a favorite.

    The book looks fantastic. I can’t wait to read it and I can already think of several friends who need a copy as well.

  148. Denise von Minden

    Lately my hand have been working with fabric. Creating quilts has become my zen place—my way to relax and reflect. And in the end I have a beautiful quilt to share with others or wrap myself in!

  149. Jessica Pahl

    Cooking and baking are definitely my favorite artistic forms, I love to make something amazing out of random ingredients. Photography and knitting are close at hand as well. Sounds like an amazing book!

  150. Shelly Wildman

    Writing. But also, teaching. I’m a writing professor, and I find I have to be creative every time I step into the classroom. It’s a challenge I love.

  151. Debbie

    I make jewelry and teach 7th graders how to be decent human beings.

  152. Beth Gillespie

    I love to sing and make music, and love to sew – I don’t often make the time to sew, but feel so whole when I do.

  153. Kristi M

    I love to express myself through food! Cooking and baking for my family every day is a great way for me to get creative!

  154. Bree

    Singing is my very, very favorite, but sometimes that involves more people than I know (or would like to be around at the moment), then I turn to needlework.

  155. Julie W

    Crafting in some form — sewing, knitting, etc is my art.

  156. Kelly

    I don’t really have a creative hobby but lately I have enjoyed decorating my house for fall using only things I have on hand or can make myself. It has been satisfying to see how I can bring it all together.

  157. Karen

    Processing ways to present God’s Word so that the women I teach can understand it and grasp it a little better!

  158. Tammy

    I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite forms of “art” is canning. 🙂 I love trying new recipes and filling my basement with delicious food for the coming year.

  159. Meghan

    Photography – what a beautiful way to see life.

  160. Lori

    Creating photo books from the pictures I take and journaling the story along side the pictures.

  161. rachael

    I find decorating my home is my own personal way to express myself! It brings me such joy to see ourselves reflected in our house.

  162. Cerissa

    By making up (sometimes really bad) songs with my kids. Oh, and we kind of live in a musical. Because tricky times can be so much easier if you just sing through them!

  163. Gwen

    I like music. Both the fast, happy stuff when I run and the melodic, beautiful instrumental music. I like that music can paint a picture for us in our minds, or take us back to a memory. And I am in awe of composers who can write separate pieces for dozens of instruments and make it all come together so beautifully.

  164. Candace

    I love taking old things and making them new – thrift store finds!

  165. Loree

    I love writing (journaling and poetry) and scrapbooking (Project Life), but right now I’m focused on uncovering/discovering simplicity in our home. I loved the trailer — so inspiring! — and would love a chance to win. Thanks for the opportunity, Tsh and Emily!

  166. Winter

    Ever since my dad bought me a used camera at a yard sale, photography has been my thing.

  167. Katy

    Gardening, writing, and baking. And learning!

  168. marina

    I love writing and photography!

  169. Audra

    Tending our garden is my favorite form of art – although, with not much of a green thumb, it requires a little bit of science, too.

  170. Allie

    I’ve never considered myself a talented artist but I do like to paint for my own enjoyment. I’m currently a stay at home mom and I’m struggling with the decision to continue staying home with my daughter or go back to work. This book sounds like it will be refreshing and possibly teach me to be content whatever I do 🙂

  171. Beth Anne

    I am loving reading my sister’s copy of A Million Little Ways so much that I want one of my own. I am a student studying piano performance, but my most natural art is teaching small children. My little students fill my week with fun and joy.

  172. Sandy

    My current favorite way to make art is in up cycling. I love the idea of taking something old and making it beautiful. I also find knitting especially rewarding.

  173. Marci Rushing

    My Grandchildren are my favoorite artistic expression. I love doing things with them. Watching their faces glow with delight as we explore new things that only grandparents and grandchildren discover together. Beautiful leaves, mudpies in the summer, yummy homemade cookies in the fall, and books for bedtime!

  174. Jumana

    I love the art of henna and intricate designs be it any form. I would love a copy of this book as I’m feeling stuck in a rut lately. Thank you for the opportunity.

  175. Kristin

    Another photog here! 🙂

  176. Cassie

    Photography! Although I am trying to teach myself to knit. 🙂

  177. Kathy Weeks

    Playing the piano is my favorite form of creative expression although I do enjoy photography as well. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  178. Melanie

    My favorite forms of being creative are baking, gardening arranging my home a little bit at a time. Just got a family photo wall complete (for now) after working on it for a year. Also raising a toddler 😉

  179. leah

    Music 🙂

  180. Becky C

    I haven’t felt creative in a very long time. I used to love acting. I really enjoy reading to my babies now. That’s a creative outlet for me : ) I also love praising The Lord in song!

  181. Danielle

    I LOVE to sew! Clothes for me, toys for my boys, cute cloth diapers… I have a deep obsession with fabric and love turning cloth into something beautiful!

  182. Joy T

    Cooking, a little bit of photography is about all I have time for in this stage of my life.

  183. Debbie

    I guess I’ve never really considered myself an “artist” per se. I’m crafty. Does that count? I love to sew, quilt, crochet, and am addicted to the DIY category on Pinterest. 🙂

    I just found your blog this week, and I’m truly enjoying it — even though my kids are grown and I’m now a grandmother. Even though your kids grow up and you don’t interact with them as much, you will always “mother” them because they are part of you. Just FYI.

  184. Atsquared

    Singing, photography and scrapbooking are my creative outlets. I don’t have time for much with three little ones, though!

  185. Lessons From Yesterday

    One of my middle boys is really into art right now, and draws robots constantly. Before motherhood, I never thought I would think a robot is a beautiful thing, but it is! 🙂

  186. Andrea

    photography . . . . of my kids. 🙂

  187. Rachel E.

    I love sewing and crocheting. Making things with my hands, especially to give as gifts. With 2 littles though, I rarely have time for it!

  188. Erin

    Sewing, when I have time. More commonly, cooking and baking. Love this giveaway!

  189. Holly Barrett

    Writing is my favorite art form. But I also love photography and crocheting!

  190. tammy c.

    I like to write, draw, paint and knit.

  191. Amy

    As a mom it is often so hard to find time to pursue my creative interests. I have always tried to see the “art” in fitting all the clothes on the line or making a great dinner from leftovers. Everyday “creating” a home for my family. Then when I have time to actually sew, decorate, etc. it is just a bonus.

  192. AmyB

    I love how art is in us all! Currently I am enjoying creating life with my kids…whether it’s by sharing a yummy meal on our fine china, reading a great book together, or learning something new during our school time

  193. Tanya Park

    I have always felt I really am not a crafty person. I can copy what someone else had started and make it look ok. I guess I struggle with finding my unique individuality because as a Wife, mother of 5, and Pastors wife I really don’t have much time to. I pray God shows me what His specific artistic expresion for ME is. Thanks!

  194. Jen

    Baking is my current favorite.

  195. Valerie

    On a daily basis it is cooking. I also love to knit, but don’t make as much time for it as I’d like.

  196. Amanda

    My creative outlet is knitting. I love having a pattern to give me a general direction, but all the choice’s are mine in how I make it look.

  197. Feda Abdo

    Writing and storytelling

  198. Lorraine M

    Adding color in my day somewhere. A rosette on a piece of clothing, bouquet on the table. Taking a few minutes to read or listen to music. Anything I can work into the ‘must be done today’ list!

  199. Lindsay S.

    Hoping to add this book to my nightstand soon. My own art form is writing. What I love right now is seeing my young children explore art in many forms for the first times.

  200. Alison

    I have not been very artistic, but I’ve been recently trying different things, trying to find an outlet that I enjoy. Maybe this book would be helpful.

  201. Tandra

    I am very excited about this book!!! Seems like an answer to a few struggles lately!
    My favorite are for that I can do is sew!!! If I wasn’t homeschooling all day I would start my own business and sew all day! 😉

  202. Donna Mayo

    I haven’t felt very creative in awhile. Scrapbooking is my outlet for expression when I find the time. Wish I had the time.

  203. Christina Steinhart

    I absolutely LOVE crafting and scrapbooking. Being able to share this with my 3 year old daughter has definitely been a blessing as well since she is in age ‘crafty’ and ‘explore everything’. Would love to have this book.

  204. Missy K

    Photography, definitely.

  205. Sarah

    Writing! I don’t do it as often as I should, but I love it!

  206. Sarah Bragg

    Encouraging others is at for me

  207. Maria

    Working on photography. Small baby steps. Realizing how much I need art.

  208. Lisa C.


  209. Samantha

    It varies…Autumn seems to always toss me from filling my sketchbook with pumpkins and apples–and the occasional colorful leaf–to the kitchen where pumpkins and apples are also key players. I LOVE creating in the kitchen during Autumn. Then again, I also love snuggling in on the sofa with the knitting loom or some crochet hooks and soft, fluffy yarn…and the sewing machine has been calling my name…and…..

  210. Kara

    My favorite form of artistic expression really depends on the day – sometimes its song, art or cooking. I like to dabble in a bit of everything!

  211. Emily

    Photography and graphic design are my favorite means of artistic expression.

  212. Lori

    Living in my present moment – juggling the joyful and the disconent, seeing the beauty of everyday, actively participating in the lives of those around me.

  213. rachel

    Writing would probably be my favourite, but I’m finding it hard to find time lately. Embroidery and crocheting are in that same category. But, hanging the clothes on the line in patterns, piling the fruit in the bowl in a way that is pleasing to the eye, sorting the toy shelf…those can be artistic expressions too, I’m finding.

  214. Karen M

    I love crafting- whether it be knitting, painting, and making a wreath. This book looks great!

  215. Suzanne M

    This book is written for me, I can’t wait to read it! I love writing, but don’t do it often enough and need to overcome my fear that I have nothing to offer and just write everyday.

  216. Kim Holem

    Scrapbooking. Card making

  217. Julie

    Just one?! I’m a drawer and a painter and a cook and a mom and a friend and a daughter – an artist in a million little ways!

  218. Amanda

    I love to craft things for the house but rarely find time. My latest creative expression is creating photo slide shows for others: I did one for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and have 2 others I’m working on for family.

  219. Claire

    Photography is my favorite, with journaling a close second.

  220. nikki

    Having a dance party with my family!

  221. Kate

    Right now I’m all about the knitting. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  222. Rachel @Yonder Wild

    I feel like there is art in the everyday (in fact, that’s what my blog Yonder Wild is about)! I express this the most when cooking healthy food for my family from the garden we grew with our own hard work. Deciding whether or not to add a pinch of this or a dash of that is art. Should we eat tomatoes with kale tonight or will it be a squash and chard? A meal is full of infinite possibilities. We have dedicated months to the making of gastronomical perfections (or even the occasional imperfections…just like art) with our seed planning, digging, tilling, watering, and care. It is as if we have created the paint for our own masterpiece and I get to use my brush (aka spatula) to decorate the canvas (aka plates) every night.

  223. Jackie

    My initial thought was: scrapbooking! I love to take photographs and put words and embellishments to let their story come to life. Each time you pick up the book you relive the joy of the moment the photo was taken. Sometimes you find something on the page you didn’t realize was there before. They make me smile! I also love to teach…bring puppets to life…write scripts…cook with my grandchildren…share the family heritage with them…share our home with friends, people who are now our friends, and our relatives! Every breath is a gift, I want to live like I know that!

  224. Meg

    I have not uncovered my whole creative side yet. I feel a little intimidated to do it…what if I fail. But I love to show my children God’s little creations when we are out walking, like tiny flowers, beautiful stones, even weeds that look beautiful in my eyes. And especially the sky. Sometimes I feel like God has put those things there just for me or just for one of my children. He is amazing!

  225. Kelly

    Sometimes the most creative I get is to write a simple letter to a friend in need…

  226. Laura

    Photography, music, and cooking. This sounds like a wonderful book!

  227. Julie

    My daughter’s smile is my most loved art.

  228. Carrie Jones

    Writing is my favourite form of creativity 🙂

  229. Chelsea

    Travel and fine art photography really fill my artistic cup. I love looking for art in the beauty of creation and cultures around the world.

  230. Dawn

    I love to bake, craft with wood and paper and teach my children.

  231. Amanda D

    My favorite artistic expression is photography. I used to be so much more artistic in multiple ways but over the years I find that I am less so. I would love to get back to it.

  232. Anna

    I’m a full time mom and a classically trained musician. The Lord provided an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone this fall and I’m now leading worship for the children’s ministry at my church. I also love to cook and bake. Thanks for the chance.

  233. Michelle

    My favorite form of artistic expression is decorating my home by purchasing second hand furniture/items and updating them to fit my style.

  234. Kristin

    Music is by far my favorite art. It has a way of reaching into my soul and lifting me up!

  235. Sarah M

    Yay, can’t wait to read this book! My favorite form of artistic expression–right now– is knitting (currently knitting my 6 yo a winter sweater) and crafts with my kids. 🙂
    Sarah M

  236. Marilyn

    My artistic expression is expressed through my photography, soap making, cooking, baking and preserving food.

  237. Janice

    right now we are working on a “fixer-upper” house, on a budget. So this will take a lot of creativity! Would love to read your book!

  238. Carrie


  239. One Frugal Girl

    Writing. Even if it’s just in the journal I keep by my bedside.

  240. Nicole

    My most favourite way of artistically expressing myself is making people smile and/or laugh. I love God’s creation and creativity in the people He made. From the young child to the tough teen, to the timid elder, I love to take time to bring joy in any form from making faces, dramatically making a fool of myself or engaging conversation and listening intently to the lives around me. I guess you could say acting but I feel that would be ‘pretending’ and this is a live show! I love the idea of this book and would LOVE to have a copy to know how to encourage others to do the same.

  241. Laurin Beardsley

    I’m trying to learn how to draw. My fingers don’t produce anything like my mind sees! I do love to see people light up when I notice and tell them something unique and special about themselves. Does this count as art?

  242. Jen C.

    Thanks for having a giveaway! Currently, my favorite way to be artsy is by taking nature photographs and making postcards out of them to send to friends.

  243. Traci

    Dance. Ballet in particular, but any kind of dance.

  244. Julie Robinson

    Photography is my love … Thx for the giveaways!

  245. sandra

    My favourite is cooking, for sure. Sounds like a great book!

  246. Elaine

    Cooking is my main method of artistic expression. I also do a little knitting. This book looks fabulous!

  247. Karen

    My favorite form of artistic expression–each season creating new flowering hanging baskets for the front porch right now yellow mums and plum color peonies.

  248. Christine

    Singing and songwriting are my form of art but honestly I am mostly changing diapers these days! This book sounds really encouraging. I love Emily’s outlook on life.

  249. Maggie

    Simply reading good books and taking the time to deeply ingest them is one of my artistic outlets. Even if I’m not writing the words myself, I know I’m shaped by others writing. I truly believe that shaping of my own words and perspectives helps me be freer and more creative with my children and family. I may not be very crafty, but beauty (and art) comes in a lot of different ways 🙂

  250. Maggie

    Simply reading good books and taking the time to deeply ingest them is one of my artistic outlets. Even if I’m not writing the words myself, I know I’m shaped by others writing. I truly believe that shaping of my own words and perspectives helps me be freer and more creative with my children and family. I may not be very crafty, but beauty (and art) comes in a lot of different ways 🙂

  251. Lori

    I think the valuable time I spend with my family helps to create ART in all of us (my family). It helps to better define who we are and how we would like to be perceived by others. It shows how we express ourselves with Jesus being number one in our lives.

  252. Liz

    Writing and photography.

    I love the topic of this book. It’s something that I have been thinking about the past few months. I have always struggled with guilt over using my creativity because there are more “important” things in life to do. Recently though, my eyes have been opened to see that we are made in the image of our creator God-and HE is a creative God. Therefore He is glorified when we use our creativity and the gifts that He has give us. 🙂

    I am looking forward to reading this book.

  253. Deb

    I love cooking, baking and organizing, none of which are really artistic unless you are weird like me and think that a perfectly arranged drawer of socks is artistic!

  254. Heidi

    Art! Mine is different than others…I like to make my day ‘flow’! The challenge of a list excites me.

  255. emily

    love this idea!Need some inspiration these days!

  256. deborah

    I don’t know if I can narrow it to one…writing, taking pictures, baking!!

  257. Jennifer

    Sewing, knitting and crocheting. =)

  258. Elizabeth

    I believe we are all artists in our own unique way. I am a painter, but also love to take photographs of my children during each holiday. Halloween is my favorite!

  259. Laura

    I’m an elementary art teacher, so I get to create every day! However, for my own creating, I am loving washi tape right now!

  260. Jessica B

    Creating meals For my Family. Enjoying Creation Indoors And Indoors And Out.

  261. Diane

    I see the colors and movement in the words of God and create “faithart”. I love to take God’s word and make it a beautiful piece of art for home, or office. I teach others how to pray in color, art journal their daily prayers and create gifts for others. I paint, journal, use mixed media in my studio. I also love to decorate my home to make it a beautiful relaxing environment. I would love to read this book!

  262. Courtney

    Love upcycling old, worn out, broken items into new treasures. From holey clothes or curtains into new kid toys or pillows to a pallet into art, makes me so happy!

  263. Elizabeth L

    I love to sew but haven’t been able to for a while. Cooking can sometimes be a creative outlet for me.

  264. Alana

    Photographing my kids daily, focusing not just on them but the million little details indicating their presence in our home. Love photos of legos on the floor, hands in a bowl making cookies, the kids bookshelf, etc…

  265. kelly summers

    my art is in my voice. i’ve loved singing since i was little and i finally learned how to use it well as an adult. i’ve always loved it because it’s the one thing i know i’m naturally good at. there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a gift from God 🙂

  266. Courtney

    Photography is my passion when it comes to art though I love painting, sewing, and crafting too 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win this book! 🙂

  267. Sienna

    I love the idea of everyday art. Mine is baking, photography, writing, arranging flowers from the yard, really anything to add a little beauty to our day.

  268. courtney

    I just never thought of myself as an artist. I love music, but cannot write, play, or sing it! I love paintings, but cannot do that either… And the list goes on. But to answer your question, I think my artist expression would be to create “stuff”… I made my first wreath this weekend and its actually pretty. I love baking and actually made my daughter’s bday cupcakes pretty & pink! This book looks great and will be suggesting it for our next book…

  269. Mel

    The art of healing through my work as a nurse.

  270. Colleen Garcia

    I like reading and writing – journaling my thoughts.

  271. Clair

    This book looks amazing! Writing is my favorite art form right now.

  272. Laura

    For artistic expression, I love any kind of craft; scrapbooking, card making, photography and knitting are all things I enjoy right now.

  273. Dawn

    Writing and photography are my favorite artistic outlets.

  274. Tonia

    Teaching, cooking, organizing, putting together thrifted outfits – these are my favorite “arts and crafts.”

  275. Lanelle

    my favorite artistic expression … music to hear, music to play.. baking and cooking … and, rambling on using words…

  276. Holl

    Feeding my family and designing our house!

  277. Darcy

    I starting writing songs a couple years ago, and love the journey of the learning process. It has been a little cloudy knowing how to be an artist and be a mother ( eight kids) and see the art in my calling as a mother and not just my music. The Lord is teaching me so much about the beauty of gratefulness and grace right now. I’d live to read what Emily has to say!

  278. Lisa

    I like to create and express myself through journaling. I love all the ideas and creative approaches to it.

  279. Jessica @mrsdietitian

    Homemaking ARTS and sciences. Let’s be Renaissance women and explore the convergence of art and science in making our homes more lovely. Specifically, I love the culinary arts, especially food appreciation (eating). Also learning to value the homemade or handcrafted more than the less expensive industrial version. The really hard part is to put my money where my mouth is. 🙂

    Bottom line: my arts are baking cookies and crafting little home decor items. I’d like to work towards being more artful in all actions.

  280. Beth

    I am most creative when I’m not working and have time for anything else…photography is my favorite, decorating, crafting and still coloring in my children’s color books. Can’t wait to read this book!

  281. Emily

    I love photos of my family and blogging about our happenings. I also like to find creative ways to show God’s love to friends who may not know much about Him and His love.

  282. Annie Hindman

    I paint word pictures with pen or computer.

  283. Kelly Thompson

    I love painting furniture to look new and fresh and I think the way you dress also expresses a creative lifestyle.

  284. Jessica

    It’s a toss up between photography and writing, although some days neither!

  285. Michelle

    In the spirit of seeing life as art, I will go on a limb and say that I see the relationship with my husband and son as a beautiful dance. We are a homeschooling family, and the on- purpose things I do to help our rhythms and steps sync up are my favorite form of artistic expression. : )

  286. mary kathryn

    I like to refinish old furniture.

  287. Barb

    Creativity is one of the areas I struggle with most, so I’d love to read this book! When I do get creative, I enjoy photography or making something for the home.

  288. Michelle

    Forgot to say: I loved watching the trailer for this book! It was really lovely. I look forward to reading the book (someday, if not through this giveaway). I think it will be a beautiful offering to the world. : )

  289. Leiden

    My favorite form of artistic expression is traveling! I have not been doing it nearly as much in this season of my life but am getting excited for the next! So many opportunities to be creative when you are traveling (writing, photography, drawing)! Especially when you don’t have to think of doing laundry, cleaning, organizing…. By the way, I am following your 31 days in your personal blog. Very excited for you and your family to go globe trekking. It has been a long long time dream of mine and I hope I can make it one day too!

  290. Katie

    The cover art to the book is beautiful! I can imagine the content inside is just as lovely. In this season finding simple ways to decorate our home for the season is art to me: incorporating pumpkins, fall fragrance, Halloween pictures of the kids, and autumn foods are a joy and gift!

  291. Jonni

    Anything grunge, paper crafting. I wish I could say piano, not sure if family would agree that this classifies as art. (smile)

  292. Anne McKenzie

    Cooking is my favourite form of artistic expression but I so need to turn down the volume on my inner critic! I’m alway consulting recipes instead of consulting my intuition.

  293. Kristin Thomas

    I would love to have a copy of this book. My go to forms of artistic expression right now are crocheting and journal writing.

  294. Christine C

    Crocheting and sewing. Creating something that has a definite finish is so rewarding for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  295. Molly

    My favorite artistic expression is crochet, it brings a calm to the spirit..

  296. Lindsey P.

    There are so many! Sewing, writing, crafting in general. I can’t wait to read this book- it looks wonderful.

  297. Tracy


  298. Brenda

    Baking, cooking, and I am learning how to can. My old standby is crocheting. Anything that gets me off the computer.

  299. Shauna

    I’d love to read this!

  300. Lawana Gray

    Right now, it’s painting miniatures. It’s new for me and I’m enjoying expressing myself in that way.

  301. Elaine

    I’ve been eyeballing this book! I would LOVE to win it!

  302. Janet

    I grow a large part of my family’s food. As I sweat in the garden, I think of all the love that goes into that food from the moment the seed is placed in the soil until the salad and spagetti is placed on the table and followed with apple pie. They may not taste the “secret” spice but I know it’s there.

  303. Kim

    Writing. 🙂 And by extension, encouraging others to see life from a perspective of greater possibilities. Can’t wait to read this!

  304. Marie

    So hard to pick just one. I’ll go with photography – which I use to capture the simple – yet beautiful – moments of everyday life. Runners up: baking, painting, calligraphy, housekeeping, piano, crafting. 🙂

  305. Jenie

    Latley I have been expressing myself through fashion. Previously I had never really taken an interest in what I wore. It has worked wonders on my outlook for the day, you would be suprised how sunny an outlook you take when wearing a bright yellow shirt.

  306. Rebecca

    I like to sew things for our home or clothes for the kids.
    I made the cloth paper towels you posted years ago. I love beautiful useful things.
    I also feel like my cooking can be artistic when i am putting for some effort 🙂

  307. Catharine

    Photography is mine favourite way to be creative. I did just start to experiment with painting…a leap outside the box for me!
    Looking forward to the book 🙂

  308. Kathleen

    I love to tidy my home at the end of the day so it is comforting and beautiful in the morning for my children. I love to express myself through little details – whether it’s changing the quote on our chalk board, or choosing new napkin rings. My home is how I express myself and I love it.

  309. Ellen

    It’s terribly sad that at 47 I have no idea. Since going through a divorce three years ago, ex is still in prison, being a single mom, stress/life has taken a toll over the last several years (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.). I see light at the end of the tunnel and have come such a long way. However, over the last few months, I feel it’s now time for me. My focus has been all on my children, fighting this financial set-back. I tell myself I matter and there is life/health/financial stability in my future. I am educated, have a good job, and would consider myself creative but need to take some time out and focus on me. I don’t know where to start.

  310. Heidi

    I enjoy sewing (some of the time! when it turns out right!) and making homemade bread.

  311. Kelly Bulmer

    I love to cook! A beautiful meal for my family is my expression of art and love.

  312. Lisa

    I used to scrapbook. I loved loved loved telling stories with photos, mementos, and journal entries. But I pushed it aside to do laundry, clean the house, buy groceries, chauffeur the kids here and there, pay bills, work at a full-time job. I miss it. I need the spark to start. Maybe winning the book will be that spark for me!

  313. Deborah P

    Before I read this post and the description of Emily’s book, I would have said making scrapbooks and blank books. Now I have to reconsider – more consistently it may be that I try to smile and say a kind word to strangers (and friends) as I go through my day. I so don’t live up to letting Jesus shine through me, but I ask for forgiveness and try again.

  314. Alicia

    I love baking and sharing those treats with others.

  315. Danielle

    Writing and photography! It is amazing the art that can be created with a single click of a button.

  316. Elizabeth Smillie

    currently my most loved (there are so many that I enjoy!) is taking photos of our children – trying to capture for their future selves how I see them, what amazing little wonderful miracles they are.

  317. AmyLeigh

    This book was one of the first things on this year’s Christmas wish list! I sure wouldn’t mind getting it earlier. 🙂 One of my favorite ways to be artistic is playing make-believe with my little girls. I mostly just follow along, but it is so much fun!

  318. amisha

    I love cooking for my family and painting for my son’s nursery. It is relaxing and a great way to unwind.

  319. Penny

    My artistic talent is definitely used most in the kitchen. I love to cook! Oh how I can’t wait to read this book 🙂 I love Grace For The Good Girl!

  320. Jermaine D

    I love to create art and food!

  321. Heather

    I love to be creative through paper crafting and gift wrapping:) Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing.

  322. Rebecca

    Cooking is my favorite form of artistic expression and probably one of my love languages too. Though I do love me some art supplies: all those rainbow colors in perfect order in the package.

  323. Kelley

    My art is expressed with my needle and thread, and with the food I prepare and serve to anyone around my table. I like to take “nothing” and make something memorable by love. Love is the key. Love is the audible ingredient, I hope.

    {I hope I win Emily’s book!}

  324. Eka Febrina

    Very interesting way of exploring creativity. I always think that cooking is one of my ways to express my creativity. Every time I am in the kitchen cooking, either main course or dessert I tend to apply my life philosophy, simple. For example, when I cook chicken, I mix various herbs and spices to get new taste. I feel liberated and content and at the same time very curious about the taste while doing it.
    Cooking is also one of my ways to kill boredom.

  325. Karen Hayward

    Any cooking or baking, but especially baking bread. It makes me feel like a creative genius – well; for a few moments anyway!

  326. Abigail

    I love watercolors. Everything about the process is expressive.

  327. Kristin Yeager

    My favorite form of expression is paper crafting…whether it’s scrapbooking family pics or making fall leaves w/my daughter…I like to use my hands & enjoy what might happen. Thanks!

  328. Kelsi

    I write. I make 3 meals a day from scratch. I paint with watercolor. I sketch. I raise my two kids.

  329. Valerie

    Photography is my favorite creative outlet. It’s something I was called to and that God has used to teach me His ways over the years. I am ever so grateful for this gift and passion!

  330. Danielle

    I so want to win! My favorite forms of artistic expression are writing and photography. I love them both!

  331. Koralea

    Decorating for the holidays and setting a beautiful table for dinner gatherings are my forms of artistic expression.

  332. anne

    music and making CD’s for friends…music is the soundtrack to life! 🙂

  333. Lori

    I’m a graphic designer by day… so I’m forced to be creative (not always doing what I would like to do).

    I do dream of a chance to get back to my original love of drawing…however, 3 kids + full time job + hubby = tired mama…

    One day though… I have hopes!

    This book sounds intriguing about looking at being an “artist” beyond brush/pencil and paper. ~lm

  334. Natalie

    My favorite means of artistic expression is through photography–capturing candid, real-life-as-it’s-happening images of people doing their own art.

  335. KHohns

    For me, my favorite form of expressing my artistic side is through my sewing….recently its been quilts. But overall, its anything that involves a needle & thread!

  336. Meghan

    Trying to have a clean house!

  337. Emily

    As a new (ish) mom, I am struggling to find my way back to creativity. This sounds like a book I’d love to read!

  338. Stacy

    I’m really excited to read this book. I enjoy her blog

  339. Stephanie

    I Am taking a theology course on teaching with spirited and engaged classmates…It is a beautiful and creative process.

  340. Tracy

    I love to sew…and read wonderful books! I’d love to have a copy of this one.

  341. Lisa Potter

    My favorite form of artistic pursuit is my writing. I find inspiration and encouragement from reading also.

  342. Jenn R.

    My favorite form of artistic expression is music, followed closely by water painting. Thank you for mentioning this book, it seems right up my alley.

  343. Julie

    My favorite creative outlet is “fluffing my nest” to provide a welcoming home where people can find peace and restoration for their bodies and souls and leave refreshed. This may include lots of pillows and a throw on the sofa and chairs, scented candles lit, music playing, coffee or tea brewing, and, in this season, pumpkins, fall leaves, and berries on the hearth and tables. One of my favorite sounds is the laughter of guests able to relax in and enjoy our home.

  344. kelly

    i love to scrapbook and make cards…its a wonderful time-slowing FUN pastime that i look forward to when i can break away!!
    thanks for the giveaway

  345. Ashley

    Mine is cooking; I love being able to share things I make with others!

  346. Jennifer

    I’m in the “changing diapers” stage of life so I feel like I don’t find the time for creative outlets much these days, so currently I probably get the most creative in cooking because obviously that can’t get put off!

  347. Jen Miller

    Writing, paper crafting, scrapbooking! 🙂

  348. Malissa

    I feel like I’ve been starved creatively lately because I work on a computer all day drawing floor plans. This may sound creative, but I am not the one exercising creativity! My boss is. My favorite form of creativity/art is playing my flute… or maybe watercolor painting… or interior designing?? Wow! So many ways I love to be creative! Thanks for giving the opportunity to get a copy of this awesome book!

  349. Erin

    I enjoy chalkboard art and journaling. A creative outlet is a must to keep this mother of 4 littles sane!

  350. Stephanie

    Digital scrapbooking – I haven’t done it for a while …

  351. Diane

    It’s a tough choice, but I think I’d have to say photography is my favorite form of artistic expression, closely followed by gardening & crocheting.

  352. Erin

    My creativity is at it’s peak when I combine my love for my 3 children and the seasons. We get crafty… I love to dress them up in the colors of the fall especially. I get a thrill out of decorating their playroom with books ,toys and activities to go along with the current holiday!

  353. Alisa

    I don’t feel that I have any art to offer but I know that is not true. I think this book is for me! If I could be courageous enough I would like to write…

  354. Emily

    Design. I am a graphic designer so that is my main art. But I also like to make things out of what some May call junk.Repurposing old to make it new and exciting again.

  355. Josh

    Watercolors are my favorite form of artistic expression currently. I love mixing all the colors and getting messy. You never know what’s going to emerge, but it’s always beautiful!

    This book seems like it’s just what I need to be reading. I hope I win!

  356. Betsy

    Laundry??!!! Does that count? I enjoy photography and organization.

  357. Denita

    Music seems to be my go-to creative outlet at this season in my life. Or maybe “sculpting” my children, although that doesn’t seem to be much of a release!

  358. Renee

    Music, photography, and graphic design!

  359. Sarah

    My favorite form of expressing art is through the written word. I actually blogged about it today. I’ve already purchased Emily’s book, but this would make such a great gift as well!

  360. Elizabeth H

    I long to create a colorful, happy home…for me that includes crafting / sewing but mostly, just displaying loveliness {ie. anything from a child’s painting to an antique afghan.}

  361. Candice

    My favorite form of artistic expression is cooking 🙂 Hope to win!

  362. Stacie Hanna

    What a lovely perspective and especially great as it relates to the creativity around being a mom. Gardening, cooking & crafts are the main expressions in our home – so far!

  363. Melodie B

    I love to be creative. Baking, sewing, making jewelry. But it’s harder for me to see the art in wiping runny noses and folding laundry. So this book sounds great.

  364. Sara

    Do excel files count as arts?! 🙂

  365. Rebekah

    Writing. And probably playing the Viola, which I have not done in years!
    Thanks for the amazing posts and heads up on the new book. 🙂

  366. Hannah

    Swing dancing, shag dancing, contra dancing, dancing in my car, etc. I love to dance!

  367. Amy

    This is a vision I strive to embrace…I speak that truth to myself as I change the diaper and kiss the cheeks and explain the math problem and cook the meal and clean the floor…again… It is sometimes (ok, honestly? most times) hard to see the art in the repetitive. It is easy to remember, once in a while, that these daily duties are me flinging the art I was made for into the sky, to the glory of God, vibrant colors expanding…in real life? It feels dusty and dull and dank and depressing. How to maintain that artistic vision in the simple and ordinary is hard. It needs the Spirit. And it is a fight. So maybe I should try to see my art in the violent fight in my own heart against the ordinary.

  368. Christine

    Writing is what makes me feel fully alive.

  369. Mary Beth

    Playing the piano for myself , and for worship, is my favorite form of artistic expression.

  370. lacey

    simply writing.

  371. Mariana

    I love taking raw food and making a meal for my family. I never realized how cooking was my creative outlet. I love watching my family and friends breaking bread together and sharing life around my table. My kitchen is my canvas.

  372. Heidi @ Mt Hope

    Oh, I want to read this one so much!! It’s at the top of my list. 🙂

    I’d say photography is probably my main artistic medium, but I enjoy the writing/photography combination in blogging.

  373. Kristin

    Creativity in the great outdoors is my artistic passion. Landscape design, on both big and small scales, is a big creative outlet for me and where I really see God’s handiwork. I love working in an environment bigger than I am with so many factors out of my control. The colors, scents, shapes and textures of the plants form my palette, and while I may arrange them in a certain way, they also have a mind of their own. Which keeps things constantly changing and keeps me humble!

  374. Elizabeth

    I love any little project that involves decorating and organizing my home. This book sound exactly like what I need.

  375. Kendra H

    I didn’t think I could answer a question about my personal creativity because I have long felt I have none. However I was pleased to see cooking in this aspect. I love to create a meal for friends and family. It may not be my own recipe, I certainly love cookbooks, but I make it from the heart and that is purposefully showing others love. I love to gather people around my dinner table – friends or my little family of 6- to feed their souls while nourishing their bodies with something I made with my hands in my little kitchen with love.

  376. Natalie Doyle-Hennin

    Photography, gardening, and the needle arts are all restorative.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book, which sounds wonderful. I’m laid up for at least another month with a badly broken leg, and could use some inspiration! Hope to be lucky…

  377. Mary Ann

    Just yesterday, took great pleasure in expressing a fun, clever way to bless someone staying in our home. They left for the day, commenting on the 4-star accommodations. I good-naturedly replied, “Not 5-star? Guess I need to leave chocolates on your pillow.” Which is exactly what I did! When they returned from their day’s outing just before bedtime, they found the chocolates and squealed with delight, telling me that we were now definitely ‘5-star’!

  378. Beth

    Painting, photography, and teaching visual art to little people. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  379. Christine P.

    Right now, cooking, knitting and crafting with my girls are my ways to express myself creatively, but I’d like to come back to writing poetry again, which I haven’t done in years!

  380. Gayl

    There are so many ways it’s hard to pick just one. Currently I think writing for my new blog would be my favorite way of artistic expression. For so long I have not written and it seems God just gave me the push I needed to get me going again. I never though of it as artistic expression. This book looks like it would be so encouraging and helpful to read. I’d love to win a copy!

  381. young c

    Thanks for the chance to win! My current expression is paper crafting – cards, project life, etc.

  382. Lisa

    Bringing people together. Like brunch for my girlfriends to celebrate Fall. 🙂

  383. Rachelle R

    I am currently trying to reconnect with the artist in me. I used to love to paint . Sounds like a perfect read 🙂

  384. Diane

    All my children are expressing their creativity, yet, as their mother, I am taking baby steps in
    creativity! Teach me freedom in expressing my niche of creativity!

  385. RRA

    I love to make things, whether it be a good meal, or a warm blanket.

  386. Mystie @ Simply Convivial

    Cultivating people (my husband, my children, friends…) is an oft-overlooked artistic expression. I also like bread-making, writing, and vegetable gardening.

  387. Jessica Romaneski

    Lately, I’ve had a pretty strong drive to paint. I have two young children and third on the way, so I don’t have a lot of time or energy to paint or draw. I like the idea that I can still be creative and artistic when I’m cooking, doing fall leaf rubbings with the kids or explaining a difficult concept to my three-year-old. I am thankful that we can see God’s beauty in a variety of ways and in many different seasons!

  388. Karen F

    my favorite form of artistic expression is crafting!

  389. Cathy

    My favorite artistic expression has been baking and mailing care packages to my son at college.

  390. L

    I don’t know what my gifts are . . .

  391. Beth s

    I love being creative in the kitchen.

  392. Kerstin Klassen

    I just discovered the world of bento. Once a week I surprise my homeschooled kiddos with specially designed lunch!

  393. Shawsha

    My favorite artistic expression is art journaling. It’s so freeing to just sit down and make something on paper without starting with an idea or any expectation, just seeing what happens to come to you at the moment.

  394. Bekah

    What a sweet little movie! My favorite ways are playing the piano (which I do not do often enough since kids!!) and sewing (which I do plenty of for my kids and some for me too!)

  395. Lauren

    To me there is NOTHING like the artistic expression of Dance. I have never felt my emotions more released than I do with choreographing a piece solely for myself. I may not have all the skills and technique anymore like I once did, but I sure do have the passion. Dance has taught me how to stop, take in a moment, and live it for exactly what it is.

  396. Nancy

    I have dabbled in so many art forms but I think pottery is my favorite. Now that my son is older I’m trying to get back into creating again. I’m very excited to read this book!

  397. Rachel

    i just had a conversation with a friend about this this morning. i’ve always thought artistic expression should “look” a certain; a way that i lack. my friend told me that how i am as a mother and how i let them learn, grow and become uniquely themselves is very creative and “artistic.” i would love to read this book!

  398. Gayle

    Finding little things to ’embellish’ my daily tasks. Makes me smile.
    Thanx for the opportunity to share.

  399. Michelle G

    I ‘fancy chalk’ my family’s chore board with colored chalk, different fonts, flowers, leaves, doodles related to the items listed and more. I change it once a month so it’s something I look forward to.

  400. TenTen

    I express my artistic side through my garden and farm pursuits. The landscape is my canvas!

  401. Sara

    My favorite form of art has always been dance. It’s my favorite expression:)

  402. Mary B

    I knit to make art!

  403. vetmed

    The 3 c’s, crochet, cards and cooking. Well baking, most of the time but I make a mean shrimp scampi with garlic bread that has been known to encourage others to brush their teeth if nothing else!

  404. karla uphiff

    My favorite artistic expression is oil painting.

  405. Rachel

    Current favorite form of artistic expression….hmmm….I think sewing, things for my kids! Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  406. Shawna

    Dabbling in photography and photoshop is my current favorite way to chill and be creative!

  407. Kim

    Cooking when I have time….!

  408. Heather k M

    Writing and photography! Can’t wait to read this book!

  409. Emily

    I love the idea of finding and living art every day! While I have spent time here and there on traditional artistic endeavors (painting, drawing, making pottery, sewing, etc.), these days I live my art as I craft answers to my 2.5 year old’s most fascinating questions.

  410. Ashley

    I’m so looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for sharing.

    I love being artistic in so many aspects of my life, although writing, photography and graphic design are my top two and what I think I’m best at. But I’ve also found myself in other creative outlets, whether cooking, or making collages, or painting, or other forms of 2D and 3D art. I’ve found that doing another form of traditional art helps me be more “free” in other forms (like writing, for me).

  411. Cassey

    I couldn’t cook *anything* until after my kids were born and I became concerned about clean eating. Now I love to cook and experiment…my new favorite artform!

  412. danielle

    cooking has been somewhat of a creative outlet for me. i would like to explore more writing and perhaps knitting or sewing.

  413. Shannon

    My artistic expression these days is with my kids. Love sitting at the kitchen table with them and coloring, painting, making Shrinky-Dinks…whatever we want. Thanks for this giveaway!

  414. Anjali

    I create art in the kitchen and love the whole process of creation,exhibition and verdict 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  415. Jen Mc

    My artistic expression right now seems to center around molding my 4-yr-old into a good citizen and compassionate human being.

  416. Anna

    Not too artistic that I am aware of but I used to live to write and I love to bake!

  417. Brook

    I often go the obvious in a moms life for creative outlet- cooking, decorating etc… I’m already feeling a shift in perspective just from the description of the book! We are made to be like Him so we are creating in a way all the time. I hope I can get my hands on a free copy and encourage my other frustrated mom friends to read this and change our approach!

  418. Danae

    Playing the piano, singing, and painting.

  419. Lori L.

    Reading! This book looks awesome, thanks for such a great giveaway!

  420. Louise

    I love teaching people of all ages how to play the piano. It’s amazing, the joy that music can bring. 🙂

  421. Miriam

    photography and gardening-

  422. Holley

    Cooking great food, growing/raising the food that is in that meal, or a paper craft.

  423. Vera

    For me it would be scrapbooking and sewing!

  424. zuzi

    crafts, definitely! taking random materials and trying to figure out a way to make something beautiful out of it.

  425. Emily j

    One of my favorite forms of artistic expression currently is introducing my toddler boys to different songs on the ipod speaker in our family room. Whether classical instrumental or pop music with a great beat or a country song about loving life, watching the pure delight in their faces and dancing bodies is deeply satisfying. Enjoying music is timeless and simply human.

  426. Tayvia

    My children. I am helping them create their futures and that is my favorite form of artistic expression at the moment.

  427. Juli Vrotney

    Juli….lately it is photographing my precious children. I do like to draw also…but it is hard to do with little ones needing my attention.

  428. Amy

    I’ve recently come back to practicing music again. Even though I studied it in college, it’s been years since I’ve played, so I’ve loved returning to some old favorites!

  429. Karen Shelley

    The art of listening.
    And when invited offering spiritual direction.

  430. Carmen

    I love knit, crochet and make cards

  431. Kat

    Currently, its my flower garden!

  432. karen

    in my family fabric speaks

  433. Lisa

    I love making music & painting!

  434. Denise P.

    My favorite artistic expression right now (aside from parenting – which is definitely an art, not a science) is my family blog where I share photos with distant family and friends so they get to live our lives with us from many miles away. Nothing fancy but I take great joy in selecting photos and writing about our month. Not many take time to view but I still enjoy.

  435. JenP

    My favorite way to create is probably sewing, but lately I haven’t had much time for it. But I’ve recently started an art journal which has been a great way to make a little time each day to be creative. I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

  436. Nikita

    First of all: I love Emily Freeman’s writing! If you haven’t read any of her books DO SO! It’s well worth it!

    I love the art of words. Learning a new word and exploring all the ways it can be worked into my life has always inspired and refreshed me. I have a particular soft spot for hebrew and greek. Once I’ve learned a new word and had some time to process it, I really enjoy the art of introducing that word to the people around me. I like to use my words to encourage and challenge my friends and family, and there is nothing more fun than teaching them something they didn’t know and using it to bring release and freedom to be more fully who they were created to be! It’s beautiful.

  437. Katherine

    My current favorite is knitting and I want to do some needlework.

  438. Wendy

    I like to sew and take photos.

  439. Felisha

    I love narrative quilting!

  440. Tiffani

    There are many ways, but watercolor painting is probably my favorite!

  441. Kristin S

    Right now, it is cooking. I love to cook and create through feeding others… and me!

    (And I sure would love to win a book since I pre-ordered from Amazon and it isn’t coming until the end of November – bummer)

  442. Elmina Tilley

    Empty nester here. Feeling a little lost and not very creative. I try to scrapbook a little and volunteer a little. Definetly could use some direction and encouragement from Emily’s book.

  443. Elmina Tilley

    Empty nester here. Feeling a little lost and not very creative. I try to scrapbook a little and volunteer a little. Definetly could use some direction and encouragement from Emily’s book.

  444. Sarah

    My favorite form of artistic expression is decorating my home on a budget with thrift sale finds, hand-me downs, splurges, and DIY projects. To me, my home is like a great big canvas!

  445. Jessica

    I love decorating our home….we just bought it so it’s full of little DIY projects. 🙂 And writing on my blog has become a form of artistic expression…at least it makes me fulfilled, the same way DIY projects do!

  446. Sarah

    I love making art in the way I teach my girls, and in journaling.

  447. Susan

    I love getting my hands into clay or playdoh with my kids. Building stuff with them is so relaxing and fun!

  448. Susan

    I’ve been so excited about reading this book! I’d like to make more time for being crafty, but I think my current form of expression is taking time to get to know our neighbors. It took me a while to figure out that this is my “thing,” but I’ve really enjoyed it.

  449. Robin T

    Photography is my creative outlet tho I would like to get back into sewing

  450. kris petty

    My favorite artistic expression is in entertaining and cooking!

  451. Christy

    For me, it’d have to be playing in the kitchen with new recipes!

  452. emily

    As a Christian dance artist, I am continually struck by the ways people dichotomize art and life. I see the way I move in and through the world as my creative and artistic act.

  453. Marie

    I love to bake. It is time consuming, often detail-oriented, and totally rewarding.

  454. Dawn Yoder

    My favorite artistic expression is music via the piano. Another favorite is scrap- booking for my children. Sounds like a delightful book!

  455. Rebecca

    My favorite art is nature and seeing the world through my 4 year olds eyes.

  456. Christina

    I like to cook! Find a new recipe and go for it!

  457. Robyn

    My favorite form of artistic expression is my garden in particular my vegy garden. I love to companion plant and grow all sorts of vegetables and herbs during the seasons. I take great delight in watching the plants yield their treasures and be able to share my produce with family and friends.

  458. Beth M.

    I am the exhausted parent all too often these days, even when I strive to project love and acceptance and willingness to listen, my physical heart gives out and I cannot. I must stop and rest and pray they accept my need. At 2 and 5, its not what they want or are willing to easily accept… I am lost on how to change it other than wait for them to grow older so they can understand.

  459. Pamela

    My creative outlet is journaling. More than just words (though I do love writing) it also holds inspiring bits and pieces that I’ve culled from magazines and catalogs. A little work of art just for me. 🙂

  460. Lisagrace Alsbury

    Anything I can make with my own two hands is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  461. Deena S

    My favorite form of artistic expresion is through scrapbooking–combining photos, words, bits of life/souveniers, etc to tell the story of today. Thank you for the giveaway!

  462. Elise

    My two artistic loves are playing the piano and decorating my house. I’ve been hearing about this book everywhere lately and I’d sure like to win a copy!

  463. Jennifer

    When I find the time between chasing my kids, I really like doing crafty projects and would love to get back into sewing more. This book sounds pretty cool.

  464. Kanae

    I love crocheting, sewing, drawing for my children. I can unwind by doing these things 🙂

  465. Laurel

    This is a tough one as it depends on the day, what I’m in the mood for. Currently, it is baking and knitting. But tomorrow….

  466. Jennifer S

    Cooking is my art form. I love calligraphy, too.

  467. Sheri

    I love to cook and read. I love looking at creative ideas for decorating etc. but I tend to second guess myself. I would love to be more creative in my life….that is why I would love to win a copy!!

  468. Cynthia

    I love to write. But I don’t get to do it often and when ever I write I’m the only reader. Maybe one day I’ll branch out and actually write so that others will get a chance to read my work. Oh and I love photography.

  469. Rebecca

    Cooking! Love that it incorporates all the senses.

  470. Mal

    Around the holidays, I always go crazy cooking and have fun trying interesting recipes.

  471. Katie H

    My favorite form of artistic expression is music or worship. Whether it’s the colorful notes and sounds of an instrumental piece of a worship song that puts me on my knees, music draws me closer to God like nothing else!

  472. Ashley

    My favorite form of artistic expression is photography. I’m a newbie but it is just so fun for me to do. I love taking pictures!

  473. Ellen Bitler

    In addition to blogging for my kiddos, I am finding my artistic side showing in organizing our house & adding a few decorative touches to make us all smile!

  474. Marni

    My artistic expression is living my life with cystic fibrosis in such a way that I remain uncontrolled, unrestricted and not victimised by it. This is my life, not the life of Cystic Fibrosis. It is a mind set, it is a full time job and it is my art. I am free when I am being all of the above.

  475. Helene

    I guess my “art” these days happens when I can somehow put together a clever meal using only the ingredients I already have in the house. Looks like a lovely book!

  476. Hannah

    Decorating my home is my favorite expression of creativity and art.

  477. Megan

    I work in child care so lately my art has been finding activities that excite my kids whether it’s games or crafts or something else.

    Also, cooking 🙂

  478. Megan Meade

    My favorite form of artistic expression is writing! I also love to paint but need a whole lot of direction with it!

  479. Katrina

    I would have to say my most creative outlet is cake decorating. I do love to sew, cook, bake, craft, design play activities for my kids and so forth but I tend to follow patterns, recipes and plans for those. With cake decorating, I don’t start with someone else’s guidlelines, I just let the creativity flow! This looks like a beautiful book!

  480. Marni

    My art is living my life with Cystic Fibrosis uncontrolled, unrestricted and not victimised by it. This is my life, not the life of Cystic Fibrosis. It must fit in with me, not the other way around. While I am the ever-compliant patient doing all I must do to control it and to preserve life, I will not let this dark cloud drop it’s storm on me. It is a mind set, it is a full time job, it is my art. And I will be as free of it as I will ever be whilst I live my life this way.
    Mothering and homemaking are my other number one forms of art. A beautifully decorated and creative home to surround myself and my family in and two beautiful babies to mother in the best way that I know how. These are the art forms that make me up.

  481. Lori

    I love working in my cottage garden. It’s like painting with living plants. Plus it attracts lovely birds and other creatures.

  482. Miet

    I love sewing, but I’m getting more and more interested in photography, as well.

  483. Aubrey

    Love to create something out of nothing when decorating our home.

  484. Sara

    I love photography and writing. I love the idea of sketching, coloring, and painting, but I can never quite reach the idea in my head. 🙂

  485. Heather

    I love all artistic pursuits. Right now, I love to draw and create with my kids. I am also working on recording life through a scrapbook! Thanks for the giveaway and daily inspiration!

  486. Sara Kiiru

    It’s hard to choose a favorite form of artistic expression; I love to write, to scrapbook, to mix papers and fabric, to sing… I am sooo excited to read Emily’s book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  487. Nicole T.

    My favorite forms of art are writing and piano playing. Not at the same time.

  488. Ulrike Coulliette

    My daughter is almost eight. In my eyes, she is the ultimate artist in everyday life. She sees something other people would consider trash, like fabric scraps, old ribbons, egg cartons, etc., and she has an idea of something she could make with it. She decorates and embellishes wherever she goes. Bows around the lamp, flowers on the mantel, pictures taped everywhere, you name it. She is not worried about perfection; she just enjoys the process. It can be a bit overwhelming for me at times, but still, it is my favorite form of artistic expression. I am learning to see the beutiful in the ordinary by watching her.

  489. kathy w

    I have started taking art classes in order to express my artist side.

  490. Amy

    I am not artistic, everyone in my family is.
    I work with autistic kids, they are my art.

  491. Jen Sonntag

    My favorites are writing & cooking!

  492. Melissa Q

    My current means of artistic expression is decorating for fall. I’m not a natural at decorating our old home, but this year I am building on what I did last year and finding that I want more – more beautiful things celebrating the season and warming the feel of my home.

  493. Stephanie Webb

    I love writing in my journal!

  494. Joslynne

    Love writing, crafting, music and doing Aikido to keep feeling open and free (body and soul!)
    I’m way over in Japan – maybe can’t win, but I keep on reading the blog!!

  495. Sherah

    Photography and writing! They feed my soul 🙂

  496. Kelly

    I used to paint, but lately “paint” w fabric on mixed media quilts.

  497. Erin

    My favorite form of artistic expression is book-binding. I love creating journals and sketchbooks for friends & family to pour their hearts into!

  498. Allison

    Gardening is my form of artistic expression, organized and beautiful! Also fragrant and delicious!

  499. Sarah

    I play the violin-not for work, just for fun and stress relief. I love being able to go into a room, shut the world out and play some music. Even if I play terribly, I always feel great afterwards.

  500. Elizabeth W

    I’m trying to be creative when making my little ones’ lunches.

  501. Darcy

    I love to crochet. I would also love to learn to quilt…

  502. Jenn

    My current form is gardening in the little spare time I have. On a practical level it would be finding new things to draw with sidewalk chalk or finding another new game to play in the sandbox. Interesting thought to think of this as an art expression if who God made me to be.

  503. Library Momma

    Oh I so think I need this book, I can totally relate to the burnt out exhausted parent. Please rejuvenate me! My craftiness extends only to my kids projects right now!

  504. Emmy D

    I love both knitting and cooking – because not only are they enjoyable and expressive, but the results are useful.

  505. Kelly

    I practice the art of dentistry!

  506. Andrea

    Writing, definitely. If I’ve had a rough day, week, or month, I force myself to sit down and write about it. Once I do, I feel release. This is the self-care I need to practice more often! Can’t wait to read Emily’s book!

  507. Karen

    I love to bake. It makes me happy that I can take a pile of flour, mix it with a few other ingredients and turn it into something warm and yummy. It makes my family happy too!

  508. Karen

    I think that I appreciate others’ creativity and nature more than I attempt to perfect my own. I enjoy live music, being in the woods or near the ocean, and wandering at craft shows. However, my creative expression comes in the form of cooking and baking, which my husband and four sons seem to accept with gusto!

  509. Emily

    Yet another Emily!
    These days I get the most artistic joy out of writing and illustrating storybooks for my three boys, building Lego inventions with my older boys, singing to my newborn, photographing and blogging all three for the grandparents who pine after their grandbabies, cooking without recipes and prayer journaling.

  510. Amanda Kay

    I love painting, sewing and knitting. I totally agree with the premiss for this book. Created to create. Made to make.

    Cheers, Amanda

  511. natalie s.


  512. Heather

    It varies with my moods, but my current favorite is sewing. Quilts, dresses, gifts… Doesn’t matter. Just love taking a plain rectangle and turning it into something worth smiling about!

  513. Victoria

    Photography and writing and crafting!

  514. Keijo Bollinger

    Seeing my husband be a father.

  515. Michelle

    Sounds like a awesome read! I can’t wait to pick it up.

  516. nancy_p

    Having an uncluttered kitchen counter with a vase of fresh flowers sitting on it – that’s about as much art as I have time to fit into my life right now. My studio is filling up with dust bunnies, awaiting my return… your friend’s books sounds wonderful – adding it to my MUST READ list!

  517. sonya

    I thought I would say sewing, but I’m still answering the question if I really LIKE sewing in this season of my life 🙂
    So I will say what brings me joy: putting a lovely meal on the table for my family. Flowers in a vase, the heavy picture full of ice water, the pretty plates all around, the sun streaming in the window & something steamy in the middle that they don’t complain about.

  518. Susan

    Websites and graphic design!

  519. Laura

    I love photography, cooking, throwing parties for friends and keeping a thankfulness journal with precious bits of the day.

  520. Amy Reasoner

    I love to write, but when I really need to let go and just create, I play the piano. I’m no serious musician, and I don’t aspire to be, so when I’m at the piano, I feel completely free. I’m not trying to play a symphony, I’m just making music.

  521. Lisa P.

    Photography is my definite.

  522. Laurie

    I love to write!

  523. Carly Wells

    I am a homemaker. My home is my art. In obvious ways like how I decorate, how we celebrate, my favorite music playing, and yummy meals. But there are other parts of homemaking that are beautiful as well. Like nurturing my children and making this their sanctuary, and loving and encouraging my husband. All those things can be done through homemaking. A cup of coffee for comfort, a rocking chair for my crying toddler, playing a puzzle at the table with my daughter. It all comes together in one big artistic expression. I can’t wait to read Emily’s book, whether I win it or not! Thanks for the chance!

  524. molly

    Golly, Emily’s book sounds lovely! I enjoy creating a cozy home + sweet little memories for my family 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  525. Erin @ Small and Simple Things

    I’m a violinist, and I love to teach my students the technical skills they need to make their music express what they want.

  526. Sarah Vaughan

    You’d think after earning a BFA ten years ago from Art Center College of Design, I would be all about the art today. But the truth is, I’m burnt out and trying to find my way back to a blank piece of paper without going into “fight or flight” mode. But I’ve taken some sweet little detours along the way, including writing, which I’ve discovered is sort of, well, bliss; and basking in the glow of words that come unsolicited out of my children’s mouths, like: “I’m glad you’re my mommy” (followed by delightfully impish giggles), and knowing — in a so-not-arrogant way — that they got that from me. They’re my best works of art.

  527. Lillian Alonzo

    Painting! I am a working artist and Divinity is my inspiration. I interview people on their inner spiritual self then paint abstract portraits of their souls. I have an exhibit coming up in November showing the results. The divine helps me with these paintings. It is all about bravery!

  528. Jen

    My favorite creative outlet is TEACHING. This is true of my students in my classroom, as well as with my own children at home. I strive to inspire creativity, stimulate thinking and instill good values. It amazes me to watch my “lessons” become part of who the children are becoming. It is truly a wonder to see and a “masterpiece” that I am proud of.

  529. Emilie

    For me, music is an outlet…playing piano in the band at church gives me that artistic freedom. I’m also beginning to love baking and making my own household things (detergent, soaps, toys…ect) I love finding new uses for old things!

  530. Emily

    I really enjoy making rubber stamps, fabric arts, collage & knitting! thanks for all the inspiring writing & photography!

  531. Karen

    I like cooking and taking pictures—and drawing Thomas the Train for my two little boys!

  532. Julie H

    My favourite form of artistic expression is card making -I use photos my husband takes, or cut and collage images from magazines to make cards of all kinds specified for friends and family on various occasions. I love spending the time to make something special for my loved ones (and save money as I never buy cards!)

  533. Adriana

    Witnessing the unfolding of the deepest wishes my heart secretly hopes for!

    It reveals magic in the everyday ;)!!!!

  534. Heidi

    Playing and teaching the harp!

  535. Jana

    I enjoy creating with string, thread, or yarn. But I have also noticed recently, that I dance as I wipe off the counters and the kitchen table at night.

  536. Frances

    I am intrigued! If I am not chosen as a winner of this book, I am going to have to go find it myself.

    My favorite form of artistic expression in my life currently is quilting. But it seems that perhaps the author has something else in mind?

    I need to read this book…………….

  537. Miranda

    I enjoy turning on some music and dancing around the house with my kids.

  538. Lynette

    My favourite way to express creatively right now is through gardening, and in using my produce in my food preparations.

  539. Jennifer Rae

    Writing, be it academic or on my blog, is my favourite form of artistic expression. Closely followed by painting. It’s too hard to pick only one!

  540. Tosha

    Mine is currently cooking! Getting braver and more creative these days – having a blast! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  541. Kristin Cannelora

    I am a writer, and have been since I was eleven. I feel, many times, like I can’t audibly express myself in a way that satisfies my soul; that sounds like the me that I know. When I write, I feel in control of my expression, and the words bless me. When speaking, I often deal with anxiety, self-consciousness, insecurity, and a crippling neuroses. When I write, I feel confident, clear-headed, and both peaceful and excited. It’s familiar and comfortable, but also an adventure a welcome challenge.

  542. Kate

    Wow! What a testimont to Emily (and you too Tsh) to see just how many people are interested in winning her book! Awesome.
    Lately my art has been photography I love being able to capture the beauty and excitement of the special moments into life.

  543. Kari

    I find cooking to be relaxing & at times reflective/meditative…I also like to sew. We’ve recently begun some family art projects including painting & are in the process of bringing a children’s book “to life” by recreating it (small scale) in person. Would love to win a copy of this book!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  544. Julie Anderson

    I’m not naturally bent toward the typical artistic things…and I’m married to a professional illustrator and designer, so I feel like he takes care of anything artistic in the family. BUT, reading this made me realize that I do pour myself into the food we eat– I spend a lot of time making homemade food from scratch (as much as possible) that the kids will eat. And maybe there’s more art in me…that I’ll discover while reading the book!

  545. Crayl

    Music, specifically singing is the current top creative outlet, however, I have been known to write and pick up a pencil or paintbrush as well. Art journaling from the comment above sounds great!

  546. Michelle

    Cooking! It’s a a necessity and I love experimenting and trying new recipes!

  547. Judy M

    Cooking is my favorite artistic outlet.

  548. Marie

    Tsh, thank you for presenting this book. I´d love to read it. With a “classic” approach, my most favourite forms of art would be using different art techniques with my little daughter (drawing, painting, playing with playdough etc.). Looking at art with the optic of the Emily´s book, I´d say I like embellishing relations in our family (my husband, my daughter and me) :).

  549. Sara

    My favorite form of artistic expression is making things with my hands- sewing, cross stitch, hand stitching. It makes me focus on one thing and relax.

  550. Sandra N.

    Love love love to decorate, and redecorate my house trying to make it cozy, warm and inviting for all of us who live here! Recently I’ve started to buy used furniture and I restore it to my liking. My latest piece of art is my yellow breakfast table! Looking forward to reading this book… Sounds great!

  551. Kristen M

    Being creative while feeding my family and taking camera phone snapshots are about as artistic as it gets for me these days.

  552. Ramesh

    I take immense pleasure in doing gardening which is a way to thank our Creator that we are paying back Him in tiny actions of planting and growing. I love gardening !!

  553. Debra

    My favorite is always the one I am currently creating – tonight it was a collaborative effort with my daughter. We designed earrings for her daughters and will finish them tomorrow. Thanks to you for your blog!

  554. Kristen

    Definitely music!

  555. Juanita

    I’m not sure I have a favorite form of expression – and that may just be the problem. (I do love to sew, among other things.) There are so many things I love to do. I used to tell my kids in the library and my own children that if someone is bored, they most likely are also boring. I can really say I am never bored (so I must not be boring!), but there is this thing, Mojo, that seems to be blocking me from fully recognizing my “favorite” form of expression. I just love the title “A Million Little Ways”… the “Little” is very encouraging.

  556. Melanie V

    Photograghy has been my biggest outlet for creativity through the years. My favorite way to use it has been taking my nature pictures and adding scripture to them to bring encouragement and inspiration to those around me. I’m a perfectionist who wants to be set free to create more with my life. Fear is such a big inhibitor. I also love music and dance. I’m not good at either but love to express myself in those ways. Really touches my spirit.

  557. Pamela

    Writing is my favorite form of artistic expression. I don’t carve out time for it… with a new baby and two others it is hard. I would love to learn how to be creative in my life in a realistic way, a soul-feeding way. Thank you!

  558. Georgia

    I love to sew.

  559. cyndi

    Would love to discover the artist within! Thank you for sharing the title of this book that I cannot wait to read!



  560. cathyann

    For me, the one I cherish because it is all-senses encompassing, and gets-your-mind-lost-in, is gardening. I’d love to read this book and learn some more!

  561. Shannon M

    I don’t have artistic abilities. Since beginning my career after graduating in my mid-30’s, I sometimes feel like I have nothing that brings ME pleasure. I have a husband and four children and I often feel irritated because I rarely have any down time. I think I will buy this book to help me try to see the art of what I do. I just bought Happiness at Home (I think it’s by the same woman who wrote the Happiness Project). Let’s see how it helps.

  562. Ann

    I love being crafty, making my home pretty, and throwing parties. But learning to be authentically me is currently my favorite form of artistic expression. I’m struggling through a combination of that “I’m-18-and-don’t-know-who-I-am” phase and a mid-life crisis, but I’m so grateful for the lessons God is teaching me.

  563. Beth

    Dancing is my artistic expression. I also love to create dances through choreography.

  564. Rachel lillard

    I love repurposing furniture or making something old new. I just refinished a kitchen island and it was so much fun to create something new out of an old piece! I would loooove to win her book!!!

  565. Kari

    Currently, I write. I used to enjoy watercolor quite a bit when I was younger.

  566. Erika

    For me, making something new out of something old. Very gratifying work.

  567. Leanne

    For me, it’s music. Teaching piano and collaborating with other artists is my art form. It’s my job and my hobby. Having said that, I do feel sometimes that there’s more artistic expression in me, just waiting to be given a voice. I’d love to read this book.

  568. Laura

    The idea of this book really resonates with me. My favorite type of art is writing which I am hoping will be a full time pursuit very soon.

    Spending lots of fun time with daughter is my other favorite way to express art in my life.

  569. Lindsay

    Cooking and baking are my “art”!

  570. Lauren

    Sewing for my home and children.

  571. Beth B

    I love taking pictures!

  572. Maridyth

    I love to garden. Sew. Craft. Paint. Draw. Decorate. Remake. Redo. Make old, worn-out things and spaces beautiful.

  573. Candice

    I express my artistic side through baking, photography, and making up stories to tell my kids. I’d love a copy of this book!

  574. Deborah

    I love creating, reading to my children, and encouraging others!

  575. Julie

    depending on the season, my artistic expressions change. right now, embroidering gifts for loved ones. i think next comes knitting, then sewing. we will see!

  576. Amy Mathison

    Playing the piano, sewing and photography are my favorite forms of artistic expression.

  577. MicheleStitches

    I love to knit…even more-so when it is with yarn I have spun myself on my spinning wheel. There is something so satisfying about taking fiber (preferably hand-dyed by an indy artist) and turning it into a unique yarn that has personality and life in it, and then taking that yarn and knitting something lovely and useful that can be worn by myself or my loved ones.

  578. Naomi Brignola ~ Omily

    For me it’s writing and making greeting cards…both about equally I’d say 🙂

  579. Courtney

    Dancing with my dog!

  580. Marisa

    I love painting!! Paint on anything works for me 🙂

  581. sushma

    With small kids, I seem to have put artistic expression on the backburner (ousted by cleaning, laundry, dinner, teaching a zumba class each night- but wait, dancing IS artistic!). If I had time, I’d love to also… sew, journal, or make a fall craft or wreath 🙂

  582. nicole

    lately painting. i am so excited to read “a million little ways”

  583. Sue

    I have recently begun writing again, I am sure this book will inspire and spark my creativity!

  584. Katie May

    My art forms are writing and teaching. I find myself most alive when I am writing for and teaching other women about the Scripture, inviting them to live life how God designed them to live!

  585. Amy P

    I like giving old things new life. Thanks for a great giveaway. I would love to win this book!

  586. Dani M.

    I’m a perfectionist, so the idea of “art” sometimes scares me. At the same time, I know that when I get creative, it feels so good! I love decorating the 2’x4′ chalkboard in our dining room the most. Pretty, but nothing permanent! 🙂

  587. Carol

    I am using my kitchen as my most fun way to express and share what I cook, bake and invite friends to be a part of my fun.

  588. heather

    My favorite is creating something out of nothing for my home…decor or a meal!

  589. Heidi

    Writing and art journaling.

  590. Ann : )

    Flower gardening

  591. Jenny

    In the everyday I love trying new recipes, but I also enjoy making annual photobooks online of our family memories.

  592. Marcia


  593. Steph J

    Embroidery and crochet, I guess, although I don’t necessarily consider them artistic since I am usually trying to make something functional–From what I see here, I think maybe this coincides with the book’s message? Would love the chance to find out 😉

  594. brooke wagen

    well, i already bought a copy of this book for my mom for her birthday, but i haven’t read it yet and i’m very interested… i live as though art in my daily life is my job, and i see parenting well as art, but i want to know what emily says. 🙂

  595. Olivia

    Cake decorating

  596. Tori

    Sitting at the park on a fabulous fall day finger painting 🙂

  597. amber

    i have never felt very artistic…i attempt but usually my ideas fall flat. i am currently learning photography and try to be creative when photographing my son but i’m still in that beginners learning phase. however, i would say my son would be my greatest masterpiece!

  598. carrie

    I like to make notecards!

    Thanks for the giveaway–looks like a great book.

  599. Susan M

    I would say cooking meals that are gluten-free (for my husband), kid-friendly, and yummy is where my creativity shows!

  600. Jennifer McMurray

    I love to scrapbook and after I spend time looking at pictures and placing them together on the page I am filled with so much thankfulness to God for His goodness and the life He gives!

  601. Jen

    Cooking is how I express myself. Thank you for the chance to win…this is on my wish list.

  602. Kristi C

    I’ve always loved beautiful things and all sorts of ways to create them, even since I was a little girl. I love to write, take pictures, sew, decorate, give, cook, dress up, and dream all things beautiful. I can’t wait to read Emily’s book!!

  603. Kate W.

    These days, it’s the love notes in my daughter’s lunchbox. I desperately wish it were more (not that that’s nothing)…I miss it and know I need it.

  604. Clara


  605. Andi

    I love to sing & I love to bake!

  606. Elizabeth

    Writing, baking, cooking, reading aloud and furniture painting, probably in that order.
    Thank you!

  607. Melissa

    I love to edit and cook and organize. And read aloud to my kids!

  608. Nichole

    My favorite art form is, sadly, coming to an end for the season. It is gardening – which is much more than just planting seeds and walking away. Whether vegetables or flowers, it takes time and energy and gives so much back. I have loved sharing it with our almost 2 year old this past season and am already dreaming to how we’ll set up next season’s garden.

  609. Laura

    I sometimes feel like I’m too busy for what I picture in my mind as the definition of creating: painting a picture, beading a necklace, or planting flowers. These are things I love to do! But my everyday creativity mostly involves inventive problem solving and finding ways to make life humorous. I create laughter.

  610. Kris

    I love to knit and needle felt. Gardening is also a favorite! Thanks for the giveaway, Tsh!

  611. Brini Isaacs

    I like to make little crafty things for my house, as well as refinish furniture!

  612. Brini Isaacs

    Making crafty things for my home!

  613. Sara

    Blogging! I love to turn daily life into something fantastic. 🙂

  614. Tanya

    I love decorating and design! A book about being a work of art sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to share this with my mother, too, because she loves throwing tea parties.

  615. Anna M

    I feel blessed to create art with others, through my job as an occupational therapist. I love helping others achieve their goals, especially when they thought they would never be attainable.

  616. Christine

    Ohh, I am so excited about this book!! Decorating a form of artistic expression that makes me come alive.

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