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6 Things To Do in the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

To add a bit of nostalgia during this final year of AoS, we thought it’d be fun to countdown with the top 12 published posts of all time. Measured in simple traffic numbers, these are the posts that brought people to this website more than any other.

It’s been wild for me to see what ideas seemed to resonate most deeply with readers over the past 12 years! Starting here, January 2020 — here’s the 12th most popular post on AoS, first published June 7, 2010. …And personally, I love how it serendipitously dovetails with this month’s letter to myself ten years ago, completely unplanned. I’ll admit — I remember exactly zero of this advice. I’m glad I wrote it down.

xoxo, Tsh

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My due date is in just a few days. Yep, I’m in that very last stage of pregnancy, when there’s not much you can do other than watch your body swell to unbelievable proportions and reminisce of the days when you could get up without grunting.

I’ve been busy getting ready for number three to join our family. If you’re also pregnant right now, be it with your fifth or your first, handling these last few weeks can be no picnic.  (I know you know.)

Here are my tips for making the most of the time before your newborn enters the world.

1. Smile and wave.

You know the common advice given right now, by everyone from your mother to a total stranger: “Enjoy sleeping now because you won’t for a long time once the baby’s here.” Anyone who’s been pregnant in the past five years knows this is a moot suggestion because you haven’t been sleeping for at least six weeks.

Your body aches, heartburn is horrific, and you can’t seem to escape the heat. There’s no way to enjoy sleep if you’re not getting any anyway.

People also love commenting on how huge you are. “Are you sure you’re not due today?” — I hear that from total strangers at least daily right now. I’m 5’2, plus I’m short-waisted: I go nowhere but out when I’m pregnant.

It’s beyond me why people find it appropriate to say things like this, but they do, and they usually mean well. All the belly rubs, unsolicited advice, and well-wishes are usually meant with good intentions.

Just smile and wave… move on. Don’t get worked up by innocent-yet-naive comments, and don’t say anything you’ll regret.

2. Go ahead and nest…

This is a common sign of being near labor — something in women clicks, and we just have to clean out the fridge or organize the garage right now, before the baby arrives.

With my first, my husband woke up at 4 a.m. to find me overhauling the front entry closet. I couldn’t sleep, and something in me was propelled to organize that thing.

Enjoy the last few weeks before the nonstop nursing and endless diaper changes. Take time to sew, organize, or paint walls, especially if it’ll make you feel better.

3. …But don’t stress. You don’t need much for the first few weeks.

One look at a major chain’s registry suggestion, and you’d think you would need a part-time job to balance the budget with a new baby. You really, truly, honestly don’t need that much for the first few months.

Photo by Steve Evans

Enjoy nesting and preparing for your baby, but don’t add needless stress by buying into the hype that you need a bunch of stuff. Just prepare for the beginning, and you’ll soon learn what your baby truly needs.

In fact, here’s all you really need to have on hand:

  • your hospital bag or labor kit
  • a place for your baby to sleep
  • a car seat, so that you’re legally allowed to leave with your baby
  • diapers
  • basic clothing
  • burp cloths
  • a pacifier, just in case

You might also add little gifts for older siblings, or maybe a new “big brother or sister” t-shirt for the big birth day. This is pretty much it.

4. Give yourself a reality check.

Even if you’re a pro at caring for a newborn, it’s easy to forget those early weeks and months. I just skimmed through a baby care book and was reminded of so many things I’ve forgotten from my first two.

Admitting the reality heading your way will help lessen the blow… a little. Remember:

• Sometimes you’ll nurse every two hours for a baby that takes an hour each feeding. You do that math of what your day will be like.

• Newborn poop goes everywhere.

• Breastfeeding hurts at first, even when you’ve done it many times.

• It’ll hurt to cough, sneeze, or laugh for a while.

It’s still worth it, of course, and there are so many great things about the early stages (they sleep anywhere, they require only the basic care, and they’re cute even when they’re tiny aliens). But it’s good to give yourself a refresher course in Newborns 101: a Reminder.

Photo by Cia de Foto

5. Take care of yourself.

You’re not feeling at your best right now, so do a little something for a perk-up. Go get a great haircut. Enjoy a pedicure. Buy a cute nursing nightgown for those first few days. Get some fresh air with a daily walk. Check out a good book at the library.  Drink lots of water.

6. Go on dates.

On my firstborn’s due date, I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do to help speed things along. His advice? “Go on a date.”

I was so annoyed at his less-than-therapeutic suggestion, but we went out to dinner and a movie anyway, and a week later she was born. Then I really understood what he meant.

As miserable as those last days of pregnancy can be, they won’t last much longer. Get a babysitter for your older kids and go out with your spouse. Enjoy the time before the crazy newborn phase.

p.s. – 8 newborn essentials for minimalist parents.

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  1. Dominique

    Arranging childcare/babysitting for the older kids is not easy where I live so I guess will have to get the elder boys 3 n 6 year old into new routines before the baby arrives for us.

  2. Allie

    Great tips!
    I need to schedule a date before I go into labour, my son was born 12 hours after my husband and I went out . Also I forgot about it hurting to cough after giving birth I have been so preoccuppied with trying not to pee while and being coughing hugely pregnant .

    Enjoy your time “off” and your newest family member.

  3. se7en

    Oh the fun of having a new baby I hope you enjoy your break from work!!! Rest, rest, rest… I always need a date and to chill out before I have a baby… just a walk on the beach, just a movie or whatever to get my mind to finish being pregnant!!! Here’s a post I wrote for fun just after our most recent baby was born: Se7en things you forget about newborns and newborn mums…
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #21 – Link Up… =-.

  4. Cara

    Hi there
    Best of luck!! I’m one of those that are due soon too, with number 5. I get a LOT of comments because like you, I can only grow out 😉 I’ve got the smile and wave thing down, I’ve also been nesting… sewing up a storm and MIL took the kids for the weekend and DH and I had some dates 🙂 and I’ve been taking it easy. I should however read through one of my books on newborns! Each time at the hospital, I’ve always forgotten how to give them their bath LOL!!

  5. Tina@RideOnToys

    Oh what an exciting (though uncomfortable) time for you! I always found it amazing while I was pregnant how many women (who I didn’t even know) would approach me and rub my belly. I have to say that I was very uncomfortable the first few times that it happened but came to realize that for some reason it’s just a natural reaction. There’s something mesmerizing about the pregnant belly…
    .-= Tina@RideOnToys´s last blog ..The Razor Rip Rider 360 – The Ultimate Souped Up Big Wheels =-.

  6. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Oh! So close!

    It makes me so sad that my pregnancy memories are getting fuzzier by the day. I do remember being hugely pregnant in Texas through the summer (AJ was a beginning of September baby), and I do remember feeling I couldn’t escape the heat.

    Mostly I tried to just enjoy my time with my oldest and make some special memories. You know what’s funny? A few days ago, she drew a picture of me and her, holding hands and she was eating an ice cream cone. In the picture, my lower body was REALLY round, and I asked her about that. She said, “Oh, that’s when AJ was in your tummy.” We ate a LOT of ice cream together in those days. She was only 2.5, but I think she really does remember it!

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting baby news!! ♥♥♥
    .-= Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog ..9 Lessons on Parenting I’m Learning from Running =-.

  7. Lisa @ WellGrounded Life

    Each time, those last couple weeks, I just walked and walked and walked – slow but steady, I felt so restless when I was in the house, just trying to get comfy on a chair! I feel like I logged in miles every day– Maybe I was trying to speed up the onset of labor?!?

    Wishing you a swift and beautiful delivery!
    .-= Lisa @ WellGrounded Life´s last blog ..Dear Readers, Could You Spare 2 Minutes? =-.

  8. Karen

    My firstborn was due the same week as our first anniversary, but he showed no signs of arriving. So my husband booked us a suite at a fantastic downtown hotel for our anniversary, and we kept the hospital bag in the trunk of the car. We had a great anniversary, even though I was the size of a baby beluga.

  9. Jen

    Great post! My 2nd baby is due in less than 2 months and I am getting nervous I won’t have the rooms ready in time! 🙂 I have had lots of comments recently about how big I am which is hard to ignore- just adds to feeling gross. I had a complete stranger ask me how far along I was and then asked ‘how much weight did you gain in your boobies?!?!?’ as if I had an enormous chest that could only be explained by pregnancy. It was an odd question! I guess that was a ‘smile and wave’ moment!

  10. Cat

    Thanks for this article! It’s just what I needed today. I am due at the end of July with my second. I have to admit all the unsolicited comments, especially those from strangers, and particularly those about my size (“you look like you could go any minute” … “just don’t drop it right now, OK?”) have been getting me down. I’ve been trying to keep a positive frame of mind, but it’s been hard. (The lack of sleep also makes it hard.)

    I love the “Smile and Wave” scene from Madagascar, and that phrase will now be my unspoken response.

    Good luck, and thanks for the pick-me-up!
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..These kid lunches today … =-.

  11. Heather

    I had a list of “things to do before baby arrives” –small projects to get done before I became a mom. The only things I had checked off when baby came two weeks earlier than I expected (I thought first babies came late!) was yoga, and reading. I have kept that list since it is a nice reminder that the things I prioritized were things that made me feel good.

    I spent my last day of pregnancy doing all of my Christmas shopping and collecting things for a home birth (something must have compelled me to do this –I had to have been dilating already). The woman at the checkout where I did all of my Christmas shopping took one look at me and said “Do you want to sit down? You look ready to pop?”. I was thrilled to look THAT pregnant since I hadn’t garnered much attention up till that point…..And 12 hours later I was in labour.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Mommy Manifesto –In Other Words =-.

  12. Brittany

    I’m 5’1” so am quite familiar with the rude comments that people feel are okay to say. The one that got me the most was the “Are you sure you’re not having twins?” or “And there’s just one in there?”

    • Tsh

      Oh yes, I get these, too. Yesterday at church, someone I didn’t know came up out of nowhere and said, “Are you sure there’s not three in there?” And of course, I just “smiled and waved.”

    • Anitra

      Take heart: us tall girls get the opposite comments. People asked me if I gained enough weight (I did, a good 45 pounds), if I was SURE my due date was only a month away…. and I was constantly being compared to a much shorter, 2nd time mom who happened to be at the same stage of pregnancy as I.

      I don’t think I’ll have the same problem this time, though. I’m only 10 weeks along and already showing…

      • Monica

        Even tall girls can be short waisted though…I’m all legs, and from the way it feels when she kicks my daughter is going to be too. So I get a lot of “are you sure there aren’t twins in there?” I’ve definitely got the smile and wave thing down.

  13. Southern Gal

    My daughter is expecting her first baby in 11 days. She’s so impatient. I keep telling her to enjoy this time while it lasts. Yes, she’s uncomfortable, but it’ll be over before she knows it. Love your advice. I think I’ll direct her here to read your list.
    .-= Southern Gal´s last blog ..I Love… =-.

  14. Kara

    “smile and wave” – yes! A good motto for those days after baby arrives when people say some pretty crazy (but well meaning) things, too 😉

    My babies all tend to come well after their due dates so we learned to put a message on our answering machine along the lines of “no news yet, but we’ll let you know” and then just let the machine pick up because, as every pregnant mama knows, the closer to get to your due date, the more the phone rings … and if you happen to go past your due date? Forget about it! Non-stop phone ringing 🙂

    So excited for you! 🙂 Hooray for birth days!!!!

    And, I’m looking forward to the guest posts in the next few weeks, too – sounds like some terrific topics are lined up!

    Best wishes!
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..At the Craft Table with Rae Grant: Forever Blowing Bubbles =-.

    • Tsh

      Yes, great suggestion, Kara! We did this, too, with our first. We keep telling people that they will know if something’s happened because we’ll send out a mass email, but I think they still think they’re missing something if they haven’t heard from us in 24 hours.

  15. Sarah Gainey

    Great timing! I’m 37.5 weeks and feeling pretty uncomfortable and ready to meet my little guy! I’m definitely trying to savor the last few days/weeks of being “just the two of us” with my husband though! It can be tough when you feel so uncomfortable, but it really does help keep my focus. Thanks for the list : )

  16. Brit

    Thanks so much! This makes me feel way better. I am due next Monday. 😀

  17. ~M

    This is a great post, Tsh! I’m passing it on to my pregnant friends.
    I’ll miss you, but I’m sure SimpleMom will still rock as you are so organized.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  18. Rae Grant

    Tsh- My last day of being pregnant was wonderful. I was able to walk in the park in a blissful state and admire the the autumn leaves and the soft wind. The baby came the next day and it seems my bliss was hormonal. I did have a snickers bar right after birthing and it was fabulous.
    p.s. I think all the walking really helped me have a natural birth. I also read Childbirth without Fear for good measure up until the birth day.

  19. Rachel @ the science of music

    Oh, the end of pregnancy time. I learned real quick to smile and wave. Some of the questions I got from strangers (and my responses):
    *Are you sure there’s just one in there? (that’s what the doctor tells me)
    *How much weight have you gained? (enough)
    *Are you going to have any more after this one? (depends on how this one turns out)
    *When are you due? (eventually, or, sooner or later)
    *Do you have a name for the baby yet? (yes) Well, what is it? (I’ll tell you after the baby is born)
    *Is it a boy or a girl? (yes)

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth! Go getcha lots of rest while you can! =)
    .-= Rachel @ the science of music´s last blog ..Photo hunt: sparkle =-.

  20. Suzette

    Congratulations on baby number three. May God bless your family abundantly.

    Wierd thing that was said to me? At the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, my mother passed away. Earlier that day, our church had given me a baby shower that my sister was in charge of. Because visiting hours were very strict with the cardio ward that Mom was in, my sister had to leave my shower early in order to get to visit with my mother which meant that others would be putting everything away in the church kitchen. My mother passed away that evening. When I returned to church/ work (I was a teacher at our church’s academy) after the grievence period, the woman who treated the church kitchen like her baby approached me and began complaning that the saran wrap had been put in the wrong place. After explaining that we had more important things on our mind the day of the shower, she went into the details of what sounded like the most excruciating 3 day labor and delivery in history. Needless to say, I left the room and her standing there with my substitute.
    .-= Suzette´s last blog ..My Little Modern Day Laura Ingalls =-.

  21. Darcy

    My last was three years ago but some of those comments are still fresh…I am 4′ 11″ and my babies were both 8 lb. About 3 months before my second one came the comments were already coming from strangers about popping right then and there…
    One of my favorite “smile and wave” comments came from my husband’s grandmother after our daughter was born. She looked at me and said “there’s something familiar about her and something that’s not, I guess the ‘not’ is from you.”
    Yeah, I guess it is…Smile and wave:)

  22. Rachel

    Thanks so much for posting, Tsh! Congratulations on your number 3! My number 1 is due on the 28th so this post came in great timing for me. Especially because in this last week I’ve been beginning to stress over having everything ready. There are still a couple of things we need and it’s hard to NOT stress when you’ve never gone through this before. Thank you for all your encouragement and mommy wisdom! You’ve made pregnancy and approaching mom-hood a lot less complicated!

  23. Michele

    Thanks for another encouraging and timely post! We are expecting our third baby in August. Even though it has been done before, some things you just forget (between the sleep deprivation and endless nursing sessions)!! Thanks for the simple reminders to keep things in perspective. Best baby blessings for the upcoming birth and season of change…

  24. Rachel P.

    My C-section is scheduled for the fifteenth for baby number three and I’ve quite a few “last things” to get done. Fortunately, nesting instinct is perfect for getting these things done. I’m terrible at the first piece of advice however. Smiling and waving just isn’t in my nature. Fortunately, I don’t say anything, I just go home and tell my husband who always reminds me that people often are at a loss of knowing just what to say and are trying to be well-meaning. The strangest thing people have been saying to me is how wonderful C-sections are. Really? Wonderful? I can’t quite go there seeing as I had both my boys naturally beforehand and having my tummy cut open just doesn’t seem to be my ideal means of delivery. Fortunately, I’m not stressed about this baby’s arrival. I’ve all her (yes, a girl, thank God) clothes and bed ready. The only thing not ready is the hospital bag. I’m clueless as to what to take to the hospital for a C-section. The basics I’ve got down, but what about clothes to wear home? What would be most comfortable? I always took my own nightgown to the hospital but is this a good idea with a C-section? Any advice from you ladies who have been through this would be very welcome.

    • Tsh

      I thought this list was pretty thorough and detailed (you’ll need to refresh it to see it, for some reason). Honestly, it’s not that different than from a normal birth.

      I’d advise wearing a dress home, just in case. You never know what your incision will be like. That’s what I’m doing. 🙂

      • Meg

        I also brought a pillow for the ride home. I placed it between my incision and the lap/lower part of the seatbelt.

  25. Christine

    I loved this post. My youngest is almost 10 months old and it made me reminisce about this time last year. There were, however, two things that came to mind in your post.

    1. On the more serious side, expecting mothers should also prepare themselves for the possible emotional rollercoaster of hormones after birth and I think every mom should have a plan for when to check in with her doctor post partum if she’s not feeling better emotionally. Usually things start to turn the corner by two weeks, but if you’re not feeling like you’re on a sharp upswing emotionally by then, you should plan to see your doctor. Post-partum depression is very common, very treatable and often very hormonally driven. It’s important for your sake and your child to address it promptly. There should be no shame in this, but rather moms should be cheered for addressing this issue and planning for it ahead of time should it arise.

    2. When your dr said to go on a date, while your sentiment was absolutely lovely and true, I believe he may have meant that ahem, a date might lead to more amorous activities, which can induce labor. You might as well enjoy that while you can too as you wont be doing that for a while either, even if it doesn’t induce labor. 😉

  26. Camaron

    This is my first and the advice is INSANE!!!! You’d think I’d be used to it since I worked at a Maternity clothing store for 3 years, but no.
    -“Eat fruits shaped like pears and apples—it’s the same shape as your uterus and your baby will come out perfect looking!!”
    -“Kinoa is amazing for milk production, EAT MORE!” (this was in my first trimester from my MIL…
    -“Can you feel her move yet?” “Why not?”
    -“Here, you need flan.” and handing me a tupperware full of it.
    -“you should get the bella band, (enter further explanation of what it does here)” –yes, I know what it is.. I DID work at a store that sold them for years….
    -“Colace is your best friend!!” –what??
    -“my, sister, aren’t you looking particularly round!” -from my brother. (thank-you captain obvious)

  27. Stacey

    i’ve had both of my children early (the first at 34 weeks and the second at 37 weeks following 5 weeks of bedrest). it seems like the grass is always greener. my friends envy me because i end up delivering before the really uncomfortable part but i think it’s a bit stressful having preemies. but these suggestions work for anyone about to deliver, on bedrest or otherwise. thank you! and good luck!
    .-= Stacey´s last blog ..Time with your children: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again =-.

  28. SJ @ Sweeter Still

    My hairdresser told me repeatedly each time I saw her during my pregnancy that I would lose a lot of my hair after the baby was born. She made it seem like I would be half bald. I would just nod and try to ignore her. She didn’t have kids and obviously couldn’t understand why that was an insensitive thing to say to a pregnant woman. For the record, I shed a lot but never looked like I had lost a lot of hair, and I no longer go to the same stylist!

    There’s nothing “wonderful” about a c-section except possibly the absence of labor. It’s quite painful at first, but rest assured it gets better quickly after the first couple days. Bringing a dress to wear home is a good suggestion because the site of your incision will be very sensitive at first. Also as unappealing as it might seem, giant granny panties are helpful because the waistband won’t rub against your incision like normal sized panties would. I’d stock up with about a week’s worth. Also something I didn’t know until my c-section – most doctors advise that you don’t drive for two weeks afterward so plan accordingly for appointments, etc. Best of luck!
    .-= SJ @ Sweeter Still´s last blog ..This is How I Roll =-.

  29. Melissa

    I wish you and your new little one the best. I have five kids, and every one was a joy. Now my youngest is 10, and I really wish I had taken more time with each one. I also wish I had this blog to encourage and inspire me back then. Thanks for all you do to help others have a better life. Enjoy this new time with your family.

  30. Amanda

    My second one was due May 31 but born 5 weeks early. If I have a third and we go full-term, I’ll spend the last few weeks being grateful he’s still in there, and not in the NICU!

  31. Keya

    Thanks Tsh. At least you will be giving birth before the dog days of summer. I’m only half way through my pregnancy (my third as well) and I am thrilled, but even now, I’m being reminded of how it feels to be pregnant. Great tips!!! I’ll have to come back to these in about 4 months. Get some rest and put your feet up!!!

  32. Katie ~ Simple Organic

    Ah, yes. My own father asked me about twins. And my favorite line was from an elderly lady at church: “You sure must have a lot of amniotic fluid!” So lovely.

  33. catherine schwartz

    Love this post! I just had my baby on Wednesday and found this post very comforting. Thanks!!
    .-= catherine schwartz´s last blog ..Early Days with Babe#2 =-.

  34. Jennifer

    Your comment about sleeping is right on track. I am about 27 weeks, and I really haven’t slept well since the first trimester because I have these crazy dreams, I get up at least 3 times to go to the bathroom, and I have leg cramps so bad they make me cry. There is really nothing enjoyable about sleeping at this point.

    Thanks for this post, I still have a few months to go, but every day brings me a little closer to the birth of our first child. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for anything and so uneasy at the same time 🙂

  35. Karen

    About the fact that baby poop goes everywhere – at our family Christmas dinner, I had to run home to get a change of clothes for my daughter. My brother asked where I had gone, so I explained that her poop leaked out and I had to get her a change of clothes. His reply was “wow, you need to get different diapers!” I laughed. He’ll get a rude awakening when he has babies of his own. 🙂

  36. Mandy

    Congratulations! I LOVE your blog….you’ve been such an inspiration to me. Enjoy your time with that sweet, new baby. I’m not on twitter, so I’ll have to wait until I see the announcement on here!

  37. TheFeministBreeder

    I don’t remember anyone really touching my belly through either pregnancy. I also remember thinking “Hey, how come nobody touches MY belly the way I hear about OTHER women getting daily belly pats?”

    I did get a lot of “You’re having Twins, right?” No – I just had one nearly 10 lb baby (vaginally, thankyouverymuch.) I also carried ALLLLL my weight in front, which you’d think is supposed to be the cuter way to carry, but dude, I looked like I swallowed a Mac truck, and people weren’t afraid to tell me that. One of my aunt’s friends’ said (when I was 7 months pregnant) “Jeez, what are you, about 18 months pregnant?”

    HAAA haa haa… It’s SOOOOOO funny talking about how HUGE I am, isn’t it?!? HAA haa haa. Now let’s talk about how HUGE YOU ARE!
    .-= TheFeministBreeder´s last blog ..“Gina, You’re Too Tired To Get Pregnant. That Will Be $470 Now Please…” =-.

  38. Scrappy Jen

    Perfect timing.
    I’m about to pop with our first and will be moving house in a week. So much to do before baby arrives that after seems to be just too far away at the moment(even though it’s only a couple of weeks). Call it nesting or whatever you like but it certainly has come in handy as far as packing and cleaning an entire house goes. All the best for you and your new bub.

  39. MaryBeth Loewen

    Thanks Tsh! Very timely post for me too. I have 4 more weeks to go. Hope your last days go quickly. MaryBeth

  40. Kelli

    Congratulations, and enjoy your time with the new little one! I just recently found out I’m pregnant, so I’m making mental (if not physical) notes of these types of things.
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..I Hate that I Love People and Perez =-.

  41. Amanda

    Good luck and early congratulations!!
    The weirdest thing anyone said to me (and a lot of people said it) was when I was pregnant with #3 people asked whether I had two boys or two girls already. Obviously I only got asked that if I was out without my other kids, but I found it so odd that people thought I would only have 3 kids if I was trying for a different gender. I had a boy and a girl. We just wanted 3 kids!

  42. Chris

    I was pregnant my last semester of college (and then spent the TX summer huge like some others here!). I was surrounded by a bunch of people who really didn’t get it for most of the pregnancy (except at work, I had a good group there). I also look like I should be in high school, even now, so I didn’t get a lot of the usual responses in public. (Instead it was, “You’re too young.” “How old are you?” “Are you ready?” My husband and I were as prepared as we could get, thank you.)

    The strangest moment to me at the time was when a casual friend asked if she could rub my belly (in the college bookstore of all places). I let her, but the entire incident seemed so strange to me until I heard so many stories of the stranger belly rubbing and got a few myself. It was a wierd question, but I’m glad someone at least had the social graces to ask.

    Truthfully though, as long as you didn’t imply I was another sad story of an incompetent teenage/young mother… I was pretty forgiving. I could shrug most things off, like the belly rubs, and didn’t mind sharing my little girl’s chosen name. But, I guess it was in the perspective that at least these people had well wishes.

  43. JenT

    Good luck Tsh! Hope all goes well.

    I think the strangest comment I ever got was when I was getting into the car and my neighbour (elderly gentleman) was standing on his driveway. He looked at me and said, “Are you sure you should be driving?” I replied that I was fine, I still had about a month to go before my due date and felt great (well, as great as possible in that situation). To which he replied, “But how will you get the seatbelt done up?” Smile and wave!

  44. Becky

    I have three (3yo, 2yo, and 3-mo-old). My son was a preemie, and I spent 2-1/2 months on bedrest with my youngest.
    Before bedrest, I used to say ‘I could never handle being on bedrest,’ but regardless, when it happens, you make the most of it.
    Time spent with my older two was very precious: reading stories in bed, learning ABCs, singing songs, playing Candyland, playing “dolls”/”caring for baby”. . . My son, the 2yo, was more challenging (FULL of energy!)
    But in retrospect, what precious times we shared, since I had to rest!
    Spend some special time with the older one(s) since the baby will consume a lot of time once he/she is born!
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..The Other Side of the Family =-.

  45. Jess

    I am a week “overdue” with my fifth. You’d think by now I’d be used to people ringing to see if I had the baby yet but it still drives me nuts. First of all, if I have the baby, I will call YOU! Second of all, these last few weeks are so precious, enjoying holding my littlest baby so close for the last time, spending time with the older four etc. I see no reason to rush things! Third of all, haven’t you ever heard of the watched pot? Fourthly, it takes me about five times as long to get anything done because I am huge, and I have the urge to scrub out all my cupboards – busy doesn’t come close. And last of all, I am OVER nine months pregnant, making me run for the phone for a totally pointless reason is just MEAN!! Smile and wave!!

  46. Amee

    I enjoyed being your nurse! Thanks for telling me about the website! I am always up for some good mom advice! Congrats!

  47. Janice

    I can SO identify with losing sleep before the baby comes! My third gave me so much false labor……during the wee hours of the morning. I’d get up and go in the internet to pass the time, and start timing contractions which soon fizzled out. The last week before her birth was so miserble, that I just couldn’t WAIT for her to be born! Life hasn’t been the same since! 🙂

  48. laura

    People told me to sleep while I could, and I did get annoyed because my sleep was uncomfortable, difficult and broken. But OOOOH did I miss that sleep when my daughter was born. That third trimester sleep was frustratingly and of poor quality but it was so quiet! I wish I had appreciated what I had, even it if was sub-par. I’m pregnant again now and when I wake at random hours to pee or because I feel icky, I just say a little prayer of thanks that, while I might not be sleeping, it is quiet and my baby is peaceful and comfortable in my growing belly.


  49. Eren Mckay

    These are some great tips. When I was in my last 6 weeks I should have put on more cream on my tummy so that it would have prevented the stretch marks. Now I will only be able to get them out with surgery but hubby says I don’t need it – lol. I think he’s just scared of me going through another surgery. I’ve been through 3 cesareans and also one for my tumors that I had. Anyways thanks for these tips!
    All the best,

  50. Johansson Scarlett

    This is useful tips. I am in 32 weeks and getting little bit mental depression even though i am trying to stay relax. But i am unable to come out from depression. Can you tell me what steps i will take to solve my problem

  51. Pranav

    My wife is in her 39th week, hopefully the last one i guess.. And she can’t get any sleep either!

  52. Kimbakerly

    I was at the store the other day, in the baby section, while 38 weeks pregnant. This man walks by, does a double take , and says “Holy! How much did you eat?!” Totally put a smile on my face and I’ve been laughing about it whenever I think about it ever since. Due June 13 with number 3!


    Yes! I am 4 weeks away from my due date with our third. I am so grateful to feel less stressed and anxious because I think I’ve realized we don’t need a whole lot for newborn plus things just kind of happen as they happen. I truly don’t have a lot of control. Ha! The dates are great because yes, sleep will be scarce but time to connect with my husband will be even less likely. Thanks for these tips.

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