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3 ways to wear a maternity wrap

I‘m finally nearing the end of my pregnancy with twins, and I have to be honest, one of the things I’m looking forward to most in the months to come is finally being able to shed these maternity clothes!

Oh, I realize that we’ve come a long way in maternity fashion in the past few decades, but I still find it hard to find maternity clothes that look like something I would wear in my non-pregnant life. When Arianne asked if I might be interested in trying out the scarlet waterfall wrap from Me2Roo, I answered YES with enthusiasm!

First of all, who doesn’t love stripes? And second of all, who doesn’t appreciate a piece that can take you from the first few weeks of pregnancy all the way to the first weeks home with your new baby?

I have worn this waterfall wrap so much throughout this pregnancy, I’m sure my neighbors wonder if I have anything else happening in my closet. (Truthfully? Not much!) I’ll share some of the ways I’ve worn it in the past few months in a moment, but first a little about Me2Roo:

Me2Roo launched in late 2010 by Maggie Zembruski whose belief that a “happy, healthy mommy = happy, healthy baby” is channeled through her clothing line to inspire women to exercise and feel positive about themselves along with the changes their bodies experience pre and post pregnancy.

One of the most frustrating aspects of maternity wear for me is the drab and dreary color choices and the way the fit leaves a lot to be desired in the “modern” department. Me2Roo builds a collection of bright, interesting colors based on their color theory chart, and the collection overall has a very on-trend, contemporary feel to it.

Again, I was thrilled to receive the scarlet waterfall wrap in a black/oatmeal stripe because I knew it would be so versatile to style. Here are some ways I have worn it:

Wrap + jeans + bright colored tank:

Here I am at twenty-one weeks pregnant wearing the waterfall wrap casually over a bright colored tank. This is way I’ve worn it most throughout this pregnancy. The stripes offer a lovely visual distraction, but the cut of the wrap allows you to still be able to show of that growing bump! The cotton knit is not flimsy like a lot maternity clothes are; instead, it’s the perfect weight for the transitional seasons.

Wrap + dress:

With a waterfall wrap, you can leave the material long and flowing, or you can tie it up like this for a cleaner line and silhouette. Here, I paired the wrap with a simple black maternity tank dress. At twenty-three weeks pregnant, I wasn’t quite up for any nights on the town, but you could absolutely style this wrap in a way that adds a little drama and dressiness to even the most simple of outfits.

Wrap + tank + skirt + belt:

And here I am this week! Thirty-one weeks pregnant with twins and feeling more and more like I could pop any day now.

It is in the last days of pregnancy when many women struggle to find anything that covers their belly, let alone makes them feel good about themselves. Again, wearing this striped wrap has helped me feel so much less schlumpy and so much more like my normal self!

For this last outfit, I returned to a nice and bright colored tank under the wrap, and then I grabbed a fabric belt off of one of my vintage dresses to add on top. Something as simple as that little belt adds some definition that almost all of my clothing is lacking these days.

One last note on this outfit: I am confident that I’ll continue to wear the wrap after our babies are here because I can see how it would make nursing in public easier. I can simply pull up or pull down my tank top, and the waterfall wrap will provide plenty of coverage around my back and middle while I breastfeed a baby (or two!). Further evidence that the team at Me2Roo truly has both practicality and wear-ability in mind as they design!

Now that I’ve raved about the scarlet waterfall wrap, perhaps you’re thinking you might like one, too?

Enter in the giveaway widget below to win one of these beautiful and versatile wraps for you or a friend!

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  1. Jaime

    I love maternity boot cut jeans from gap.

  2. Colleen

    I love Bravado’s Bliss nursing bras for maternity and after. So comfy.

  3. Elizabeth

    It’s type of wrap was likely the most versatile piece of my DIL’s maternity and nursing wardrobe. However, while the style was the same, she was unable to find anything in the style that was anywhere as attractive. I would love to win this to gift to my daughter who will soon be in maternity clothes!

  4. Ellen

    My last pregnancy, I had this black tee that fit perfectly (long enough… I am tall!). I wore it all the time. This time, it would work well with a waterfall wrap. 🙂

  5. LoraLynn

    you are ADORABLE.

  6. Steph

    Last pregnancy I spent the last four months on bedrest so I really only had one going-to-the-doctors outfit. This time I’m hoping to avoid bedrest and need more clothing…

  7. Courtney B.

    Love the wrap! I’m not pregnant, but I could still use one of these in my wardrobe.

  8. Leigh

    Skinny Jeans

  9. andrea

    i so need something cute to wear! i’m just starting to show and already having a hard time feeling “cute!” my go to item last pregnancy was a cute purple tshirt that covered me perfectly almost to the end.

  10. Shannon Hudson

    My current favorite piece of maternity clothing would be my black, super soft yoga pants from Motherhood maternity. They are comfy and flattering and you can dress them up or down!

  11. Katrina

    I’m not pregnant and I want this! 🙂

  12. Jaci

    Fav item have to be yoga pants!

  13. leslie

    love my maternity skinny jeans from gap!

  14. beth@redandhoney

    Jeggings, and I don’t care who knows it. Hot damn, those things are comfier than my regular clothes!!

  15. emily

    favorite maternity item is leggings!

  16. Katrina

    Hmmm, favorite item? After 2 pregnancies I have yet to have a real favorite but if I had to choose it would be yoga pants. There was nothing more comfortable than coming home & putting those on!

  17. Emily

    Yoga pants!

  18. Jennyroo

    I love full panel jeans! I get so tired of low waisted jeans that I need to pull up all day long, or worrying about a peekaboo flash of flesh when the jeans ride low and my top rides up. Love the full panel!

  19. Holly

    I love simple t-shirts that fit perfectly over a growing belly.

  20. Mary

    I am loving the Basics by Bravado maternity/nursing bras available at Target. They fit well, are very comfortable and are budget friendly!

  21. Joy

    Belly bands save me. Keeping pants up, adding shirt length, everything a growing girl needs.

  22. Laura

    I love my maternity spanx leggings and my yoga pants (but not together, of course)!

  23. hyacynth

    I love wearing maternity dresses oh so much!

  24. Abby

    This is my first pregnancy and I’m worried about how I will find clothes that fit. I’m 5’9″ and finding pants that fit is my wardrobe nightmare!!

  25. Shan

    Not sure yet…just getting into them, but would love to have the versatility of this wrap in my wardrobe!

  26. Jamie C

    That is Killer! And I’d love one for my next pregnancy! I love flowy things. 🙂

  27. Heather

    I love maternity tank dresses – very versatile!

  28. Mary

    I love a good maxi dress– so versatile!

  29. Becca (Our Little Blue Farmhouse)

    My favorite maternity item was a pair of grey stretchy pants from Motherhood Maternity. I found them at a resale store, so I have no way of getting more! They look like dress pants, but feel like yoga pants. I wore those almost every day the last couple months I was pregnant!

  30. Veronica

    I’m thankful for plain old maternity jeans. So easy! And I love not messing with a button & zipper.

  31. Celina

    Fave maternity item is a bellaband!

  32. Sarah

    Jeans were my favorite!

  33. Joelyn Metzler

    I am surviving this pregnancy thanks to a pair of Old Navy maternity leggings that are so very comfy with winter boots.

  34. Amanda

    sweatpants. honesty.

  35. Lindsey

    So far it’s a dress I picked up on sale at Target, but I foresee picking up a few more pieces before too long…the third trimester looms!

  36. Caitlin Chapman

    Yoga pants, bravado nursing bras during and after pregnancy, and modal tops.

  37. Kelly

    Target Maternity Leggings and one of my husbands shirts 🙂

  38. Jenn

    My favorite maternity item is yoga pants. I love that wrap – it’s adorable!

  39. Anne Marie Wilson

    I’m going on week 38 here, and although I don’t have many weeks to go, I would LOVE this wrap! I saw you blog about it the other day and wanted it so badly, and then realized it wasn’t in our current budget. I would love something like this to wear post-pardum as I surely will be a whole mess of insecurity.

  40. Carrie

    Ok so I am not pregnant, entering for a friend! But my favorites when I was pregnant were actually just sized up corduroys! I loved some of the target longer length short sleeve shirts as a layering piecr!

  41. Teish

    Yoga pants! LOL!

  42. Steph J

    Around the house, I wear my husband’s sweatpants! But I can’t live without leggings and dresses for being seen in public–I have such a hard time with even the best pants–they either sag and fall off or cut where they’re not wanted.

    Thanks for this!

  43. Lizzie

    Love the wrap! I’m not pregnant, but I have friends who are…or I might just keep it for myself. It is awfully cute after all. 🙂

  44. Katherine

    I pretty much live in my purple turtleneck sweater. This wrap is awesome, though, and I would definitely go back and forth between the two for the next 16 weeks and then some.

  45. Hannah

    maternity jean skirt

  46. Lindsey

    I just have a couple shirts I got from Target. I love that wrap, tho!

  47. Alisa


  48. Sommer

    Tights and tunics/dresses. Feels like wearing PJs!

  49. Deirdre

    I’m not pregnant, but when I was I rocked black maternity leggings at least once a week. Thanks for the chance to win this cute sweater.

  50. Jenn F

    Definitely sweater dresses and tights right now

  51. Pat Peele

    My friend would look smashing in this as she must dress for the office each day!, It would also work for her on weekends.

  52. Sara

    My favorite maternity piece is probably my dress pants. They are the only pants I have that aren’t highwaters! I hate being tall sometimes.

  53. Abby Aberle

    i would love this!

  54. Kelly @ Love Well

    I just … I can’t … YOU ARE SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT!

    I don’t need the wrap (LordHearMyPrayer) but I had to squeal a little over you.

  55. susan b.

    jeans, jeans and more jeans!

  56. Gina

    I love any type of cardigan/wrap because my temperature changes so often.

  57. Cynthia

    My favourite maternity wear item is little t-lets ( that cover the cleavage all maternity shirts seem to show off. I know the girls are looking pretty nice when I’m preggo, but I still don’t want to share them with the world!

    Also, I pretty much live in wrap skirts when I’m pregnant. 🙂

  58. Ryann

    I haven’t thought much about maternity fashion, except for the fact that very little works for me (as far as tops go). A wrap like this would be great for looking moderately put together!

  59. Andrea

    Maternity jeans…loved them so much during my pregnancy. No stupid waistband to dig in anywhere, no buttons…also really loved my maternity underwear (shhhh, I’m still wearing them 7 months post-partum).

  60. rachieannie

    yoga pants and a cute tank became my uniform!

  61. Lana Rush

    Favorite maternity item – belly bands

    And, by the way, you are way too cute, Miss Megan! 🙂

  62. Katie T.

    I am 9.5 weeks pregnant and would LOVE to win this! Realizing most of my maternity wear is outdated and wanting something new and pretty to wear these next 8 months.

  63. domestic diva

    A super comfy cotton dress. Fab!

  64. Kathleen

    I am a big fan of long tank tops and skirts with wide waistbands. Living in Arizona where it’s warm most of the year, these are my go-to staples.

  65. Elizabeth

    Never been pregnant yet, but I love empire waistline dresses (the long flowy kind) because it hides my now curves, and would cover my then expanding belly. And a wrap would look gorgeous with them!

  66. nopinkhere

    Target maternity tees. They came in plus size!
    Not pregnant now, but my SIL is.

  67. Stephanie

    Megan – I mostly want to say that you are adorable and super stylish. 🙂
    My favorite maternity piece from this last pregnancy was the BLANQI: In fact, I still wear it at 9 months postpartum (it’s ideal for nursing too!).

  68. Karen B

    any comfortable stretchy pants

  69. Rachel A.

    I had a long black skirt with a fold down waist band that I wore a TON my last pregnancy. It’s great for nursing, too. The waist band can be folded up for tummy coverage while nursing.

  70. Stephanie

    Definitely my bella bands!!

  71. Lucy

    I have heard that the Patagonia Margot dress works well for pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’m only 12 weeks along so it’s too soon to personally endorse it, but since I love my Margot dress anyway, I’m hoping it will be my favorite thing to wear in the months ahead!

  72. Mandee

    My favorite maternity items were some baby-doll cut blouses that were actually long enough to cover the belly. I had a beautiful purple one that I would wear several times a week with my skinny maternity jeans.

  73. monica

    I love a good stretchy undershirt/tank top to cover everything – then i can wear any of my favorite cardigans over. Boot cut jeans are also a must!

  74. Katy

    Last time I was due in December, and I lived in a cozy maternity sweater during the cold months. This time, I’m due in August, so I’m guessing a lot of my old clothes won’t be as useful. I’ll probably stock up on some knit dresses and skirts.

  75. gisele

    I love the idea of using a wrap after baby is born. Seems to me that drapey, flowey, versatile, non-fussy, nursing friendly clothes like this would be good on the self esteem in the first few months post-partum.

  76. Jen D

    I’m due in August and think this would be a super fun addition to my wardrobe!

    • Jen D

      Oh, and my favorite thing to wear is shirts with rouching on the sides. 🙂

  77. Sarah O

    Not pregnant right now, but my last pregnancy I practically lived in this large (not maternity though) black jumper with awesome pockets. My sister had scored it at some thrift store or another, and it quickly became one of my favorite pieces. Uber comfortable, yet not too frumpy. =)

  78. Nikki

    Maternity jeans from Old Navy and tees from Target…I LIVED in those!!

  79. Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake

    I wore something similar during my pregnancy, only it was beige. I like the black & white stripes much, much more! You look beautiful. 🙂

  80. Rebecca

    Honestly my yoga pants are a current favorite in the maternity wear department. I was really liking my skinny jeans until I shrunk them (or outgrew them. Whatever). What a fun give away! Congrats on your twins!

  81. Lissa

    it looks great

  82. Stephanie Precourt

    Megan, you look GREAT! I loved wraps while pregnant (and even still now, obviously!)


  83. Jessica

    My favorite right now (at 24 weeks) is leggings and a long sweatshirt. I’d love this waterfall wrap!

  84. Sara

    maternity jeans with a stretchy belly panel

  85. Jenny

    I love my gauchos with any top. So comfy!!

  86. Leslie M.P.

    Maternity leggings…they are the most comfortable pants!

  87. Kient Girl

    I’m pregnant with our first and due in June. I love to wear my yoga pants and down vest.

  88. Rachel

    My fave are my maternity leggings from h&m and stretchy skirts from old navy (not maternity)

  89. Katherine

    Had it not been for Old Navy, I would have had to go naked during my pregnancy!

  90. Monica P

    I love my skinny jeans!

  91. Laura

    Skinny Jeans, leggings, a stretchy old tube top that doubled as a belly band, favorite t-shirts, maxi dresses, how could I choose? I had so much fun experimenting with styles. I’m still nursing and love this wrap for the coverage.

  92. Alicen

    My favourite maternity wear is a shirt that has a band and tie around the top of the baby bump 🙂 I had a couple of favourites the last pregnancy and at least one of them is worn out completely. The waterfall wrap looks so cozy and comfy!

  93. Kendall

    I am on baby number four and would not survive without leggings…kinda boring I know but so comfy and versatile…

  94. Amanda

    So cute!

  95. Lisa

    Belly bands… I get a lot more use out of my clothes thanks to them!

  96. Darcy H

    My favourite maternity items were jeans and a jean skirt with a strechy belly band. I think they were both from Motherhood. But they both helped me feel a bit normal!

  97. Anne L. Mathieu

    You look beautiful! I love maternity leggings. They are the most comfortable for me, any top will do.

  98. Naomi Hauser

    Hoping to get pregnant soon and would love this wrap!

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