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  1. Seana Turner

    My father started a tradition when I was in high school (I think) where we would light a candle each night, beginning on the 26th, and open a small gift. When I had children, this shifted to them and as a result, we all have a special affinity for the 12 Days of Christmas. I love this post, as most of this has been lost, with all of the activity now taking place beforehand. Our whole mindset has shifted, and it seems that the 26th is now the countdown to New Year’s Eve. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fiona

    Thanks for the great ideas. I love your Pinterest board, and saw there the silver charms for pudding, I have some of those exact charms collected from Christmases in the 1970s here in Australia. My Gran put them in the puddings, along with sixpences, but I’m sure she planted them in each serve to make sure we all got one. I remember eating very gingerly to prevent accidentally eating one of the charms!
    I love the idea of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, or at least continuing to read and think of the true meaning of Christmas intentionally following the 25th Dec.

  3. Jane

    I am Catholic and I always keep my decorations up until Epiphany Sunday, when we then do a special house blessing which we write over all the exterior door frames with blessed chalk. The churches stay decorated until February 2, which is the feast of the Presentation, when the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph presented the Infant to the priests in the temple.

  4. Lynne

    Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas! It’s so inspirational! Can I ask where you got the nativity scene (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus) that is pictured in the photo at the start of this article? I just love them!!

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