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  1. I totally agree! Some of it my personality coming out (I just don’t get into all the planning/activities) but our four year old has been expected to entertain himself for significant periods of time since he was pretty little. Ideas I’ve used to help with this (that have been mentioned on this site) are keeping his toys non-electric and imagination encouraging, rotating his toys, and not leaving too many out at once. I do let him play with”trash” like cardboard boxes or papers. We also read together a lot and he spends time just looking at books by himself. He does get play time with his parents but a lot of the time he’s on his own. He loves to create stories with his toys and he has a great attention span for his age. Now we need to work on his fine motor skills. Neither of us likes to color 😉

  2. I love this. The most amazed I have ever been at my youngest son’s creativity was when he was sent to play with just a stack of construction paper, several rolls of tape, and child-safe scissors.
    He was totally obsessed with some TV show at the time, that had a game with little characters who are launched out of a cannon type tool and then emerged as a dragon or other character to fight the bad guys.
    He created his very own paper characters and working launch system. I was completely amazed!

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