Advent: Why it matters (and how to do it sanely)

Can you even believe we’re already talking about Christmas? It seems like it was just summer. Our live-chat on the Facebook page last week surprisingly put me in a holiday mindset. (It was so fun). But my mind isn’t focused on a Decorate All The Things way (though it’s getting there)—the switch for me was (read more…)

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lanterns at loy krathong

Holidays & festivals around the world (besides Thanksgiving)

November is one of my favorite months. It starts with our wedding anniversary and ends with one of my favorite holidays—filled with gorgeous fall colors, delicious food, and a slower-than-October pace of life in between. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away for Americans, but seeing as we have quite the international audience for this (read more…)

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Use the 5 Ds for a purposeful and peaceful holiday season

A priority of mine is to celebrate the winter holidays (Christmas in particular) in a meaningful, calm, and enjoyable way, where I can reflect the season’s purpose. This was never challenging until I began having children. Families that experience the winter months with purpose and peace (not to mention with health and happiness) create and (read more…)

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Celebrate summer memories with a mini summer scrapbook

As summer draws to a close, our thoughts turn to the experiences we’ve had during these magical months of warm weather and carefree days. Our kids have started back to school, and I can’t help but notice that as we eat dinner or get ready for bed, the conversation seems to drift towards some of (read more…)

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DIY: Paper bag heart wall sculpture

I don’t know exactly where I got the idea to stick a bunch of paper bags on my wall a couple of weeks ago. The cavernous empty space of my stairwell had been bothering me for a decade. Also, I have a resolution to be more craft-happy in 2013. After all, I was an art (read more…)

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