Plan your peaceful Christmas: prepare the budget

Christmas is officially 7 weeks away. I know — wasn’t it just June? It’s hard to believe it’s already time to prepare for the Christmas season, but it’s better to plan ahead now, before things get too crazy and before you know it, you’re up to your eyeballs in commitments and wish lists and powdered (read more…)

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How to have a simple, inexpensive and meaningful birthday party for your child

Birthday celebrations are meant to be fun. However, they often turn into expensive nightmares with wasted food and unnecessary gifts. They also come year after year, which means the waste continues for years to come! My older daughter turned four last week. It was also the first time ever that we had a real “party” (read more…)

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Traveling soon? Download the new, free Family Road Trip Packing List

This Thursday, my family and I head out on a three-week road trip.  We’ve traveled a lot, both cross-country and worldwide, in a variety of cultures and climates.  And I’m amazed that each time, our packing list is more or less the same. I’m a huge believer in packing light and not bringing the house (read more…)

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Simple ways to celebrate Easter

I love Easter, mostly because it’s the one time of year people actually focus on the most important event in history. But I also love the dawn of spring, and the celebrations we have as a family to welcome more outdoor time, more stopping to smell the wildflowers, and a general sense of rebirth in (read more…)

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8 ways to make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for your family

In just a few days, February 14th will turn on our calendars once again.  In many parts of the world, this means it’s time to think about celebrating Valentine’s Day. I realize there are quite a few people staunchly opposed to this “Hallmark holiday.”  It seems to have been created exclusively by retailers looking to (read more…)

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