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  1. Kids learn so many things just by being engaged in everyday life. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that their math skills took a similar leap without formal training; math boils down to patterns and problem solving, after all. This sounds like a lovely summer!

  2. Please share your reading list for this summer. We have a daughter that loves to read but actually finding the books can be tough. I’ve tried to encourage her to read Harry Potter, but, no. Welcome back!!

  3. I am super excited about this. A friend and I were texting last night about summer writing options for our children.

  4. Imagine all the wonderful ideas swirling around in your kids heads right now! That’s awesome. I was just working on a homemade travel journal for my kids with writing prompts for a trip we’re taking later this summer. This post was perfectly timed!

  5. This will be perfect as my family is taking a long road trip this summer, and it will give the kids something to think about during the drive.

  6. When I was in school my mom always made us read all summer long. We went to the library every week and each kid got the maximum number of books the library would allow. I remember so many summer afternoons just devouring good books!

  7. Hi Tsh, I love this blog though I don’t know if I’ve commented yet. But I’m a creative writer working on my MFA in fiction and I also teach writing, and I think it’s so cool that you are getting your daughter writing stories! I think it’s one of the best things we can encourage kids (and everyone!) to do. So many of my college students have basically never had to write a story in school! (And Flannery O’Connor said she really didn’t know what a story was until she was trying to write them…) My own daughter is only 20 months old but I’m keeping this stuff in mind for the future:) And thanks for the blog– I love reading and just put Notes From a Blue Bike on hold at my library today:)

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