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  1. I love this! Always looking for future ideas. Our kids are still little, but we’re big roadtrippers and I can’t wait to implement some of these when they get a bit bigger!

  2. I love this… our family of 6 loves to travel and Im always looking for new ways to make memories and travel easier. We are taking a 3 day trip for fall break and everyone gets only one backpack and since we are flying, we will have to walk everywhere. I like the black sharpie idea – although its usually introverted me who has a hard time talking to people. I really wish I could find some kind of scavenger hunt for things to do on a trip (get 5 autographs from random people, say “dude” at the end of every sentence for an hour, etc) – so I love the chopsticks idea and might have to incorporate that one

    this is so great, Id love to see more travel posts… :)

  3. How terrific! Some great ideas for me to ‘borrow’ from you – thank you! I just have to say, I clicked on the link for that bridge you all went on and my stomach hurt – you are a brave bunch!! :o)

  4. Well, maybe they are all used to mom’s rules. I, personally, love relaxing and having a dream or two along the way as well as special snacks only brought out on road trips.

  5. I love this idea! We do more cross country & international trips than I really want, but maybe we could make some of the necessary trips more fun.

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