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  1. I almost planted these last year, but now this year since I have some ground I think I’ll will plant them in the ground. As for enjoyment…I like them fresh picked, or sliced in a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Mmm, perfect.

  2. I planted a couple strawberry plants last year in my raised bed and didn’t kill them :) the other plants in my garden didn’t live to produce anything though. So this year I’m going to put other veggies in my wasteland of a front yard and I’ve put “tiers” in my bed and I’ve planted 30 additional bare root strawberry plants (I hope they grow). We spent more than $100 on strawberries last year, so I really hope the plants grow so we can have berries for years.

  3. I planted several strawberry plants a few years ago. They have not produced very well, probably because they’re in a location that’s a bit too shady for them. Full sun is difficult to achieve in our tiny urban yard; I’ve come up with a plan to rework our garden a bit and intend to transplant them this spring to a sunnier location – hopefully they will be more productive there!
    Fortunately we also live in an area where there are plenty of pick-your-own farms, so even if my plants don’t do all that well, there are still plenty of fresh local berries to be had :)

  4. With all of the news about strawberries being sprayed with methyl iodide, this is certainly the best way to go. Might start looking into growing some of my own as well, but don’t get much direct sunlight on my balcony. Need to get creative with it.

  5. I’m going to plant some strawberries this year in my Square Foot garden. If you haven’t heard of square foot gardening, check out the book by Mel Bartholomew from your library and give it a read! I’ll probably do a variety of strawberry types-I’m excited!

    • Yes, I love the method, but haven’t actually read the book! I’ll have to add that to my list.

  6. Nicole , Fun that I found your post in that I just started studying up on strawberries. I live in an area that is almost to cool to plant many summer vegetables, but berries do well. So that is going to be a focus for me. For sure good to know about the different categories of strawberries , short day or June, day-neutral and ever-bearing. Also their is Alpine. One of the difference between the categories is when the flower bud begins to develop and under what temp. that occurs. I read that the Short day or June berries must have nicely developed “leaf canopy” in order to feed this flower bud that is form inside the plant in the fall. It is amazing that inside that strawberry plant what is going on in Sept will show up the following June as a berry. Isn’t are Creator God amazing!