by Susan

Susan enthusiastically wears the hat of mom, step-mom and foster mom to 4 awesome kids – ages 18, 14, 10 and 14 months; is married to her very own prince charming, loves coffee, cloudy days, and does think the bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle. You can find her at her other day job, The Confident Mom, and then get a copy of her free ebook, “Getting Kids to Cooperate and Become Team Players.”

Prepare your kids early for a successful launch later

“The most beautiful sight in the world is a child going confidently down the road of life after you have shown him the way.” — Confucius
Confucius had it right—isn’t that what our job as a mom is…getting our kids ready to leave the nest? At what point do you start intentionally putting forth that extra effort to develop independence and self-reliance in your kids? How do you prepare them for a life out on their own? It can start a lot sooner than you think. You are in the position to leave an indelible mark on the life of your child, and you are doing it often without even being aware of it. That can be a somewhat scary thought -- unless you are giving your child realistic expectations and encouragement along the way. Preparing your child to launch into adulthood is a step-by-step process and takes years! The sooner you start, the more beneficial it will be for your child. I would love to share with you what I have experienced personally on my own journey of “raising adults” as well as tips I share with moms I support on the journey of motherhood. Read More
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