Dinner happens.

Autumn is a season of work, preparation, beauty and change. You may already be following my Autumn series, but for many, Autumn’s a fresh way of living, as we hunker down into our schedules, warm blankets, fires, and comfort foods. To some it even brings a sense of loneliness (hand in the air! as I (read more…)

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Making an easy summer dinner invitation

Getting to know people takes effort. Friendships don’t just happen. It’s what we teach our kids: You have to be a friend to have a friend. And making a “summer dinner invite” is a perfect way to get to know new people! This is also the easiest season to make entertaining moments happen! Menu planning (read more…)

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8 simple steps to planning a 4th of July party

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and entertaining can be really fun and easy if you keep it simple and you have a plan! As I’ve reminded my readers for years at RE, learn to “KISS” and everything will flow nice and smooth. You’ll be a happier hostess, too. KISS = Keep (read more…)

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Taking a risk by hosting an Easter dinner party

It’s Eleanor Roosevelt who said that she tried to do something risky every day. Maybe something new, uncomfortable, or different. Maybe that something “new” is hosting your first Easter dinner in your home this year, and you’re scared to death. I was fortunate because while I was growing up, my mother taught me a lot (read more…)

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7 ways to practice imperfect hospitality

“Do what you’re good at and everything else will fall into place.” -Willnett Crockett You don’t have to do something perfectly just because someone you know does it perfectly. My friend, Krissy, is an amazing designer. Everything she touches with design turns to gold. My other friend, Michelle, knows how to throw a party. She (read more…)

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