Sharing a meal: embracing the company of one another

Our family recently enjoyed an early autumn breakfast on our back patio, on a rainy Sunday morning, with baked Mushroom Frittata, fresh out of the oven. Soon we won’t be gathering anymore, as the colder weather sets in, and our two sons journey back up to college this very week. Oregon colleges start so late (read more…)

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Embrace summer: let go of imperfections

As you start this new week, may you learn to let go of imperfections. When your child invites a neighbor to come over, or shows up with a car full of teens, be mindful of the gifts that surround you as they come into the house or out into the yard or the pool. Learn (read more…)

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Reaching for bites of appetizers and encouragement

Our friends are encouragers. They just know what to say, how to ask the right questions, and how to show they care. So when we’re invited to their house for dinner, we know that our little encouragement tanks will be filled up with creativity, inspiration, and kind words. That is a good feeling. It makes (read more…)

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Back to the basics: Easter dinner tabletop

The world is looking for something real, something tangible, and to be loved. So this year I’ve been thinking about a way to show the people in my life true love and authenticity, by sharing the common life around our Easter Sunday dinner table. My goal this year is to not only keep it simple, (read more…)

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Avoiding over-commitment and enjoying the week of Christmas

The families were coming, wagons drying off in the garages, gloves and hats laid out by the front door. They had all responded to our invitation for our annual night of caroling through the neighborhood. Snow or rain, about 40 people – from big grown-ups down to the wee little babes – would pack into (read more…)

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