by Rae

Rae Grant is the author and book designer of the popular vintage-modern children's activities books Crafting Fun and Cooking Fun. Her third book, Homemade Fun: 101 Crafts and Activities to Do With Kids will be released in June 2010. Rae lives in Manhattan with her husband, daughter, and their family cat Blue.

The family meal: a place for common ground

When I look back on my family memories as both a child and as a parent, some of my fondest recollections revolved around our traditions for the family meal. It was the daily ritual of our family meals that pulled us all into the same orbit at least once a day, all week long. It was a place for common ground. A good family meal is nourishing, restorative, allows for conversation and simple exchanges to take place. It marks a beginning and an end to a day of work and activities, and it allows families to touch base, tell stories, connect, laugh, and be supportive about the day ahead. In our fast modern times, slowing down for a family meal can be a bit of a challenge. Busy schedules, longer work days, and eating on the run can deprive home life of this special time. Here are a few tips that encourage this time-honored ritual and help to keep the family meal running smoothly. Read More
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