by Nish

Nish Weiseth is a dreamer, schemer, believer, trouble-maker, rabble-rouser, and the founder of A Deeper Story, a community of misfit believers and storytellers. Nish and her husband, Erik, are outdoor enthusiasts living in the Rogue River valley of southern Oregon in the summers, and the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the winters. They have two children, Rowan and Scout.

Little kids and snow: the essentials.

snow_field I've had snow in my yard since before Christmas. Crazy, right? I know. Between the intermittent snow storms that keep rolling in, the inversion, and the cold temperatures, the snow around here hasn't melted in months. We've had a couple of warm streaks here and there, but nothing long-lasting enough to make it go away. It makes going outside a bit of a production. Snow boots, waterproof insulated pants, gloves, hat, warm coats… it's a lot, especially just to go outside for a quick play session in the middle of the day. I don't really mind all that much, but when I need to take my newborn along, it's a lot to do. I'm a fan of making things as easy and simple as I can, especially where my kids are concerned. Less fuss, the better. But kids take a lot of effort and the snow requires a lot of gear - and when it comes to gear, what are the best and most important pieces to have, especially for kids under five? Read More
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Surviving pregnancy when life gets busy

I am sitting further and further away from my desk these days. My growing belly just won’t let me scoot the chair any closer. I’m nine months pregnant now, with my due date a short two weeks away, or so my doctor tells me. At this point, I’m pretty convinced that I’ll be pregnant for (read more…)

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Top 5 outdoor fall activities for kids

It was chilly and the leaves had turned. The roads were scattered with autumn gold, pumpkins sat on stoops and every restaurant in town had something with “spice” in the names of their daily specials, all written out in chalk on their sandwich boards on the downtown sidewalks. I saw mothers choosing Halloween costumes, invites (read more…)

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Summer outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers

My husband runs a whitewater rafting business and he’s been running rivers his whole life. So, our summers involve a LOT of time outside – rafting, camping, swimming, and playing. In fact, we never really got a honeymoon – we needed to be on the water as river guides five days after our wedding. The (read more…)

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Letting them run wild

BAM BAM BAM. Rowan slams his hands on the sliding glass door that leads to the back yard, then turns to smile at me, all bare-toothed and amped. Both dogs are poised on either side of him, ready to join in the fun. “Okay, bubs. I’m coming.” I step past the stove and pantry on (read more…)

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