by Melissa

Melissa is a homeschooling mama of six. She was a contributor to Simple Homemade , and now blogs about family life, activities for kids, and DIY projects at melissacamarawilkins.com . You can also find her on Twitter , Facebook, and Pinterest.


Make your own summer picnic crate

True fact: fancy picnic crates make picnic food taste better. Not only that, they also prevent sunburn and make your hair shiny! Okay, no. Those are not true facts. Picnic crates are just boxes, made of wood. No special powers involved. But a fun crate might make a Fourth of July picnic more festive! That really is a true fact, so I thought I’d show you two ways you could decorate crates for summer picnicking. Make your own summer picnic crate [SimpleMom.net] I believe the first rule of crafting is this: There’s no such thing as perfect; all that matters is that you like what you made. I hope these suggestions inspire you to do what will make you happy this summer. If you like the idea of a picnic crate but have zero minutes for crafting, just pick up a crate at the craft store, stick a flag in with your food, and call it a day. If you have five minutes, line the bottom of the crate with a red-white-and-blue tablecloth before packing your food. Good to go. If you have a little more time on your hands and want to do some holiday crafting: I’ve got you covered. Read More
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