by Meagan

Meagan Francis is a mother of five, blogger, and the author of four books including the Parenting title The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood (Weldon Owen, April 2011). Meagan is passionate about helping mothers find more satisfaction and live more intentionally, and writes about seeking the happier side of motherhood at her blog The Happiest Home.


Recovery lessons

As a work-at-home mom of five, I have long prided myself on being a person who Gets Stuff Done. I fancy myself the female version of Carson in my own much smaller and remarkably-less-grand version of Downton Abbey. Sure, I delegate around my house…but even delegating requires attention, action, and the presence of Yours Truly. So when I found out that I would need to have surgery this spring (a hysterectomy due to a diagnosis of early-stage cervical cancer), I took the news pretty hard. In addition to all the stress of such a scary-sounding diagnosis, and my general fear of anesthesia and surgery, I worried about recovery time. Recovery from hysterectomy takes 4 weeks or more, and from what I’m reading, it often takes much longer before you get your former energy back. Even a month of being out of my groove was pretty terrifying to this independent mama. But after a successful and uncomplicated surgery, I’ve spent the last three weeks recovering, and have learned a few things along the way. Read More
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Resolve NOT To

We’re almost halfway through January. How are your resolutions holding up? Have you been exercising? Eating better? Is your closet organized, your calendar streamlined? Or are you struggling a little to fit those new goals in? Maybe you’re feeling anxious, like there’s something you know you “should” be doing…you just can’t remember what. Too much (read more…)

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