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It’s no puzzle: keeping holiday traditions simple

I don’t remember exactly when it started. Sadly, I suspect I may have rolled my eyes a bit the first time someone pulled out a box and started to pour the cardboard pieces on the recently cleared dining room table.

Putting together a puzzle? Really? THIS is how we’re going to spend our Christmas?

Really. Over the past few years, my cousins, siblings and I have started a new holiday tradition. It’s nothing fancy, it doesn’t involve instructions or ingredients, and because it’s so low-key and “un-photo-worthy,” it’s yet to be documented in any of our scrapbooks. After we eat dinner, exchange presents and clean up the mess from both events, we sit down at the table and put together a puzzle.

As much as I love Pinterest and Facebook and bucket lists and craft projects (and I DO), I’ve found myself weary of the holiday hoopla this year. Based on the many posts I’ve read expressing the same sentiment, the same urgency to relax, do less, be present, RELAX – I know I’m not alone.
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