How I use productive procrastination to get more done

On weeks when my schedule and to-do list are overflowing, I always seem to get more done. Does that sound familiar? For a long time, I thought it was because of the adrenaline during those packed weeks. What I’ve realized, though, is that while that may be true sometimes, I think I’m more effective when (read more…)

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Understanding your personality: balancing tasks and people

While personality tests and reading about personality types have been regarded by some as self-indulgent navel gazing, there is real value that comes from identifying your natural tendencies. Every personality has strengths and weaknesses, and understanding what yours are allows you take advantage of the strengths and create a plan to overcome the weaknesses. The (read more…)

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The secret of success for work-at-home moms

What if I told you that there was one principle that would have the biggest impact on whether or not you’re successful as a work-at-home mom? Hint: It’s not the industry or niche you choose. It’s not the structure of your business or what trade organizations you join. It’s not even the people you network (read more…)

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Getting organized for an intentional summer

Last year at this time, I was gearing up for a low-key, relaxing summer with my family, and my summer post here on Simple Mom was all about making summer memories at home. This year, however, our summer is busier — with activities, trips, and plenty to do. I’ve been inspired by the summer bucket (read more…)

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7 principles to simplify your family life

In Organized Simplicity, Tsh describes simple living as “living your life with a purpose that aligns with your values…being who you were made to be.” I love this definition because it leaves room for each of us to make those decisions for our own family without feeling like we have to limit ourselves to 100 (read more…)

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