Plan your peaceful Christmas: maintaining your home during the holidays

On Wednesday, Tsh talked about “guest-ifying” your home now, before the holidays are in full swing. Cleaning, decluttering and preparing for guests ahead of time is an important step, but once you clean and declutter, then what? If you have young children, things probably won’t stay neat and tidy for very long on their own, (read more…)

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Fall projects for your home, yard, body & mind

Fall is a season of celebration and goodness, full of apple picking, baking and enjoying the crisp autumn air.  Sometimes I forget that I should also be “storing up for winter” during all of the fun. But the days are coming when it gets dark early and we spend most of our time cooped up (read more…)

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Free online tools for tracking your goals

This month here on Simple Mom, Tsh is focusing on reviewing — and renewing — our goals. I’ve heard it said that New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be made in January but rather in September, and it’s true: there is something about the end of summer and the start of the school year that leaves me (read more…)

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Creating a kid-friendly yard to promote outdoor play

One of my favorite parts about spring and summer is how much more time my kids are able to spend outside. They argue less, use their imaginations more and sleep better after a long day of playing hard outside. When it comes to our yard, our goal is to create simple landscaping that invites our (read more…)

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Get organized for your staycation

Let’s face it…as mothers, family vacations are rarely restful. Fun, full of memories and worth the hard work,  yes. Restful, not so much. Many families are taking back their yearly vacations with the advent of “staycations,” but a staycation has the potential to be just as stressful — if not more so — than a (read more…)

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