Use the 5 Ds for a purposeful and peaceful holiday season

A priority of mine is to celebrate the winter holidays (Christmas in particular) in a meaningful, calm, and enjoyable way, where I can reflect the season’s purpose. This was never challenging until I began having children. Families that experience the winter months with purpose and peace (not to mention with health and happiness) create and (read more…)

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3 concrete ways to feel more connected and supported in your life

Ever since I began working with moms, I’ve found myself listening, deeply listening, to the conversations we have with each other. I listen because there’s always gold in the way women talk about what they need most, where they feel least supported, and what’s missing in their lives that they crave more of. One thing (read more…)

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Do you plan for the pause?

As I’m writing this, I’m tired. I always get a rush of excitement when summer begins. I imagine wide open months ahead, ready to fill with creativity, trips, and fun memories with the kids.

 Then sometime right around now in the season, the reality settles in of just how long summer days are. And I’m (read more…)

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Which is the best springtime cleanse for you?

My husband and I recently began monthly “healthy habit” challenges to establish certain wellness practices that we wanted a more regular part of our lives.  Each month, we decide on a practice, set up a simple daily habit and hold each other accountable to do it every day for a full month. Earlier this month, (read more…)

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How to eliminate overwhelm and get “Big Things” done

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh Have you ever rock climbed?  I can remember many summer days when I was going to college in California on heated rock faces in the foothills of the Sierra mountains. While I was never a master climber, I enjoyed (read more…)

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