by Lisa-Jo

Lisa-Jo and her husband have three kids who color their lives, complicate their frequent travel, and are the reason she believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. The Social Media Manager for DaySpring and the community manager for the website (in)courage, Lisa-Jo still considers "mom" her most important gig and blogs about her everyday chaos at lisajobaker.com.

When you need a vacation from your vacation

When you need a vacation from your vacation

He wants to eat summer.

Like so much ice cream, running down his forearms and dripping off his fingers. He wants to lick up every last drop and then ask for more.

This second born of mine only has one speed. And it’s fast and furious and can leave a mother and father and two sets of cousins and aunts and uncles all tired and worn out in his wake.

We’re on the edge of the lake in Northern Michigan where my husband’s family have been spending their summers for decades. Literally. Same lake, same bike trails, same little minnows trying to avoid the nets of boys like they have for so many summers in a row.


We’ve got two days of car travel to erase and Micah is ready to get the process started at 7am the first morning.

And while vacations bring rest from all the routine that we need a break from, vacations also mean that we’re parenting without the routine that can bring everyone rest.
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How to work from home without losing your mind (what a fulltime job, 3 kids, 1 dog and a hamster have taught me)

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The gathering that helps you make friends, right where you are

We’ve moved so many times that for years my blog was called The Gypsy Mama. And when we arrived at the house we now live in, it would take two years before I made any real friends. I don’t know about you, but somehow it’s harder to make friends during the minivan driving years than (read more…)

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