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Katie Kimball is a mother of three from Michigan who spends a ton of time in the kitchen making real food with whole ingredients, and then blogs about her successes and failures at Kitchen Stewardship.

Homemade easy French onion dip

Keeping MSG out of your Super Bowl party (recipe: homemade French onion dip)

Homemade French Onion Chip Dip You know that super simple, two-ingredient party dip that you make with a tub of sour cream and a box of French Onion soup mix? What would you say if I told you there are over a dozen ingredients in that dip? I hope your reply would be, “What are they?” with some mixture of surprise and curiosity. I think it's important to know what's in our food, and that's why I'm not making that dip anytime soon. Read More
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Where Can you Find In-Season Real Food in the Winter?

It seems easy, fun, and even exhilarating to seek out local, in-season foods in the summer when farmer”s markets are hopping and the sun is bringing nourishment everywhere you look. In the dark days of winter, whether your hometown is covered in snow four feet deep or just stuck in “gray day” syndrome, eating locally, (read more…)

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10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap a Package Without Spending a Dime

Before “green” was anything other than a choice in the box of Crayolas, many folks religiously saved and reused wrapping paper and bows. My grandparents’ generation didn’t even realize they were being “eco-conscious,” just frugal and not wasteful. Old habits die hard: It’s almost painful watching my dad, one of nine kids whose parents were (read more…)

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Three Fun Food Gifts This Season

Written by contributor Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship. Natural cooking and handmade gifts? Well. When I saw those two topics here at Simple Organic for the month of November, you can imagine how excited I was. I spend a ton of time in the kitchen, and if I must give a gift, I do love (read more…)

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5 Foods Everyone Should Eat More Often for Optimal Health (and Avoiding the Flu)

Can eating proper foods really protect you from a cold or the flu? I strongly believe that diet plays a major role in health. What we eat (and breathe and otherwise take in) is what we are. Our bodies survive on what we put into them. Garbage in, garbage out (and vice versa). We must (read more…)

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