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Heather Allard is a mother of three kids and the founder of The Mogul Mom, a community for mom entrepreneurs. She's on a mission to help moms run a business, raise a family and rock both. Follow her on Twitter at @heathALL.

5 ways to pull back the curtain on your home business

"Where's Mommy?" my son asked. "Where do you think she is, Brendan? She's at the computer," my husband replied in an annoyed tone. I overheard this exchange between my son and husband two years ago (when my son was three) and had a huge realization. While I was working on the computer—writing new posts, planning my editorial calendar, invoicing advertisers, responding to email and social media—my family had no idea what I was doing. To them, it looked like I was just farting around on Facebook, or worse; neglecting them. But I wasn't. I was working. Hard, too. Earning a great income. Making a difference in the lives and businesses of other mom entrepreneurs. Building a solid career for myself. Why couldn't they see that? Read More
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Five work-at-home challenges (and how to handle them)

Working at home is a dream come true for moms who long to both be home with their kids and earn an income. But once you’re elbow-deep in the chaotic mix of running a business and raising a family, you may discover that there are some, er, challenges to working from home that often go (read more…)

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6 ways to promote your home business

In my last post, I gave you five great ideas for starting a home business. Maybe you took the plunge and grabbed one of those ideas for yourself. Or, maybe you already had a business in the making and are well on your way. Now you’re ready to fling open your business doors (virtual or (read more…)

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5 business ideas for work-at-home wannabes

A few months ago, I wrote about the nine essential steps for building a home business that works and touched on how to choose a business based on your work experience, talents, personality, children and passions. You see, after starting three successful home businesses over the past decade, I know firsthand that working from home (read more…)

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9 essential steps for a home business that works

Many moms dream of starting a home business. A home business provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment, a valid reason to wear pajamas after noontime, and best of all, the chance to earn income while staying home with your children. Over the past decade, I’ve started three businesses with three kids in tow. And while (read more…)

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