crystal hadidian

The art of forgiveness

Like many important life skills, it starts in the sand box. “That wasn’t nice to take his bucket. Say you’re sorry.” “I’m sorry.” “Say ‘I forgive you.’ ” “I forgive you.” It begins like brushing teeth. It’s something you are told you must do, a habit you must develop even though you cannot comprehend the (read more…)

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poem about sleeping child

Poem: After Two Years, I Should Be Doing Anything Else

There is something magical about a sleeping child. My son turned five last week and I wrote this poem when he was two, as the title suggests. As a parent, especially as a working parent, nap time can be a precious time to be productive. I had a ritual of pausing for a few minutes (read more…)

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Time heals all wounds…or something

Clichés like “it will get better with time” are usually quite true, but rarely worth saying aloud when someone is crying or in the extra fresh stages of grief. When my husband left, it wasn’t a clean break. It was an extended, complicated, emotional, professional and economic hurricane. I bring this up not to start (read more…)

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Simple Mom Single Parenting

Two poems about single parenting

Today, I wanted to share two poems about my experience of single parenting.  These poems chronicle the strange adjustment from being married to becoming a single parent, and how that affects both your children and your own ideas and habits about parenting. The first poem, “Happy,” was written during lots of upheaval, when my son (read more…)

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The basics of single parenting

In my daily life I have to continually refocus my efforts on the essentials. It’s an ongoing process of learning the difference between what I should do and what I can do. My friends, family and therapist have to remind me of this often. I tend to think that I should be able to accomplish (read more…)

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