by Carley

Carley Knobloch is a personal tech expert and Chief Twirler at Digitwirl.com. Digitwirl is the go-to source for busy women who are too busy to read manuals and want technology to “just work". The show brings together Knobloch’s obsession with all things tech, her passion for problem-solving, and her knack for curating the best resources for her audience. When she’s not scouring the virtual globe for next revolutionary gadget or life-changing website or app, she can be found wailing on her RockBand drum kit. Her husband and two children are often allowed to play too.

Scan artist: Scan your way to an organized life.

Didn’t scholars predict that we’d be a paperless society by now? I read that in a magazine article once, but don’t ask me to find it... it’s probably under the mound of bills, school papers, receipts and magazines that used to be my dining room table. The paper clutter in my house has been a constant source of angst. Popular productivity books taught me how to “process” piles until they were no more. File away the things you need, toss the rest—that’s what they said. What I’ve found, however, is that it’s not the filing that’s the challenge, it’s the retrieval: • Where’s that receipt file for our accountant? • Where did we file those pictures from our honeymoon? • Why can’t I find the %!*#$ file with the Kindergarten class roster in it?! I yearned for a way not just to clear my counter tops, but to be able to instantly find any important document or precious memory without upturning my entire house. Read More
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